GODOX – RS400P / RS600P Xenergizer Announced! [Now Available]

Godox have released the long awaited new RS version of the Xenergizer Lithium powered portable flash units at the recent China P&E trade show in Beijing.

The new RS400P and RS600P may only be an updated and more sturdy head design, as well as an updated LED modelling light, though the release of the new Xenergizer is still quite significant.

This is because, of all the many portable Chinese flash units available, there are very few which can actually match the popular Elinchrom Quadra for ambient light killing power, while in a similarly lightweight and portable package.

The RS600P at least, now being an overall more competent package, are about to change all that. And starting from under $600, the Xenergizer are a considerably more affordable option than the Quadra.

Godox RS600P


The Xenergizer (like the Quadra) are pack and head systems, meaning the capacitors are in the pack, and the heads themselves are basically just a lightweight housing for the flash tubes and reflector / modifier mount.

And the 12.8V, 8000mAh, LiFePO4 Lithium powered Xenergizer pack itself remains the same as the previous ES version, which has been available for at least 6 months already.

UPDATE – The new RS pack is actually slightly different to the previous ES version. As the RS head now has an LED modelling light, which must turn off automatically after 2 minutes. Where the ES pack, designed for the older tungsten modelling light, turns off after an hour.

For this reason Godox do not recommend using the new RS heads with the old ES pack. That can be done safely other than the modelling light. But Godox are still not recommending it, because its simply too easy to leave the LED modeling light on and burn it out.

Godox RS600P


And prior to the ES model, an EX series NiMH powered version has also been available for a number of years.

What has changed in the new RS Xenergizer, is simply a redesigned head, with much more sturdy (mostly metal) build. Now capable of supporting large softboxes and modifiers on the built in Bowen’s S-type mount.

A 12 watt LED modelling light has now also been added. Apart from that though the new RS Xenergizer is simply the result of a manufacturer finally listening to consumers and retailers, and correcting the basic shortcomings of a mostly already good product. Which is now likely to become a lot more popular.

The previous ES version has a very compact and lightweight head, with handle and large S-mount reflector. Which in some ways is actually preferable. Though not having any way to securely mount larger softboxes and modifiers has been a fatal flaw for many owners. The new RS series Xenergizer simply eliminates that limitation.

Godox ES600P


Another reason the new RS Xenergizer have been much anticipated, is because Godox have also recently built up quite a following with the popular Witstro bare bulb hotshoe flashes, as well as the V850 and V860 Lithium-Ion powered speedlites.

All of which use the same great FT-16 radio system, with very simple and reliable remote manual power control.

So the RS400P and RS600P Xenergizer will incorporate seamlessly with the existing smaller flash units, all using the same remote manual power control adjusted in convenient 1/3 rd stop increments.


Godox V850 and V860C with FT-16s Receivers


Power –

The Xenergizer RS400P and RS600P are stated as 400WS and 600WS respectively. Though relative to other common lights the RS600P produces a light output of roughly around 500WS.

So its the RS600P which will provide a real alternative to the popular 400Ws Elinchrom Quadra (when used with only one head). The RS400P would not match the Quadra’s full 400WS output.

The RS600P provide one stop more light than the Godox Witstro AD360.

Power levels are from 1/1 down to 1/32, in 1/3rd stop increments (16 levels altogether).


Flash Duration –

Xenergizer flash durations are from 1/2000th at full power to 1/800th at 1/32 (minimum power). And these reasonably fast duration mean that most of the light can be captured in the cameras frame at 1/250th X-Sync.

Slower flash durations at full power are the reason many other Chinese portable flashes (including the Godox Witstro) the can not match the Quadras ambient light killing ability at full power, even if they can provide as much light at slower shutter speeds.


LED Modelling Light –

The RS series Xenergizer now have a reasonably powerful 12W LED modelling light.

The modelling light automatically shuts off after 2 minute periods. Later model RS600P may have a 15 minute modelling light with the help of a cooling fan.


LiFePO4 Battery –

It should be noted the Xenergizer uses a Lithium Polymer LiFePO4 type Lithium battery. LiFePO4 Lithium batteries have a much longer life cycle. Up to around 10 years, compared to around 2 years for regular (NMC) Lithium Batteries (like the Witstro / PB960, and PCB VML use).

(Paul C Buff recently released a LiFePO4 version VLX pack, which is $399 alone).


RS600P Specs – 

  • Max Power – 600WS (true – 500WS)
  • Recycle Time – Aprox 2 – 2.5 seconds at full power
  • Flashes Per Battery Charge – Aprox 450 full power flashes
  • Guide No – 68m ISO 100
  • Battery – LiFePO4 (12.8V / 8000mAh)
  • Flash Duration – 1/800 to 1/2000 second
  • Modeling Lamp – 12W 12V LED
  • Color Temperature – 5600K ± 200K
  • Voltage of Charger – AC 100 – 240V / 50-60Hz
  • Battery Pack Size – 17 x 8 x 26 cm
  • Pack Net Weight – Approx. 3.9 kg


Xenergizer Vs Witstro - Click to Expand

Xenergizer Vs Witstro AD360 –

No doubt many people who have the Witstro AD360 on their shopping list will now be weighing up the Xenergizer to some degree as well.

The RS600P offers twice the power, a 100 watt equivalent modelling light, a secure Bowen’s S-mount and solid metal swivel built in, and longer life LiFePO4 battery. And all for around $100 less than the lower powered Witstro.

With the Witstro you’re definitely paying a premium for the convenience of smaller weight and size. Though I’m really surprised at the number of people who have said they are trading their Eisenstein & VML, or Quadras, for more AD360. As they just find them much more convenient to manage, especially if working on their own.

And you could likely squeeze half a dozen AD360 into the nice alloy case the one Xenergizer comes in.

For bang for buck raw power though, the RS600P are around twice the power, and for a lower price.

ES600P Series - Click to Expand

ES600P Series-

The irony of Godox finally producing a more solid head for the new RS Xenergizer is that it will bring more attention to the previous ES series as well. And that some people at least, may even find the original ES head more suitable for their use. For hand holding, and only mounting small modifiers or the supplied reflector, the ES may actually be preferable.

And the ES600P Xenergizer can be purchased from around $460 shipped on Ebay. While the new RS600P has a minimum advertised price of $588.

Its a little bit of a pity Godox did not produce a more solid metal version of the compact ES head. Its fairly obvious they have recycled the components from their monolight range to produce the new RS head, which would be a more economical option.

The cord now also plugs into the back of the RS head, as well as plugging into the pack. While the ES head has the cord permanently attached.

Godox ES600P Head



When comparing with the Elinchrom Quadra, it should be noted that the Xenergizer pack only has one port, allowing for the one head. While the Quadra pack can support a second head, sharing the 400WS in a fixed 2 to 1 ratio.

Though for most people, purchasing two complete Xenergizer RS600P packs and heads would still be considerably cheaper than the one Quadra pack with 2 heads. And the Xenergizer would then be twice the output, with completely variable ratio between heads.

The Quadra also require a $100 adapter to attach regular Elinchrom softboxes and modifiers. Not to say the Quadras are not very nice lights by any means, just that the Xenergizer provides another more affordable option.

Godox ES600P

As seen above the Xenergizer has a button to swtich on and off the modeling light and sound beep. This can also be done remotely from the FT-16 radio transmitter.



Price and Availability –


The Godox Xenergizer RS600P and RS400P are available now-

RS600P – Ebay
RS400P – Ebay

Previous ES600P – Ebay.
Previous ES400P – Ebay, Amazon.

Godox – Website


  1. the Flasher 7 years ago

    with the older EX series there was a ring flash head available but it seems not to be available for the newer versions. would the old ring flash fit the current battery pack?

    also i wonder if you could just buy new flash heads separately to go with the older ES pack? The connector looks the same?

    one thing that would be really useful would be an extension cable to increase the distance from the pack to the head.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Flasher,

      There has been some rumours of a compatible ring flash head coming later (not yet confirmed, but that sounds probable).

      I’m not sure about the separate heads, but I knew people (or current ES owners at least) were going to ask about that. I’ll see what I can find out.

      With the pack and head systems (with capacitors in the pack, not the head) as far as I understand the length of the cord actually effects the the power output at the flash tube. So I’m not sure if different length cables are something they would actually produce for these.

      I’m sure people are going to ask about splitter cables (for to 2 heads to one pack) as well, but again I’m not sure how feasible that would be. Obviously there would be no ratio possible between them (they could still be very handy though).

      • the Flasher 7 years ago

        hmm just 1 meter longer cable is all I would need 🙁

        compatible heads would be great news. I don’t want to change at the moment but i could imagine in the future if the current head broke I would like to replace it with a new one.

      • Earle 7 years ago

        You’re right that the length of the cable impacts the power output of at the back end — or so Elinchrom preaches with its Rangers and Quadras. Then again, longer cords are marketed — both longer basic cords and extension cords — for the Quadra so I’d expect it would be feasible for this pack too.

        I’m excited about this product, especially at the anticipated price from Ed over at Cheetahstand. It’s in the ballpark of what a VML and a Bee 1600 would be. The pack is definitely larger than a VML (based on the size of it vs. a Quada pack (which I have ) and a VML) but the heads are significantly smaller than a Bee or an Einstein and a lot more sturdy than the Quadra heads. To me they look a lot like the big Ranger heads.

        This, coupled with the collapsible beauty dish would be wonderful in the field — now only if there was a way to grid the dish….

  2. Avantia 7 years ago

    Will there be a Lencarta version too ?

  3. Jacques 7 years ago

    I think you meant to say this has been “announced”, not “released”, as the latter means that it’s actually available for purchase. Is the release date going to be March 2015 as indicated at the end of this post? That’s a LONG way off.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Oops… May is late March isn’t it 🙂

      That should have read mid to late May (2014). Thanks.

  4. Socaltyger 7 years ago

    Been thinking about the witstros, but these look promising. Would love to see a side by side comparison photo between the two, to get a sense of size between the two.

    I agree that a PCBuff mini Einstein would be awesome, but sadly things have been really quiet from the pcb camp since the Einsteins were releases 5yrs ago.

  5. Donald F. 7 years ago

    I am trying to decide between QS-600 with PCB Vagabond Battery Pack vs. CL-600… pricing between these are very close.. I think QS-600 are more powerful while CL-600 are more portable. Whats your suggestion? Im only looking for something that works best for long duration hack. Does QS600 or only CL600 only works with flash duration hack at any power settings?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Donald,

      The QS-600 looks to be fairly similar in flash duration specs. The CL-600 would be more portable, while the QS-600 can be used on mains power as well, with faster recycle and more powerful modelling light etc.

      If you’re using a full frame camera though, either may have some issues at some shutter speeds and power levels etc, as the durations are still not really that long.

      If you’re really keen on long duration sync, you may be better off with something like the Jinbei Discovery DC-1200, as they have slightly longer durations, and closer to 1200WS. The extra power would really help with the reduced light from the long duration sync. Full frame users have reported clean frames at most power levels and shutters speeds with those.

  6. Amir 7 years ago

    I actually prefer the original XEnergizer. with the lighter head. Beats this new model if being used in Apollo style indirect softboxes.

  7. Nate 7 years ago


    Learned my lesson from buying from Hong Kong and will be ordering from Cheetah Stand as soon as they are available. Sounds like Ed’s price will be pretty close to what the price is expected to be for the Godox brand on eBay anyway.

    I think I recall the older version having some issues if controlling the big strobe with smaller lights and using a single FT-16 transmitter. Has this issue been fixed in this newer version, or am I off my rocker and there was never an issue?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Nate,

      The Xenergizer uses the same 1/3rd stop power adjustment increments as the other Godox battery powered lights like the Witstro and V850 / V860.

      The mains powered Godox strobes use the 1 to 50, 1/10th stop power level adjustment scale.

      The FT-16 transmitter can actually do both methods, though its much easier to use two FT-16 transmitters (one set to each power scale) if you want to combine both types of lights at the same time.

      There a are a number of purchasing options in the US, but people located around the world often rely on the options available from HK. And the Xenergizer are well tried and tested, where as the V860C and TTL are still fairly new territory for Godox. I doubt the the RS Xenergizer will have much if anything in the way of teething issues like the TTL flash.

      • Nate 7 years ago

        Sigh. Take two. Forgot the quiz…

        Right Elv – it was the QT-600 I must have been thinking about for the transmitter issue.

        I realize that by being in Canada, I have a few more options for Godox stuff than other parts of the world. I should perhaps clarify for others reading that I have not had a negative experience buying from Hong Kong, but that the turnaround times are very long when equipment goes wrong. They could be quicker, but shipping costs would far outstrip a $150 flash. If a $600 stobe was involved, the shipping costs would be a smaller portion of the overall purchase. I currently have an item heading back to Hong Kong on the slow boat, and other items coming from mainland China also on a slow boat.

        I admit to looking long and hard at the ES-600P as it is substantially cheaper since the price drop. For $445 CAD, it could be at my door. I estimate the CL-600 will end up around $730 once all said and done. As this will be my only large light for quite some time, I think the all-metal mounts, LED modelling lamp, and quicker cutomer service will be worth the premium.

        Thanks again for the great info,

  8. MIP_Live 7 years ago

    Funny how Godox is last to announce their new 1st party head after even Cheetah. Great to see Ed is getting first crack at products now and really getting the opportunities to be a US competitor with products early on. I ordered two more ES heads a month ago and about mid-way through the 2 week HK ship time these were announced.

    Honestly, I like the smaller heads. I use 2’x3′ soft boxes, 28″ BD and even 60″ umbrellas without much of a problem. Would I prefer metal? Yes. But an ES head can certainly still work. I would NOT mount anything larger though.

    Where the new heads really shine is the LED model light. This is clutch in the studio. I burn an entire pack in 2-3 hour sessions with the current quartz model light running sparingly. 150W vs 15W is huge and to me almost worth the $200+ price jump (I paid $375 shipped per Kit). Curious if it’s output is a 1/2 stop less though with the LED because the quartz model globe is just bright enough to work through a modifier and still allow the camera to get focus in dim setups.

    As for AD360 vs Xenergizers – if you shoot any day exterior stuff and want to contend with the sun? Get an ES/RS pack. I own half a dozen 360’s and the instant you pop a Xenergizer head, you’ll forget about 300W/s. I can run 1/2 power and have essentially an instant recycle full-power AD360. That’s clutch even inside when you don’t want to drag the shutter to compensate, stay at your preferred stop or even sit comfortably at 100 ISO.

    I think there’s room for the entire Godox lineup and really no single product for the higher end hobbyist and certainly not for professionals unless you concentrate on solely one thing (I have two more V860’s showing up Tuesday for that reason).

    Love the Godox lineup. Can’t say enough good things and I’m coming from years of Profotos. They are literally one master TTL/manual controller flash unit away from completely blowing the lid off photography. No joke.

  9. Marcel 7 years ago

    @ MIP_live, I assume that Lencarta was even earlier with the announcement in March:


    My thoughts on this flash is nice development but could be less conservative compared to the previous version. Ringflash could follow soon because modelling light will also not be available as on the current version.

    Now a real development could take place and using the created space in the flash head for the electronics and capacitors and have a IGBT power control. In fact up-sizing the 180/360 Witstro.

  10. Markdoxie 7 years ago

    I am delighted to see this improvement. The flash is precisely what I need in the field. Power and portability with the ability to hold larger modifiers in a pinch.

    The ultimate version for me would be the ability to run off mains power while charging.

    • Jacques 7 years ago

      Or even while not charging. A plug-in AC module that replaces the battery under the pack would be fine with me.

  11. Reegan 7 years ago

    Seriously, why cant they just design the pack that has IGBT like the QT heads, then have an AC adapter so you can use the light with the mains?

    I dont want to be limited with the lights, if I want to use the modelling lights to compose a shot that requires some complex lighting then I dont want to run the battery down and have like 50 shots left on the battery.

    Im looking to purchase at least 3 or 4 lights but want the ability to shoot on location as these lights were intended for, then have the ability to shoot in studio tethered to the mains so a can shoot all day long.

    A short flash duration would be damn fantastic. The technology is there and if the asians were really as smart as stereotypes say then why cant they produce a fantastic set of lights similar to Paul C Buff? Im pretty positive that if this light had IGBT, Short flash durations and a AC power adapter then they would hurt a lot of other manufacturers. JUST DO IT GODOX, I dont want to buy a set of lights now only to have my concerns answered a few months later after my purchase


    • James 6 years ago

      Do you know if you can trickle charge the battery pack in a studio? and what is the actual max sync speed of this?

  12. Rob 7 years ago

    The CL-600 is an awesome light! I just wish that the cable that plugs into the back of the light had a 90 degree plug in and the I wish their was an option to purchase a longer cable. I have to keep the battery in the pack and place it up high on the stands. Not a real inconvenience but it would be nice!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Rob,

      A number of people have been asking for longer cords, for the previous version ES version as well. I have passed this on to Godox. A longer cord may cause some reduction in light output though. Thanks.

      • Mark 7 years ago

        IF, as most of us suspect, this is Godox picking up on the Lencarta upgraded head, then the cord is longer that the original ES version. The detachable cord is 2.9m whic makes a big difference!

  13. Donovan 7 years ago

    Hi flash havoc,

    This is a very good preview article. But i think you missplaced the flash duration. It is 1/2000s on 1/32 power and 1/800 on full power. CMIIW.

    I’am the previous xenergizer user and i’m glad that godox is listening to our needs. I got news from my local seller that Besides the led modelling and metal head this RS600P also has longer cable for the head. Now they had 2.8m cable instead the 1.5m on the previous one. Sadly this new head dont backward compatible with the previous xenergizer. Also the older head cannot be attached to the new pack. I’m not very sure its from its mounting or from its internal circuit.



  14. Jan Li 7 years ago

    Just found Xenergizer RS Series sale on GoodboyStudio eBay store & website!!



    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Great thanks Jan!

  15. Jacques 7 years ago

    Will HSS work with Micro Four Thirds cameras, specifically Panasonic G6 & GX7 and newer models?

  16. RTrip 7 years ago

    Hi, does anyone know how these compare to the Jinbei Discovery series in both performance and build quality?

  17. My Name is not required, bro :D 7 years ago

    Hi Mister Flashhavoc 🙂

    Do you think, that Godox are planning to sell a mobile strobe unit like the “Jinbei HD600” someday? I really like how it’s built. (hate those cable tho)
    It would be perfect if its compatible with the remote which you can use on the V850 (damn I love this things. I also purchased the 860s because I LOVE the akku pack^^)

    Greetings Fellas

  18. Luca 7 years ago

    Hi, I would like to understand why the RS 600 p , that is rated for 600 Ws (but even if it would be 500Ws) , has a GN of 68 with strd reflector @ 100 ISO while the Wistro AD, claimed for 360 Ws, has much higher GN of 85 with the same conditions.

    Also I haven’t understood if the led builb is 12, 15 or 20 W.
    (I know here’s reported for 15, but elsewhere it’s claimed for 12 or even 20 w ).

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Luca,

      Sorry regarding the modelling light, the RS600P are new stated as 12W. The actual specs were a little up in the air at the original time of writing this post.

      I would need to check the AD360 guide number spec, but I would expect the RS600P will generally be around twice the light output of the AD360. The AD360 may just have a tighter beam on the standard reflector than the RS600P.

  19. Luca 7 years ago

    Thanks for the reply!

    I am wondering how much the 12W of led light match with a classical halogen bulb and if it would be possible to change it (DIY) with a 15-20 W led.

    Moreover it would be very interesting if you could kindly compare the light output of Rs 600 P over the AD 360! 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Luca,

      I’ve just ordered the RS600P from Eachshot a few days ago, so I’ll compare the AD360 once it arrives.

      Others have mentioned the LED is comparable to around 100W tungsten, though again I’ll have a look at this myself once it arrives.

      I’m not sure about DIY larger LED lights, you’d really want to know what you’re doing there. I really wouldn’t know if this is possible without causing other issues.

  20. Luca 7 years ago

    Yes, maybe changing led bulb is quite tricky and non bit sense.

    Furthermore 100W could be not so much but still enough (if light beam is wide enough) for modeling light.. I’m really waiting for your measurements to have better idea! 😀

    I’m quite interested in this flash.

  21. Luca 7 years ago

    Hi, Have you had any possibilities to compare your new RS 600 P VS Wistro 360??

    I’m really curious about the results in terms of light output and differences! 😀

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Luca,

      In most modifiers the RS600P is pretty much exactly a stop more light, which is around what I would expect. Direct with the bare reflector it actually seems about the same, though the spread of light from the RS600P is a lot wider.

      Its a nice light, and the head is very light to hold. The pack is easy to carry on your shoulder or hook on the base of a stand as ballast. The modelling light would be close to 100 watt equivalent.

      I’ve only just started looking at HSS results, and their is a fair amount of gradient in the image at full power. At lower levels as the duration increases the becomes more even. But for maximum power its not looking like the best option for HSS. At least it can be used with the Witstro etc using HSS.

      Its definitely a nice light, and does what it advertises. And the recycle times are super fast.

      The AD360 is still the sweet point when it comes to power for size and weight, but you can’t avoid adding to that if you want more light, and the RS600P is still very manageable.

      We are getting close to Photokina now though, so it may be worth waiting to see if Godox have other options coming as well now.

  22. Luca 7 years ago

    First of all, THANKS for your great reply.

    I like this RS 600P, even if I would be happy to wait for a TTL, igbt version of them (or similar.. come on Yongnuo!) to use even in HSS mode. Hope Photokina’ll bring us good news soon! 😀

    In my ideal wish list there would be 2 or 3 light like that and a Wistro TTL flash to use on camera during ceremonies or events.

    Do you think I’m wishing too much?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Luca,

      Thanks, no I think we are getting there. These portable lights are making some progress now, and YongNuo have stepped things up with TTL. The Witstro TTL should be announced soon too. Its been slow progress but all the pieces are starting to come together now. With competition in this area now they will have to make the lights people are calling for to compete.

  23. Luca 7 years ago

    Great news, even if it’s odd that canon/nikon/metz haven’t done really huge improvements in this field.

    Powerful bare bulb and a good battery pack to me are the way to go 😉

  24. Vasili 7 years ago

    Hi, I have the Xenergizer ES600P which I bought a few months ago and it does not support HSS, and the newer model RS600P also does not support HSS.

    If I purchase the Godox Cells II transmitter, will I be able to achieve HSS High speed sync with canon? just want to be certain.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Vasili,

      If you look at the HSS results compared in the FlashPoint Rovelight review, you can see that the RS600P is not great with long duration HSS, as the flash duration is no that long at higher power levels.

      The Cells II will provide results as good as any transmitter without a timing adjustment, though the RS600P is really not ideal for HSS at higher power compared to the other lights there. If you only need low power the results are fairly even then.

  25. Luca 7 years ago

    I’m really happy with its quality and hope to try on location soon!
    Just maybe from first trials I was expecting it to be a bit more powerful.. Let’s see on fueld how it will truly be! 😉

    I hope the battery life will be good as the rest of that sweet flash kit. 🙂

  26. Luca 7 years ago

    First shoots and first impressions:
    Nice light flash’s head (of course it’s all into battery pack), but again I was expecting it to be more powerful and the battery to last more (anyway about battery probably it’s just a matter of time to reach its full performances).

    I’ve done a photo test, even against a wall to see how the light falls off, comparing the RS600P with two cobra flashes: a Nikon SB900 and a Metz 50.
    There are a lot of differences in the kind of light that them produce, but less o more RS600P was looking like 4 stops more powerful than a Metz 50 and something less (just a little) than 4 stops compared to Nikon SB900.

    Led light seems to be quite bright to be just 12 W, I’m waiting to see how it performs into a 60×90 cm soft box or reflected into a classic 112cm silver umbrella.

    If you want I can share my test’s pics. 🙂

    I would ask you to kindly delete my previous post. 😉

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Luca,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes particularly after using the RoveLight I was expecting a little more light out of the RS600SP. It is a stop more powerful than the Witstro AD360, though for the size of the unit you just tend to expect a little more.

      Its still a nice light, though the RoveLight has shown that is could be done smaller and more powerful still.

  27. Luca 7 years ago

    You’re welcome, thanks for your website too. 😉

    I was looking for RoveLight and I have couple of little questions I would like to ask..
    First is regarding the led modeling light.. I’ve read it’s only 5W, isn’t too little?
    How is it compared to the one of godox RS600 for you?
    Is RoveLight better for HSS photography?

    Second question I guess I have to ask to Flashpoint directly.. but do you know anything about europe shipping?
    Is it able to stand 230v tension?

    Thanks again for all and a nice day! 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Luca,

      The RS600P modeling light is definitely brighter than the RoveLight’s. I would say its less than a stop though. I’ll try and get a meter reading later. I think they are both really a compromise because these are battery powered lights.

      Yes the RoveLight is considerably better with HSS, as the RS600SP was not really designed for this. You can see a comparison at full power here. And this is discussed more in the RL review.

      A few people had the RL shipped to Europe with the last deal. And there were no issues that I heard of. They arrived quite fast. You should be able to see the shipping options and prices if you add the lights to the shopping cart.

      For the Flashpoint mount you can just click through the link to receive the offer. For the Bowen’s mount you will need to send me a message and I can email you the ordering instructions (its quite simple). I think the Flashpoint mount is the German Multiblitz mount, so I don’t know if you may have more Multiblitz accessories available there?

      Yes the battery charger will run of 230V and 110V etc.

  28. Josh 7 years ago

    Is there any information on how many times you can fire the flash at full power before thermal protection? Also how many times could you fire it at the lowest power setting? For example I am a wedding photographer and I use the 360 at weddings for portraits and receptions. I often need to fire the flash many many times. I would like the power of the 600, but don’t want to keep the 360 and the 600. If the 600 can fire thousands of times at 1/32 then I will for sure buy it.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Josh,

      I haven’t tested the RS600P in great detail yet. But its really quite obvious that the RoveLight outperform the RS600P in most ways. They are a stop brighter, and go all the way down to 1/128th. So its inevitable they will do more low power shots (though they can’t fire too fast in HSS mode).

      So if you’re not concerned about the form factor they may really be worth considering while the deal is still available.

      • Joshua 7 years ago

        Thank you very much! I ordered one of the RoveLights. Any suggestion on the best, biggest bang-for-the-buck softbox for the Flashpoint mount? For now I will be using it for wedding receptions with the 8″ reflector and for wedding group church portraits. For those I can just use a shoot through umbrella and put the light behind me so I won’t have an issue with reflected light in my lens. However, I would like to eventually use it up close for portraits so the light can be softer.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Joshua,

          No worries. Did you literally mean the largest modifier you can get for a good price? (of just the biggest bargain).

          The Glow 30″ x 60″ looks like the biggest size per dollar at just $54.95.

          The Glow 32″ x 48″ would be another option at just $53.95 as well.

          From there you could go to a Glow 60″ octa for $124.95.

          They would all need the standard Flashpoint speedring at $16.95.


          If you weren’t actually after such large modifiers, something like the Glow 36″ x 36″ is only $34.95.

          A 36″ octa jumps up to around $89.95, but they are a construction task as well, where the square and rectangle can pop up in a few seconds if you can get the speedring in and out of the rods from the back the softbox.


          Also for anyone wanting to mount any of these softboxes to the Godox RS600P, all you would need is the Glow Bowen’s mount speedring.

  29. Sandalsfootacious 7 years ago

    Hi FH,

    How’s the LED light on the RS600P?
    Can it stay on for an infinite time? Or is there a limit like the RS400P?

  30. David Eichler 7 years ago

    But is it really a “more affordable” option that a Ranger Quadra, or something similar by another established and reputable brand? How reliable is this this brand x asian stuff and what service, if any, would there be. Seems to me that, if you are going to use this kind of thing, you had better have plenty of back-up options readily available.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi David,

      The RS600P are probably not a good example, as a small percentage of them have suffered a few consistent issues, and there has been some talk that Godox are completely redesigning the pack now.

      But other lights like the Witstro AD180 and AD360 have been exceptionally reliable, and paid for themselves many times over. As have many of the Godox mains powered lights. Of course there are some issues with some units that require exchange.

      Its certainly a different model as there are generally no repair centers, so its generally up to the dealer to provide exchanges. Out of warranty, or damaged by a fall etc and you have to buy new units. But components prices are often not that much different to a minimum service fee from Canon etc.

      There are certainly different ways of approaching things and different options, but lights like the Witstro would not have exploded in popularity for no reason. If there was a significant downside that would be quite clear by now.

      And many of the name brands are simply rebadging Godox lights and power packs etc now as well. If not like Elinchrom they are making gear in India etc to cut costs another way.


      On the radio trigger side of things PocketWizard Control TL was the premium name brand, and also one of the most problematic for a number of years, at least for Canon.

      So that really opened the door for people to start to look for alternatives, any some came in much cheaper options. So you may need some back ups to be safe, but even with those they are still cheaper, and the overall experience was often still better.

      I’m not saying the whole situation is ideal, or cheaper gear is always a good option. But there are a lot of great gear available now that are inexpensive and great bang for buck. The Adorama Rovelight has been another good example.

      These may not be for everyone, but not everyone is in the marked for Profoto or Elinchrom etc. There is some great brand X Asian gear, but like anything you have to do your homework.

  31. Steve Samson 7 years ago

    I tested the 600 for a friend. Using a light meter to test against my other strobes I’m not seeing power anywhere near 600 watts. Anyone able to verify the power rating?

  32. Marcus 7 years ago


    Are there any US-distributed versions of this light? If so, are there reviews about it? Thank you.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Marcus,

      I think Godox have been redesigning the pack as there have been some common issues in a percentage of these lights.

      I don’t know when they will be available, but once the revised versions have proven themselves reliable I’m sure we will see a lot more dealers with these. Adorama and B&H would likely have them eventually under their various brands.

      That’s not to say all of the current lights are problematic as most are still fine, though I get the feeling the re-brands are holding out for the revised version now.

  33. RS600 7 years ago

    Hi, Do you know of any shop where I can found a battery replacement for my Rs600p?

    I really need it..


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi RS600,

      I’m not sure where you are located, but GodoxStudio on ebay generally ship worldwide. If they don’t have the battery listed just drop them a message.

  34. RS600 7 years ago

    Thanks, I’ve written them a message, let’s wait and see..

    Do you know since when the new modified model of RS600P was available?

    I was almost thinking to buy a second one and I would be sure to have a good copy.
    Thanks a lot!

  35. Matt LaPointe 7 years ago

    Hi Marcus!

    I just found out (This week) that I am going to be able to carry the RS600P along with the Godox Monolights and Wistro AR400 Ringflash.

    I am placing an order shortly and will likely have them sometime in April (probably near the end).


    Matt LaPointe
    Blink Photographic Equipment, Inc

  36. Donald 6 years ago

    FYI, version 2 of the RS400P just appeared on ebay, 600 is soon im guessing

  37. Ben 6 years ago

    I’ve had the RS600P XEnergizer for a while now, its the version with the LED modelling light and the strengthened head. Only used it a handful of times at most, didn’t think I had an issue and that maybe one had made it out of China without being faulty, how wrong was I? I’m now getting the dreaded E1 error. I’m really quite disappointed. Worst thing is that due to the costs to send it back and the potential what fault scenario it looks like I’m stuck with it.

    Is there anything that can be done? can you buy a newer controller unit and use the existing battery and head?

  38. Andre Shiwa 6 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    Someone know if there’s any ring adapter available in the market to allow use my Elinchrom softboxes and reflectors with Godox RS400/RS600?
    Thank you very much in advance to everyone!

    • Ben 6 years ago

      Just google bowens to elinchrom speedring, there’s loads of them.

  39. Nicholas 6 years ago

    I see Lencarta has released a ring flash for the Safari 2 (which is the same as this Godox). does anyone know if Godox are also releasing one, or if the Lencarta one would work on this pack?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Nicholas,

      I checked with Godox and they don’t know about whether they will have a ring flash head for the RS600P at this stage.

      So I’m not really sure if that head is made by Godox. You may have to try Lencarta for more compatibility details.

      • Owen Lloyd 6 years ago

        The Safari Li-On was the last generation of the old Jinbei based portable light Lencarta sold. This ring light will not attach to the Safari II

  40. Randell John 6 years ago

    Could anyone tell me if replacement cables and or connectors are available for the Godox RS600P Pack.
    If not the full cable, has anyone identified the actual cable fittings used by Godox.
    I’d really like to replace my cable with better connectors preferably with knurled metal.
    Thanks for a great site.

    • Michael 6 years ago

      Any luck Randell?! I would also like to know where I can purchase a replacement cable for my Godox RS600P Energizer; a pin in one of my cables had broken off and my whole pack is useless. I’ve looked all over the web; I can only find a replacement battery but no cable. Thank you

      • Randell John 6 years ago

        Hi Michael,
        No I’m sorry I haven’t been able to find a company that supplies the cable. I had a look at LLT’s website (They are the company that manufacture the standard cable for Godox). Looking at their parts list, it seems that the actual plugs are a standard male female screw socket configuration, but they don’t manufacture the items with metal fittings.
        Saying that I’m sure that there are other cable/plug manufactures that do.

        I’ll have to do a little more digging around the internet, and find such a company local to me, and hopefully they’ll be able to supply the parts. I’ll then cut the cable and and change the fittings to suit.
        There will probably be a little bit of soldering involved, but it’s very easy to do.
        In the meantime if I find a cable that comes supplied with suitable plugs, I’ll let you know.

        All the best,


  41. Ted Lansing 5 years ago

    I was wondering if the flash tubes are the same for the RS400P and the RS600P. It looks like this is the case given what I see listed on ebay.
    I am asking because I ordered a replacement flash tube for the RS400P and got one delivered with 600W label on the box. Any help would be appreciated very much.

  42. rohit 5 years ago

    i have godox rs 600p where is hss ? any shortcut key?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Rohit,

      The RS600P do not really have any HSS mode. You can use the flashes long flash durations though to allow higher shutter speeds. Though the RS600P are not the ideal flash for this.

      You will need either one of he Godox HSS enabled transmitter units like the X1 or XT32 (currently only available for Canon), or you can use something like the YongNuo YN-622C, as long as you have a YN-622C receiver attached to the flash as well.

      There is nothing to set on the flash, just set HSS ON on the transmitter and camera. If results are not ideal, then you can look at using the timing adjustment in the transmitters.

  43. Wachholder 4 years ago

    Hello Andrew, would you know if the old Godox Ex series heads, which you mentioned in this post and were feeded with a power pack with a 12v/300 NIMH battery, could run on the newer power packs with the 12.8v/800 lifepo batteries . Possibly do you have a contact person email at Godox to recommend for this question ? Best Pierre

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Pierre,

      Sorry, no as far as Godox have said previously the older heads can not run on the new packs unfortunately.

      You can try contacting Godox at – godox@godox.com , though they only reply occasionally when they have time.

  44. Wachholder 4 years ago

    Hi Andrew thank you so much for your feedback to my post. Would you know any online reseller that sells batteries for the old powerpacks? Thank you so much for all the info on your we, really. Best from Brussels Pierre

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