GODOX – PB820S Lithium-ion Propac – Now Available


Godox PB820S


The PB820S Propac, Lithium-ion version of Godox’s popular 820 series speedlite power packs, are now available from around $110 with power cord and accessories.

The 11.1V 2000mAh PB820S provide approximately 900 full power speedlite flashes, up an extra 400 pops from the previous NiMH powered PB820 pack of the the same size.

The PB820S now provide a more compact and lightweight alternative to the very popular, though larger, dual port Godox PB960 Lithium-ion packs.

The PB820S basically providing the performance equivalent to one port from the PB960, recycling a speedlite in around 1 second at full power.


Godox PB820S




  • 11.1V 2000mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Aprox. 900 Full Power Speedlite Pops
  • Aprox. 1 second Full Power Speedite Recharge
  • Compact and Lightwight (502 grams)
  • Fast and Easy to Recharge
  • LED Status and Battery Level Indicators
  • Belt Clip and Shoulder Strap Mounting
  • Mains Power and 12 volt Car Chargers Included
  • Optional USB Charging Port
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Metz Power Cords Available.
  • Also Compatible with Godox Witstro Bare Bulb Flashes



The PB820S provide a single standard DIN style power socket.

Though unlike the PB960 pack there is no locking ring provided to stop the cord from being tugged out of the PB820S pack.

The PB820S provide an LED light interface, showing working status, battery level indicator, and overheat status.


Godox PB820S


And a belt clip as well as shoulder strap are also provided.


Godox PB820S


An optional Godox PB-USB adapter is also available for recharging mobile phones and tablets etc from the PB820S.




The optional Godox DB-01 splitter cord can also be used to provide 2 power ports from the one PB820S pack, though this likely to cause a reduction in recycle times.




The PB820S are supplied with –

  • PB820S Battery Pack
  • Flash Power Cord
  • 12 volt Car Charger
  • Mains Power Wall Socket Charger
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • User Manual

(NOTE – Some sellers may not include the flash power cord, so that the particular cord version needed can purchased separately).



Godox PB820S


Power cords are available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Metz style high voltage flash sockets.


Godox PB820S


And the BP820S Propac are available in either green or black.


Godox PB820S




Product number PB820S
Battery Type Lithium battery
Battery capacity 11.1V / 2000mAh
Battery recharge time Charger 2.5 hours; car charger 5 hours
The flash charging time About 1 second (full power)
Full power flashes About 900 times
Size 150 * 104 * 44mm
Weight 502g




Power Cord Model Compatible Flash Models
CX Canon 600EX, 580EX, 580EXII, 430EZ, 540EZ, 550EX and include models with the same external charging port other models
NX Nikon SB910, SB900, SB800, SB28 EURO, SB28DX, SB80DX and include models with the same external charging port other models
SX Sony HVL-F58AM and include models with the same external charging port other models
MX Metz 58AF-1 / 58AF-2 (Canon mouth, Nikon mouth, mouth Sony, Panasonic mouth, Pentax mouth) as well as with external charging port models include other models in the same




The Godox PB820S Lithium-ion Propacs provide a great alternative to the Canon and Nikon 8 Cell AA packs, providing considerably more capacity in a pack with just a little more size and weight.

While also being considerably more convenient to recharge than many AA batteries individually.

Though unlike the larger PB960, the PB820’s battery modules are not exchangeable or replaceable (unless third party battery outlets may possibly provide DIY replacement options in the future).

Like the PB960 the PB820 can also be used with the Godox Witstro bare bulb flash units.





The Godox Lithium-ion PB820S Propacs are available now from around $110 with power cord and accessories –

Ebay, Amazon, UK.


Godox – Website

Godox – PB960 Review




  1. Peter A 6 years ago

    Heck YES!! Finally! Much smaller than the 960 and still powerful enough for a full day (or close enough) with a speedlight. Prices, packages, and delivery times vary wildly on Amazon. Prime has **usual** price, but also includes a FULL package with chargers and NX cable. Mine will be here is two days!! Just the right portable size! 🙂

  2. Peter A 6 years ago

    It would be great if the review had a size comparison pic with the 960. 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks, yes it is hard to get a sense of how they compare in size. The 820 are definitely smaller, though as others have mentioned, likely not as small as they probably could be (particularly now that they are Li-ion).

      Let us know how you go anyway, thanks.

  3. Peter A 6 years ago

    After I ordered it… I looked at the size dimensions of the 820S compared to the 960. Specs say it’s a very very little bit smaller. But upon getting it I see it’s basically the same size, just-a-hair taller, and almost the same width. But it’s so-o-o-o light!! Can hardly feel it in the hand. Playing with it you can feel that it’s just light weight plastic, and there is a slight weight at the bottom for the battery.

    So Overall: Same size, lighter weight, and you don’t need to worry about the battery latch or anything. Controls easy to see on top. 4 Lights a bit further apart, but same function. Added a Status LED for overheating. Don’t know how it works, but it says after 40 full power flashes quickly to rest it. There are small heat release slots on the back by the battery. I’m guessing the flash & battery would heat up at about the same rate. It will cut off automatically, recommends ten minute rest.

    Recycles an SB800 in a second, almost immediately. Just what I wanted. I occasionally need a couple quick recycles, very rarely more than a few, but when I want them… I want them. This should be perfect.

    While the Godox AD180-360 flashes take more power and so the 960, with replaceable batts, is the way to go, for a speedlight the simple to use 820S makes a lot of sense. Now if they can make those dang cords easier to handle, I’ll be happier! 🙂

  4. Arslan 6 years ago

    Interesting! How well does it run the Witstro series of lights, though? I am mostly concerned about the fact that it only has one port. In my day to day, I run the AW 360 through both ports on the 960 for acceptable refresh rates. Not sure if this lithium battery drives enough power through its one port to provide equivalent refresh times?

  5. Niels Gram 6 years ago

    The output of the PB-820S should be equivalent to one port on the PB-960. Your refresh rate will be double compared to what you get with two PB-960 in parallel.
    Regarding size: In my opinion the PB-820S is significantly smaller than the PB-960. But I would have liked it to be smaller yet. And I see no reason why it couldn’t be.

  6. tomK 6 years ago

    I ordered two, in green. My previous Godox pack was getting a bit old and I want to sell it with my Wistro (that I haven’t used at all this Summer). The (slightly) smaller size appeals to me — two will fit easier in my roller.

  7. Ashton Lamont 6 years ago

    For those concerned about the security of the cable when plugged into the pack, try using self-adhesive cable clips such as these:


    Thats what I do with my two Quantum Turbo 2×2’s. You can add an extra clip to attach the loose end of the cable when its not plugged into your gun.

    You need to fasten the clips to the packs with superglue or suchlike – the pads on the clips won’t be robust enough.

    Personally I haven’t yet got over the sick joke that was the original release of the 960’s. They must have improved their quality control by now but for me it was an expensive and frustrating experience.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks for the tip Pete.

      Yes the quality control of the batteries had improved a lot this year. I do all the things you’re not supposed to do, like leaving them fully charged for long periods, and often topping up a mostly charged battery, and they are still going fine.

  8. Peter A 6 years ago

    Elv, Thanks for the Lit-ion battery treatment reminder. I’m not automatically topping off my 960s immediately after use. Now I remember why!

    One additional feature I didn’t mention is that the 820S will shut itself off after 12 hours. That should save a bunch of us who Oopsy! and forget. It needs a plug in the socket to remain turned on, so unplugging has another safety. 🙂 I’m doing a test run now to see if it turns off tonight. I doubt that being on without any flashes will run it down much at all. 🙂

  9. tomK 6 years ago

    We put our two new packs immediately to work. Busy holiday weekend with 5 weddings. So far so good — nice appearance, build, and power. Happy.

  10. ipadmania 6 years ago

    PB960 is not lithium ion, it is lithium polymer inside

    I don’t think the new one changes to lithium ion

  11. Manuel Lopez 6 years ago

    Hello, are the cables for the 820s the same as the 960?

  12. Shaun Engler 6 years ago

    Hi there
    Does anybody know where I can get the SX cable for my Sony HVL-F58AM Flash from.
    Have written to GODOX them self but never get a reply.
    I am from South Africa Cape Town and nobody even knows this system. Got it in Signapore for a good deal, they did not have Sony cables for me there.
    All works fine on my canon and a JY680C speed light.

    Please mail me a few ideas. Thanks
    From Shaun Engler
    Cape Town
    South Africa

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