GODOX – TT600 – Remote Manual 2.4GHz Speedlite – Now Available



Godox have release the TT600 remote manual speedlites with 2.4GHz Godox X series radio transceivers built inside, providing both remote manual radio master and slave modes (no TTL).

And the TT600 are available now from around $69 at AdoramaEbay and Amazon.


Godox TT600


The TT600 are single firing pin flashes, so they are compatible with most DSLR camera models when used as a manual flash mounted on the cameras hotshoe.

Used as a radio master or slave flash the TT600 provide 5 remote manual groups, A / B / C / D / E.

Like the Godox V850 flashes, the TT600 also provide a HSS mode when used as a slave flash off camera, and with a suitable transmitter unit (no HSS when mounted directly on the camera hotshoe though).

Current compatible transmitter units include the Godox X1T-C and X1T-N, as well as the XT-16, and FT-16 and Cells II trigger sets.


Godox X1-N


Compatible master flash units currently include the Godox TT685-C / N, and AD360II-C / N etc.

Though these flashes can also act as remote manual slaves to the TT600 acting as the master flash unit.


Godox TT600


The Godox TT600 basically provide an alternative to the very popular YongNuo YN560 III and YN560 IV series of remote manual flashes.

Though the Godox system now provides a solid advantage for users trying to incorporate more than just remote manual flashes into their system. As Godox’s remote manual and TTL systems all work nicely together, where YongNuo’s YN560 series flashes remain incompatible as slave units to the YN622 and Yongnuo TTL master flash units.

The Godox TT685N for example can act as a TTL flash on the camera hotshoe, while also providing a master flash interface to control up to 5 groups of inexpensive remote manual TT600 off camera.

(Which is something many YN560 system users have been asking and hoping from YongNuo for a long time now).


Godox TT600




  • GN 60 (m ISO 100)
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries
  • Flash Mode – M / Multi
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output Control (1/3rd Increments)
  • Flash Zoom 20 – 200mm
  • HSS to 1/8000th (Off Camera Only – Requires Suitable Transmitter)
  • Radio Master & Slave Modes for Godox 2.4GHz X Radio System (Remote Manual Only)
  • 5 Groups A / B / C / D / E
  • 32 Channels
  • Compatible with Godox X1-c and X1-N TTL Transmitter & Receivers
  • Compatible with Godox XTR-16s Receiver, & XT-16 Transmitter
  • Compatible with Godox FTR-16s Receivers, & FT-16 & Cells II Transmitters
  • S1 and S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • Recycle Time: 0.1 – 2.6 Seconds
  • 230 Full Power Flashes (using 2500mAh Ni-MH Batteries)
  • Full 360 Degree Swivel, and Tilt Head
  • Large LCD Screen
  • AF Assist Light (Manual Only)
  • Metal Foot with Locking Pin (Single Firing Pin)
  • Sound Prompt
  • Custom Functions
  • Settings Memory
  • Overheat Protection
  • Communication Port (For XTR-16s / FTR-16s Receivers)
  • 3.5mm Sync Port
  • External High Voltage Battery Port



Godox TT600


The TT600 are powered by the traditional 4 AA batteries. (A Lithium-ion powered version, or radio upgraded V850, will also be available later).




The TT600 provide a 3.5mm sync port, as well as a communication port for attaching XTR-16s / FTR-16s receivers.

And an external high voltage battery port is located at the front of the flash.


Godox TT600









The Godox TT600 speedlites are available now from around $69 –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK


Godox – Website.


  1. andrew 3 years ago

    I already ordered one.
    Hope to get it soon to mix it with wistro 360 and x1


  2. Jason 3 years ago

    I’m a bit confused… what’s the difference between this and the V850? Internal receiver and a different wireless protocol?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      Yes, as mentioned further down there will be a V850 II coming soon as well.

      The V850 II will have built in 2.4Ghz radio, and I would think quite similar features to the TT600, though with Li-ion battery.

      The TT600, and TT685 provide an option for people who still prefer AA batteries.

      • Ulysses 3 years ago

        I thought this video was interesting. He’s comparing the new TT600 with its AA batteries versus the V850 and its Li-ion battery. The flashes are virtually identical in most respects — the same flash head, the same buttons, similar menu system, etc.

        He tested recycle times, showing the V850 and its Li-ion battery recover noticeably faster a full power (no surprise there). He also makes a comment about why the XTR16S might have been recalled.


        It will be great to see Godox release a V850 II with 2.4 GHz communication capability to bring even this simple flash in line with the rest of the system.

      • Motti 3 years ago

        I hope the V850 II/ V860 II will have more power than this one…and with a good locking pins 🙂

  3. andrew 3 years ago

    the main difference seems to be

    4x AA battery
    X1 control build in
    works on 2.4 and 433 with FTR-16
    (but makes no sens since has 2.4 build in)
    zoom 20-200
    GN 60
    0.1-2.5sec recycle
    230 flashes Full power
    HSS (only out of camera)

    ving 850
    lithium battery
    no control build in
    works on 433 with FTR-16s or 2.4 with XTR-16S
    zoom 24-105
    no master
    0.1-1.5sec recycle
    650 flashes full power
    HSS (only out of camera)
    I think i covered everything


    • andrew 3 years ago

      [EDIT by FlashHavoc] – Removed Duplicate Post.

      • alberto 3 years ago

        I thought the v850 does HSS off camera. At least thats what I have done before using the YN622Ns.

        • Mario 3 years ago

          To activate HSS press and hold the “H” button next to the red test button until the H indicator comes on on the screen bottom left. To de-activate turn flash off and on.

    • Naftoli 3 years ago

      ty Andrew!

      That was very helpful, as I too was a bit confused of the differences.
      I aim to wait for the V850 II, as I much prefer the Li Ion one battery. Any idea why the V850 gets more than double the power output at 650 full power pops compared to 230 pops of the tt600?
      Is the tt600 a much more powerful speedlight?

      • Joel 3 years ago

        No the Guide Number (GN) is about the same. The V8X0 series use Lion batteries which have a MUCH higher charge than AA batteries. It is like having and external battery pack!

  4. Michael 3 years ago

    I currently have AD360, FT-16, FTR-16.
    I just want one or two TT600 for background light to work with AD360 (as main light). Do I need to get any new set of triggers XT-16 and XTR-16 for AD360 to work with TT600?


  5. Rob 3 years ago

    Oh no AA batteries. I’ll wait on the AD600!!

  6. andy 3 years ago

    It would be great if it’s compatible with Canon 600ex-rt. I’d like to use 600ex-rt on camera TTL and be able to control other TT600 as slave in manual mode. I don’t need ETTL features in the one like YN600ex-rt.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Andy,

      The TT600 will not be compatible with the Canon RT radio system.

      RT compatibility is another one of those things that is likely somewhere down the pipeline for Godox.

      YongNuo could do a manual RT slave flash, though they reduce the price of the YN600EX-RT to near $100 already, so you may as well get all the features. Not to say they may not doing something like a manual slave version in the future.

  7. Robert 3 years ago

    Wow Godox appears to be the company on the move, I now hate that I have invested so much into Shanny product, I may put all my Shanny flashes on ebay now and move to Godox, great job adding a manual flash on the market which makes lots of sense I never use ttl on any of my flashes so why pay for something that you don’t use. Great job Godox.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Robert,

      Yes Godox are making a lot of progress now, even their TTL has stepped up a ways.

      They need to get a bit more serious about the transmitter (mainly the interface) and a solid on-camera master flash, though theres no doubt they will be working on these things.

      They should have a really nice system then with a lot of options that all work together.

  8. Ganesh 3 years ago

    Good news. But I am wondering why they not making last two flashes lithium ion powered. I’m thinking this is not only my disappointment. I’m already addicted to lithium ion Concept.

  9. Markdoxie 3 years ago

    So sad, no Li-ion batteries. =(

  10. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    Guys the V850 II will be coming soon as well.

    The V850 II will have built in 2.4Ghz radio, and I would think quite similar features to the TT600, though with Li-ion battery.

    The V860 II TTL versions will be coming as well (likely some time after Chinese new year), also with Li-Ion battery.

    • Joel 3 years ago

      Let’s hope with a Sony TLL and/or HSS trigger option!

  11. Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

    Thanks Flash Havoc!
    This seems like a really great off camera flash, a knock-out to the popular YN-560 series. This is really great for event photographers who want a TTL flash with master capabilities on-camera (TT685) and cheaper manual-only flashes around the venue, without the use of any external triggers.
    This kind of setup was not really supported with Yongnuo flashes.
    The addition of HSS is also a great touch, perfect for strobist work.

    I am also glad to see this flash supports 5 groups instead of only 3. It’s a good alternative for me when doing strobist/studio work when I need more than 3 groups.

    Just one last thought – do you know if you could mix this flash between different brands? As in, will this work with X1C and X1N at the same time? If so, this really looks like a winner.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Shlomi,

      Yes Godox are really getting things together now. Though as mentioned below I may have actually jumped the gun regarding on-camera TTL master with the TT685C (the TT685N should be fine though).

      Again the TT685C / N only provide 3 groups as a master, though Godox appear to be working their way through to add the extra 2 groups to other current gear like the TT685 flashes.

      The TT600 will definitely work with both the X1-C and X1-N. Whether this is auto switching I’m not sure. Though there is a very good chance of that if they follow the same system as the AD360II and AD600.

      If anyone receives their TT600 flash first, it would be interesting to hear if they are auto switching between Canon and Nikon, and if they engage HSS automatically with the X1T-C / X1T-N or similar transmitters / master flashes.

    • Motti 3 years ago

      Yongnuo has the 560 III that can be triggered with 560 IV so not external triggers but also no TTL

  12. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    UPDATE – Unfortunately I’ve just realized I may have partially jumped the gun regarding the TTL on-camera master flash!

    The master TTL flash on-camera will work with the Nikon version TT685N, though this may not actually be possible at this stage using the Canon version TT685C, as the TT685C does not currently have the GR Group mode master interface which allows the mixture of TTL and Remote Manual flashes.

    We have been discussing the need for the Group mode in the Godox master flash units recently, and this is likely just one more reason adding this really needs to be a priority.

    As far as I understand Godox where already looking to add the extra 2 groups (to make 5) in the slave modes for the TT685C / N and AD360II-C / N, though I’m not sure about the master mode and Group mode as yet.

  13. Robert T. Johnson 3 years ago

    I may have bet on the wrong horse meaning Shanny, Godox is really advancing and understands what a professional photographer need and wants. Shanny finally released the SN910TX for their wireless Nikon W-CLS but there’s no system for integrating their optical base non-wireless flashes with the wireless via a wireless receiver, much like Godox has done with the introduction of the X1-N and Pixel’s Pixel Kings allowing the addition of non-wireless flashes to work within the wireless system. I may have to sell my Shanny gear and purchase the Godox system, great work Godox.

  14. Naftoli 3 years ago

    This is exciting news!

    I aim to wait for the V850 II, as I much prefer the Li Ion one battery. Any idea why the V850 gets more than double the power output at 650 full power pops compared to 230 pops of the tt600?
    Is the tt600 a much more powerful speedlight? same goes for the recycle time..

    as of now for wedding work I have to use a pc cord from my ft16 transmitter to my camera if i want to trigger my ad360s and V850s off camera while still having a speedlight in my hotshoe. with this new TT600/V850II though am i understanding correctly that i will have no need for my ft16 transmitter? I wonder if adjusting the power of my offcamera flashes using the TT600 will be as fast and easy as with the ft16 …

    • Robert T. Johnson 3 years ago

      Naftoli Godox introduced the new GODOX – XT16 which is 2.4Ghz receiver, you would replace the FT16 with the XT16 and this will allow the same functions as before, but you will also need to purchase the X1-N/C transmitter, which will operate the new TT685N/C flash allowing you to use one controller to manage your flash setup. That information can be found here on Flashhavoc: http://flashhavoc.com/godox-xt16-2-4ghz-transmitter-receivers-released/

  15. Andy 3 years ago

    Godox as well as Yongnuo has many different types of flash and trigger that may be confused sometimes.
    I currently use Canon 600EX-RT with Yongnuo YN600ex-rt (slave and Manual only).

    I wish Yongnuo could produce something like TT600 so that I don’t have to buy YN600EX-RT which I’ve never used TTL feature.

  16. Gil 3 years ago

    Wish someone would put out a on camera ttl flash with built in transceiver for Nikon like the phottix mitros+ for half the price of the phottix. US$400 is just a bit much.

  17. george 3 years ago

    great addition to the godox line!
    I love the option of the AAA batteries, even though I do not have a problem with the v850 batteries anymore. I wish the v850 mk2 to have a flash bulb instead, like the ad 180.

  18. Jay 3 years ago

    I have an Godox AD360 that uses the FT16 trigger and receiver. If I buy this flash, will my FT16 trigger it? I am hoping to integrate it with my AD360…. or will I need to buy a newer style receiver for the AD360?

    • andrew 3 years ago

      yes , Jay will work , you will need to buy a extra ft-16s receiver tfor the flash or completely go for the X1-C and buy for the witstro an XTR-16 receiver , i think the second choice would be better

  19. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    Hi Jay,

    As Andrew mentioned, yes it will work either way.

    If you want HSS at all though, the X1T-C / X1T-N would be the way to go. (And XTR-16 receiver for your AD360).

  20. Andy 3 years ago

    Note that HSS on AD360 power limit to 1/8. I’m not sure if it will change if using with XTR-16 / XT1-C. If so, i would love it.

  21. ziv 3 years ago

    Let me get it clear:
    Does the x1-n can change the light output of the TT660?
    Does the TT660 can change the light output of others TT660’s?
    Does the TT685N as a master can change the light output of a TT660?
    If i put an x1-n on camera and on it a nikon SB-910/800 flash, does the nikon need to act as a master or i can put it on whatever mode i wish and the x1-N control the output of other TT660/TT685?

    • ziv 3 years ago

      I would really appreciate if anyone can answear my Q’s.
      Im thinking on invensting on godox so got to verify all before.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Hi ziv,

        Sorry I missed your question previously.

        I don’t have the TT600 yet to confirm these questions first hand. They going by how they are stated to function, then yes you can do all of those things as you mentioned.

        Regarding the Nikon SB-910/800 flash on camera. I can try that later, though I think the answer is the flash should not be set to master. Set it to TTL or Manual as you like, and control the remote flashes though the X1-N interface.

        • ziv 3 years ago

          I need to be sure i can make power adjustments from the X1-N or the flash itself and i dont care about TTL i shoot Manual always and want to save some $ and buy the TT660 if Q’s 1-2 is a clear YES.

    • andrew 3 years ago

      yes ,
      tt600 works as a master to control other tt600 /tt685 or witstro ad360II .

  22. Rich 3 years ago

    I like have they have integrated both manual and ttl flashes, along with backwards compatibility options, into one trigger option. Good job Godox on giving consumers what we have wanted for the Nikon platform. Looks as if my Shanny and Yongnuo mix of flashes and triggers will be replaced soon. Kudos to Godox for keeping these at a good price point for us. From what I’ve been hearing they seem to have ironed out the exposure issues, or are they still having problems?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Rich,

      Godox appear to have made good improvements in both the Canon and Nikon flashes regarding TTL exposures. There are some other bugs being reported with the TT685N flashes though which you can read about in the comments here.

      I haven’t heard much in the way of issues with the AD360II-N, or the AD600B using the Nikon radio slave mode as yet.

  23. andrew 3 years ago

    Hello guys ,

    I can confirm the following things .

    x1c-t works great with tt600 , tt600 goes automatically in hss when using a shutter speed of 1/200 or faster and deactivate by itself when goes into normal mode (below 1/200 )
    i mention that i’m using canon 6D .
    the comunication between these two is great , acurate and fast comparing to my ving 850 +xtr16 .
    i also have to say that my x1c-t comes with v8 firmware and had no issues in firing my godox witstro 360, ving 850 and tt600 at the same time , hss also work fine .
    i don’t know if i should update to v11 .
    now i have to test the distante reach of the optical system .

  24. Luis 3 years ago


    Does anyone know if remotely zooming is possible with the TT600 + X1-C? Lack of remote zoom would be a deal breaker for me.

    I’m deciding between the TT600 and the TT685C. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is ETTL. I’m unclear about remote zoom. Is there any other differences I’m missing here?

    Thanks in advance y’all!

  25. MrG 3 years ago

    Hi Luis,
    I received my X1N-T, 2pcs X1N-R and TT600 this week and now they are under testing, so maybe I wasn’t able to discover all features. What I write is only my personal experience.
    I highly doubt if you could set zoom from X1C to TT600.
    For me zoom works only with Nikon flashes (have sb600 and sb900) both of them works also in auto zoom and manual. Under the same channel I was only able to set them for similar zoom setting. For example I can’t set ch01 groupA to 24mm and ch01 groupB to 70. All of them is 24 or 70.
    While nikon zoom is moving TT600 stays where it is. Maybe t is just TT600 setting but I carefully read instructikns and forums but so far I could nkt find solution..
    Hope someone here have more experience…

  26. Luis 3 years ago

    Thank you for the informative response MrG!

    It looks like I’ll be going for the TT685C + X1-C.

    Also, the tidbit about the zoom settings under the same channel was very helpful as well.

  27. andrew 3 years ago

    my 685 will come tomorrow , a quick test is coming to youtube

  28. Htnoam 3 years ago

    Hi guys
    Does anyone know if the tt600 has a battery indicator on the screen? So I will know when to change my batteries?


  29. andrew 3 years ago

    with this flash i was able to control another tt685 and even the godox ving 850 and work perfect .

  30. htnoam 3 years ago

    thank you Andrew, you are very helpful.
    one last question, more of an advise…
    im using Nikon camera and i currently have 1 sb900 (on camera flash) and 2 v860 off camera.
    i need 3 off-camera flashes now
    so i am considering one of these 2 options:
    1. buy another v860 and 3 xt-16s so i will be able to control all of them from my x1-n. (downside, i will need to buy the transmitter)
    2. sell my v860 and buy 3 TT600 to use as off-camera flash.

    my thoughts are not about the money, but the ease of use, the flash itself and the fact that i am not familiar with the tt600.
    in total i am looking for the best setup.
    i should add that i am using my flash only in Manual and mainly at weddings.

    • andrew 3 years ago

      sorry for this late reply ,
      i would wait for the new Ving 850II if i were you .
      also i mention that the tt600 is very easy to use .

  31. ziv 3 years ago

    I just got the TT600 and here are my thoughts:
    1. The AF assist beam in not working when taking a picture. You can only set it to activate in 10/20/30 seconds when there’s not light to focus. Thus the beam is continous as long as you choose.
    2. No auto zoom head even if on camera. You can only manual the zoom.
    3. The left-right rotation of the head is really stiff that in fisrt use i was thinking the head cannot be raotated or that i got a bad unit. Compare to a nikon flash its a day to night difference.
    4. Buttons are nice and the rotation wheel also. You dont need to click any button to change power but just rotate the wheel.
    5. Color temp is bluish compare to nikon. The nikon color temp is accurate.
    6. Battery gauge shows only when need to replace.

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      ziv, thanks for the report. I’m interested in this flash but may wait for the V850 II to come out for its long-lasting Li-ion polymer battery. Otherwise, that upcoming flash should behave virtually identically to the TT600. (I have the original V850)

      It sounds like your experiences closely line up with expectations for this all-manual single-pin flash. So no auto AF assist beam, no auto zoom (as mentioned in Flash Havoc’s text).

  32. malkov 3 years ago

    Is it possible to connect that flash to Godox PB960 or PB820?
    If so, is there specific cable needed?

  33. Nikolay 3 years ago

    So the new Godox XT32 transmitter is built especially for these flashes?

  34. Yasushi 3 years ago


    I’d like to ask you about TT600.
    Does TT600 have a radio transmitter?
    TT600 can use a master mode, so I thought TT600 had a transmitter.

    But, there is the following description in an article about V860N of FLASHHAVOC ( http://flashhavoc.com/godox-v860n-for-nikon-now-available/ ).
    “Remote Manual Radio Receiver — (No Radio Transmitter),
    Although the V860 have an optic wireless master and slave function, they do not have any radio transmitter built in.”

    In Japan, A radio law may be a little severe.
    The equipment which emits a radio wave needs to get “a technical standards conformity certification” from MIC(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) in Japan.

    Therefore I’d like to know whether TT600 emit a radio wave or not.
    In other words, whether TT600 has a radio transmitter or not.

    And I’d like to know one more thing.
    Although V860 doesn’t have a radio transmitter, How it have the wireless master function.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you


    • Yasushi 3 years ago

      Sorry, V860 has an optic wireless master and slave function not 2.4GHz radio wave.
      So, There is no problem using V860 in Japan.

      About TT600, it has a radio transceiver.
      I think TT600 in master mode uses a radio transmitter.
      But I don’t know whether TT600 in slave mode could use a radio transmitter or not)
      If TT600 in slave mode doesn’t use a radio trancemitter, I think it’s no problem using TT600(but only in slave mode) in Japan.

      Thank you


      • Earl 3 years ago

        The TT600 can use it’s built-in radio transceiver to act as a wireless Master (transmitter) or Slave (receiver). I don’t know about Japan’s standards for radio emissions, but many other strobes that are sold in Japan act as transmitters and receivers (including Canon’s 600EX-RT Speedlite).

        • Yasushi 3 years ago

          Hi Earl,
          Thank you for your reply.
          Yes, Many strobes that have radio transceiver are sold in Japan.
          Canon, Nikon, Nissin, etc have “a technical standards conformity certification” from MIC(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) in Japan, so OK.
          But some strobes doesn’t get the certification.
          About Godox, X1T and X1R for Japan got the certification, but TT600 has no certification.

          I use TT600 with only Slave mode, so if it doesn’t use built-in transmitter during in Slave mode, I think I can use TT600 in Japan.

  35. Tony 3 years ago

    Hey guys I was wondering if someone can help… I’m using one X1 transmitter and three TT600 flashes. Sometimes it works perfectly but other times I’m getting miss fires randomly even at the lowest flash power. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      You don’t have the flashes very close to the transmitter by any chance?

      So far its mainly only at close range that I’m aware of some issues.

  36. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    UPDATE – the Flashpoint version are now available from Adorama for $69

  37. Craig 3 years ago

    Hi, (Firstly, please forgive the newbie question) ….If I put a X1T-C on my camera is it possible to try to control three TT600 using ETTL or do I need to set each manually via the trigger ?

    • Ulysses 3 years ago

      The short answer is NO, per the article here at FlashHavoc:
      “The TT600 are single firing pin flashes, so they are compatible with most DSLR camera models when used as a manual flash mounted on the cameras hotshoe.

      “Used as a radio master or slave flash the TT600 provide 5 remote manual groups, A / B / C / D / E.”


  38. Craig 3 years ago

    Ah thanks, I was thinking that because the X1T-C trigger was on the camera & *is* ETTL that the flash settings would be ‘transmitted’ wirelessly to the TT600s each time.

  39. remco 3 years ago

    I have the TT660 and X1T-N. I’m disappointed that I can’t adjust the power directly on the TT600 when in wireless slave mode. The power set on the X1T overrides it. Is it possible do this with a FT-16 transmitter?

  40. court 2 years ago

    I am a novice at flash compatibility. I have a Canon G7…is the TT600 with X1T-C and/or the v850 with X1T-C compatible with the G7?

    • Ulysses Ashton 2 years ago

      Those flashes should work just fine. To my knowledge, the Canon G7 uses the same flash and E-TTL protocols that its big brother cameras do.

  41. Philipp Berndt 2 years ago

    Will these work with the X1T-S… so for sony?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Philipp,

      Yes the TT600 should provide remote manual power control and HSS when using the X1T-S transmitter unit.

  42. burndawg 2 years ago

    you guys know the exact flash durations of the TT 600 … it would be enough to know 1/2 power 🙂


  43. nixland 2 years ago

    If I set TT600 or V850II as master on camera, are these master flash automatically set as group A ?

  44. stefano giovannini 2 years ago

    If I use a TT685 in TTL as a master light, will the TTL preflash confuse the TT600 in manual for the background?
    Is it possible basically to mix TTL and manual flashes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Stefano,

      Provided you are using the radio system to trigger the TT600 (and not the optical slave) then pre flashes should not be any issue.

      You can generally mix TTL and remote manual flashes in the Godox system, the exception is when using Canon version transmitter or master flashes with pre-2012 cameras.

      Even then you could still fire flashes in manual attaching them to a radio receiver via PC sync cord, though you would lose any remote power control from the transmitter then.

  45. stefano giovannini 2 years ago

    I wonder if there is a Neewer version, as the TT685 is the same as NW880, and TT350 is the same as NW400.

    Neewer, unlike Godox offers a 1 year US warranty if purchased from Amazon official sellers.
    I could buy the Flashpoint Adorama version, but I was wondering if also Neewer had a rebadged version of this flash.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      The Neewer NW-880 is the same as the Godox TT685.

      I couldn’t find the NW-400, though if it looks exactly the same as the TT350, then it will be the Godox flash as well.

  46. Darryl Jones 2 years ago

    Does anybody know the recycle time with the TT600 and the PB-960 battery back?

    I need to set up 3 lights around at a wedding reception and would like to use this combination as a slave for manual kicker lights.

  47. Jeffrey 2 years ago

    How do i turn off the optical sensor beeping red light?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Generally with a piece of gaffa tape 🙂

      I’m not sure if the TT600 possibly provides a function option to do this, though I don’t think so.

  48. Helga 2 years ago

    I recently bought TT600 with an XT1T N that I use on a Pentax K30. Remote power control works fine (that was the main thing I bought these items for) but I could not make the TT600 work in HSS. Do you think it is possible to use HSS on a Pentax body?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Helga,

      For HSS you need an early (pre-sync) fire signal from the camera. That requires a dedicated transmitter for Pentax which Godox do not have.

      Cactus V6II can provide HSS with Pentax, so either mounting the X1T-N tranmsitter on top of a Cactus V6II transmitter on camera, or using V6II on camera and flash may work.

      You would need to switch HSS mode on manually on the flash though, and remote power control would still need to be through the Godox transmitter. So you may even be better off using a Pentax TTL flash (if you have one) with the Cactus triggers, or possibly even looking at the Cactus RF60 speedlites with radio receiver built inside.

  49. Mickmutante 2 years ago

    I just bought the tt685c and X1c transmiter and receiver. I have and old canon 420ex flash, hope the receiver works with it.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Mickmutante,

      Unfortunately I think the 420EX may be a bit old, so I’m not sure if even TTL work to well.

      I think you likely would have been better to put the receiver money straight towards another TT685C instead.

  50. Paul 2 years ago

    I use the AD360 on a PB960 powerpack.
    What cable (connector) do I need to connect the TT600 to the PB960?
    It seems that the connector of the AD360 will fit the TT600, but I don’t dare to push to hard.

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