GODOX ROUND HEAD Speedlite – Coming


Although not officially on display at Photokina 2018, Godox have shown an early prototype of a Round Head Speedlite currently in development, and expected to be available around the end of the year.

The coming Round Head Speedlite will accept the same convenient stackable magnetic gels and modifiers as the EVOLV / AD200 Round Head.

The speedlites round head will feature a motorized zoom, likely from 24 – 105mm, and contain an LED light for focus assist in the flash head, as well as a second LED on the front of the flash body.

Interestingly the Round Head speedlight will not use the current VB-18 Lithium-ion battery used in the V850 / V860, with Godox instead opting for the non proprietary Panasonic 18650 Lithium-ion cells (as we discussed recently here).

With the 18650 cells apparently expected to provide faster full power recycle times of approx 1.2 seconds. Lets hope Godox opt for the easier to manage protected cells.

The flash body design and interface has not been finalized yet, though will very likely feature a larger display than the current Godox speedlites.


The image above by Francisco Joel Hernandez at Photokina 2018.

And Video bellow by Rob Hall.


Another item spotted at the Godox display at Photokina, and likely to be coming soon, appears to be a Profoto modifier adapter for the EVOLV / AD200 flashes.

Images below by Rainbow Store Camera.



Which may be a very interesting option, as it would allow the Profoto OCF Zoom and Magnum reflectors to be mounted, which magnify the light pattern providing up to an extra 1.8 stops of light.

And the Zoom and Magnum reflectors (or even an good efficient 7″) reflector are also what is currently lacking for the AD600 PRO and AD400 PRO flashes, so the coming Profoto mount for the AD400 PRO may be very helpful as well.





The Godox Round Head Speedlite currently in development, and expected to be available around the end of the year.

The AK-R1 Round Head Magnetic Accessory Kits are becoming available now from $59 –

Adorama, Amazon, UKB&H Photo, Ebay


Godox – Website

  1. Thomas 12 months ago

    I wish they would also improve the regular AF assist light.

    The cross pattern light that Godox and most third party brands use is pretty useless – depending on distance to subject, the camera’s AF points can completely miss the pattern and the camera won’t focus.

    Nikon’s AF assist light is the best example out there, giving consistent illumination even for the outermost AF points. Can we have that, please?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Thomas,

      Yes, I certainly hope they are not thinking to replace regular AF assist light altogether (DSLR’s will still be around for some time to come).

      I have suggested previously they make the pattern in the center of the projected AF assist grid tighter, which appears to be what Profoto actually did with the A1. And I haven’t heard anyone complaining about that as yet.

      I think the main problem is they are obviously wanting to get this out quickly, so they may have to at least just make allowance for a more advanced AF light once they are ready.

      Regarding the Nikon AF lights, I’m not aware if they have changed since the SB-910?, otherwise they are pretty similar to Canon as well.

  2. John Wilson 12 months ago

    I wonder what it will do to sales of V860IIs?

    Announcing a potential replacement 3 months ahead of time is a pretty bold move.

    I think the design of the new back panel and user interface is rather more interesting and important than the round head itself.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      I’m glad they did though, as it gives us some time to harass them with improvements :-).

      I don’t think the V850II/V860II will be going away for some time, we are coming up the holiday period so prices will likely lower to some degree from then anyway.

      Yes the interface will be key. It should really correspond with the transmitter interface. And there’s some things about that I can’t mention just yet.

      I know people are always divided on this, though I would like to see a good easy to operate locking button for the tilt swivel head as well (and no sticky grease used), as the Profoto A1 are already having issues with the head falling down when the large bounce diffuser is used.

  3. Francisco Joel Hernandez 12 months ago

    Hey, that’s my photo of the light. Could you give me some credit?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Francisco,

      Sorry about that, I though it was from Rob. I’ve added a credit, though I can remove the image if you like.

  4. C. Stephen Hurst 12 months ago

    Are the round head dimensions of the H200R and coming soon speedlite the same as the round head dimensions of the Profoto A1? I learned through Flash Havoc’s Profoto A1 Grid that ExpoImiging’s Rogue Round gels fit the A1 quite nicely. Would be great if these same gels fit the Godox Round heads as early tests suggests Godox Gels have a severe magenta tint to them.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Stephen,

      Yes they are both 75mm diameter. I don’t have the H200R yet, though will check once I do. The Rogue gels should fit.

      Would be nice if Lee or Rosco etc started making some solid color correction discs for these.

      • Wing Liu 12 months ago

        Yes HR200 has edge to edge 75mm diameter.

  5. mmmfotografie 12 months ago

    To me the most important in this all is the use of not proprietary batteries. Godox instead opting for the non proprietary Panasonic 18650 Lithium-ion cells.

    Godox have also seen the (flash)light and hope they will listen even more to the buyers of their product.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      I’m all for non-proprietary batteries, though I hope Godox have really though about whether the 18650 are a good long term choice, and they are not just following the latest trend. Because its no good constantly changing battery types.

      And if the 18650 are as volatile and dangerous to handle as people are saying that they do use the longer protected cells.

      • mmmfotografie 12 months ago

        If you short the batteries then every unlimited litium-ion battery is dangerous.

        I was thinking of cages in which in you can fit batteries that is fit then in the device. Because of there being unprotected types of batteries the outlets have to be separated by distance and not at the same side.

        The battery itself displays this properties.

        The advantage is of using a cage is that device can be fitted with a proprietary battery pack as with loose cells in a cage. The owner can decide which he is going to use.

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

          I don’t know how far Godox have gone with this already, though I’m going to try and suggest if possible they put the 18650 cells into a cartridge / outer case, with which the user can then replace individual cells if needed.

          Then you have have the fast battery cartridge unit which can go straight into the flash, and into a custom charger as one piece, as well as the ability to change, or charge / condition individual cells if needed.

          • John Wilson 12 months ago

            I’m not a fan of this approach. I already have a battery storage system that I use for all my batteries (https://storacell.net/). I already have a charger that handle all the rechargeables that I use including 18650 cells. I really do not need another charger that only handles a proprietary cassette. It’s easier to just put batteries in the flashgun than to put them into a cassette and then put the cassette into the flashgun. I already have a system that prevents batteries shorting I’d have to have one that prevented the cassette shorting too.

            • Mariosch 12 months ago

              I think the idea of a battery cage is that it’s just a plastic thingy with some contacts you put the 18650 cells into and then put it into your flash.
              As it is simple, you could just get one or two additional ones and then pre-load them with 18650 cells and store them safely in your bag vs having the individual 18650 cells rolling around in your bag, which are more prone to short circuit then (especially if the unprotected 18650 version would be used).

              To charge your batteries, you would just pull them out of the case and use whatever charger you want.

              Some smaller flashlights use that approach – if you open them, there’s a small battery cage inside which holds 3 AAA batteries.

              • Author
                FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

                Godox would want to supply a charger though, so the idea would be to dock the cartridge in their supplied charger as one unit. So its just as fast as using the current VB-18 battery.

                Then if you want to use your own single cell charger you can do that as well.

                These are just ideas though, I’ll check with Flashpoint and Godox when they are all back from holidays.

                • John Wilson 12 months ago

                  One thing I really would like to have is the ability to charge the battery whilst it’s in the speedlight via the USB socket. Not as a regular way of charging the battery but as a fallback option when you’ve broken/forgotten/lost your main charger.

                  • Author
                    FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

                    That sounds like a good idea, I’ll try and see what they think.

                    I noticed a lot of the 18650 battery chargers have USB power supply capability, so its in line with that concept.

                    • Ken 11 months ago

                      I would love this feature, as well as user-replaceable cells inside the same or similar case to their proprietary batteries.

                      Charging the flash directly means a charging station could be much much simpler and take up less space. The current chargers and cables are very bulky.

                • ipadmania 6 months ago

                  I think they should consider option for VB-18 batteries
                  as this is the same design with Ving series

                  I already have lots of VB-18 batteries so,
                  either they make an option to choose VB-18 or 18650 batteries
                  or they could designed it could use both batteries,
                  I think to get 11.1V you need 3 cells of 18650 batteries

                  Don’t get me wrong,
                  I like 18650 batteries, I use it for gimbals Chiyun Crane 2
                  and I also have good charger for 18650 that can charge 24 of 18650 batteries all together

                  Do you think they will consider of making it can support VB-18 and 18650 all together ?

  6. Jacques 12 months ago

    Who is this for? It looks like it’s specifically for use in mods. But, in mods, a bare tube is generally better. For use without mods, this is the wrong shape for a rectangular capture. I don’t get it.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Jacques,

      The circular light pattern is for when you’re using the flash off camera. Like any off camera light source its not necessarily going to fill the frame, so you have a nice circular light pattern when it can be seen in the image.

      On camera the circular shape allows you to easily rotate the magnetic modifiers. No more pull out catchlight card located on the wrong edge of the flash head with camera in portrait orientation for example.

      • Jacques 12 months ago

        Yeah, I can see how a round head would be nice for spotlighting. Thanks for that.
        As for “no more pull out catchlight card located on the wrong edge of the flash head”, I tape a bounce card to the SIDE of the head so that it works in portrait orientation.
        Clearly, this product isn’t for me, which is fine as long as they keep making the standard v860II.

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

          It was mentioned somewhere they will make a rectangle head version as well, though I seriously think the round head will outsell those 10 to 1, unless there is a big difference in price. They would be wasting their time and money. I think the rectangle head speedlites days will be numbered very quickly now with regards to full size speedlites.

          Even for smaller speedlites it would be nice to have an adapter to fit the circular accessories.

  7. adam 12 months ago

    put me down for 2. Can’t wait. I like the idea of generic batts. You can get two high quality cells for 15. No problem bringing 3-4 sets everywhere. Does any one know if it will use 2 or 3 of the 18650s. If it uses 3 it should have quite a bit more capacity. (Maybe double the 860II)

    • John Wilson 12 months ago

      Hi, Adam

      As the 860II has an 11.1V battery I would guess this takes 3.

  8. Alex Valtchev 12 months ago

    1. I HATE the idea of having new batteries and most important I HATE the idea of going back to multiple batteries, having to check which one is charged or is going bad, or giving you problem. That is such a hassle! I hated 4AA batteries for that reason and LOVE having 1 huge battery that I know is good or not.
    2. The Godox battery in V860II charges so fast, compared to regular AA batteries. I hate to wait to discharge/recharge and wait 24+ hours on a pack. Also, the Godox charger gives a good indication of how much needs to be charged. A small LCD with % will be even better.
    3. This flash must have 5 groups at least A, B, C, D, E and control them when on camera as M-Master. So far V860II can do only 3, so Godox needs to keep the interface from XPro triggers!!!
    4. If recharge time 1.2s is a deal for them, then let the flash have a port for the existing PB960 which most people have and at this point are useless. I used my PB960 pack with Godox TT flashes, and it charges faster than V860II, but as I mentioned above I HATE multiple batteries.
    5. A bigger screen like Xpro triggers, so we can see and manage all 5 groups, power, zoom, LED state ALL form the same screen. No submenus and digging and losing precious moments and time!
    6. We need 1/256 or 1/512 for better control, and 1/10 increments (like the Xpro trigger)

    To abbreviate all.
    1. SINGLE battery, we hate multiples (from the AA days)
    2. Fast charging like the V860II battery, but with LCD with % monitoring.
    3. 5 groups at least, A, B, C, D, E like their Xpro triggers.
    4. Power pack port, like the TT flashes.
    5. Large LCD screen to control all this without digging into submenus.
    6. Fine control with 1/256 or 1/512, as well 1/10 increments like Xpro trigger. (1/128 is so 2012 old school)
    7. BONUS: Color and display customization like (Shanny SN-E3-RT) trigger. That would be awesome!

    Godox, its good to copy, but is best to innovate. Implement my ideas and we have a flash much better than Profoto A1.

    Also, Godox or MagMod make silicon + magnets accessories. Godox ones aren’t bad but are stiff, not as durable, not as easily packable, MagMod round version of everything is the way to go!

    Please send those suggestions to Godox RnD team.

    • mmmfotografie 12 months ago

      Godox doesn’t have a good track record with battery packs. I think that have one batterypack that was not swapped by Godox and I have already again one dying.

      I have three PB960 and one AD600

      If one cell go bad you have to swap the complete pack instead of only the bad cell(s).

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Alex,

      They are all good suggestions thanks. As mentioned I’m going to try and see if I can suggest they put the 18650 batteries into a single cartridge (if that isn’t their intention already).

      Regarding the color display, the Shanny SN-E3-RT display is completely useless outside in bright sunlight. Godox wanted a to use black / color display in the Xpro, but agreed not to because we wanted a regular LCD you can see easily in bright sunlight as well.

      I think Godox will want to go with a color OLED display, though I still don’t personally know if there are good options available yet that you can see in bright or not? I often struggle with form over function, but not in a transmitter interface where you need to able to read the display easily in all light conditions.

  9. adam 12 months ago

    Someone needs to convince godox to put the UI from their latest trigger into the new flash too. I love the large easy to read settings and I love how easy it is to change the output. Way less button pushes.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Adam,

      Yes, they should definitely be heading that way. There is more to come in that regard I can’t mention just yet.

  10. adam 12 months ago

    +1 for the lower power settings too.

  11. Jared 12 months ago

    So cool! I’m going to get a couple as soon as they’re available.

    Not sure how I feel about managing another battery type along with my SIX V860 II batteries. But if it means faster recycle times, I can see the benefit.

    I would love to see a better screen on the back. When my V860 II units are in slave mode, the orange screen isn’t as easy to read as the green screen. Customizable options would be great.

    Glad to hear that the head is zoomable. I really like the round heads for my AD200 units, but wish they could zoom.

  12. karl 12 months ago

    Is there any difference to light output between a round head or rectangular one?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Karl,

      They appear to be suggesting a slightly higher Ws flash like the A1. Though in terms of how much light you get in a direct on-camera flash image, thats quite likely going to be around the same as a regular speedlite, because more of the light is projected outside of the camera frame.

      Bounced or off-camera etc it might be slightly more light.

  13. Elijah Lisyany 12 months ago

    Complete clone of the Profoto A1


    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi Elijah,

      Yes they have gone a bit far with the flash head. I would have liked to see a zooming, omega shaped flash tube like the AD200R round head. That would have been an original design and should have produced a nicer flash pattern than the A1.

      I’m very glad everyone is going with the same size 75mm diameter magnetic modifier mounts though. Just as I would suggest any companies making a compact flash to use the same mini bayonet mount as Godox used in the AD400. There is more than enough issues with incompatible radio systems, we don’t need incompatible modifiers and mounts.

  14. Jacques 12 months ago

    The downside of the 18650 is that we give up one of the big advantages of the larger single battery – simpler battery management. With 18650s, we’ll have 3-4x more batteries to charge and manage. Bleah.

  15. Ricardo Gomez 12 months ago

    I have the V860II and I absolutely love it. I never thought I would like the one, big proprietary battery as much as I do. As mentioned, the V860II batteries charge quite fast. They lasts F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Excellent capacity.

    The speedlites I had before took 4-AA batteries and while the convenience of using any AA batteries was great, it can be a bit of a hassle to grab 4 batteries from your bag and then properly inserting them into the speedlite. Oh, and please don’t drop any.

    So yes, I am a big fan of the big, proprietary battery. As also mentioned here and I have in the past, standardization as best we can is a huge plus for many and obvious reasons.

    I also love the Profoto adapter for the AD200! The AD200 system just keeps getting better and better! Definitely on my short list!

  16. Alex Valtchev 12 months ago

    Okay, so I made 7 suggestions already, but obviously, I missed something I forgot I need and wanted for a very long time.

    Jinbei HD-2 – “Where Jinbei is striking out on their own is in the use of hermaphrodite-style hotshoe feet, both on the HD-2 and the TR-Q7. All of the electrical contacts for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and (with an adapter) Sony are on the same foot, and you simply select the camera brand you intend to use from the flash’s menu.”

    I know this is suggestion #8, but mark it as #1 when sending it to Godox! PLEASE!
    WE NEED 1 flash, that can be used on any brand camera, period! If Jinbai has it already, Godox should delay this coming flash and introduce that same “hermaphrodite” hotshoe! I have Canon and Nikon cameras, and therefore use Godox AD200 and AD600 because they both work on both! I hate to have different style flashes on both cameras. This will solve SO many compromises for so many people!

    Yep, mark it as suggestion #1 and straight to Godox R&N. If they can’t make it, steal it, I don’t care. But that is most definitely the #1 feature, most people will be jumping over it for! (unless they put multiple batteries and kill flash that way…) I dont care what kind of battery, but to be only 1 ! 🙂

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Alex I hate to spoil your party on this, but… although its a brilliant idea in concept, I’m personally wary of multi platform foot at this stage.

      The reason I generally prefer Godox lights over Jinbei at this point is primarily because of the better radio reliability and consistency, and having said that we are hearing an increasing number of people complaining about Godox misfires etc as well.

      So I personally would definitely not have recommended Jinbei add another potential weak point and unknown to their system at this stage, when there are already unknown quirks and issues still to resolve.

      Cactus V6II have a multi platform shoe for some time, and they have their fair share of complaints, is it the shoe causing the issues, when do you know?

      A few years back Canon went to a lot of effort to reshape their hotshoe pins to a fine point, and give the foot a wiping motion to clean the camera hotshoe contacts as you engage the lever lock, and this resolved a lot of previous issues.

      So the shoe connection has always been a weak point in the system, and introducing a foot with more intricate contacts and less tolerance to line up etc is not something I would do until they at least really have a reliable system and level of refinement to start with.

      That’s just my opinion (Godox may already have different one, I’m not sure yet), though you can always send your ideas directly to godox@Godox.com.

      • Jared Ribic 12 months ago

        Completely agreed about the better radio system of Godox over Jinbei/ORLIT. I had so much trouble with the Canon 5D Mk4 and ORLIT triggers. They worked fine on the Canon 5D Mk3, but not the 5D Mk4; and that includes the ORLIT Speedlites too.

        Loving my Godox/Flashpoint gear much better. Yes, I’ve had a few misfires, but overall it’s a MUCH more reliable system and I’m glad I made the switch!

  17. Alex Valtchev 12 months ago

    Even Jinbei HD-2 got it with the battery right. 1 huge one that takes care of recycle time, number of flashes, and ect… If recycle is their main problem, an external port for Godox PB960 power pack will fix that. Most of us like me, have at least 4 laying around being useless… Let us feel justified 🙂

  18. george pachountis 12 months ago

    To me the deal breaker would be the af assist if not improved as well as the horrid menu system of the v860 / 685 that I have both . The UI of prophoto A1 is impressive. Also the hot shoe mount has to be improved .

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 12 months ago

      Hi George,

      Its funny that you say that, because I read one person commenting not so long ago about now much they hate their A1 menu, and wish it was like their V860II 🙂

      And I though that was funny, because I’ve heard the complaints about the V860II for years (not that I think the A1 menu is a great prospect either).

      I hope and suspect Godox will go with more of an interface like the transmitters, with more buttons and less menus than the A1. I think it could be made more practical than either current option.

  19. alberto 12 months ago

    I am surprised that Adorama would sell a product that uses 18650 batteries. These are the battery of choice for vaping mods and one of the most unsafe battery options available. I use these for a few years now, and 18650 are not really known for quality control. I hadn’t had a problem because I was educated on how to use and care for these batteries when I first started vaping. How Godox is not selling the batteries, I doubt they will take the time to provide any safety cards on how to properly use these batteries and how to avoid any problems.

    It’s basically a bare battery in a wrapper. If that wrapper tears, which it does. You have to either rewrap it yourself or go somewhere to do it for you. What’s the danger you may ask? If those batteries are exposed, and they happen to touch each other. Boom. Your flash is fried. Or worse blow up in your flash if you have it on camera. It occurs to vape mods, no reason it won’t happen here.

    In responsible hands, these batteries are usually fine. That said thou, there are a lot of photographers out there that don’t take care of their equipment. I can see someone easily throwing a few of these batteries in their bag with no concern. That is what worries me. Also, because of the potential danger of these batteries, you have to have these batteries in separate cases when traveling through airports in the US. I have to do it every time I want to take my large vape mod with me. That is why I usually just travel with a small one battery mod.

    The one good thing. you can always go to your nearest vape shop for batteries. LOL

    But seriously, if this the direction Godox is going with this flash unit. I suggest not to buy cheap (there are thousands of cheap options out there) or through some random Chinese eBay store. This is one of those items that you really get what you paid for and which can potentially harm you and your equipment.

  20. Mark 11 months ago

    I am glad to see they are re-thinking the control panel. While I have no major issues with the controls I do hate the power switch. They need to make one with a very deliberate on/off detent or a locking button. The current switch gets very loose in a short time and will switch the unit on while gently bumping around in a camera case.
    Alternatively, it will switch off if laid down or slightly brushed.
    If I were not eyeball deep in Godox ware I would get the Yongnuo Li-ion flash as they do have a great switch.

  21. Duncan 10 months ago

    Any word on whether these are still coming, or is this still out in the ether?

  22. Marcus 9 months ago

    YES! A Profoto Adapter for the AD200! Finally, can’t wait to try this out. They still need to solve the rear disc reflector to kick the light forward. Right now most people disassemble the wide angle attachment and use that metal disc – but if they can come up with one that’s a smaller diameter, it might fit in with this new profoto mount accessory!

  23. Zoltan 7 months ago

    Any news on this?

  24. John Wilson 7 months ago

    Godox have just released three installation videos for the AD200 Profoto adapter. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCceuo1ZdHsxegsoa4Hgn55g/videos

    Price is listed on B&H as $16.90

  25. John Wilson 7 months ago

    Robert Hall has details of this device. It’s called the V1 and should be available in 4-6 weeks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emx3ZZlNR3Y

    In the UK it’s going to get called the doodlebug 🙂

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