GODOX & FLASHPOINT Firmware Updater For MAC – Now Available


Godox and Flashpoint have now started Firmware Upgrade support for Mac, with the long awaited G3 Firmware Update Software for Mac now available on the Godox Download Page.

NOTE – The link for the Godox G3 Upgrade Software file for Mac is currently broken, the correct link is here.


Godox G3 Updater MAC


Only recent products compatible with the Godox G3 / Flashpoint F3 upgrade system are currently supported.

(Its not clear yet if Godox may also update previous products to the G3 / F3 format).

At the time of release these currently include the –


The same G3 / F3 firmware files work with both the Window and Mac versions of the Upgrade Software


Flashpoint will likely also add their own F3 Firmware Update Software for Mac, though other than branding that is the same as the Godox G3 Software, so either can be used with compatible Godox or Flashpoint products.


Godox – Download Page

Flashpoint – Download Page


  1. GRUBERND 2 weeks ago

    it always puzzles me when firmware updaters for independent hardware are bound to some arbitrary operating system. this shouldnt be news, this needs to go into the blame section. most computers on this world are running on Linux, but its users have to jump through burning hoops to get a simple firmware update done.
    my personal worst offender: Nikon still ships their camera firmwares as executable zip-files for win/mac that don’t even have any userinterface.

    • JL Williams 2 weeks ago

      To say “most computers…are running on Linux” is true only if you count embedded devices. It is emphatically NOT true of the desktop and laptop computers that most people use to perform firmware updates. So, platform compatibility is a problem… but it is a problem that most software developers solved long ago. The real issue is that photo manufacturers generally are crappy at consumer software development!

  2. mmmfotografie 2 weeks ago

    You are right that linux is the most present on the world but for 99% is not directly visible.

    I often have to exract the needed files from a exe-zipfile using 7Zip.

  3. paul 2 weeks ago

    Tried to to update some older products with G1 this afternoon at a friendly neighbours Windows computer, I ‘m a Mac-user, didn’t work, hope G3 for Mac will expand to all Godox products. By the way, why are there never updates for studio-flashes? ( I also have a QT 1200II )

  4. James 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the notification.

    Just updated my Flashpoint R2 Pro II transmitter using the Godox G3 software on my Mac. 🙂 Everything works as it should.

    Hopefully they will provide older products like my Godox AD600Pro and AD200 via the G3 updater, it was a PITA to go through the last update using a hack via an emulator on my Mac.

  5. James 2 weeks ago

    *UPDATE*: Seems like my Flashpoint R2 MarkII will not go into TTL mode on groups D & E, only Manual or Off are available. I don’t recall if this was an issue before the update as I don’t use those groups. Hmm…

    • James 1 week ago

      **Update**: After some research, my trigger is a Nikon and it does not support TTL on Channels D&E due to the limitations of the Nikon CLS system. So after the update my trigger is working as designed.

  6. zoltandezoltan 2 weeks ago

    What’s the point of having three separate update tool with different compatibility? It’s a mess. Should we say still better than nothing? No, we shouldn’t say. Get your support department in order Godox.

  7. Jacques 2 weeks ago

    Pretty underwhelming that there’s no backwards compatibility for older Godox gear. I’ve got V850, V865II, TT350 and AD360 flashes, and this new app helps me with none of them. Guess I’ll still have to trek to Adorama for firmware updates. Kudos for Adorama for their excellent support.

    • John Wilson 2 weeks ago

      From what I can see all future firmware updates for all devices will be G3 packages. So your devices should be upgradable with the G3 updater.

  8. jonte 2 weeks ago

    Why do they not have ONE -updater isteed of three separate???

    • mmmfotografie 2 weeks ago

      Because it’s Godox, many hands but none of those do know what the other hand is doing.

      There are voices from the outside however some hands are covering the ears. I have been on the front of ‘battery gate’ and it seems not much has been learned since then.

  9. Mike Johnson 1 week ago

    where are the .bin files for Mac updates?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 1 week ago

      Hi Mike,

      The .bin files are the same for the Mac G3 updater and the Windows G3 updater. Its only the update software that is different for Mac and Windows.

  10. Johan 6 days ago

    Finally a way to do the updates. Got there eventually good on Godox

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