GODOX – S-EC Speedlite Bracket for Elinchrom (Now Available)

Godox have announced the S-EC Speedlite Bracket, an Elinchrom mount version of the very popular Bowens S-type Speedlite Bracket released earlier in the year.


Godox S-EC Speedlite Bracket


The new S-EC Speedlite Bracket features a very similar compact and lightweight design as the original inexpensive S-type Bracket

Hotshoe flashes as well as the larger bare bulb Godox Witstro units are simply clamped in place by the flash head.

(And with Witstro prices recently dropping to more accessible levels they are becoming very popular now as well).


Godox S-type Speedlite Bracket


The S-EC Speedlite Bracket will mount regular Elinchrom mount softboxes and modifiers, as well as pop up Ezybox style softboxes mounted over the outer lip of the bracket. And there is an umbrella mount built in as well.


Godox S-Type Bracket


The S-Type and S-EC Speedlite Brackets are made of fairly sturdy plastic (with a metal insert in the light stand mount) and will support medium softboxes quite easily.

The Godox Speedlite brackets are part of a new breed of speedlite brackets which started with the all metal Phottix HS Speed Mount II, supporting the flash directly via the flash head.

This reduces any stress on the flash foot, and any radio triggers attached, which in turn reduces the chance of damaging them or unreliable connections with the triggers. As well as creating a more compact bracket to transport.

You can read more details and discussion on the original S-type Speedlite Bracket here.


Price and Availability –


The Godox S-EC Speedlite bracket for Elinchrom are now available from around $25 –

Ebay, Amazon

The original S-type Speedlite Bracket are available now for around $26 –
Neewer AmazonAmazonUKEbay,

Godox – Website


  1. DLT 7 years ago

    I thought they will never make one, finally .. but; still also the V860 for Nikon! that was announced for april, any news!

  2. Earle 7 years ago

    Was hoping they’d make this one too — I’m thinking it’d be nice to put my 180-watt bare bulb flash inside some of my Elinchrom modifiers.

  3. george 7 years ago

    great accessory !

  4. pablo 7 years ago

    when will this be available? anyone knows?

    • eshifri 7 years ago
      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Great thanks for the link eshifri. Now Available.

  5. pablo 7 years ago

    The link to buy this on Amazon doesn’t work, it send me to the Bowens bracket not the Elinchrom.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Pablo,

      Ok thanks, sorry it looks like there is no listing on Amazon now so I have removed the link.

  6. Earle 7 years ago

    I received my brackets and they’re exactly what I expected. But does anyone know if Godox is considering a Balcar (aka Paul C. Buff/Alien Bees) mount version?

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