GODOX – V860 VING TTL Lithium-Ion Flash Released

Godox have officially released the V860 Ving, a TTL version of the highly regarded V850 Lithium-Ion powered flash, which has recently taken the manual speedlite market by storm.

The V860C ETTL version for Canon will be available in March, and a Nikon V860N scheduled for April. And they are both likely to be very competitively priced.

The new V860 use basically the same hardware as the V850, now with full TTL function shoehorned inside as well. A USB port is also now added for firmware updates.

The V860 feature the same Lithium-Ion battery, with huge 650 full power pop capacity and 1.5 second recyclable time, all conveniently built-in!

Godox V860 TTL


HSS to 1/8000s 
HSS capability – On or Off camera

Optic Wireless Master & Slave Function
As an optic master flash to trigger Canon speedlites 600EX-RT, 580EX II, etc in TTL or M mode
As a optic slave flash to receive wireless commanders of Canon cameras e.g. 7D, 60D, 600D, etc and Canon speedlite signals

E-TTL II Auto Flash
Accurate TTL exposure for Canon EOS series DSLRs

Full TTL Functions
Support FEC, FEB, FE Lock, Rear Curtain Sync, Modeling Flash, Control with Camera’s Menu Screen, etc.

Powerful Li-ion Battery
1.5s recycle time at max. power & 650 full power pops
Forget AA batteries, charging preparation, and carrying burden

58 Guide Number
GN58 (m ISO 100 @ 105mm) with TTL/M/Multi/S1/S2 modes
Auto/Manual zoom (24-105mm) with correct auto focus assist

USB Port
USB port for firmware update and custom function settings


Radio Receiver – No Radio Transmitter

Although the V860 have an optic wireless master and slave function, they do not have any radio transmitter built in.

The V860 will use the same FT-16s clip on radio receiver as the V850 for remote manual power control, and HSS off camera (no TTL though). This requires an FT-16 transmitter unit for remote power control, and appropriate transmitter like the Godox Cells II for HSS use.

Godox V860

So the V860 can act much like the current remote manual V850 flash when used off camera if desired. This means you can add a few V860 to your off-camera remote manual / HSS kit, and have the ETTL function available for on-camera use when needed.

Though to use the V860 off-camera with TTL via radio, separate TTL triggers like the YongNuo YN-622C etc would need to be used (YN-622C compatibility is yet to be tested/confirmed), as Godox do not currently have their own TTL radio triggers.


Witstro / Cheetah Light Owners –

I know a lot of current Witstro and Cheetah Light owners have been hoping for (and waiting on) an on-camera TTL flash solution, which will also fire (and possibly control) their Witstro etc off-camera.

Unfortunately it appears Godox have not currently made any provision for this via radio with the V860. Which at this point means a TTL flash on camera, combined with the Witstro / V850 off-camera, requires a combination of other radio triggers. Much like the options I recently detailed here.

MORE DETAIL - Click to Expand


Godox have a TTL version of the Witstro scheduled for mid year.

UPDATE – A TTL version of the Witstro is not likely until at least the end of 2014, the mid year estimate was unfortunately a miscommunication within Godox.

Godox are not giving away much of their plans at this stage, though they have at least let us know that they are aware of the need for an integrated flash on camera solution, and the desire for backward compatibility for the current Witstro flashes in any new TTL system.

That is not a guarantee there will be backward compatibility, but the indications are that Godox are planning this through carefully now, and they do want to provide the most convenient solutions. So the TTL Witstro, or integrated TTL flash on camera, may not eventuate until the end of the year or even into early 2015.

For now Godox are looking into possibly providing a Sync Output from the flash so that there may at least be a way to fire the other flashes via radio, while the V860 flash is in the camera hotshoe. Again this is only a maybe at this stage, and if that Sync Output does not eventuate, the solution for TTL flash on camera for now will be the using alternative radio trigger options as detailed here


For a regular TTL flash alternative though, the V860 are likely to be an exceptional option. With the build quality and convenience of the Lithium-Ion battery power, in a competitively priced TTL option.

Download the full V860C brochure here.


V860c Newsletter


Price and Availability –


The V860C for Canon are available now from around $185 (Nikon V860N scheduled for April) –

V860C – EachShot.com -6%EbayAmazon.


Godox V850 – Full Review

Godox – Website


  1. Amir 7 years ago

    Interesting option but not a real alternative to 600EX-RT or Mitros+ as I had hoped.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Yes, this one is more just an alternative to the YN-568EX II etc really.

      Though its a very nice alternative.

    • Darryl Jones 7 years ago

      Why not? Specifically the Mitros+

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        The Mitros+ has a full TTL radio transmitter and receiver built in.

        The V860 only has the option of a remote manual radio receiver (and HSS).

        • mark 7 years ago

          Being manual only and at this price is really a pretty good option.

  2. Donald M. Falls 7 years ago

    Wow!! That was fast! I guess this going to be my 4th V850 flash.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Donald,

      Yes that’s really the sweet spot for this flash. For people that like the V850 remote manual / HSS system, but want the option of having a TTL flash on camera when needed.

      Off course they will be a pretty popular option for people just after a nice well price single TTL flash on camera as well.

  3. Panchoskywalker 7 years ago

    What about using it off camera with the YN-622C, will wireless TTL work?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Provided the YN-622C are compatible they should work.

      Its just my speculation, but I would think the YN-622C would be the main trigger Godox would be considering compatibility with, due to the price category of this flash, and also simply because the YN-622C are the most popular TTL triggers currently.

  4. Gregory 7 years ago

    Do you know of godox has any plans on releasing an ETTL radio transmitter/receiver for these?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Gregory,

      I think its obvious everyone will eventually be heading towards built in (or clip on) TTL transmitter and receiver, but Godox are clearly behind YongNuo, Phottix and Pixel etc in this area. I’m sure they will eventually at some point, but I get the impression they have a way to go yet before they get to that stage.

  5. Donald 7 years ago

    .. and when atop an Odin RX, the result is . . . . . . ?
    Hi Elv!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Donald,

      Naturally I will test this as soon as I get some. Hopefully Godox have already taken this into consideration, considering they don’t have their own TTL triggers.

  6. george pahountis 7 years ago

    too bad it can not control the power of other godox units. ( ad 180 & v850 )

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi George,

      Yes a lot of people have been hoping / waiting for an integrated on-camera TTL flash with controller for the AD180 and AD360 etc.

      I get asked about this quite often, and I didn’t really want to post about the V860 release without getting some answers from Godox in this area. At this point their intentions for the near future are still a bit unknown.

      A TTL version of the AD180 and AD360 are scheduled for mid year, but that doesn’t help unless Godox are planning a radio transmitter or controller for those.

  7. Armin 7 years ago

    It’s developing that fast, just crazy (good). I haven’t even used my 850s really…

  8. Jeremy 7 years ago

    I’ve been doing some research and I am confused. If i wanted to buy a few of these, what would i need to get both high speed sync and ttl out of these units as far as triggering and receiving (i understand that a radio receiver isn’t built into the unit.). ie what transmitter and receiver/s would i need to buy?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jeremy,

      To get HSS and TTL, you will need some form of TTL triggers, like the YN-622C, Phottix Odin, or Pixel King Pro etc.

      These will all need to be tested and confirmed compatible though.

      Considering this flash is basically competing with the YN-568EX II I would think Godox would hopefully be considering compatibility with the YN-622 carefully themselves.

  9. Alberto 7 years ago

    Hopefully this will encourage them to develop a Nikon version of the Cells 2 transmitter. Thou your suggestions on a previous thread was brilliant.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Alberto,

      I’m sure they will have a Nikon version HSS transmitter of some kind soon. The Nikon version V860 ITTL flash is due around April, so they have well and truly cracked the Nikon protocol (for TTL and HSS) by now if they expect to have full ITTL flash released soon.

  10. Jeremy 7 years ago

    Thanks for your quick response, it’s really appreciated. Two more quick things… are Godox and Neewer the same company? And what about the flash trigger listed on their website (i believe it is the Cells II), would it be compatible for ttl/hss or would i have to go with the more expensive stuff like pocket wizards and the others that you listed?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jeremy,

      No worries, I don’t think Godox and Neewer are the same company, as Neewer also rebrand and sell flashes etc from competing companies. As well as other unrelated gear. So I’m not sure that would make sense.

      As far as I understand, Neewer are basically trading from China though, with some method of stopping by a warehouse in the USA. Amazon fulfilled should ship directly from the Amazon warehouse though.

      The Cells II will only be compatible for HSS off camera, not TTL. For TTL you will need full TTL triggers, with a TTL receiver connected to the foot of every V860 flash.

      • Brian Hursey 7 years ago

        From my understanding Godox is the main manufacturing point for the brands.

  11. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    I forgot to mention in the post (now added) that Godox also have a TTL version of the Witstro scheduled for mid year.

    Though for many people who are looking and waiting for an integrated on-camera TTL flash option with off-camera Witstro, that news still doesn’t really provide a lot of answers. Unless Godox are planning to provide some form of radio transmitter /controller with those (of which we don’t know).

  12. Craig 7 years ago

    This is great news. I was hoping for a TTL version to come out for on camera work, but also work manually with my V850’s.

  13. George Pahountis 7 years ago

    In any case i will be interested to see if the flash has a good af assist beam unlike the near useless af beam of the yongnuo ttl flashes ( 565&568 )
    Also the upcoming release of ettl ad 180 sounds pretty awesome !
    Thanx again for the work that. You do

  14. Jacques 7 years ago

    Have a pair of V850s for off-camera and eally want a smaller flash for use on Micro Four Thirds cameras. Integrated transmitter – even just with manual control like the FT-16 – would complete the package. The V860 is too big, and hasn’t been announced for MFT in any case. Looks like the Nissin i40 will stay on my shopping list.

  15. Meddin Studios 7 years ago

    That was quick. Thanks for the latest updates.

    Still so many questions. I wonder how well the AF light works as far as auto fire with TTL. I like the v850 AF but it’s a manual button press.

    I think I’ll grab a couple and shoot them head to head with my 580’s and see if they’re a (close) replacement until their TTL/Control Unit flash/triggers come out. I tried running a mix of TTL and manual with the Canon’s on top with a TTL pass through cable and CL-Tx on a flat plate mounted to left of camera. Only problem is I get occasional mis-pops in rapid succession in that configured. Perhaps these V860 will fix that. So close yet so far away still.

  16. Peter A 7 years ago

    Yea!!!! I like my Mitros but the slow recycle causes me to lose shots. TTL on camera with fast recycle will be a dream come true! Lithium speed without those dang external paks! Will still need to piggyback, but I already do that. Having two TX on my flash bracket (six channels) of whatever brand will be heaven on earth. 🙂 And because I usually only want/need HSS for a short time a couple V850’s could work fine and save me the $ of a Wistro 360. Way to go, Godox!!! 🙂 🙂

  17. Óran D 7 years ago

    I wonder if you will need the PC sync cable if you wont to use it with the YN622c, hopefully not since they’d have to change to a hotshoe which is more than single connection? Very interested im going to hold off on the V850 now and wait for this, any where to per-order,lol?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Óran,

      Yes the V860 have full TTL contacts on the flash foot, so provided they are compatible with the YN-622C as full TTL flashes, then they would have full control and HSS through the YN-622C as transmitter.

      CheetahStand will likely have pre-orders if they decide to carry the V860. Thanks.

  18. Isaac H 7 years ago

    Any idea if this new flash will allow control via the new Yongnuo 622TX? It would be great to be able to control my Nikon SB900s and these flashes via one unit rather than mixing with the FT-16s

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Isaac,

      We will have to wait until the V860C are available to test with the YN-622C. If they are compatible, the YN-622C-TX should work as well.

      All V860 would require a YN-622 attached to the flash foot though.

      The thought of mixing third party triggers and flashes generally gives me nightmares, because most of the emails I’m up all hours of the night trying to answer are due to incompatibility issues mixing third party triggers and flashes.

      Though I would expect the V860 are going to be a major player, and there should be enough users to provide feedback and document compatibility issues with different camera models etc.

  19. Jason 7 years ago

    Folks are missing the point and getting stuck on the radio trigger aspect (don’t be so greedy!). Not too long ago there were very few choices for durable 3rd party speed lights and they were never this cheap. From what I can see this flash offers the features and quality of the Canon 580exII+an external battery pack in a much more convenient package…….at 1/3 of the price. Add to that an innovative lithium power source at a very reasonable $30 USD price per battery. Revolutionary.

    I think Canon has taken notice of the progression and increasing quality of 3rd party options. I believe this is why the 600exrt is retailing for less than its predecessor. Golden times for strobists!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      That is true, and the 580EX II does not have any Remote Manual / HSS radio receiver option either.

      But a lot of people are coming from a different perspective, 90% of wedding photographers for example generally want a TTL flash on camera, and these are a large proportion of the people buying Cheetah Light / Witstro.

      So a lot of people are waiting for an integrated flash on camera solution from Godox. Even many V850 owners really wished the V860 had some way to fire and control the V850 as well. The V860 looks like a great flash for what it is, but it still means more workarounds for now than many people would like for an integrated system.

      • Jacques 7 years ago

        You’ve nailed it. As a Micro Four Thirds event shooter, I’m searching high and low for a system that provides a small TTL flash on-camera and remotely adjustable output off-camera, with integrated radio triggering to obviate the need for a flash bracket and a separate transmitter on the camera.

  20. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    UPDATE – My apologies guys – A TTL version of the Witstro is not likely until at least the end of 2014, the mid year estimate was unfortunately a miscommunication within Godox.

    With the help of Edward from CheetahStand.com we were able to get some insight from the owner of Godox into their intentions towards an integrated system in the future.

    Godox are not giving away much of their plans at this stage, though they have at least let us know that they are aware of the need for an integrated flash on camera solution, and the desire for backward compatibility for the current Witstro flashes in any new TTL system.

    That is not a guarantee there will be backward compatibility, but the indications are that Godox are planning this through very carefully now, and they do want to provide the most convenient solutions. So the TTL Witstro, or integrated TTL flash on camera, may not eventuate until the end of the year or even into early 2015.

    For now Godox are looking into possibly providing a Sync Output from the flash so that there may at least be a way to fire the other flashes via radio, while the V860 flash is in the camera hotshoe. Again this is only a maybe at this stage, and if that Sync Output does not eventuate, the solution for TTL flash on camera for now will be the using alternative radio trigger options as detailed here.

    At least though, and probably most importantly, we’ve got a pretty good indication that Godox do understand what people are after, and they are planning out good solutions carefully now for the future.

  21. Lee from Tennessee 7 years ago

    I love this system. While I would have loved to be an owner of the quantum system, it was never in the cards way too much investment for me sure, it was worth it, but I just couldn’t afford it. When the cheetah system came along, I was thrilled with the idea of remote high-speed sink. But it looked too expensive for the initial investment. Then came the V850 of which I was one of the first ones to order from cheetah. Have never look back I love it and now the say v860 seems to be taking it a step further. I’m not surprised we had to dialback the expectations on the the CL-180 system but regardless of that Cheetah/Godox is on fire! Wonder if they can transmit sync out the USB port? That would be the place to put a transmitter, maybe control it from the 860’s menu. Or, make the remote a sturdy attachment to the flash. Also give me an inexpensive bare bulb, maybe call it the v880?!?
    Could this be hacked into bare bulb?(making it the bionic vivitar283?)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for that. I did suggest a few clip on style transmitter options. But the impression I’m getting is that Godox are concentrating on a well considered system now, and there probably won’t be much in the way of temporary additions in the mean time. Its just my speculation, but I would think any planned system would include built in transmitter (or transmitter modules) into the flashes.

      I’m sure more bare bulb speedlites like the Triopo TR-120 will be coming. Its just a matter of time until YongNuo or similar start the ball rolling. They are all just trying to keep up with the current production demands at the moment though.

      Godox do have something new coming though, which they think is pretty impressive. I have no idea what that relates to, but with the way they are heading recently it should be very interesting in any case.

      • Lee from Tennessee 7 years ago

        Way cool. My plan is to add v850’s and eventually add a cl360 or two as well. Out of curiosity, I wonder how well the radio poppers px would work with the 860?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Lee,

          The Radiopopper PX generally work fine with most optic wireless enabled TTL flashes, so its pretty likely the V860 would be fine there as well.

  22. badphoto 7 years ago

    Hi Elv,

    I have 2 Canon 550EX’s and looking for a means to adjust their manual power settings remotely but triggering with radio for the distance and reliability advantage. With the Ving 860 on top of a Yongnuo 622 on camera, and a 622 attached to each 550EX, do you know if I can switch to optical control to adjust manual power setting, then switch to radio to trigger? In other words, use the 860 like a TV remote control to change manual power settings on the remote 550EX’s, then change to radio mode to fire? Thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      That should work with basic manual triggers, but I’m not sure how the YN-622C would react. Unless you attached the flash to YN-622C via sync cord, or covered the TTL contacts, so they are definitely acting like a basic manual triggers.

      The new YN-622C-TX will have a compatibility mode that will allow remote manual power control of the 550EX via radio (as well as other MKI flashes like the 580EX etc).

      You can’t mount a flash on top of the YN-622C-TX though, so I’m not sure if you were just meaning to do that for the remote power control or not.

      • badphoto 7 years ago

        I only meant the existing 622C. If what you say is true about the coming dedicated TX only, then it’s a godsend, just that don’t know when release date is. I would certainly get the Ving 860 when it comes out; would be nice to know all the functions and compatibility with the 622C and the dedicated TX.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Ok thanks. The other problem though, I don’t know if this compatible mode will then allow MK II flashes to work in a regular mode at the same time.

          Depending on on what compatibility is like the V860, it may be time to trade in flashes like the old 550EX while they still have good value, and run with the one system. Mixing brands for TTL triggers still makes it tricky though.

  23. Mike H 7 years ago

    Any idea on the release or price of these? Where is the best place to buy godox flashes in the usa? either these or the v850’s? Ive found plenty of packages and other ones on amazon that all come from china.

  24. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    Hi Mike,

    As stated, the V860 are expected to be very well priced, likely under $200.

    CheetahStand.com provide excellent service in the USA.

    A number of the listings on Amazon are Amazon Fulfilled now, so they actually come straight from an Amazon warehouse in the USA.

    Warranty returns after 30 days would not be like dealing with CheetahStand service though.

  25. SYS 7 years ago

    I’ve been shooting with Canon 5DMKIII + Phottix Odin TCU + 2 Receivers + 2 Canon 580EX. Recently one of 580EX’s died and am now thinking about replacing it with V860. Would V860 replacement work well with the Odin system I have, i.e., be able to do with it the way I’ve been with a 580EX?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi SYS,

      In theory the V860 should be able to replace the 580EX function (and the 580EX II), but we won’t actually know how compatible the V860 are with the Odin triggers until they are available to test.

      The safest option there would be Phottix’s own Mitros flash. We will have to wait and see how the V860 goes with the Odin though.

  26. nixland 7 years ago

    Hi, I have the Godox AD360.
    One thing that I like Godox to improve is setting the HSS mode through the transmitter trigger not in the strobe only. Will this V860 TTL HSS mode can be set from the transmitter?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi nixland,

      That’s an interesting question.

      If you were to use TTL triggers like the YN-622C etc, as transmitter and receiver (provided they turn out to be compatible), then yes HSS would be controlled from the camera.

      If using the Cells II as transmitter, and only the FT-16s as receiver, then no, you would need to turn H-mode on and off on the flash, like the V850 or AD360.

      That question just made me realize, even though this is a pretty simple flash and concept, its really going to be very confusing for people who are not already familiar with the V850 / AD180 / AD360 radio slave and HSS function.

      • nixland 7 years ago

        Thanks a lot for the reply.

        I know that the hss on AD360 is not a real hss like in normal Canon/Nikon flash systems. It only receives a “go” signal and then firing a sequence of light.
        But my concern is, it will be better if the hss mode can be set via transmitter.

        For example if I use Sony A7 or Canon 5Dii camera and use Phottix Odin trigger.
        I set the hss mode on the Odin transmitter, but at the same time I can turn-ON & OFF the hss mode on my AD360 or the V860 via the CL-tx menu or button, so that I don’t have to go to the strobe, push the button on the strobe to set ON/OFF the hss. Especially if I put it high above with a boom.

        Why do I need to turn on or off the hss? Because when I shot outdoor, sometimes the sun shines bright and sometimes the sky get cloudy and few minutes later the sun shines again 🙂
        I just want to safe my strobe from hss-exhausting 🙂

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          No worries, I understand. I’ve said many times this is currently the biggest downfall of the current V850 / Witstro system.

          I’ve asked a number of times, and Godox have not confirmed if this capability is built in to the V850 / Witstro etc, should there be a new transmitter with could enable this.

          I think Godox are concentrating on overhauling the whole trigger system from now on, which will take a lot of careful planning this time, and may take some time.

          The HSS in the AD360 etc is really very similar to that in a Canon or Nikon speedlite. The early fire signal is just being sent via radio instead of directly from the camera hotshoe. HSS only consist of the flash pulsing, and an early fire signal with the correct timing. The fire signal timing is the hard part, which requires a dedicated transmitter matched the camera.

  27. Óran D 7 years ago

    OK, so i ordered the V860c with out the trigger hoping the yn622c will be compatible now all I have to do is wait 11-26 working days.

  28. Óran D 7 years ago

    Ok, so the ebay seller contracted me pretty much saying that Godox wont allow shipping until Monday the third.

    • Eric 7 years ago

      I was about to buy on the 860 on ebay as well. But if they’re not shipping until March 3, I may wait. Would be nice if Godox could internalize the radio transmission like the 850 system. Basically making it like the 600 RT however also implementing some type of compatibility with the ad180 & ad360. That would be a bomber setup. If it worked well I’d be dropping the cash down right now for that!

  29. Óran D 7 years ago

    The Ebay listing is down, they haven’t canceled my order yet, still waiting to see what happens.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Oran D,

      I’m not exactly sure what is happening at this stage, please see my comments here.

      If you get any more update from that seller, please let us know. Thanks.

  30. Harry 7 years ago
  31. Merc 7 years ago

    With the cell II can you use the Flash in Manuel w/HSS? and not in H mode. Or is H mode the only way to do HSS in manuel on this flash. The always pulsing in H mode is sorta deal breaker for me.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Merc,

      If you don’t put H-mode on you can only use the long duration method of achieving higher sync speeds. That only works at full power on speedlights because their flash duration is cut short at anything below full power.

      So if you know you will be using full power, turning H-mode off is definitely worth trying.

      If you’re meaning pulsing all the time in H-mode, as in regardless of shutter speed, then using TTL triggers like YN-622C or Phottix Odin will allow the regular HSS to be used, and that turns the pulsing off automatically at shutter speeds below the camera X-sync.

      The regular HSS is close to stop less power though. The long duration sync should be similar to the H-mode, though it generally has more of a gradient across the frame.

      At least you have all the options available with the V860C and you can choose the most appropriate method. Thanks.

      • Merc 7 years ago

        Do you know if Godox is considering deveoping a trigger that will take advantage of HSS not H mode. Or a trigger to turn H mode off and on.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Godox have not commented on whether it will be possible to turn H-mode ON and OFF through any new trigger.

          We don’t really know what exactly the plans are for TTL triggers, but something will be coming around the end of the year.

          Most companies would be working on integrated radio flash systems at the moment though, so I think its fair to expect Godox are working on a system like this as well. How it will all take shape I’m not really sure.

  32. Gusti 7 years ago

    Sorry lame question, is anyone can confirm the compatibility of v860 Flash with Pixel King Pro trigger? Do they compatible well?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Gusti,

      From my initial testing all functions appear to work with the V860C and Pixel King Pro. I haven’t had extensive use with them though. Thanks.

  33. Ryan 7 years ago

    Hello, any word on a release date for the nikon version? Thanks

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ryan,

      Not yet sorry. They are working on them as a priority to come next though.

  34. Mangal 7 years ago

    Has anyone had the chance to test these with the pocketwizard flex system miniTT1 and the TT5? Thank you.

    • Patrick 7 years ago

      I tested it yesterday mounted on TT5…and it doesn’t work 🙁

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Thanks Patrick.

        Is that in TTL and remote manual power control etc?

        • Patrick 7 years ago

          in both mode 🙁

          I configured my TT5 with a delay to cheat my Jinbei HD600 and obtain the”fake HSS”.
          maybe this feature does the godox fail, but my YN568 works perfectly in all modes!

          I also notice an underexposure of 1/3-2/3 compared to my YN, but it”s clear that the V860 is a lot more powerful than the YN568!

  35. Adam 7 years ago

    Hi Flash havoc,

    I have the V850’s due to your review and love them but having trouble getting the V860 in the UK with my ebay seller having not sent the item (now have to claim the money back).

    Is the Eachshot.com website you list reliable?
    Do they have any payment protection built in like Ebay?

    Would be really good to get these answers as I desperately want the TTL version now!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Adam,

      Yes EachShot are great, though it really helps if you can upgrade to one of the faster shipping options if that still works out reasonable (more shipping options may show up at the checkout than on the product page).

      You can pay with PayPal so I think you should have basically the same protection options. Thanks.

      • Adam 7 years ago


        Once I have resolved with this ebay seller issue I will try EachShot.


        • Ryan 7 years ago

          Just thought I would throw this in here since godox does not have their own ttl triggers. Unfortunately the yn-622n tx is not controlling my v860n properly, ttl shots are always overexposed. Compensation set through the camera, tx, or v860n have no effect, it always seems like its just firing the godox at full power. I tried the yn-622n (tx too) in various configurations to see if maybe I had a faulty trigger, but the yongnuo triggers work perfectly with my old yn-568ex. Going to look and see if a firmware update makes the godox work with the yongnuo triggers, so far it can only set my godox v860n in manual mode (leaving the v860 in ttl mode, but can not change v850 settings remotely, which the ft-16 does anyways). Does anyone know if the pixel king triggers are compatible ttl wise with the v860?

  36. cheko 6 years ago

    hi, it works whit a Sony alpha camera?

  37. nixland 6 years ago

    Just found problem with v860c. When I set the camera (5d2) to burst mode and set the flash to hss at 1/128 or 1/64, it only fires once, on the first frame only. I tried my canon 580exii and it fires on every frame. Is it v860c weakness?

    • nixland 6 years ago

      Just found the solution. My friend said that I should update the firmware of my V860c because his flash works OK at burst mode.

  38. gio 6 years ago

    Godox is not a reliable company.
    Their flashes do not have a protection between the mainboard and the glass screen.
    I had 2 bad experiences until now with them: both v860 have cracked screens and black around them. The outer screen (polycarbonate) has no problem, so it is a clear matter of overheating.
    The outrageous thing is that they sent one allready cracked like this and I thought it was from shipping and they did not want to take care of it and I let it go … But soon after this, the 2nd one I bought together with the cracked one has the same problem: cracked glass screen and unbroken polycarbonate screen.
    Godox sale representant sent me away with this reply: there is only 1% of broken products so you have 2 of 3 broken. We do not trust you (even if you bought much more products from us) and we will do nothing from you!
    So when a company treats like this a client that bought from them for 5k usd I tell you all: run from that company or else you will regret it when you will have problems with your products.

  39. Gardner 6 years ago

    Is there a Sony Multi Interface Shoe flash TTL Godox version for SONY a99 or the a7 series?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Gardner,

      Sorry no, Godox do not offer Sony dedicated gear at this stage, only Canon and Nikon.

  40. Lindsey 3 years ago

    My flash likes to change mode by itselfar. It changes from manual to ETTL or to optical slave mode. It does this when it is on camera and off camera. It’s driving me mad. How do I stop it doing this? Why is it doing it?

    • John Wilson 3 years ago

      Could this be due to radio interference? Have you tried changing the channel?

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