GODOX – Ving V860N for Nikon Now Available!

The long awaited Godox Ving V860N, Lithium-ion powered I-TTL flash for Nikon are now available!


Godox V860N


The V850N for Nikon follow on from the original, and ground breaking Remote Manual V850, and later Canon ETTL version V860C.

All of which feature a very unique, and compact 11.1V 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery. Which literally replaces 12 AA batteries, and provides a massive 650 full power pops. With full power recycle time of just 1.5 seconds.

Basically an external battery pack conveniently built into the flash!


Godox V860N

V860N Features –

  • Full Power – GN 58 (m ISO 100)
  • Lithium-ion Battery – 650 Full Power Pops
  • 1.5 Second Recycle at Full Power
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • I-TTL Auto Exposure for Nikon DSLRs
  • Master and Slave Modes for Nikon Optic Wireless system
  • Manual, Multi, S1 & S2 Optic Slave Modes
  • 24-105mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom
  • AF Assist Light
  • High Build Quality
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates
  • Full 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head
  • Fast Clear & Simple Interface
  • Large Clear LCD Screen
  • 2.5mm Sync Port
  • Metal Foot with Locking Pin
  • Kit Comes with Battery and Charger
  • 12 Volt Car Charger Available


  • Remote Manual Radio System with HSS to 1/8000th (with appropriate transmitter unit)
  • Range to 100M & Very Reliable
  • Fast Simple Remote Manual Power Control
  • 1/3rd Stop Power Adjustments (1/128 – 1/1)
  • Plug In Receiver can be Updated
  • Remote also Compatible with V850Witstro, & RS600P


Godox V860



Remote Manual Radio Receiver – (No Radio Transmitter)

Although the V860 have an optic wireless master and slave function, they do not have any radio transmitter built in.

The V860N will use the same optional FTR-16s clip on radio receiver as the V850 for Remote Manual power control. This requires an optional FT-16 transmitter unit.

Godox V860

H-Mode – UPDATE – Its not actually clear yet if H-mode HSS (High Speed Sync) is available off-camera with the V860N (like the V850, V860C, & Witstro provide) .

Regular FP HSS should be possible off-camera with radio triggers like the YongNuo YN-622N (provided they do turn out to be compatible).



I-TTL Off-Camera –


Via Radio – 

To use the V860N off-camera with TTL via radio, separate external TTL triggers like the YongNuo YN-622N would need to be used (as Godox do not have their own TTL radio triggers available at the time of writing this).

As of Firmware version 1.8 reports are that the V860N are working quite well with the YongNuo YN-622N. Initial reports suggest the Picle King Pro and PocketWizard TT1/TT5 may also be compatible now.

[ The Canon version V860C have been quite compatible with other third party TTL triggers, like the YN-622C, Phottix Odin, Pixel King Pro, etc ].


Via Optic Wireless –

The V860N do also have Optic Wireless Master and Slave Modes for the Nikon AWL / CLS system built in.



Firmware Updates


The V860N have a USB port for future firmware updates.

To see which firmware version is installed on your flash, hold down the FN / Light button before switching the flash on, and the firmware version will be displayed on the LCD screen .

At the time of writing this the latest V860C firmware updates and instructions can be downloaded from the Chinese version of the Godox Website here – http://www.godox.com/CN/Downloads.html

From Version V1.8 the V860N appear to be providing good ITTL exposures, and are compatible off camera with the YongNuo YN-622N TTL radio triggers.



One other thing to be aware of, is that there have been a number of faulty Godox Lithium-ion batteries reported for V850 / V860C, and also the Witstro / PB960 battery packs recently. This is likely still a small proportion of all the units out there, though it is something to at least be aware of. UPDATE – Godox are reporting the battery issue has now been resolved.

When the VB18 batteries for the V850 / V860 are functioning as they should be, they are exceptionally good.



Price and Availability –


The V860N for Nikon are in stock and available now from around $170  –

V860N – EbayAmazon, UK.


FT-16 / FTR-16s –

Ebay – FT-16 / Neewer FT-16FTR-16s.
Amazon – FT-16FTR-16s

Godox – Website

V860C – Full Review
V850 – Full Review


  1. Amir 6 years ago

    Lots of battery issues, dead after 10-15 flashes.
    any recall ? any fix?
    i send godox email a week ago, they didn’t replay..

  2. theo 6 years ago

    even i change firmware 1.7 or 1.8 i have low exposures in ITTL i sent email in codox no responce yet….grrrrrr

  3. theo 5 years ago

    new firmware 2.0 lets see.. http://www.godox.com/CN/Downloads.html

  4. theo 5 years ago

    same result low exposure in ITTL (2 stop)

  5. Paul 5 years ago

    I’ve had it with Godox. More than 1/2 of my batteries have failed. I can’t get 860n’s to update the firmware – as a result my 622’s don’t work correctly – so no TTL off camera. Zero support or response from the manufacturer (Gwen?). I migrated to Godox after reading about them here – very disappointed. This is why you don’t buy from Chinese knock-off companies.

    • Motti 5 years ago

      Hi Paul,

      When did you buy the Godox gear and from where?

      I just bought 3 flashes and two extra batteries from Gadget Infinity. They said that if the batteries are not good they will ship me new ones free, all I have to pay is $25 shipping.

      I hope I do not have this issue with my batteries…

  6. devyan 5 years ago

    i just received my v860n .
    I sell my d610 to replace it with a d750 .
    First impressions V860N preloaded with firmware 1,9.
    Tested on camera and off camera as slave triggered by the built in on d200 and d5100 versus Nikon sb600 minor exposure differnces on TTL bounce or strait on or off camera .
    I’ll be back with more detailed tests.
    Waiting Yongnuo TX and 622N’s .
    If you want me to do Specific tests post em.

    • devyan 5 years ago

      Taking my words back on camera ttl underexpose 2 stops in both cameras sending mail

  7. devyan 5 years ago

    Sorry for keep posting but i think that everyone here likes to know.

    After my initial tests in not challeging enviroment for TTL i encounter inconsistent
    underexposures vary from 1+1/3 to 2+2/3 compared to Nikon flashes.

    I contact Godox Friday night . They reply in less than 12 hours time that they will check the incosistent
    underexposure in TTL from Monday morning and they will get back to me in 2-3 work days.
    I think that it is a very nice move from them to jump on the issue !

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi devyan,

      I don’t have much experience with the Nikon version. But the posts above are describing the same -2 stops exposure even with firmware V2.0.

    • theo 5 years ago

      hi can you sent me the email address to contact them?
      i have same result.

  8. devyan 5 years ago

    Hello ,
    The point of my last post was that Godox jump in the issue and my mail in less than 12 hours !
    I hope that with goodwill from both parties the problem will be solved !

    P.S Thanks for being around to inform us !

  9. Rob Mirage 5 years ago

    I just got my V860n.

    Getting the same underexposure issue when compared directly to SB-900 when bouncing off wall and ceiling. Not so much of a difference when aiming straight at subject, but that would likely be only use if your name is Terry Richardson. Can correct his easily enough setting in-flash exposure comp to +2 – but would prefer not to have to. 🙂

  10. Motti 5 years ago

    I did some tests with my new V860N on a Nikon D3 in TTL. When flash is directed at the subject the TTL is way underexposed (about 2 stops) when bouncing of ceiling or side walls exposure is pretty much right on. When pulling the built in bounce card and pulling the light diffuser on the flash head exposure is about 1/2 stop less.

    I never use the flash directly at the subject but it still should be correct, it’s not.

    Note: My flash has V2 firmware (the latest).

    Another strange thing is the auto zoom. it worked before and now it does not. Maybe I am doing something wrong…?

  11. Ankur Puri 5 years ago

    Does this mean that “Flashpoint Zoom Li-oN TTL On-Camera Flash For Nikon” that retails on Adorama for &179.95 is the same thing as Ving 860N? I want to know if I should purchase that one or go for the YN-568EX for Nikon?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Ankur,

      Yes they are the same flashes. Flashpoint offer 12 months warranty on the flash and battery.

      You will currently need to use some FEC adjustment though as per the comments above.

  12. Lucidreamer 5 years ago

    does anyone know how to activate the HSS mode (on-camera) with Nikon D5100?

  13. Ankur 5 years ago

    It seems, another user “James” has reported that issues with TTL exposures can be fixed. If this applies to V860C, it might as well work for the Nikon version also – can anyone give it a try and confirm if TTL exposures work as expected?
    2 months ago

    I too was having the bounce problem. I checked my flash and I was running the latest firmware but figured I might as well run the update anyway. After re-updating to 2.1 I found the solution in the PDF documentation that came with the firmware:

    If you run into this problem: Underexposure occurs when you use the long-focus lens and bounce flash in TTL mode.
    Solution: Press “MODE” button for two seconds until icon [picture of flash icon] blinks, thus entering “Bounce Flash Mode”. Then you can shoot with correct exposure. Pressing “MODE” button will exit.”

    • Ankur 5 years ago

      Link to the V860C firmware instructions that shows the text listed above – https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0237/4685/files/Godox_V860C_Firmware_Update_Instuctions.pdf

    • Motti 5 years ago

      I tried to reinstall the firmware however, the program did not install well in my PC and as many times as I tried to reinstall it, it would not work. Something to do with missing DLL. Can’t say I am surprised just disappointed.

      Right now pressing the “mode” for two seconds does not do anything except changing flash mode.

  14. theo 5 years ago

    i sent message to reseller from where i buy my flash with a detailed youtube video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8yI6zk5v4U) to saw him my battery issues and some bubbles inside the front panel of flash propably from heating… Ibought the flash on Sep 22, 2014
    the answer is this:

    Thank you for your detailed video.

    We passed your video to Godox and they said they could not provide warranty after months of usage and they just said aging is common.
    But we can help to purchase on a spare battery for you, would it be acceptable for us to share the cost of battery and shipping fee?

    i ask i dont have warranty? or not

  15. Mark Swift 5 years ago


    What’s the latest on the underexposure issue? Is it still present, albeit I saw some issues with the Canon version prior to 2.1, I didn’t think this was an issue with the ‘N’?

  16. Stefan 5 years ago

    For what is worth… I bought a Godox Ving 860N after having a very nice experience with Godox Ving 850. The both versions are really well built flashes and 850 is very reliable and consistent in light quality and power.

    However, 860N version doesn’t seem to be as good as his smaller brother. I have two bodies: one Nikon D700 on which V860 is underexposed by 2 stops and a Nikon D750 on which is not firing at all 🙁 That is why I’m returning the product back to the seller.

  17. keano 5 years ago

    So trigger this I would need to use a Odin or Yongnuo 622N?

    Would you guys for this or Yongnuo 568ex, 622N?

  18. keano 5 years ago

    “To use the V860N off-camera with TTL via radio, separate external TTL triggers like the YongNuo YN-622N would need to be used. ”

    So would I still need the FT-16S if I went this route? If I had two flashes would and wanted to control them. Meaning 1 TTL and another manual off camera. Would YongNuo YN-622N on each flash and a YN-622N-TX transmitter on the camera work and be the only accessories for TTL and group control?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi keano,

      If using the YN-622N-TX and YN-622N as receivers attached to the flashes, then no you wouldn’t need the FTR-16s receivers attached to the flash.

      In theory the YN-622N-TX and YN-622N should work to control your 2 flashes in TTL or manual. Though I’m not really sure how well the V860N actually work with the YN-622 in general at this stage.

      I don’t think there is much negative feedback or complaints about this combination, which is a good sign, though as you see in the comments above, the flash itself still has a 2 stop underexpose issue to start with when used direct.

      So to answer your previous question above as well, the YN-568EX are still likely the safest option for full compatibility with the YN-622N.

      • keano 5 years ago

        Thank you very much

  19. keano 5 years ago

    So is it safe to say the Youngnuo 622N and YN-622N-TX now work fine with the v860N or no?

  20. keano 5 years ago

    I just read all the comments above. Glad I did… I was about to buy two of the flashes and the Yongnuo trigger and receiver. Let down I thought I finally had purchases figured out. Other option was Phottix which are very expensive but having none of these problems.

  21. Motti 5 years ago

    Just did a destination wedding in India and the Godox flashes worked great! I have three in total, two V850 and one V860. I also have five batteries. I shot thousands of shot and found two of my batteries not to be at the same level as the other three, one was really bad.

    Just a side note: I contacted Gadget Infinity and they sent me two new batteries, I just had to pay around $20 for shipping. Very generous and very prompt reply from Ray in Gadget Infinity. Kudos!

    Now to the important point, my V860 worked great on my D3 and the TTL was very accurate when bouncing flash. However, putting it on my new D750 it had a hard time recognizing the camera. I had to play with it and turning both camera and flash off and on until it recognized it. It would occasionally stop recognizing it and I had to turn it off and on again. Very frustrating.

    Nikon with their infinite disrespect (and arrogance) for us professionals, made sure we will need their sub-par and overpriced flashes.

    Why sub-par? Because my SB-900 already had to be fixed after overheating on me last year (burning the flash head) and it overheated on me again at the Indian wedding couple of hours after I started. Not to mentioned inconsistency in light output (tested with a light meter it goes from F11 to F8 on full power).

    I hope Godox fix the firmware and make it work! I love those well built flashes. I don’t use TTL a lot but unfortunately, the V860 will not work at all when it does not recognize the camera.

    Godox, please fix it!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Motti,

      Thanks for the feedback. You would be best to let Godox know about this directly as well – godox@godox.com

      They have been pretty slow with a firmware update for the V860N, so hopefully this issue may speed that up a little. Thanks.

    • Keano 5 years ago

      A lot of ppl myself included issues with D750 hot shoe.


  22. Motti 5 years ago

    Will do

  23. james 5 years ago

    What’s the situation regarding high speed syncing on this flash. Seems to be missing HHS when compared to the canon version

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi James,

      The V860N has HSS when used on camera, or off camera mounted on ITTL radio triggers like the YN-622N.

      What the V860N doesn’t have as far as I can see is the H-mode HSS, which is used with flashes like the Witsro and V850, and with a transmitter unit like the Godox Cells II, to provide (a slightly less automated) HSS mode.

      So if you still wanted to combine the V860N with Witstro and or V850 while using HSS, then it would be best to fire all the flashes via triggers like the YN-622N.

  24. John 5 years ago

    I bought a Cheetah-branded V860n, and it has serious issues when triggered with PW’s and Odin’s.

    1) The V860n occasionally stops responding when triggered with an Odin that’s mounted on the camera. Pressing the “Test” button on the Odin transmitter lights up the receiver, but the V860n behaves as if it’s dead. The “Auto Power Off” option is set to “Disabled”, so I know that’s not the culprit. Cycling power on the V860n brings it back to life.
    2) HSS does NOT work. Period. Not with the PW FlexTT5, and not with the Odin. Everything above FP-SYNC is trash.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi John,

      Do you have the latest V2.0 firmware installed?

      Someone mentioned the PocketWizards weren’t working originaly, then with later firmware found they were. I think that was the Nikon version (V860N) they were referring to.

      The Odins are generally the least compatible with other third party flashes. So lack of compatibility with the V860N is not really surprising to hear. Though I think the Canon versions do actually work ok together.

      Regarding the HSS, I assume you are actually attaching a PW and Odin TTL receiver directly to the flashes foot. The V860N do not have the H-mode HSS, so HSS is not going to work without TTL receivers attached to the flash.

      • John 5 years ago

        All devices were updated with the most recent firmware, and the V860n was inserted directly into the foot of the Odin TTL receivers. The Odin TCU and Receiver functions normally with NikonSB-900’s at all shutter speeds, but the Odon/V860n combination is useless at speeds above Auto-FP. Same when using the PW/V860 combination.

        I suspect this is a generic issue, but I have another V860n being delivered tomorrow just for confirmation.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Ok thanks John. As mentioned the Odin doesn’t surprise me, though its interesting you’re having the same HSS issue with the PW’s as well.

          I’ll keep an ear out for any other reports on the same combinations.

        • Keano 5 years ago

          Could you change the flash exposure to the v860n using the Odin?

  25. Motti 5 years ago

    I emailed Godox regarding the issues with the Nikon D750, Rachel from Godox replies that there is a firmware update and provided me the link. However, the update is V1.7, my Godox V860 shows that it has V2.0 installed. I am confused, can someone advice?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Motti,

      I have not dealt with Rachel before, she may not be that familiar with the firmware.

      The download page is on the Chinese website here. If you can Google translate the page its showing V2.0 as the current version for the V860N.

      • Motti 5 years ago

        Thanks Elvis,

        I guess I have the updated one. They should really pay more attention to what they distribute to their clients. Putting someone in charge that does not know this basic fact is a bad move.

        I have a feeling it will take a while for the flash to be updated to the new cameras. Than again, it could be just me (camera or flash).

        I realized that the problem can be minimized when loosening the ring of the flash hot shoe, somehow it gets better connection. It does not always help but most of the times.

        I am sure most here will agree with me that Godox has great reputation and if they put the extra attention to these important details they will sell faster than they can make them. I also know that Nikon (as opposed to Canon) is a pain in the behind for third parties companies and they do not make it easier on them (rather more difficult).

        Anyway, always great to visit toy blog for the latest stuff 🙂


        • VisX 5 years ago

          I have the Witstro 360 and 180 and am quite happy with them. I was thinking about getting the V850 or V860N. But all these reported issues (battery, TTL not working properly) made me want to wait until all is fixed.

          Why Nikon is still selling 10+ year old flash technology with top-of-the-line price (SB910) is beyond me.

          • Motti 5 years ago


            “…Why Nikon is still selling 10+ year old flash technology with top-of-the-line price (SB910) is beyond me….”

            Because unfortunately they can. many people still think it’s a steal. The truth is that as photographers (pros especially) we want things just to work. We do not want to bother with bugs and glitches. Many pros will not bother with anything but the original. It is up to some of us to invest in those small companies and help them grow.

            The good thing is that those glitches and bugs are becoming less and less present in third party products. In fact, third party manufacturers are in many times doing even better than the “branded” names.

            The problem with Nikon (especially them) is that they try their best to block other then their own product to work on their cameras. They do it with battery grips, flashes, lenses etc.

            However, working with the Godox at an Indian wedding (in India, the toughest assignment I have ever done as a pro photographer) the Godox perform amazingly (I use Nikon D3). Although I managed to overheat them, they still worked, just slower. Not so much for my SB-900 that overheated after a couple of hours and was so hot I could not hold it. It stayed in my bag the whole four days of the wedding.

            The TTL worked absolutely fine for me. Yes, if you point the flash directly at the subject, it will underexpose by about 1 stop. However, if you just tilt it even a little bit it gives an exact light.

            Some say it is not as good at the long focal length (over 100mm) but again, a bit of a tilt and the light is pretty accurate.

            The strength of the flash is its ability to shoot over and over again without loosing power. We did a very unscientific test by testing the V860 and the SB-900 with a light meter from 10 feet.

            I put them on full power and start pressing the button. I pressed the button the minute it showed the flash was ready. The Godox was ready after around 1.5 sec and I continuously pressed it for about 20 shots. It was consistence at f/11.8 to f/11.3 the whole time. The light intensity was consistence and it was always ready after 1.5 seconds. It stated to slow down a bit after around 20 rapid full shots.

            The SB-900 needed around 4 seconds between shots and the exposure was from f/11.8 to f/8. The flash lost one stop after around three full power shots. Even when the flash showed it’s ready for the next shot the power was less than the shot before. When I waited around 6 seconds the flash caught up and was more consistent but even then, after 10 shots it started blinking and lowering the power of the light.

            The Godox won hands down.

            The V850 has one stop less than the V860 but it works like a charm.

            Hope that helps.

            • Keano 5 years ago

              Hi Motti,
              Where you shooting TTL off camera getting it to work? I too have a D750 so I will wait until it works for you 😉
              Were you using YN662N?

              • Motti 5 years ago

                Hi Keano,

                No, I was using the flash on my camera the whole time, either TTL or manual. The truth is I never had the time to set any off camera flashes. The minute we arrived to the hall I started shooting.

                Just so you know, at the Shagan ceremony (the first part of the wedding) I shot around 700 images in less than two hours all with flash at around 1/4 to 1/2 power. I did the same at the wedding ceremony.

                The Godox batteries just kept going. They really are good.

                I did not use my new D750 at a job yet. I just received it last week and still just learning and playing around with it. However, it seems to work OK with the Godox as long as I turn on the flash first and the camera second.

                It also works fine when it is on a TTL cable connected to the D750. It definitely has some issues with the D750 firmware but it seems to work so far. I need to do a full assignment with it to truly test it. When I do I will write about it here.

                I understand that the YN flashes have better “communication” with the Nikon cameras and they also have built in radios. However, they use regular batteries.

                • Keano 5 years ago

                  Hi. I receivered the v860N and Yongnuo transmitters. Do I need to set my nikon D750 up in the menu or just place or in manual to work TTL? I have tx on camera and 622N on the v860N

            • VisX 5 years ago

              Hi Motti (and other V860N users),
              Can the V860N replace a Nikon SB910/SB900 as the main on-Camera flash in TTL mode, on a full day event/wedding assignment? I always use bounce flash when in-door.

              -Is the V860N as reliable as a SB9XX (other than the overheating issue of the SB9XX)?
              -How many degree can the V860N turn on direction (left, right)? I like that the SB9XX can rotate 180 degree to both left and right.
              -With the latest firmware 2.0, in which situation(s) will the TTL be not accurate (under/over expose). And do you have a work-around for the short-coming?
              -Does anyone still have issue with their batteries? When I purchase a new V850/V860, can I tell if the battery is okay right-away? Or it takes a few cycles to show the issue?
              -In your opinion, do you think the existing issues are firmware fixable? Or a hardware modification/newer hardware version will be needed?

              Thanks for your input.

              • Motti 5 years ago


                I absolutely think the V860 replaces the SB-9xx. In fact, as I wrote earlier, it did just that when my SB-900 overheated. It worked beautifully and I took thousands of images on one battery. Somehow when using TTL it takes more energy than using Manual (SB-900 is the same) but I still managed to take around 1,5000 images with one battery. The v850 did even better because it is manual.

                The V860, so far, showed great performance, I have had it for only one month and did two jobs with it and it did very well. It is reliable and has better light consistence than the SB.

                The V680 and the V850 can swivel and bend as much as the SB. That means all the way back both ways. Another good thing about it is that there is no need to press a button to swivel it, jst hold the head and turn (or bend). Yet, the head is firm and stays in place as solid as the SB.

                The flash is not that accurate when it is pointed directly at the subject, it underexpose. It underexpose a bit more when using 100mm or longer lens (when the flash is on automatic zoom). It did not effect my work because when and if I use TTL, I bounce the flash all the time.

                The new batteries see to work very well but there are some old ones out there. I bought two more extra batteries (for a total of five) and two of them did not work as expected. I bought my set from Gadget Infinity and they sent me two new batteries, I paid the shipping only. Those sees to work well.

                I think that if a battery is bad it will show it’s ugly face from the beginning.

                In my opinion, the issues are a firmware fix and not hardware problems.

                Hope that helps.

  26. Motti 5 years ago

    Just received an email from Rachel at Godox that they are looking into the firmware for the new Nikons. I did a small job the other day with my D750 and the V860, I used TTL deliberately and it worked like a charm. I shot around 500 pictures and the battery was still on three lines full.

    Regardless, I will feel much better if they improve the firmware for the V860N.

    • Keano 5 years ago


      Do I set the v860N. On regular TTL or do I have to place it in a slave setting? I can get the wireless v860N to work but when Yongnuo is attached I can do a test flash from yn622tx but I can’t trigger the flash using shutter in the camera even in manual mode? This is all new to me.

  27. theo 5 years ago

    Hi guys
    Since February iv sent 2-3 email in Gwen@godox or godox@godox
    for my battery issue but they don’t respond
    WTF!.. so Irresponsible company…pfff

  28. Motti 5 years ago

    Hi Theo, sorry to hear about it. Where did you buy it? I purchased all my Godox stuff at Gadget Infinity, very quick to respond!

    I had an issue with two batteries out of five and they sent me two new ones, no question asked, I just paid the delivery.

    I did not have to send the bad ones back and the two new ones work very well.

    I do not work for them or get anything from them. They just ask me if I don’t mind mentioning their store and really don’t. Great service.

    • VisX 5 years ago

      I have just visited Gadget Infinity site. And I can’t find the V860N in there. The V860C is still listed. Have they stopped carrying the Nikon version?

      • Motti 5 years ago

        Hi Visx, good question. Here is an email you might want to try service@gadgetinfinity.com

        The person’s name behind this email is Ray, he answers quick. Hope it’s just a glitch in their site.

    • keano 5 years ago

      Hi Motti,

      Here is a very short clip of me with the flash and camera as well as Yongnuo 622N. The channel and groups are the same. It won’t even flash. I am new to flash I admit LOL.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Hi keano,

        Have you tried doing a factory reset on both the transmitter and receiver?, as this often clears up a lot of strange issues.

        And you appear to have something strange there, as the camera is set to F3.2 and the flash is showing F4.5

        It could also be as Motti mentioned below, the transmitter or receiver simply not seated all the way into the hosthoe properly. This happens a lot more often than you would think.

  29. Motti 5 years ago

    Hi Keano,

    I watched the video but I had some trouble understanding what is happening. It looks like the flash worked when pressing the test button on the trigger but not when pressing the shutter…is that right?

    If that is really what happens it could be that the YN trigger is not sitting in the hot shoe properly.

    When pressing the shutter, does the light on the trigger (and the receiver) blink? If not, the camera does not have a contact with the YN trigger.

    Did you try setting the flash on manual and try to trigger it? Did it work?

    There is no sound so I am not sure of those points.

  30. keano 5 years ago

    Hi guys last night I was frustrated and got them to work on camera not off. I woke up this morning and placed the camera on a tripod. Did the same things. I turned on in this order:

    The 568ex worked off camera. I tried different apertures and the 568ex responded. The flash showed it was also in HS mode is that ok? Even though I was shooting 1/160.

    I tried same with the v860N and it worked for the first time. Aperture correct. I have read a lot of people having issues with the metros/odin with D750 hot shoe. That the D750 goes deeper and people have had to turn or add cardboard to it. It worked though. Thought the iTTL exposure was different. My flash is a flashpoint same as Godox though should I try update?

    Quick test before heading to work. You can see comparison of 568ex to v860N.

    • keano 5 years ago

      Actually my version is 2.0

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi keano,

      Ok, so it the V860N working ok with the YN-622N and D750 now?

      Did you loosen the transmitter locking ring as suggested in the tread you linked to to help make this work correctly?

      Thanks for details on the D750 shoe, I was not aware of that.

      • keano 5 years ago

        Hi Elvis (flash havoc?)
        Yes I got the 622N and 622N-TX to work with the v860N. It is underexposed though as I showed above. I got it in place and took tests using a remote. I do know some ppl but some cardboard into it seen here:
        Another guy wrote:
        “I ordered a TTL Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter off of amazon and mounted it with the odin trigger. As mentioned from a previous poster it seems like the connections don’t align with the D750. The TTL sync adaptor seems like it corrected my issue, on top of having a syncport as an extra.

        Purchased product “Pixel TF-322 Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter with Extra PC Sync Port Dedicated for Nikon DSLR & Flashgun” from amazon.”

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Thanks keano.

          At least we know its only a connection issue then.

          That can be a serious problem though, and one possibly difficult to provide a reliable long term solution.

          This is not the first time Nikon have changed things, as the SB-900 caused a lot of problems with its thicker than usual foot when it was released. I’m not familiar with what Nikon may be up to with these changes.

          • keano 5 years ago

            A guy on the thread said Pixel TF-322 Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter has worked 100% my question is… I don’t see why you still placing another device in the shoe right? I was going to try it anyway and email Nikon. As I am not the first. I tried out the Yongnuo and it all worked except when it shifted in the shoe. I’ll let you know what Nikon says.

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 5 years ago

              It sounds like, as the people in you link mentioned, the contacts in the D750 hotshoe are either recessed a little deeper and/or in a slightly different position to the top rails. So its likely just coincidence that some gear like the Pixel adapter are going to have long enough pins, or positioning to still work ok.

          • keano 5 years ago

            BTW Elvis,
            regarding the D750 hot shoe issue I am sending it in complaining about the issue to Nikon. So I’ll le you know how that turns out. If they fix it.

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 5 years ago

              Hi keano,

              Thanks, that will be interesting.

              Unless there are issues when using their flashes though I doubt they will be too concerned about doing anything unfortunately.

              • keano 5 years ago

                this was recommend by someone who had the same issue. I bought it and so far it works. It has a front pin that holds in place.
                Pixel TF-322 Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter with Extra PC Sync Port Dedicated for Nikon DSLR & Flashgun

  31. theo 5 years ago

    hi motti,
    i bought the flash from ebay..
    anyway the battery at the moment recharging from 0 to 100% in 1 min & i have 2 pops then the battery die 🙁

    i guess i have to buy a new one

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Theo,

      Can you drop me an email here with your full name and I’ll get Godox to email you. Thanks.

      • theo 5 years ago

        theodore theodorakopoulos
        e-mail: mpalakis@gmail.com

        thanks in advance!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Thanks Theodore,

          I’ve let them know just now, though they will likely be away until Monday now.

  32. Motti 5 years ago

    Hi Theo, Maybe Elvis can get Godox to send you a new on. Knowing that their batteries have an issue (at least the old batch), it will be good customer support practice to do so.

  33. theo 5 years ago

    hi guys
    in 4 months i use the flash 7 – 10 times after 5th the pops goes to half pops (250 pops) then every time i use it, getting worse
    now recharging from 0 to 100% in 1 min & i have 2 pops then the battery die,
    maybe is the recharger i don’t know..

    thanks guys

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Theo,

      Sorry I thought you were aware of the battery issues, as you said you had emailed Gwen already.

      Its more than likely just the battery with the issue though.

      I see Lindy has emailed you now though anyway. Thanks.

  34. theo 5 years ago

    i already received email from Lindy (thanks to you guys!)
    and we try to find a solution, about the e-mails they dont reply…she told me
    we have serious technical problem in our mail system,
    after 2-3 months of waiting i hope to find a soloution
    IL waiting for a response i let you know!

    A BIG THANKS to you guys !

  35. theo 5 years ago

    finally we arrange exchange battery they sent me a new one

    thank you !

    • Motti 5 years ago

      Hey Theo, good news. Please let all of us know if the new battery performs as it should.

  36. Motti 5 years ago

    Re: I may change my opinion regarding the Godox V860

    Hi everyone,

    I just finished testing my Godox V860N (iTTL flash) on a Nikon D750 and on a Nikon D3. I did it at home in a much more objective environment than on a job.

    The results are a mix.

    On the D750 the TTL is not accurate and I will not trust it when doing an event (I usually shoot manual). It is easily fooled by external ambient lights and gives a very inaccurate results, from under expose to over expose images. Taking pictures in a very well lit room, at f/8 the flash exposes well but over exposes at f/1.8. Almost as if it works in manual.

    Doing the same in a darker room without direct ambient light, the flash does much better. However when even the slightest bright light enters the frame the flash gets fooled.

    On the D3 it worked much better and gave pretty good results. It is not as good as the SB-910 but it is very close.

    Another problem is a significant color shift depending on aperture. When shooting above f/2.5 the colors do shift but slightly, it becomes colder as the aperture becomes smaller. At f/8 it is has nice cool tint while at f3.5 it has warm orange tint.

    However, at f/1.4 to f/2.5 the color is yellow and orange, I mean really orange. Although that can be fixed in post process, it does effect picture quality. Note that this color shift takes place using both the D3 and the D750 (flash is on TTL) so it is not Nikon’s firmware.

    With all fairness the SB-910 also has color shift but nothing compares to the Godox V860.

    However, there is yet another problem that now made me say: “ah ah, now I understand why the flash stops working every now and then”.

    On the D750 the flash has some play, meaning the shoe is not snug in the Nikon hot shoe. When holding the flash it is possible to twist it about 1mm either to the left or right. That cause the connections not to connect and the flash does not work

    When trying to work in manual the flash did not work when twisting 1mm to the right and it works again when moving to the left. The flash would stop working every now and then and I did not know why, now I do.

    All in all, I realize that the flash does have some serious concerns. Although it worked OK in both jobs I did recently, I did see problems with color shift. I attributed it to DJ lights and ever changing light colors. However, it seems that the flash itself has some issues too.

    I think that the problem with the color shift are both mechanical and firmware. When using the V860 in manual mode there is also color shift, however, it is not that strong and much easier to correct. When lowering flash power to 1/128 it is warm and when powering up to 1/4 power it is cool and true color.

    THE GODOX V850 (none TTL):
    The funny thing is that the V850 (the none TTL) has a much smaller color shift so it is possible that the flash tube is not the same. That’s why I think it is also mechanical and not only firmware.

    The V850 works beautifully on any camera and the color shift is minimal, almost as good as the SB-900 color quality. A great value!!

    Hope it helps. I think Godox has some serious work to do on their TTL V860. It will make a big difference if they play around with the firmware. It will not be perfect but much better.

    Cheers everyone,

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Motti,

      I don’t think the aperture itself an effect the flash color, obviously the resulting change if flash power could.

      Though I just happened to be testing this the other night as well with the V860C, and its quite good across the power range with little color variation.

      I did the test in the complete dark, so no ambient light can be affecting the color. If I had any ambient light it would have almost definitely poluted the color at wider apertures and higher ISO I needed to retain a correct exposure at lower power levels on the flash.

      So I could be wrong, but it does sound like you have a mixture ambient light causing the color shift.

    • Keano 5 years ago

      Motto when I had mine I noticed apart from underexposing the yellow/orange tint on images also.

      I have a D750 and read on s forum he used this as a fix. Pixel TF-322 Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter. I got it and it has worked for me to far.

  37. Motti 5 years ago

    Forgot to add:

    Both the V860 and the V850 perform much better than my SB-910 in recycling and power output. It takes about 1.5 seconds for full power recycle and it goes on for at least 20 shots before it starts slowing down.

    I know that the SB-910 is better than the SB-900 but still I think that the Godox does a great job in power consistency and the Li-on battery makes it happens.

  38. theo 5 years ago

    the underexposure issue in my opinion doesn’t work right in some areas of zoom length, example: on my lens 18 – 70mm
    the flash gives me almost good result in area 18-35mm after that i get underexposure 2-stops
    i ask lindy to sent me the firmware 1.5 in my camera works nice..if she find she sent to me.

    • Motti 5 years ago

      Theo, I think the latest version is v2.0 for the V860.

      • theo 5 years ago

        the flash came with 1.5 & works fine, when i change it 1.5 to 1.8 then 2.0 i have the underexposure issues
        thats why i need the 1.5

        • Motti 5 years ago

          Interesting, maybe I should do the same…

  39. theo 5 years ago

    if she sent to me i upload it

    • keano 5 years ago

      I also have 2.0 if you have the 1.5 I would like to try it before returning it.

  40. theo 5 years ago

    i dont have the 1.5…yet i hope godox sent to me.

  41. theo 5 years ago

    Hi guys
    i just received the battery from godox, il test it tomorrow & i give you feedback

  42. theo 5 years ago

    hi guys
    lindy from godox contact me, i about the underexposure issue, she ask me with which cameras i have the problem i reply to her with some models, but if you have same issue can you post your camera model to sent her a full list of cameras.

  43. Azrikam 5 years ago

    Unfortunatlly me and my friend has a bad experience regarding the compatibility
    of the V860N with Nikon D750 . We bought 3 units for 3 Nikons D750 .
    We did not tried it manually .
    We are looking forward to work with it as an integrated unit with TTL exposures , in Apperture priority or Shutter priority but so far the combination of V860N with D750 not working for us .
    The cameras (3 cameras) does not recognize the V860N (3 units) . The V860N does not push the shutter speeds down to 1/60 … 1/200 . Obviouslly exposures that were recieved were bad and uncontrolled. Exposures were totally washed out or half frame lighted and half frame dark .
    We tested the 3 cameras D750 with genuine Nikon flash units , results are OK .
    We tested the V860N on Nikon D810 , results are OK .
    Our tests were all with the V860N mounted directlly on the D750 camera .
    We will be glad to know and have solution for that .

  44. Motti 5 years ago

    Hi Azrikam,

    To be honest it’s not the best using flash and Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority. For example, when I use flash I am always on Manual. But, that’s not the point here…so let’s see what we can do.

    So I took my D750, put it on Aperture Priority and put the V860N flash on TTL and start taking pictures. My camera went down to 1/60’s of a second and went all the way to 1/1000’s of a second without any problems.

    Now it was a bit inconsistent and I wrote a comment above about the inconsistency of the flash compare to the SB-900 or SB-910 but overall it performed pretty good.

    If the camera does not seem to recognize the flash, or the TTL seems to not correspond with the shutter speed, there are three things:

    A. If the camera is not on Fast Shutter Speed and the camera is on Aperture Priority, the camera will never go above 1/250’s and images will be over exposed if shooting in daylight. Make sure camera is on high speed shutter. You will see a small icon on the flash LCD that has the H letter.

    B. Due to some play in the D750 hot shoe the flash sometimes does not have the contacts touching the hot shoe contacts. You should loosen the flash ring a bit and the camera will recognize it right away.

    C. ALWAYS turn on camera first and flash second. Doing the opposite, in my experience anyway, prevents the flash recognizing the camera.

    I hope that helps. Let us know.


  45. Azrikam 5 years ago

    Thank you for your detailed explanation . I will try that and let you know .

    • keano 5 years ago

      I have had connection issues on the D750 someone mentioned it on a forum and I tried it and works great: Pixel TF-322 Flash Hot Shoe Sync Adapter.

      • Motti 5 years ago

        Hi Keano,
        I did not think about it, I actually have one lying around somewhere. Thanks.

  46. Motti 5 years ago

    hey Azrkam, I hope it helps and yes, please let us know how things are going.

  47. theo 5 years ago

    hey guys
    i contact to Lindy @ godox i sent her a video about the problem on my flash & i sent her examples pics
    i paste the link to see if you have same issue let me know
    some pics to nothing special http://we.tl/oKdD4cqFeO

  48. Motti 5 years ago

    Hi Theo,

    The video is blurry but from I can gather, your flash does not have the f-stop icon at the bottom of the screen or the HSS icon (also at the bottom).

    It only shows the icons on top of the screen that says TTL and the zoom factor.

    That means the flash is not recognized by the camera (or vise versa).

    Try to loosen up the hot shoe ring. I find that when I tighten the ring too much the flash loose connection. When I turn the ring back even half a turn the flash bets connected.

    Hope it’s nothing more than that.


    • theo 5 years ago

      hi motti
      thanks motti i check the shoe ring but nothing happens
      regarding the owner manual the f-stop (FEC) appears when you selected, also the HSS icon appear when you enable for high speed sync (over 1\250 ) but in my case it was 1\60… maybe is malfunction what can i say.

  49. Motti 5 years ago


    Does it work at all? Does it fire when taking a picture?
    And if it works, it is inconsistent?

    • theo 5 years ago

      it works sometimes (underexposure) with no AF assist light , some others times works fine with AF assist light (again under exposure) but when i turn it to bounce or bounce card then stop working for some time, not all the time , then work again for a few shot…then back again…to tired to solve this problem thats why i need the first firmware 1.5 to try it ,if nothing happens i use it as manual then

  50. Motti 5 years ago


    That sounds like a very heretic behaviour. My experience is a lot more consistent when it comes to the working of the flash but inconsistent when it comes to light output.

    Saying that, I did not find the light inconsistency too bad (about 2/3 a stop difference), at least nothing I could not fix in post processing.

    However, what worries me the most is the fact that the flash lose connection with the camera every now and then. It is rare but it does happen. We do not want it to happen when the bride walks down the isle.

    I cannot blame Godox for it. I am sure Nikon has a lot to do with it, they do not want us to use any other accessories other than their WAY OVER PRICED stuff. Canon is a lot more friendly to those third parties and that’s why many do not even bother making anything for Nikon,

    No surprise that Canon sells WAY more pro cameras than Nikon. as of 2010 Canon sold 8.1 billion Euro worth of DSLR compared to 1.9 billion Euro for Nikon. That is more than four times the revenue.

    Nikon does not seem to care. By the way, in 2008 it was 7.9 to 2.1 (billions) so it was slightly better for Nikon. The trend is down for them. I wonder why….

    Theo, where did you buy the flash? I bought mine from Gadget Infinity and they are excellent. I think they do some quality control.

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