GODOX – Ving V860N for Nikon Now Available!

The long awaited Godox Ving V860N, Lithium-ion powered I-TTL flash for Nikon are now available!


Godox V860N


The V850N for Nikon follow on from the original, and ground breaking Remote Manual V850, and later Canon ETTL version V860C.

All of which feature a very unique, and compact 11.1V 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery. Which literally replaces 12 AA batteries, and provides a massive 650 full power pops. With full power recycle time of just 1.5 seconds.

Basically an external battery pack conveniently built into the flash!


Godox V860N

V860N Features –

  • Full Power – GN 58 (m ISO 100)
  • Lithium-ion Battery – 650 Full Power Pops
  • 1.5 Second Recycle at Full Power
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • I-TTL Auto Exposure for Nikon DSLRs
  • Master and Slave Modes for Nikon Optic Wireless system
  • Manual, Multi, S1 & S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • 24-105mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom
  • AF Assist Light
  • High Build Quality
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates
  • Full 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head
  • Fast Clear & Simple Interface
  • Large Clear LCD Screen
  • 2.5mm Sync Port
  • Metal Foot with Locking Pin
  • Kit Comes with Battery and Charger
  • 12 Volt Car Charger Available


  • Remote Manual Radio System with HSS to 1/8000th (with appropriate transmitter unit)
  • Range to 100M & Very Reliable
  • Fast Simple Remote Manual Power Control
  • 1/3rd Stop Power Adjustments (1/128 – 1/1)
  • Plug In Receiver can be Updated
  • Remote also Compatible with V850Witstro, & RS600P


Godox V860



Remote Manual Radio Receiver – (No Radio Transmitter)

Although the V860 have an optic wireless master and slave function, they do not have any radio transmitter built in.

The V860N will use the same optional FTR-16s clip on radio receiver as the V850 for Remote Manual power control. This requires an optional FT-16 transmitter unit.

Godox V860

H-Mode – UPDATE – Its not actually clear yet if H-mode HSS (High Speed Sync) is available off-camera with the V860N (like the V850, V860C, & Witstro provide) .

Regular FP HSS should be possible off-camera with radio triggers like the YongNuo YN-622N (provided they do turn out to be compatible).



I-TTL Off-Camera –


Via Radio – 

To use the V860N off-camera with TTL via radio, separate external TTL triggers like the YongNuo YN-622N would need to be used (as Godox do not have their own TTL radio triggers available at the time of writing this).

As of Firmware version 1.8 reports are that the V860N are working quite well with the YongNuo YN-622N. Initial reports suggest the Picle King Pro and PocketWizard TT1/TT5 may also be compatible now.

[ The Canon version V860C have been quite compatible with other third party TTL triggers, like the YN-622C, Phottix Odin, Pixel King Pro, etc ].


Via Optic Wireless –

The V860N do also have Optic Wireless Master and Slave Modes for the Nikon AWL / CLS system built in.



Firmware Updates


The V860N have a USB port for future firmware updates.

To see which firmware version is installed on your flash, hold down the FN / Light button before switching the flash on, and the firmware version will be displayed on the LCD screen .

At the time of writing this the latest V860C firmware updates and instructions can be downloaded from the Chinese version of the Godox Website here – http://www.godox.com/CN/Downloads.html

From Version V1.8 the V860N appear to be providing good ITTL exposures, and are compatible off camera with the YongNuo YN-622N TTL radio triggers.



One other thing to be aware of, is that there have been a number of faulty Godox Lithium-ion batteries reported for V850 / V860C, and also the Witstro / PB960 battery packs recently. This is likely still a small proportion of all the units out there, though it is something to at least be aware of. UPDATE – Godox are reporting the battery issue has now been resolved.

When the VB18 batteries for the V850 / V860 are functioning as they should be, they are exceptionally good.



Price and Availability –


The V860N for Nikon are in stock and available now from around $170  –

V860N – EbayAmazon, UK.


FT-16 / FTR-16s –

Ebay – FT-16 / Neewer FT-16FTR-16s.
Amazon – FT-16FTR-16s

Godox – Website

V860C – Full Review
V850 – Full Review


  1. theo 6 years ago

    i buy from ebay, but before firmware update works good…
    nevermind im bored to find out what’s going on.


  2. Motti 6 years ago

    No problem Theo, I know how you feel. You spent the money and now you feel you also wasting your time finding out what is wrong.

    I agree, just go forward! I hope a firmware update in coming soon so we all can go and do what we do best, take pictures.


  3. Azrikam 6 years ago

    As far as I know , Godox is going to provide quite soon a Firmware update for full compatibility
    of the V860N with Nikon D750.

    • Motti 6 years ago


      This is an amazing price. It is just about half of the regular price. In fact, in the UK this flash is usually 80 pounds if I am not mistaken.

      However, Amazon is not known by its honesty. Many receive open items, refurbished item etc. You have to somehow make sure it is new.

      They return policy is good though.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      If is sounds to good to be true… 🙂

      (listing was less than 30 pounds for a V850 and V860 etc, now cancelled).

  4. Azrikam 6 years ago

    Dear friends ,
    The compatibility problem of V860N is probably heading to final solve .
    It is already published yesterday that Phottix Odin company has the same compatibility with
    their flash units vs Nikon D750 .
    They claim that the problem starts with the D750 Hot receptacle , which is slightly different from other Nikon cameras , that result of improper contact between the flash and the camera .
    They suggest the use of a Silver Cardboard to reduce the gap between the camera and the flash unit . http://journal.phottix.com/product-tips/phottix-odin-nikon-d750 .
    As for me , I already ordered the Pixel TF-322 Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter, with hope that it will solve the problem , but not recieved it yet .
    The most important thing is that I have a good reason to believe that Godox identified this problem and their good customer services & support suggests lately the replacement of the
    hot shoe in the V860N with a new one , in a local Godox service lab , so it will function correctly with D750 , with full i-TTL functions .
    Lucky me , I bought my V860N from the local Godox agent , who will act to solve the problem
    with Godox support .

    • Motti 6 years ago

      Please let us know what is the solution that Godox provides you.

  5. Keano 6 years ago

    The Pixel TF-322 as issues here works great. It has a long pin in front that keeps it in place. Even with that my ttl was under exposed using v860n. When they get right ill buy it again.

  6. Keano 6 years ago

    Sorry I meant the Pixel TF-322 fixes it completely.

  7. Azrikam 6 years ago

    Motti , the solution that Godox suggested is (as I said in my previuos message ) ,
    a replacement of the hot shoe of the V860N with a New (probably modified) one ,
    to be carried out by their local distributor lab , in order to be compatible with the
    D750 slightly different hot shoe receptacle (compared to other Nikon cameras) .

    The modification not provided yet , the items were shipped and we are waiting to recieve
    the New hot shoe delivery .

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Azrikam,

      Thanks for the details on this. Do you mean Godox have sent a new foot for the flash, and that is the shipment you are waiting on, or you’re just waiting on the Pixel adapter to arrive? Thanks.

  8. Motti 6 years ago


    I will contact Gadget Infinity in a couple of weeks and see if they have it in stock yet.

    Thank you.

  9. Azrikam 6 years ago

    I am waiting for the Pixel adaptor which I ordered it before I got Godox solution ,
    and it will be delivered to me in the first week of June .

    On the other hand , I am waiting for Godox New hot shoe to be delivered and to
    get the replacement service from their local distributor.

  10. theo 6 years ago

    new firmware for ving 860..let see

  11. Keano 6 years ago

    So you guys are still having exposure issues so far in ttl?

  12. Azrikam 6 years ago

    I still have i-TTL exposure problem with the D750 , cause the two optional (hopfully) solutions
    not tried yet by me .
    The Pixel adaptor not recieved yet ( will be with me within 3-4 weeks ) , and the Godox
    local distributor did not recieved yet the New hot shoe version from Godox , in order to replace
    the existing problematic hot shoe of the V860N .

  13. theo 6 years ago

    still i-TTL undrexposure….pfff

  14. azrikam 6 years ago

    Not only i-TTL underexposure , but also very much of overexposures of 2-3 stops ,
    in a very simple and plane ahead situations .

  15. Keano 6 years ago

    Ah still that bad. Is it just harder to get TTL to work with Nikon I wonder.

    I wish you well Azrikam my pixel adapter has kept everything in place for me yongnuo etc. I don’t think it will help the exposure problem. Hopefully the godox solution will but I really think it is firmware related. Keep us posted

  16. Azrikam 6 years ago

    Thank you . The known problem today with the V860N vs Nikon D750 starts with the
    difference in the flash receptacle in the D750 , which is slightly different from other Nikon cameras .
    For such mechanical issue , the solution should be mechanical , therefore the Pixel Adaptor could
    probably solve the problem , bedides , Godox sending a New type of hot shoe as replacement for
    the existing hot shoe in their V860N , in order to solve the problem .
    By the way , the V860N works fine on other Nikons like the 810 and others.
    I will keep you posted when the problem will come to its end .

    • keano 6 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Azrikam I didn’t know it worked fine on the 810. I’ll look into that. I have the D750 and wrote Nikon a second time since the hot shoe issue is building momentum. I love everything about the camera other then being stuck at 1/4000 shutter speed and the hot shoe issue.

  17. Chris Boar 6 years ago

    Silly question. Can I just confirm the v860n can control the remote manual power levels of the V850 (albeit needing the FT16 transmitter on the side)?

    I’d love to have an on camera TTL solution that can also trip my 2 remote V850’s. At the moment I have to use the Phottix Stratos II solution with my SB900 on camera. And so far I’ve managed to break 3 transmitters because their hotshoes can’t take the weight of a speedlight over time.



  18. gio 6 years ago

    Godox is not a reliable company.
    Their flashes do not have a protection between the mainboard and the glass screen.
    I had 2 bad experiences until now with them: both v860 have cracked screens and black around them. The outer screen (polycarbonate) has no problem, so it is a clear matter of overheating.
    The outrageous thing is that they sent one allready cracked like this and I thought it was from shipping and they did not want to take care of it and I let it go … But soon after this, the 2nd one I bought together with the cracked one has the same problem: cracked glass screen and unbroken polycarbonate screen.
    Godox sale representant sent me away with this reply: there is only 1% of broken products so you have 2 of 3 broken. We do not trust you (even if you bought much more products from us) and we will do nothing from you!
    So when a company treats like this a client that bought from them for 5k usd I tell you all: run from that company or else you will regret it when you will have problems with your products.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi gio,

      I’m not thrilled with Godox service at times, though I have never heard of this issue either.

      Did they ask you for pictures or video etc of the issue? Thanks.

      • gio 6 years ago

        yes i did sent them and I can upload them here as well.
        they said it is 1% RMA and tehy do not believe it …
        the selling guy … of course he know nothing about how they are built and that this unexisting protection of 3rd party flashes …
        but at least say send them to us and we will inspect and change them … i even requested for the screen to be sent and find a local company to repair it …
        i am telling you: they are too proud now and when more people will start to shout they will either loose the european/usa area, either they will change the PR and management …

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Gio,

          Yes could you please upload them so we can see the issue.

          As mentioned I have never heard of this either, though I may be able to talk to Godox to possibly look at them.

  19. Mitch Wojnarowicz 6 years ago

    I love my manual 850’s. So … I bought the 860n as a “compatible” add-on in terms of the battery, being able to use the existing radios I had from my 360’s…. etc.

    Unfortunately this flash didn’t even make it past the “shoot random stuff in the office” test.

    AT LEAST 2 stop underexposure on a Nikon D3s. Such poor illumination with an 85mm lens that I had to use the flip-down diffuser just to get some semblance of “coverage”. 35mm lens showed such a terrible illumination of the frame with a center hot spot even with the flip-down diffuser.

    Underexposure. Super poor illumination of the frame. It went back in the box, sadly.

    Firmware was 1.8

    Oh how I wanted this to work …

  20. Chris Boar 6 years ago

    And it looks like Godox still haven’t sorted out their battery issues. Just received a new V850, Battery DOA, and actually swelled up in the charger!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      Does the battery have any batch number markings printed faintly on the face, or “GREPOW” etc printed?

    • gio 6 years ago

      besides the problem I described above, from all 7 batteries (the ones they said were the good ones) 5 died … and they did not changed them either …
      0 warranty form this chinese manufacturer >> I hope many will read these lines and stop putting money in the pockets of these so called company …

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Hi gio,

        As mentioned I have had plenty of frustration with Godox at times, though they have replaced quite a number of batteries for people.

        If you would like to try and resolve your issues, could you please stick to posting in the same thread here. Otherwise its very difficult to follow this.

  21. Chris Boar 6 years ago

    It’s the NEEWER branded version of the Godox kit, doesn’t have any batch # on the battery from what I can see.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Ok thanks Chris. Its highly possible Neewer still have some old stock then unfortunately.

      They no doubt purchase in some pretty large batches to start with, though being a discount company I wouldn’t be surprised if they may have some old units floating around either.

      So far I haven’t heard any complaints with the batch number printed versions.

      If possible you may be better off returning the flash and grabbing the Flashpoint version from Adorama for $99.

  22. Thomas Geist 6 years ago

    I found the manual power settings of the V860 to be weird and all over the place. Especially in lower settings it completely deviates from a similarly set V850.

    I noticed this last night at an event where I had two V850 and two V860N set up and controlled manual power via a FT-16. (I actually have Adorama’s Flashpoint version.)

    Alarmed by that I did some exact metering using a light meter, both flashes set to 50 mm (I compared light distribution by taking shots off a wall and at 50 mm setting the V850 and the V860 are the same.

    Metering done at power settings of 1/128, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1/1

    V850 vs V860N
    f/4.5 f/2.2
    f/6.3 f/3.6
    f/9 f/5.6
    f/13 f/9
    f/18 f/13
    f/25 f/20
    f/36 f/32
    f/45 f/40

    As you can see the V860 has really weird jumps from 1/128 to 1/64 and then from 1/4 to 1/2.
    Eventually it also tops out with somewhat less power than the V850.

    I will send these findings to Godox support. Let’s see if they will fix that.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for that.

      I checked this as well, with V1.81 firmware installed, and I can confirm the V860N is having some issues compared to the V850, while the V860C is quite similar as it should be.

      I’m getting F45 for both the V850 and V860N at full power, but then the V860N is dropping 1.2 stops for each power level.

      Your figures are a bit difficult to interpret. If you set your meter to 1/10th stops its easier to see what is happening as 1/3rd stops can hide a lot of variation.

      I will update the V860N to V2.1 and see if that helps at all.

      EDIT – I have updated to V2.1 and there is no change or improvement. Each power level is around 1.2 stops different instead of 1.0.

  23. Jeff Voss 6 years ago

    How to Upgrade the V860N Firmware (cliff note version)

    Step 1: Locate the latest Firmware. Typically go to the Godox Web Site that has the Firmware Upgrade Software. Historically it’s been this web site, and yes the text is not in English http://www.godox.com/CN/Downloads.html

    As you move the cursor over this Chinese text an English translation (sort of), will appear in the lower left-hand corner (this is the case with most Browsers). You should download (save) the desired file(s) to your computer. IE: “V860N_2.1.rar”

    Step 2: Historically the new Firmware will be a compressed file with an “.rar” extension. You should extract the compressed files to the folder of your choice (I used a sub-folder named “V860N Flash”). You can Google Search for how to extract files from an “.rar” type file.

    Step 3: In the sub-folder you chose in step 2 above, double click on the “FirmwareUpdate.exe” file. A pop-up window should appear with the Godox firmware upgrade file listed.

    Step 4: With V860N powered off, connect the V860N flash to your computer (Micro USB port on the flash to the USB port on the computer). If the driver software for the flash was not previously installed the computer will (or should) do a search and install the required driver. Wait for this driver to be installed.

    Step 5: In the Godox pop-up window, click on the “Start” icon (button), after a few seconds the text “Upgrade done Success.” (Chinglish) should appear.

    Step 6: Unplug your flash, hold down the Fn button and power on your flash, the “U – x.x” will display, the x.x being the version number.

    Note: In the Godox pop-up window, when you click on the “Help” button, the “readme.txt” file in the sub-folder chosen in step 2 above will display, which is not much help. However, you can edit this file as needed, to display your own notes or comments.

  24. Patrick 6 years ago

    Just bought 3 of these V860N’s. They did really well in my “at home” tests, no under or over exposure issues. And they work great in the cameras hot shoe. But I took them out to a real estate job today and oh they bombed bad. I use Phottix Odin triggers and the V860N’s would constantly just stop responding. No indication of any issues on screen, they just simply won’t fire. If I restart the flashes they would work again for a few minutes and then back to the same thing, no firing again. The seller wants me to make a video of the non responsiveness and says they will help me fix it. We shall see……..

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Patrick,

      Its possible this may be a compatibility issue with the Odin’s. I don’t have the Nikon version to try unfortunately.

      I don’t think I have heard of this issue before, though I’m not particularly aware of people using that combination.

    • Abe 6 years ago


      I’m having the same issue, not sure what’s causing it either, it’s like the flash randomly disconnects.

      Any luck fixing it or any response from Godox?

      • patrick 6 years ago

        I ended up getting my money back for all 3 units after I submitted the video. They didn’t really give me a hard time but they didn’t offer any potential fixes other than making sure the batteries were fully charged, which of course they were.

        During my test week, the problems seemed to be only in TTL mode. If set to manual they work fine which is how I finished that shoot. Which also means walking to each flash to adjust power. And at this point you might just buy the TT850 for a manual flash.

        Anyway, great powerful flash with an awesome battery just extremely poor TTL performance. Maybe version 2 will be better?

  25. ram 6 years ago

    i was taken Godox Ving 860 N 4months back at local store at Hyderabad, India.

    From staring to present flash doesn’t working properly its shows all ways E2 error at display. please tell me how can i solve this problem.

  26. Steadyllic 6 years ago

    I’m a relatively happy camper with the 860N (that I use most of the time with Youngnuo 622 triggers) because I never had battery issues. My main problem is updating the firmware which is stuck for me at version 1.9: On the web site in Chinese, I could only get the 2.1 installer (the 2,2 one keeps getting a 404 file not found error) but no way to successfully use it!

    I’m a Mac user and I run Windows7 through the Parallel Desktop 11 emulation. All the time the upgrade process ends up with a java error, even after installing the latest version of this damned interface. It must come from the bad design of the installer, because I could successfully upgrade my Youngnuo triggers which also use Java.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Greetings from France

  27. Steadyllic 6 years ago

    The improvements of version 2.1 seem very attractive: “V2.1 Bug fixed(AF light error). Add Manual FP flash mode (When flash mode is M£®include S1/S2), User press key down more than 2 secondes, FP icon will display, indicator the flash will fire in FP mode. User can exit Manual FP flash mode by press key down more than 2 Seconds, until the FP icon not display.”

    It really is a disgrace that you cannot install their updates

  28. isun 5 years ago

    I ordered 4 of these and 3 of them had the most recent firmware. The 4th which did not for some reason could not be updated on my Windows 10 machine. I had to install the Godox software on my Windows 7 laptop instead then it updated the firmware just fine. The current firmware is 2.1 for NIkon . The 2.2 update is for Canon. I too am using the FT-16 transmitter with a Yongnuo YN-622N and it works perfectly fine doing HSS as well. As a matter of fact, with just one YN-622 and one FT-16, you could high speed sync as many Ving 860N units as you desire since they all usually come with the little radio receiver attachment at the side of the unit. I’ve been very pleased with the performance and ease of use.

    • lex 5 years ago

      Hi isun,

      which nikon body are u using? i currently purchased the Cells-ii-n systems and they couldn’t work with my d750. 🙁

      • Isun 5 years ago

        Sorry for the late response. I have the D810. I too was planning on getting the Cells II then voted against that once I started seeing that it wasn’t 100% clear if the HSS feature would work as it should with certain Nikon cameras. I also like the design of the Yongnuo YN-622N better because it sits flat rather than standing up vertically. The issue you are having may be because of the Cells II itself and its compatibility but before writing it off, make sure that you have the latest firmware in you V860n flash units and also be sure to turn on the HSS mode by holding down the mode key for a couple seconds. That only works if you have the latest firmware.

  29. Tom 5 years ago

    Hello all,
    The issue about the bad exposure in TTL mode concerns only the D750 or all the other Nikon models?
    I have Nikon D5200 and I hesitate to buy Godox V860N or Yongnuo YN-568Ex. Flash will works with transmitters YN622n and YN622Tx.
    Which one (or maybe another one in the same price level) you recommanded me?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english…

  30. Mohamed 5 years ago

    Hi, I am considering the Godox V860n vs the Nissin di700a?

    I am new to photography and have a Nikon D5200. Please help me choose. Thank you

  31. Thomas Yau 5 years ago

    did anyone encounter the problem when updating the firmware of V860N in a Win10 computer?
    it shows “AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found”

    • Anton 5 years ago

      To be able to install the Godox usb drivers in Windows 10 you have to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 10, because the Godox USB drivers are not signed. There are many tutorials about this subject, i followed http://en.code-bude.net/2015/08/19/how-to-install-unsigned-drivers-in-windows-10/ and that worked for me, read about the risks though!!! After following this procedure you can run DPInst64.exe in the c:\V860N\Driver map (if you installed the tool on c:).

      • Alex 5 years ago

        Following Antons post for turning off the digital signature, I was able to update the firmware on WIN10-64 without any problems.
        Many thanks!

  32. RV 5 years ago

    No comment

  33. Thomas Geist 4 years ago

    Anybody know whether there are spare parts available (hot shoe assembly)?

    I don’t feel like buying a whole new flash because of a cracked hotshoe.

  34. Sohaib Siddique 4 years ago

    i want to purchase this flash for my D3200, I’ve read many comments mostly are bad, so can i go for this speedlight or not, because many users facing under exposure issue or heat up issue so i’m bit confuse, if this is not suitable for me then which one is best, i need flash with master slave and S1, S2 etc for future upgrades so kindly suggest me in budget $150.
    Thank You

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