GODOX TT350F / FLASHPOINT Zoom Mini R2 TTL – For FUJI Released



Flashpoint and Godox flash system TTL and HSS support are now available for FUJI mirrorless cameras, with the release of the Flashpoint Zoom Mini R2 TTL Speedlite for FUJI!

The Zoom Mini R2 TTL for Fuji are Flashpoint’s version of the compact Godox TT350F radio Master Speedlite, and are now available from Adorama for $84.90.




Most significantly the TT350F provide Godox 2.4GHz X System Radio Master and Slave modes.

The Radio Master mode can fire and control the complete Godox 2.4GHz Flash System, including cross compatibility with Godox 2.4GHz slave strobes for Canon, Nikon, Sony, M4/3, and Fuji.

All with TTL and HSS available across platforms where applicable.

NOTE – The TT350F only provide a Fuji TTL Radio Slave mode.




The Zoom Mini R2 TTL provide simple control for 3 remote slave groups, with a radio range of approximately 30 meters.

Powered by just 2 AA batteries, and providing a guide number of 36 meters (ISO 100, @105mm).

Recycle times are from approximately 0.1 – 2.2 seconds, and provide up to 210 full power pops per battery charge.





  • GN 36m (ISO 100 @ 105mm)
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Flash Mode – TTL /M / Multi
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
  • Flash Zoom 24 – 105mm
  • Radio Master & Slave Modes for Flashpoint R2 / Godox 2.4GHz X Radio System
  • Godox – Fuji – TTL Radio Slave Mode
  • 3 Remote Groups A / B / C
  • 16 Channels
  • Range to 30m
  • S1 and S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Recycle Time: 0.1 – 2.2 Seconds
  • 210 Full Power Flashes (using 2500mAh Ni-MH Batteries)
  • Head Tilt/Swivel: -7 – 90 Degree Tilt, 0 – 270 Degree Swivel
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Sound Prompt
  • Custom Functions
  • Settings Memory
  • Overheat Protection
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates




The Zoom Mini R2 TTL feature a USB port for firmware updates, now located inside the battery compartment.

Though a communication port for legacy clip on external radio receivers is not included in the compact speedlite. There is also no PC sync port provided.














The Godox TT350F / Flashpoint Zoom Mini TTL R2 Speedlite for FUJI are available now from $84.90 –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK


Godox – Website

System Overview


  1. Craig 5 years ago


  2. Hugo G 5 years ago

    Finally !!!!!! Do you know if at the time this flash is release, the firmware upgrade for the slave flashes will be available too?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Hugo,

      I’m trying to get an update on the firmware situation with Godox.

  3. exkeks 5 years ago

    Would be nice if they release a XT32F remote transmitter as well!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi exkeks,

      Its very likely Godox will make an XT32 transmitter for Sony, M4/3, and Fuji in time. They just have a lot on at the moment.

      When you see the new X2 transmitter though (at least the Flashpoint version) you might not be that interested in XT32 anyway 🙂 .

      • exkeks 5 years ago

        If the X2 is way smaller than the X1, then I might be interested. Let’s wait and see what they bring to the market. For now, I use a XT32C with taped contacts.

        • Hans 4 years ago

          Which contacts do you tape up? and ttl and hss works?

          • exkeks 4 years ago

            Neither HSS nor TTL works. I taped all but the main pin. It’s more or less a better looking XT16 now.

  4. Chris Dowswell 5 years ago

    Looks pretty sweet…. But, why no sync port? And a plastic hotshoe foot!? I do love that more Fuji options are coming though!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      Sorry, that’s just the image of the Sony version flash, as there are no images of the Fuji foot yet. Though I would expect they will be metal.

      I don’t know if the PC sync omission was due to lack of space, or possibly cost. Though Godox are working on a Lithium-ion version of the flash, so maybe that may have more space, and likely a higher price point.

      They are going to do a more powerful Li-ion version later as well, and personally I think they should just concentrate oh that, and skip the Li-ion version of the current flash for the moment.

  5. eddie 5 years ago

    I can’t wait till Godox puts out all these new items for Fuji. I’m buying them ALL!!!!

  6. Shelby 5 years ago

    Do we know if slaves will do HSS without updates? I’m more interested in using this with HSS capable manual slaves, like the TT600, etc… Seems I read somewhere that slave updates are only required for TTL capable flashes.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Shelby,

      I think the TT600 should work with Remote Manual power control and HSS, because they do not have any firmware update ability possible anyway.

      Sorry don’t know for sure one way or the other on the TTL flashes. As mentioned in the Olympus post comments, I don’t quite have the gear to check how the Sony TT350S reacted with the TTL slave flashes before they received their Sony radio receiver update.

      So we may just have to wait and see on those. The 2.4GHz manual, and older non-radio manual should be ok to go though.

  7. Karin Nelson 5 years ago

    Stupid question: With this thing on my X-T2, will my off-camera Godox flashes all adjust itself to the TTL values somehow? Right now I am using a Godox XT-16 and the appropriate receivers plugged into my flashes (XTR16S).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Karin,

      Unfortunately no. Not unless your slave speedlites are actually TT685, or V860II, which have TTL mode and 2.4GHz radio receiver built inside.

      The manual flashes can not be transformed to TTL unfortunately.

  8. chris jones 5 years ago

    can’t wait to hear about the wireless trigger, that’s all i need to hear about before I go all in.

  9. Mark 5 years ago

    Looks like a plastic foot on the flash.
    Is that correct?
    If so, it seems like a surprising oversight.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry, that’s just the image of the Sony version flash, as there are no images of the Fuji foot yet. Though I would expect they will be metal.

      • Mark 4 years ago

        Hope so as that is the expected standard these days.
        I am old enough to remember the lively market in replacement feet for Vivitar 285s.

  10. Glen 5 years ago

    If I use this flash unit on my Fuji XT-2 it should trigger the Flashpoint/Godox V860NII for Nikon flash units, correct?

  11. Eric ALANIZ 4 years ago

    Just place one on pre-order, anyone know when they’re supposed to start rolling out???

  12. Han 4 years ago

    just ordered this, Cant wait!! Really would love a XT32F tho

  13. Hector G 4 years ago

    we are in the middle of May and no news
    any updated on release date?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Hector,

      Sorry no update yet. As mentioned below Adorama usually post an expected shipping date once they know when they gear will be on the way to them.

  14. Chris Bergstrom 4 years ago

    Anyone heard of when these will actually arrive and start shipping? Anyone???

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      Adorama usually post an expected shipping date once they know when they gear will be on the way to them.

      The M4/3 and Fuji speedlites where Godox’s priority though, so they can only do what they can.

      • Joel Feigenbaum 4 years ago

        I have the TT350 Fuji on pre-order from Adorama. Yesterday I asked customer service when they anticipated shipment of the flash unit. Their response was that I would have to wait until the third week of July at the earliest.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Ok thanks Joel.

    • Robert Montoya 4 years ago

      new on godox website

      amazon has This item will be released on June 29, 2017

  15. Jamesy 4 years ago

    Are there different versions for Canon and Fuji? Elsewhere in this site it says:

    “Another major feature is the intercompatibility between Canon, Nikon, and Sony versions, with Fuji and Micro Four Thirds versions also beginning to start rolling out over the coming months.

    So most of the speedlites and strobes in the Godox 2.4GHz system now provide Auto Sensing radio slave modes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony (with Fuji & M4/3 coming).”

    If I picked up an X1 transmitter for my Canon and Fuji kit could I use the same Godox/Flashpoint flash units?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jamesy,

      Yes, now that all the firmware updated have rolled out you can use the same strobes with both the Canon and Fuji version transmitters (and master flashes like the TT530F).

  16. Joel Feigenbaum 4 years ago

    Does anyone know if the TT350-F can do HSS on a Fuji XT-1 beyond 1/250 sec? I just received my TT350-F unit and it works fine for everything up to 1/250. After that anything higher results in a partial black bar.


    • Joel Feigenbaum 4 years ago

      For anyone having the same problem with a Fuji XT-1 and Godox TT350. The answer was as simple as updating the body firmware to 5.2. This added menu items that did not exists previously. I now have HSS up to 1/4000 sec.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Great, thanks Joel.

  17. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 years ago

    UPDATE – There may be an issue with V850II not providing HSS when used with the TT350F.

    A GFX 50S owner found the V850II will not fire above the X-sync with the TT350F as transmitter. And Godox have apparently confirmed that is the case with the V850II and TT350F.

    This could be a concern, because the V850II do not have a USB port of user firmware updates.

    And I would imagine the TT600 could also have the same issue.

  18. Kathy 4 years ago

    Seeing reports of the same no-HSS issue with AD360 users with XTR16 receivers and a TT350F as master.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Thanks Kathy,

      Yes that appears to be the case with both the TT350F and TT350O.

      I don’t know if Godox can fix this or not. If the coming X1T-F and X1T-O transmitters have not rectified the issue that’s probably a bad sign.

  19. Glen 4 years ago

    I have just received my Flashpoint version (TT350F) of the Zoom Mini for Fuji. I am finding that the flash works well on the hotshoe of my Fuji XT-2 including TTL and HSS. When I use this flash as a master to trigger my Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 (V860II) flash (Nikon version), it will only fire it up to 1/250. Anything past that the flash will not fire at all. I e-mailed brands@Adorama.com and followed their advice including checking the latest firmware on the slave flash which was up to date. They did confirm that the Flash for Fuji (TT350F) should work in HSS (not TTL) when used as a master to trigger the slave flash unit. The new Fuji flash (TT350F) did not have a firmware update available that I could see. My Flashpoint (V860II) works well (HSS) on my Nikon as a remote when using the Flashpoint R2 trigger so I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Zoom Li-on R2 (V860II). Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Glen,

      A few people have mentioned they needed to actually update the firmware on their camera, and then HSS worked fine.

  20. Jon 4 years ago

    There is no firmware update for the TT350F? I was hoping that there would be the magic solution to fix some problems I am having when used as a master, mainly :
    1. The flash will not trigger my V860II in slave mode ~20% of the time.
    2. When I set the X-T2 (firmware fully upgraded) to shoot in continuous high or low, it can only fire at a slow 2-3 fps in either modes when the TT350F is attached. Additionally, the V860II doesn’t respond consistently as before.
    3. TTL works inconsistently.

    Am I missing something in terms of a fix? Thanks.

  21. diego 4 years ago

    is there any way to turn off the TT350F when using it as a master? Only thing I can do is turn down the flash exp. compensation to -5 stops.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi diego,

      Sorry I only have the Sony version here at the moment so I’m not 100% sure on the TT350F. I think another person mentioned this issue with the Canon version though.

      With the TT350S there is a Group M for the master flash, and you just set the mode of that group do OFF so the master flash won’t fire.

      I’m not sure if people are possibly mixing that up with trying to turn the groups power level right down until it turns OFF, like you can to with the XT-32 transmitter (as the flash only dials down to 1/128 minimum).

      Assuming the TT350F has a Group M? Can you not change Group M’s mode to OFF? (> TTL > MANUAL > OFF >)

    • Neil 4 years ago

      You can prevent the TT350F on-camera master from firing. There is an “M” group whose mode you set to off (a “no flash” symbol on the display).

  22. Paul 4 years ago

    Will the TT350F Fuji version mounted on a Fuji GFX trigger a 600 TTL using HSS. Still waiting for the backordered X1T-F trigger.

  23. Nati Costas 4 years ago

    where can I get the guide number of diferent lenght range?

  24. Gekks 4 years ago

    I just measured
    GN 24 for 33mm
    GN 16 for 16mm
    GN 9 with the wide panel

  25. John Wilson 4 years ago

    I’ve just noticed the price of this has dropped quite considerably in the UK – street price (eBay and Amazon) is now £69 I’m sure it used to go for ~£80. A sign a that the Li-ion version is about to drop?

  26. Jose 3 years ago

    Will TTL work with the Fuji X30?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Hi Jose,

      Sorry I’m not sure which camera category (A / B / C) the X30 fits into.

      You may be better to try asking in a Fuji user group or forum.

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