GODOX – G1 Firmware Update Software – Now Available



Godox have released the much anticipated new G1 firmware update software, which very much simplifies user firmware update procedures.

The G1 software now supports –

  • Windows 10 (64bit),
  • Windows 8.1 (64bit),
  • Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
  • Windows XP (32bit or 64bit)


The G1 firmware update software, and new firmware update files are available now from the Godox Download Page.




NOTE – Firmware files downloaded using the Internet Explorer browser are for some reason changed to a .man file extension, instead of the regular .rar file type.

If your system can not extract compressed .man files, then you can simply rename the files to .rar.

Free 7-Zip software can extract .rar and .man compressed files if needed  – www.7-zip.org





NOTE – Before connecting the device (strobe or radio trigger etc) to your computer via a PC sync cord, its important to make sure the flash or trigger is turned OFF first.

Its also important to follow Godox’s instructions on draining any remaining power from the device where needed, before connecting to the computer –







Godox use various methods to access and display the firmware version currenly installed on their flashes and radio triggers –

X1T –
Turn device OFF. Hold the MODE button, and turn the device ON. Firmware version is displayed.

X1R –
Turn device OFF. Hold the GR button, and turn the device ON. Firmware version is displayed.

XT-32 –
Turn device OFF. Hold the MODE button, and turn the device ON. Firmware version is displayed.

V860 –
Turn flash OFF. Hold the Fn button, and turn the device ON. Firmware version is displayed.

V860II / TT685 – 
Press the C.Fn button and the firmware version is displayed at the top right corner.

Press the C.Fn button and the firmware version is displayed at the top right corner.

AD600B / AD600BM –
Press the Menu button and the firmware version is displayed at the top right corner.


If all else fails, each products Instruction Manual should detail how the firmware version can be accessed.



Discussion around issues with Godox’s original firmware updated software and procedures can be seen here.

(Hopefully most of that information will no longer be needed, though some of the tips for Apple users etc may still be of interest).




Godox – Firmware Updates English Website

Godox – Firmware Updates Chinese Website



  1. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    Nice write up and the second link points to a 404 page.

    I used the update software yesterday because I received a receiver earlier that had a older firmware. Just in time the G1 software was released for me.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Ok thanks, I have updated the link.

      Yes, I don’t want to speak too soon, though I updated some older gear and it was very fast and simple now once the G1 upgrade software is installed on the computer (even that was easy to install).

      It will be very interesting to see if this software makes any difference for all the people who appeared to be having hardware issues with the USB cords and sockets.

      • Kevin 4 years ago

        Running Win 7 in a VirtualBox on Linux and the updated worked for the Canon X-1 transmitter. Before I never could get it to update through VirtualBox, had to use my laptop.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      It will also be interesting to hear how this application goes for Mac users via vitual windows applications.

      I’m sure we will hear soon enough though 🙂

      • Ulysses 4 years ago

        I wanted to report my own experience with the new G1 software since I’ve been a supporter of Godox and their re-branded version, and yet was probably one of the more vocal about the lack of Mac support and the resulting issues with important firmware updates.

        In a nutshell, this G1 software installed relatively easily for me on an old Mid 2011 Mac mini running OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite). Because I needed Windows to run the G1 software, I purchased Windows 10 and installed it via VMware Fusion 8 for a virtual Windows installation. I had trouble initially getting the G1 software to install, but eventually remembering to do so in administrator mode (why Windows… WHY??) resolved that issue.

        I purchased a brand new Micro USB 2.0 cable (PowerRocker which got excellent reviews at Amazon.com), and then connected my first Godox device (a CheetahStand V860X-N). It was immediately recognized. I was asked if I wanted to connect this device to the Mac or to Windows, and I chose the latter. Next I started the G1 software, loaded the location of the firmware file, and then clicked the CONNECT button. After confirming that the speedlight was indeed connected, I nervously tapped on the UPDATE button. A few seconds later, the software confirmed the update was completed.

        I clicked the G1 software’s DISCONNECT button, and then in the VMware Fusion window I also clicked the USB Device button before disconnecting the hardware from the computer. I visually verified via the flash’s C.Fn menu that it had been successfully updated to the current firmware.

        I went through pretty much the same process with the rest of my gear — V860X, CL-360X, and X1 transmitters. All went without a hitch. So I’d generally consider the G1 software a success, except for having no native Mac version.

        I would highly recommend individuals having some difficult to make sure you first have a quality Micro USB cable. Cheaper brands have been known to cause trouble even if they work for some devices.

        • Miles Matsumoto 4 years ago

          Here’s a note of emphasis on Ulysses procedure. “I was asked if I wanted to connect this device to the Mac or to Windows, and I chose the latter.” This appears to be important since i didn’t do it and it gave me “Connect Failed”. I restarted my MBPR and when i plugged in my X1T-N (off) then it gave me the option again and i selected “Windows” and then it worked.

          • Ulysses 4 years ago

            Miles: Yes, this part is very important as a function of how the Windows virtualization software works when connecting any sort of external device to the USB ports. The computer wants to know who is controlling this device — the Mac or virtual Windows.

      • Ulysses 4 years ago

        Elv, also one more minor thing that might be helpful to let your readers know:

        I don’t know if this is Godox’s official line, but I was using the 32-bit version of Windows 10 and was able to install and run the G1 software just fine even though the specs show support of only the 64-bit Windows 10.

  2. Tim 4 years ago

    Nope. Didn’t work in my case. Get a message like “matching product”, so it probably does recognize my ad360, but clicking “connect” brings up “can’t connect”.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Tim,

      I thought you were about to spoil whats left of my weekend, until I realised the AD360 do not have any user firmware update capability. Their USB port is just for the radio receivers.

      Hopefully you didn’t mean the AD360II ?

      • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

        According to this site Tim has a 360II


        You can use Google to track that kind of information. Enter, site:”flashhavoc.com” tim

        • Tim 4 years ago

          Correct. Same guy. Appreciate the efforts that admin puts into it, but I am starting to lose hope.

          Just bought a new micro usb b cable, but to no avail. One guy said it helped, but no, not in my case.

          I am not sure Godox is even on to problems like mine, which are not uncommon. If it is user error, you would expect them to offer workarounds or some notice.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Ok thanks guys.

            Godox do at least know about the USB connection issues, because I brought it up with Adorama last week, and they in turn were querying Godox on it.

            It may just be a coincidence that the new software is available now, though in any case I think Godox would be just as interested to see if this resolves what a number of people have suspected is a hardware issue with their USB sockets (and therefore cords etc).

            At least they are making some good progress with the software. It should help narrow down if there is a common hardware issue.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Tim, did you get prompted to install the “Godox_usb” driver when you installed the G1 software, or when you press “Connect” as the upgrading instructions mention?

  3. Onkel 4 years ago

    Why didn’t the make a Mac version? Mostly photographers I know use Mac.

    • Jim Williams 4 years ago

      According to a post in the linked thread, it’s because the embedded controller chip is from Atmel, and Atmel doesn’t have a Mac-compatible solution. I’m not sure that’s completely true, as I use various Atmel-based dev boards that can be updated from a Mac… but evidently it’s a capability that has to be developed separately, and Godox just doesn’t want to bother.

      • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

        I have looked at the used drivers for the Godox USB and it states that it uses the libusb libraries. The http://libusb.info site states that the following systems are supported: Linux, OS X, Windows, Windows CE, Android, OpenBSD/NetBSD, Haiku

        OS X is in the line so it should be possible to also support OS X.

        • Greg 4 years ago

          Yes, it should take a good developer only a matter of a few hours to put together a reliable Mac version of the application. The tools exist and libusb is stable and bug-free on OS X. You shouldn’t need to know anything about the internal chip on a Godox system except for the commands it accepts – and it shouldn’t know or care what OS is feeding it bytes.

  4. Jim Williams 4 years ago

    Thank you for this timely article. I was on the point of ordering an AD600 (or actually the Flashpoint equivalent) this weekend. But now that I’ve learned that I also would have to add the cost of a Windows laptop just to keep the firmware updated, it’s a much less appealing proposition. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting for something that will actually work for me.

  5. Jacques 4 years ago

    No Mac support = 20 years behind the times.

    • JL Williams 4 years ago

      Yes, and ideally Chrome and mobile devices would be supported as well. Know who really does it right? The Roboshoot X20 transmitters from Serene Automation can have their firmware updated directly from s mobile app, and then the transmitter automatically updates receivers the next time they connect.

  6. Mark 4 years ago

    Installed the G1 software on a Mac running a Windows immolator and Windows XP, the install went fine. But the G1 software will not recognize my V860Xn when connected. 🙁

    • Benjamin 4 years ago

      I had the same issue with the previous firmware updater software, Windows XP or Windows 10 in a virtual machine could both not connect to any Godox flash/transmitter.

      I’ll have to give the new software a try, also got 2 other flash models to try. I would really hate to get a full windows machine only for that purpose.

  7. robert 4 years ago

    I have update my firmware on the X1T, X1R, TT685, AD360ii and they all worked just find using the G1 software. No problems, I just followed the instructions for each one. I have windows 10 64 bit.

  8. Markz 4 years ago

    +1 for Mac compatibility, please.

  9. Joel 4 years ago

    Hopefully Adorama can push Mac compatibility. At least in the USA this is a real issue since Macs are very prevalent and I believe sold by Adorama themselves.

  10. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    I only have an old mac so can’t try these apps. Try it!

    Here’s a list of programs to emualte or run windows virtual:

  11. Johan Kaving 4 years ago

    I have just successfully upgraded a set of X1T-C and X1R-C to V17 and v15 respectively.
    I did it using a Mac running 64-bit Windows 7 in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

    The first gotcha was that I had to go to the “Devices” -> “USB” menu in VirtualBox and select the “ATMEL DUF GODOX” device that appeared after connecting the unit via USB.
    After connecting the first device it also took a while for Windows to install device drivers (I cancelled the Windows Update search), but after that the firmware upgrades went without problems.

    • Johan Kaving 4 years ago

      I forgot to mention that I was prompted to install USB device drivers after installing the G1 software.

  12. Miles Matsumoto 4 years ago

    I just performed this on mac mbpr 2013/parallels/win 10. Download/install the G1 and then use the post’s install procedures with a couple of notes.

    1. Default language and window size. see attached.

    solution: Hit the bottom left button.

    2. Connecting. I initially tried to update by just plugging my flash into the usb. no workie.

    solution: Read the instructions in the post and use the Discharge procedure (without doing this it didn’t work)

  13. Niels Gram 4 years ago

    The new firmware .rar contain a PDF and a firmware file. E.g. “X1R-C V15.fri”
    and “X1R-C固件说明&X1R-C Firmware Instructions.pdf”. Has anyone recognized the format of the firmware file ? .fri doesn’t ring a bell… is it a commonly used Windows file extension ?

    • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

      The “.fri” files extension is specific used by Godox to update their equipment.


      • Niels Gram 4 years ago

        @mmmfotografie: Probably said in the best of intends but not very helpful.

        • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

          Above my warning I used the word “specific”.

  14. Felipe 4 years ago

    Very unfortunate that there is no Mac version. I don’t own a PC and neither do most photographers I know.

    • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

      I have seen several successes on MAC above and read the replay by Johan Kaving.

      • Jacques 4 years ago

        How much does Windows + Parallels cost? More than the flash, I bet.

    • Rocky 3 years ago

      Don’t worry the instructions and the process are so confusing, its almost impossible to update. I cant get the download to open and have zero idea of what to do!

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Hi Rocky,

        Do you mean that you don’t know how to open / extract compressed .rar files?

        Or is your browser changing the file to a .mam file? (If so you just need to change the name back to .rar).

        Then http://www.7-zip.org can be used to extract the files from the compressed .rar folder.

  15. JESSE PATTERSON 4 years ago

    Does anyone know where I can find out what fixes and/or new features come with the firmware updates? I just updated my X1T-C & X1R-C to the latest firmware and I can’t find out what benefits come with them.

  16. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    You have a text file in the folder that the firmware came with. There you have release notes.

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      Update: I have a pdf-file with instructions and release notes in the folder.

  17. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    @Jacques: As mentioned above you can use Virtualbox. It’s free.
    Search for deals to purchase a cheap Windows license.

    • Johan Kaving 4 years ago

      You can probably use one of the freely available Windows virtual machine images available from Microsoft here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/

      They are intended for testing the Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers but seem to be useful for other things as well.
      I have successfully installed the Godox G1 software in one of them, but haven’t had the time to test if the USB connection to the X1:s work.

  18. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Tried VirtualBox (version 4.3.38) on my old MBP with 10.6.8 and freely available Windows virtual machine images available from Microsoft here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ that Johan Kaving mentioned above. Was able to run Win 7.

    Installed Godox G1 and updated my X1-T wihtout any problem. It was very slow on my machine but it is really old (early 2007).
    Ha to choose ATMEL DUG GODOX (0004) as USB Device.
    As Johan described above:
    “The first gotcha was that I had to go to the “Devices” -> “USB” menu in VirtualBox and select the “ATMEL DUF GODOX” device that appeared after connecting the unit via USB.
    After connecting the first device it also took a while for Windows to install device drivers (I cancelled the Windows Update search), but after that the firmware upgrades went without problems.”

    The whole installation was a really easy. And it’s free. 🙂
    Screenshot here:

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      Really great tip Johan! 🙂

    • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

      Edit: “ATMEL DUF GODOX”. Need new glasses. 🙂

    • Nick 4 years ago

      Just wanted to say thanks to @Jonas Ericsson and @Johan Kaving, I just managed to upgrade my X1-T trigger to the latest firmware using VirtualBox on my MBA.

      • Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

        That’s nice to hear Nick. 🙂

  19. Thorsten 4 years ago

    Install went super smooth on Mac running Win7 Ultimate 64 via Parallels 11. Updated both the X1T-N and AD360II-N to latest firmware.

    Was holding my breath…..LOL

  20. alberto 4 years ago

    Godox does realize that a good portion of photographers use Mac?

  21. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    Alberto: Elvis said somewhere that he had talked to Adorama about the wish for a Mac-app.
    Until a Mac-app are released (if there will be any) you could install Virtualbox and Windows for free, as described above.

  22. Dennis 4 years ago

    I just updated the firmware for the Xt1c
    now it doesn’t boot up? gives some kinda of error!
    What do i do now?????

  23. Niels Gram 4 years ago

    Try to repeat the update. If the error persist then do an update to the old release. If the error persist then have the x1tc replaced/repaired under warranty. If not report the error to Godox.

  24. Jonas Ericsson 4 years ago

    A long shot…
    I don’t know if you can install wrong firmware but if you can: You have the right file Dennis?

    • Dennis 4 years ago

      Looks like I did download the wrong version, I had the v15 instead of v17 totally missed it, now it’s all good phew”

  25. Joel 4 years ago

    FWIW, TT685S & X1TS updated successfully on my Mac running Parallels 11 & Win 8.0. No issues.

  26. Thomas Geist 4 years ago

    Ran it on Windows 10 64 bit via vmware Fusion on my Mac and it worked smoothly and well. Updated a X1T-N 10 v18 with no issues.


  27. kenny 4 years ago

    BOTH the 685N flash and the X1T transceiver have the red AF assist lazer marks showing up in photos because the lazer doesn’t shut off fast enough once focus is locked. will the softwear fix this problem?

    • Ulysses 4 years ago

      I’ve actually tried to go into some depth to characterize or qualify what I believe is happening here with the AF Assist beam. I don’t know if firmware can fix it or not, but this is not a unique issue to the Godox flashes. You’ll sometimes run into the same issue with Phottix Mitros+ and others. This is partly a camera focus behavior issue as much as anything else, the flash being only one part of the system.

  28. Jason Wehrman 4 years ago

    I’ve updated 3 canon X1 transmiters and 1 Nikon transmiter. I am having issues with my last Nikon X1. Everytime I plug it into (tried several USB cords) windows 10 tells me the device is not recognized.

    I’m guessing I’ve gotten a bad X1 but if anyone has a solution I would love to try it.

    The X1N that I can’t update works fine but it is running the older firmware.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      You’re only the third person to report an issue (that wasn’t user error) since the new G1 software has been available.

      The last person with the same issue as you tried it again on a Windows 7 machine and that worked. (After I had said Window 7 shouldn’t make any difference).

      The point is I guess, it may be worth just trying another computer if possible.

      • Bas van Hemert 4 years ago

        Hi there, I still have huge problems with the G1 software. I managed to update one of my AD600s but tyring the second gave me an error ”unable to connect AD600″. I have a feeling it is in the installation of the driver but I cannot find it in device manager to remove and let the device get deteced again. Godox are mostly playing hide and seek not answering to any support queries which is a huge disappointment.

  29. Azo 4 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    I have a new Windows 10 “6 core Haswell system” and have had problems with the X1N and TT685 as well. I had to reboot my system, disable the antivirus, and tried multiple times before it finally worked. Very weird but after multiple attempts it finally worked.

    Also wanted to say thank you to FlashHavoc for all the information that you provide. I have switched from having two different lighting systems (Youngnuo/Godox) to one system Godox. Very happy indeed 😉

  30. Rob 4 years ago

    I recently upgraded both of my X1TNs to the latest version of the firmware and it broke my focus assist functionality. I tested both of the triggers on all 4 of my Nikon d750s. I was heartbroken. Godox does not have a firmware archive so I have been searching for v15 of the firmware to downgrade… today I found a copy on my harddrive so I posted a link to the old firmware for anyone else searching for a way to rollback to the older version: http://www.robfutrell.com/blog/v15-firmware-fodox-flashpoint-cheetah-ving-x1tn-nikon-d750

    I hope this helps!

  31. Wayne 4 years ago

    I cant understand what I am doing wrong. I have the newest version of the Godox software, as shown above. It installed on a Windows 7 pc and on a Windows 10 pc. I turned the power off on the transmitter and discharged it. I plugged it in, and on both systems it isnt recognized and the drivers never install. Maddening.


    • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

      When installing the drivers did you the request if you trusted the supplier of the drivers.
      Did you also try to click right on the install program and run it as administrator.

  32. Denis 4 years ago

    Hi All I have purchased the Godox X1 T for Nikon equipment and there is different versions on them i cannot get the Dowload Software to run on the pc Win 10 disabled the drivers on the instruction from the web but on the download page any of the software links come up with a page of scrambled crap.
    What is going on here. Help D

  33. charles fara 4 years ago

    Help needed. I just attempted to update the firmware on my Godox AD600 to vr. 2.3, followed all the steps on my windows PC and I now have an E9 error on my strobe. Any suggestions, please?

    • Rince 3 years ago

      Hi Charles fara,
      Has the problem been resolved? I just bought me an X1T-N, and have the same error. Upgraded on recent pc (windows 10) and followed the exact procedure…
      Could it be a faulty piece? Or am i missing something…

      • Rince 3 years ago

        Forgot to mention that the software ran perfect, i got every bit of confirmation that everything went well… pressed disconnect and exit…
        But E9 error stays there. I tried on another other pc’s, did not plug in the piece until the software was installed, but no succes.

        • Rince 3 years ago

          Hi, i think i resolved the issue. Not really resolved, but found the problem.
          I got a X1T-N Trigger for Nikon. So obviously i used the N-version of the V19 firmware.
          But, because everything was failing, i decided to try the canon version. And it worked!! i got it back as it should be…
          But not really, because TTL is not working, HSS is not working… which is obvious, because it is the Canon version… This was the case before i upgraded, and this was the reason i tried upgrading firmware (i thought the V8 of the firmware did not properly support the Nikon D610).

          Soo… I got a Canon version of the X1T trigger, which was labelled and boxed as en Nikon version…
          I contacted the Dutch supplier and hope to get a replacement… and a Nikon version, and no more E9 errors….

  34. Motti Bembaron 3 years ago

    Does not work.
    I installed the G1 on my Windows 10 64 and nothing. It says this program does not work with my version of PC. Surprise surprise…

    Tried on my WIndows 7, did not want to install at all.

    Now what?

    • mike 3 years ago

      Well I have it running on a Win 10 64 bit without issue


  35. Neil Snape 3 years ago

    Had the problem of my Canon 430EXII not firing on manual, only ETTL. Updated the X1R C with the 17 firmware. Now it is working as it should. Had to borrow a PC to do it, too bad for Mac Users.

  36. mike 3 years ago

    Godox G1 Firmware updater updated 2nd August 2017, can not see any info on what has changed though http://www.godox.com/EN/Download.html

  37. Mike 3 years ago

    Small insight on using G1 to update firmware on X1T.

    I tried the ‘connect’ function within G1 on my Win10 PC – nothing.

    Looked in USB devices (Control Panel > Devices and Printers) and there was an entry listed as ‘DUF GODOX’ under ‘Unspecified’, below multimedia devices / printers etc.

    Right-clicked and selected ‘troubleshoot’ – was informed that this was an ‘older USB device, and won’t work in a USB3 socket’.

    Unplugged from USB3 and attached to a USB2 socket.

    Connect function worked straight away and I was able to update firmware successfully.

  38. Bartek 3 years ago

    Hello. I have a problem after updating firmware in x1tc transmiter, ad200 and ad600 flash lights. I have overexposed photos when they work on Ttl. Everything works fine on 5d III but doesn’t work on canon 5dsr. Does someone knows what should I do? On earlier firmware evrything was ok- now I can’t go back to older one.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Bartek,

      If the overexposure is happening with both lights then maybe its just the X1T-C firmware the is the issue? Do you know what you had installed in the transmitter previously?

      I have V16 – V20 here if needed, though maybe others can help with V21, or V22 if needed.

      • Bartek 3 years ago

        Could you send me those firmwares on email? I would be very happy, becouse I can’t find other than the newest version. Thanks!!!:)

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 3 years ago

          Ok I have emailed them through.

  39. Richard Gray 3 years ago

    You’re joking, right. No Mac version?

  40. Erik 2 years ago

    My New AD600BM firmware 1.7 wouldn’t be triggered with X Pro C1 with latest firmware, but would trigger from my older X1T. Wanting to use the X Pro C1, I upgraded the firmware to 1.8. Using the G1 software it said success. But afterwards the unit will not power on at all. I reconnected it flashed the firmware again. No avail. Found 1.7 firmware and reflashed it again. Still won’t power up. Warranty seems to be mythical. I’d recommend super caution upgrading the AD600BM at this time

  41. Resat Maner 2 years ago

    G1 firmware update software is not connecting to X1r-C device. any advice?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi Resat,

      The usual options are to try reconnecting the USB cord a few times, try different USB cords, or even a different PC if possible.

      With the Xpro and current lights moving to the USB-C type port I haven’t heard of this issue to often anymore thankfully.

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