GODOX – RS600P XEXPERT – Update Version Now Available



The latest version of Godox’s RS400P and RS600P XExpert Lithium-ion powered portable strobe kits are now available from around $430 and $490 respectively.

The XExpert are a pack and head system, so the capacitors and most of the weight are housed in the pack. While a lightweight remote flash head is then attached via a 2.8m long cord.

The RS600P XExpert feature remote manual power control, using the same FT-16 and FT-16R radio set compatible with the Godox Witstro and Ving flashes. So they all combine nicely together using the one simple and reliable transmitter unit.

The RS heads provide a sturdy swivel base and Bowens S-type accessory mount capable of supporting decent size softboxes. And a bright 12W LED modelling light is capable of running continuously for periods of up to 15 mins with the help of an inbuilt cooling fan.

Godox RS-600P XExpert



  • 600 WS – Guide Number 68M @ 100 ISO
  • Interchangeable 12.8v 8000mAh LifePO4 Lithoum-ion Battery Modules
  • Aproximately 450+ Full Power Shots Per Battery Charge
  • Built in 12W LED Modeling Lamp with Cooling Fan and Auto Off Timer
  • Clip-on Radio Receiver with Remote Power Control
  • 16 Power Levels – 1/1 to 1/32, in 1/3rd Stops
  • Fast Recycle Speed – 2.5 Second at Full Power
  • Audible Ready Indicator
  • S1 and S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Color Temperature 5600K ± 200K
  • Flash Duration 1/800 – 1/2000 seconds
  • Bowen’s S-Type Accessory Mount
  • Sturdy Swivel Mount


The XExpert strobes are not altogether new, as the RS version of these lights featuring the current sturdy head design where first released around 12 months ago under the name of the XEnergizer.

And somewhere around 6 months ago the XEnergizer then changed names to the XExpert due to trademark issues .

At the same time a cooling fan was also added to the heads, allowing the 12W LED modelling light to run for 15 minutes continuously instead of just a few minutes.


The latest version of the XExpert now feature new and larger battery clamps, reportedly updated more due to patent issues than any functional problems with the previous clamps.

Though likely of more significance, the latest version XExpert are reported to have considerably updated circuitry inside. Designed to finally resolve an Error Mode issue which has affected a small portion of the RS and earlier ES units, right back to the first versions from a number of years ago.

And so the way to identify the updated version XExpert is to look for the larger battery clamps as highlighted below.




Being a pack and head system the XExpert provide a lightweight head which can easily be hand held. And a good quality pouch with wide comfortable shoulder strap makes the pack easy to carry as well.

When mounted on a lightstand the pack itself can be used as ballast at the base of the stand. While the lightweight head is not top heavy when mounted up high on the stand, or on a boom pole etc.




The Pack XExpert pack provides a very clear and simple interface, with LCD display and power dial providing 1/3rd stop power adjustments from 1/1 down to 1/32 power.

Being voltage controlled (rather than IGBT) the XExpert need to dump extra energy from the capacitors as power levels are reduced. And conveniently they do this automatically within a few seconds without actually firing the flash.






  • Max Power – 600WS
  • Guide No – 68m ISO 100
  • Recycle Time Approx. 2 – 2.5 seconds at full power
  • Flashes Per Battery Charge Approx. 450 full power flashes
  • Battery – LiFePO4 (12.8V / 8000mAh)
  • Flash Duration – 1/800 to 1/2000 second
  • Power Control – 16 Power Levels – 1/1 to 1/32 (in 1/3rd Stops)
  • Modeling Lamp – 12W 12V LED
  • Color Temperature – 5600K ± 200K
  • Voltage of Charger – AC 100 – 240V / 50-60Hz
  • Battery Pack Size – 17 x 8 x 26cm
  • Pack Net Weight – Approx. 2.98 kg
  • Head Net Weight – Approx. 0.98 kg
  • Battery Size / Weight – 17 × 8 × 10.7cm / 1.71kg
  • Weight With Case – Approx 7.8 kg


The XExpert kits comes with its own sturdy padded aluminium carry case and accessories.




The XExpert do not provide and advanced TTL or High Speed Sync capabilities becoming popular now, though they are good simple and sturdy lights with good flash duration and color consistency etc.

And most importantly for people already invested in Godox Witstro or Ving speedlites, the XExpert combine nicely using the same simple reliable FT-16 radio transmitter unit, providing convenient remote manual power control.

The XExperts modeling light can also be turned on and off remotely from the FT-16 transmitter.

Light output for the RS600P is very close to one stop more than the Witrsto AD360.





The updated XEpert RS400 and RS600 kits are available now from some dealers from around $430 and $490 respectively.

Dzone2 on Ebay have the updated versions in stock now – RS400P, RS600P.

XExpert RS600P – Ebay, Amazon.

XExpert RS400P – Ebay, Amazon.


Godox – Website



  1. Earle 5 years ago

    Good to see these are finally released, and with the updated electronics and fan.

    Elvis, I’d be curious to know — if you have a review copy — if the Cells II triggers provides any kind of long-tail burn timing offset for higher than sync shutter speed. I expect one could achieve that with Yongnuos and other TTL triggers.

    Hope this light works out well!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Earle,

      I purchased the XEnergizer version a while back now, which is basically the same as the XExpert functionally other than the fan. And unfortunately they are not very good with Long Duration Sync, because being a voltage controlled flash (rather than IGBT) they have their shortest flash duration at full power.

      The results get better at lower power levels, though that’s not much help if you’re trying to tackle bright sunlight. For light fill flash they could be ok though.

      If you scroll down in the Jinbe HD600 II / Rovelight review there is a comparison image and a few details there.

      The HD 600 II have close to another stop of power to start with, so they have a solid advantage when it comes to high shutter speeds.

      • Earle 5 years ago

        I still have the RoveLight I bought through your first offer with Adorama. Nice light, lousy trigger.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Yes unfortunately I’m pretty disappointing with the whole RoveLight trigger situation at the moment.

          I fear the current lights are going to get left behind with any new or more functional triggers.

          At least Godox have been conscious of retaining backward compatibility with the radio system.

  2. rmrpictures 5 years ago

    Look like Cheetah Light has theirs for sale also… https://www.cheetahstand.com/product-p/cl-600.htm
    Any idea if I would get similar results doing “higher” speed sync with my LX100 (leaf shutter) and Pocketwizards in fast mode? I’m getting about a 3 stop difference between the Godox remote and the Pocketwizards on the 180 and V850.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi rmrpictures,

      I don’t have a leaf shutter camera to test this so I’m really not too sure. I think theoretically the leaf shutter camera should prefer a faster flash duration like the RS600P provide (otherwise if the flash duration is longer than the shutter speed all the light can not get out while the shutter is open) .

      When you say a 3 stop difference, do you mean 3 stops higher shutter speed while achieving a clean frame, or 3 stops more light in the frame at the same shutter speed?

      • rmrpictures 5 years ago

        That would be 3 stops more light in the frame at the same shutter speed. I’m going to test again, but at the same shutter speed the difference between the Godox trigger and the PocketWizard in FastMode was 3 stops….

  3. Dmitriy 5 years ago

    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but I think that this post will take most attention now, so I will ask here. I love Godox product and I own 2 AD360 plus 4 v850 flashes. Plus I own regular transmitters and Cells II-C. They all produced by the same factory despite brand name printed on the unit. But I have some strange problem. When I try to shoot on 1/200 shutter speed with regular transmitter I see black line on the bottom of the image, on 1/160 everything is fine. To work on 1/200 of a second shutter speed I have to use Cell II-C transmitter but this transmitter work only when connected to the hot shoe and not via hot shoe to PC adapter, I’m talking about situation when I have to shoot with flash on camera as fill light and AD-360 as main. I found the way around this problem using 2 YN-622C, one on camera and the other one with Godox FT-16 transmitter on top. BTW, with regular Canon flash I don’t have any lines so this is not a shutter problem.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  4. YHE 5 years ago

    I bought (from ebay) and quickly returned an earlier version of these after tests with a light meter showed these having less power than the 360 watt version that I owned and loved. Would love to hear about others doing the same test.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi YHE,

      Other people have commented they put out a bit less light than the ES600 version with the handle mount head. Though I don’t know about comparisons with the 400 units.

      Are you referring to the original EX400 series?

      • YHE 5 years ago


        Thanks for the reply.
        I compared to the 360 version marketed under different names mine was this one: http://www.adorama.com/FPLFSL360.html. I have 4 of these and really love using them. I bought the newer 600watt version hoping for the extra stop of light that I found was not there. As an aside the extra weight of the 600 watt battery will be more than many will expect compared to the 360 version. In my opinion why not go with the lighter 360 which costs less, weighs less and gives off more light? I was disappointed that neither the seller of the 600 nor the manufacturer (Godox) would answer my question of how they can market a 600 watt product that gives off less light than their own 360 watt version. My lingering anger is that their reseller would not reimburse the return shipping cost which was over $50.00, though I produced a live video for them illustraing my findings.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Ok, there was definitely an issue with your RS600P then, as they produce one stop more light than the AD360 when working correctly.

          There was a couple of cases reported where the RS600P were only working on one of the 2 banks of capacitors, and therefore only produce half the power they should. So it very possible your strobe had a similar issue.

          One RS600P is still a lot more economical than 2 AD360. So even though the pack is not lightweight, they are still more practical if more power is needed. At the same output as the AD360 the RS600P can go a lot harder and faster for longer.

          • YHE 5 years ago

            I guess my 600’s could have been defective. Given that your tests show the expected extra stop for the 600’s vs. the 360s I might consider purchasing the 600’s again. Anyone else have both models and can report on power comparison tests so we can establish consistency? Would be much appreciated.

  5. Earle 5 years ago

    Dimitriy, those black bars are typically associated with flash sync issues.

    What’s the native sync speed of your camera? For example, a Canon 6D syncs at 1/180 of a second and wouldn’t be able to sync with a manual flash above that with typical manual triggers.

    Answer that question and I could ponder a theory or — more likely — others here can diagnose it straight away.

  6. Dmitriy 5 years ago

    I use EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark III. Sync speed 1/200 sec.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Dmitriy,

      The Cells II definitely have lower latency than the FT-16. Unfortunately the FT-16 transmitters are a bit slow. So that’s generally why you will start to see shutter in the images.

      Most other inexpensive triggers are quite fast now as well, even the inexpensive YongNuo RF-603 II. Where the RF-602 and even RF-603 where still quite slow.

      Hopefully as Godox eventually transition to a 2.4GHz radio system they would be conscious of latency in new models.

      • Merc 5 years ago

        Speaking of triggers. Where is the info on the x1 ttl trigger.

      • Dmitriy 5 years ago

        Thank you!

      • Dmitriy 5 years ago

        Thank you

  7. Rob 5 years ago

    The Cheetahlight CL-600 is shipping this week. I picked up mine today in Dallas.

    Received an email from Adorama about the Rovelight trigger, they are actively working on an updated remote and were starting an email list.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Rob,

      Actually that is part of what concerns me. If you see the note at the start of the RoveLight review, Jinbei have an updated version of he HD 600 II available now call the HD 600 V.

      I’d love to be wrong but I think its pretty clear Jinbei have updated the radio system already to cater for future functions, and the new radio system is not compatible with the old FTR transmitter, or HD 600 II / RoveLight.

      The only ideal solution now would be a new transmitter which can work with both systems. I suggested that to Jinbei and did not receive a reply on the matter. Again I’d love to be wrong but I usually know what that means.

      All the detail Flashpoint would provide at this point is that the RoveLights have not changed. Which is not particularly reassuring in any case, as the HD 600 V are obviously the way forward at this point.

  8. Earle 5 years ago

    Elvis: it’s been a while since I read the RoveLight review, news of the HD 600V and the lack of backward compatibility is sad. In my case it would absolutely knock Jinbei products out of consideration. When my second RoveLight trigger fails, I probably won’t buyi a third.

    Not holdng out any hope for Adorama to develop a trigger solution on its own either.

  9. Rob 5 years ago

    Yes, I read your updated information! I can only report what Adorama sent to me. Not impressed with the TRs-V either! Why can’t they include a display to see power adjustment like the Godox?
    Anyhow this is the email that was sent to me by Adorama on June 25, 2015:

    Right now I do not know how the FlashPoint brand team plan to resolve all these issues with individual customers, only that they have started working with the factory to develop an improved trigger.

    As soon as I have an update, I will be back in touch.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks, yes the TRS-V are likely just an interim solution. Jinbei are working on a more advanced transmitter, for the HD 600 V though.

      • Earle 5 years ago

        It’d be nice if Jinbei actually did the TR-A6.

  10. Jonathan 5 years ago

    Has anyone signed up for the forum lately? It’s been 3 days and I haven’t reveived the verification email even after resending it

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Jonathan,

      I have approved your application just now. Sorry about that. For some reason the verification process does not appear to be working correctly.

      If anyone else is having issues just drop me an email through the contact page.

      There are 15 others awaiting verification, though I can’t tell from their email or username if they are just spambots or not.

      • Jonathan 5 years ago

        Thank you!

  11. Greg 5 years ago

    It’s interesting that people are having sync issues with the 600. I use the FT-16 on the AD360 and it works reliably up to 1/250 in standard sync mode (tested on my 7D mk II). I typically fire a pair of them from a single FT-16 as well, and still no delay issues. If there’s a problem with the 600, perhaps it’s an internal delay of the flash itself firing?

  12. Rob 5 years ago

    Getting back on topic, I have been testing the Cheetah Light CL-600 equivalent to this light all week. I know that the light is not advertised with HSS but I am able to to synch past the camera shutter speed on my Sony A7r, A7s, A7II and A6000 all the way to 1/8000, clean photo with the Odin TX on camera and the Transmitter plugged into the 3.5mm socket. The light recycles incredibly fast at about 2.5 seconds and full pop. The Ft-16 is in pocket to adjust power if needed but of my testing I only used full power.

    So I am guessing on a Nikon and Canon and a pair of Youngnou 622s or with the Cells II, this may be an ideal combination..

  13. Earle 5 years ago

    Rob, that sounds quite promising. Are you at full power? It sounds like you’re not getting and light falloff (I’m interpreting that is what you mean by clean frame).

  14. Rob 5 years ago


    Yes I am at Full power. No light fall off or black bar showing!!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Rob,

      Can you take a picture of a white surface with no ambient light in the image?

      At full power I found there was significant light fall off (or gradient across the frame). To the point I would say the AD360 produce better results.

  15. Rob 5 years ago

    The findings are the same as yours. I guess I need to photograph white walls, but on the other side I am shooting in full sun at 2.8 and 1/8000. It may not be true HSS but I’ll go with that.

    I tested the 360 yesterday and it works solid w/o having to place the flash itself in HSS mode, just use as normal with the Odin on camera.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks Rob.

      Yes the AD360 have a longer flash duration at full power, so they often produce good results there with or without H-mode.

      The point I’m getting at though is the RS600P are far from an ideal combination for Long Duration Sync at full power. You would be about 3 stops ahead using an ND filter instead.

      I’m not trying to knock your findings, just so people are aware a light like the AD360 at half the power, and less than half the size and weight will likely provide similar if not better results.

      Its handy the RS600P can make use of higher shutter speeds, though they are not really the ideal option if that is that people are looking to buy a light for.

  16. Chester 5 years ago

    Hi all,
    I’m thinking about investing in one big light for location shooting. So currently i’m trying to compare this new Godox 600 with Jinbei Discovery 600.
    The AD360 is nice, but i prefer full size sofboxes.
    The HD 600 II is nice, but the monoblock is too heavy, requiring solid light stand system.
    So far, this is what i’ve found out:
    – Jinbei Discovery works with HSS (but unlike the HD 600, it cuts off more power).
    – Godox 600 also works with HSS, but also loss power.
    Between the two, godox seems to have more sturdy head? HSS is really not a big concern with me as i prefer to use ND filters.
    So which one is better?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Chester,

      Unfortunately I don’t have the Jinbei Discovery to compare.

      The HD600 II / V provide a stop more light than the Godox RS600P though, so even if you’re using ND filters the HD600 have the advantage. I don’t know how the Discovery compare though.

      Power aside, the Godox radio system is compatible with many of their other popular lights like the Witstro, Ving Speedlites, and studio strobes, so thats a big advantage if your looking to expand your system later with other lights.

      • Chester 5 years ago

        Thanks for your information.
        i’m really surprised to know that having the same 600ws output technical info, the RS600P is 1 stop less power than the HD 600. It’s quite hard to believe.
        I have to look for other option then.

  17. Karl-Filip 5 years ago

    No High Speed Sync?? A big mistake!

  18. Mike 5 years ago

    Let me say the first thing I did was run over to Cheetah’s site and look at Edwards videos because I know they are carrying it, it must be some what ok because I know he stands behind what he sells. And in watching that video I almost got in trouble for laughing so much in the first minute because I have people asleep in my tent on night shift right now (I’m in Iraq at the moment). He was just dropping parts on the floor then threw the case that it comes with across the room!!

    So I’m going to get at least 1 new light when I get home and I want to move beyond just speedlites so I’ve been thinking the AD-360 then I start seeing the Cheetah and Godox 400 and 600. I wanted to compare price and see if I still wanted the 360 or if there was not much difference go ahead up to the 400 but on Amazon they only have 1 rs400 listed for $570 and the rs600 for $579, What’s up with that?? And it does not look like Cheetah has decided to carry the 400

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      Personally I can’t see much point in the 400 version. Its basically the same size and close to the same weight, so if you’re going to lug that around anyway you may as well have as much power as possible. Even the RS600 is probably closer to 500Ws in light output.

      The AD360 provides a much more compact option if you don’t need all the power of the RS600. I think Adorama currently have the best deal on those.

  19. Sandalsfootacious 5 years ago

    Hi all,

    I have 2 questions.

    1: has anyone encountered that the charging brick led is cycling through each charge indicator? My xexpert battery is definitely not charging 🙁

    2: will the new battery with the larger clamps fit on the top unit with the smaller clamps? As I’m looking to purchase more battery clips

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi There,

      I’m not sure about the cycling through charge indicators, though that does sound like an indication of issues with the battery.

      I doubt the new battery will fit the old pack (which may be a bit of a worry going into the future).

      You would be best to check with Lindy from Godox on that – lindy at godox dot com.

  20. Jan PIrgl 5 years ago

    Hi there, now I know for sure that the new battery with clamps does not fit the older model.

    My first battery failed after 4 months, and was giving only 20 full pops. The battery had the “cycling through” issue as well. Was advised to purchase a new battery but never made aware of the incompatibility. Purchased, arrived today, tried, does not fit. Not sure, if the top part of the battery can be switched…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Jan Plrgl,

      Thanks for the feedback. Again it would be best to contact lindy at godox dot com and see what they would recommend.

      I would think the battery itself would be a reasonably simple swap back into your old case. Though its best to check first, as it is possible you may have to exchange for an original style battery with the old clips.

  21. Ying 5 years ago

    Does it have a built-in Bowen speed ring?

    I am trying to see how i can fit this on a Mola demi beauty dish.

    Thank you in advance.

  22. Earle 5 years ago

    Ying, I believe the RSP 600 is a Bowens mount so to fit a Mola on it, you would simply need a Mola speed ring adapter like this: http://www.adorama.com/MOLSRB01.html

    If the Bowens speed ring is anything like the Elinchrom one, you really will need to pay for the Mola version for best fit and tube placement.

  23. moise 5 years ago

    Where can these lights be purchased? only from Godox? Does anyone know if there will be plans for Adorama to catch on to these lights as well?

  24. Randell John 5 years ago

    I’ve just bought a Godox RS600P Expert it’s the new version with the clamp type battery pack and the 15 minute Fan Cooled LED Head.
    The GN stated by the manufacturer are very inaccurate.
    Although I didn’t test the unit in a professional studio environment I only measured a GN 39 (Meters).
    Which is way off the GN68 stated in the manual.

    I carried out the test in daylight in my lounge, which has neutral painted walls and carpets.
    At 10 feet or 3.5 meters my flash meter gave me a constant reading of f13 at 100 ISO.

    Even if I allow some variance for the reflectance/absorbancy of the strobe from walls, ceiling and floors, this still doesn’t really account for the disparity in the manufacturer’s claims.

    I must admit though I wasn’t expecting the GN to be accurate, after all not many of the other companies in the business are fully truthful about the power output of their strobes.

    I was in two minds about paying the shipping costs and returning this strobe to Hong Kong, but looking at the figures on Profoto’s website the B1 Air doesn’t fair much better, but, at least Profoto admit to using a ‘Magnum Reflector’ when carrying out their testing.

    I wonder what reflector Godox used to get such fanciful GN of 68?

    • Randell John 5 years ago

      I just carried out a comparion with my Canon 580 EXII Speedlites. With the flash head zoomed to 105mm I got exactly the same readings as the Godox RS600P.

      Not impressed at all with the Godex. That’s pretty shabby considering that this is suppose to be a 600W/s unit.
      If they were a British company, I’d be sending Trading Standards after their sorry Chinese arses.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Hi Randell,

        I was a bit surprised at the output of the RS600P, though it is one stop more than the AD360 Witstro.

        The RS600P put out a lot more light than a Canon 580EX II though. You’re comparing a very narrow 105mm beam to the much larger area the RS600P covers with the standard reflector. It still takes quite a number of speedlites to try and light the same area as the RS600P.

  25. Randell John 5 years ago

    Yes, very true, the RS600P does produce the same amount of light but over a much wider area.
    I have been looking at the specifications of the Profoto B1 Air, and trying to make some comparisons between the GN of this strobe and the RS600P
    Profoto give their strobe a GN of 45 and 2/10ths @ISO 100, but they use a ‘Magnum Reflector’ which they claim boosts light output by 1 stop, and they measure the GN of the B1 Air at 2 Meters/6.5 Feet.
    So for the price I’m actually quite happy with the RS600P.
    I’ve given my Godox a bit of a hammering over the past few days, and the battery performs very well indeed.
    On the first charge I actually got nearly 500 full power flashes from the pack and the strobe gave me very constant readings.
    It’s a very useful output, and I’ll be taking it to a wedding I’m photographing next weekend.
    It isn’t displaying any of the problems reported with earlier versions of this pack (The dreaded E1 error), and
    if it stands up to the abuse I give my equipment over the coming months, then I’ll buy another one.
    Even though it isn’t as powerful as Godox claim.
    I actually quite like it.

  26. GRe Moon 4 years ago

    Does anyone know if the new batteries are interchangeable with the older Xenegizer battery’s. Will they lock onto the newer pack?

  27. Randell John 4 years ago

    No they aren’t interchangeable, the latching system is different.

  28. Randell John 4 years ago

    I read the Lencarta Safari 2 insturction manual and they clearly state that their strobe shouldn’t be mistaken for cheaper models on the market.
    But for all intents and purposes (despite the Lencarta Safari 2 logos on the pack and head), the Godox RS600P appears to be exactly the same piece of equipment.
    Do Godox manufacture and rebadge their strobes for Lencarta and Cheetah Stand?
    Or are Lencarta telling the truth?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Randell,

      They are rebranded Godox RS600P strobes, and not only that they are likely to be early versions which are more prone to an error indicator issue.

      Lencarta have never been shy of stretching the truth. As long as they provide good back up support to their customers though, issues like the above should not be a problem, and I haven’t heard any complaints about their service.

      Personaly at this stage I would look to the IGBT Godox AD600B instead. Another person mentioned Lencarta will not be carrying these, though I’m not sure why. Someone else just mentioned they are available as the Pixapro Citi600. If the manual version are available the should be a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

      EDIT – The manual version Pixiapro Citi600 are also listed here.

  29. Randell John 4 years ago

    Thank you for replying so quickly.
    Just to clarify, are you confirming that the Safari 2 are in fact the Godox RS600P, and that they are selling probably older versions of this strobe. i.e The packs which had the E1 Error.

  30. Csongor 4 years ago

    Hi everyone! I know I am a little late to the game, but I just purchased an RS600P.
    Besides the fact that the package was missing the diffusion sock and the keys for the case, I have noticed the following:
    – the flash tube has a yellowish tint, seems like some oily residue inside the tube;
    – the LED modeling light has some power fluctuations at 1/1 power, which does not apear to be present at any other power setting, not even at 1/1 -0.3;
    – the head cannot be tightened well enough on a boom stand to hold securely a 22″ BD at 60° or 45° angle, it will slowly rotate to 90° position.
    Did any of you run into similar issues?

    • Randell John 3 years ago

      I’ve not had any of the problems you’ve experienced Csongor, but I would agree that the head mounting screw could be of a better quality.
      Can I suggest you use a piece of tape around your spigot to give the screw something to bite into, I’ve used this method in the past and it stops the head from slipping.

  31. Rexford mensah 2 years ago

    my cord is not working, how can i get some to buy

  32. Vasily 2 months ago

    Hi all,
    I just got Godox RS600P and see that it is a bit better than my 220v Walimex VC-300 pro.
    I think it is better to invest money to something else. I got it for 250 eur and think that it was a mistake as in case i need i new battery i cant find it and work with triggers is not compatible with my existing 2.4Ghz system of Godox. I just found your discussion her. thanks for QA

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