GODOX – Witstro AR400 Ring Flash Announced!



The fun leading up to Photokina has begun, with the new Godox Witstro AR400 Ring Flash Kit announced!




The AR400 Kit is a ring flash version of the popular Witstro AD360, with slightly more power, and a combined LED ring light. And a removable diffuser dome.

Although the specs appear to be the same as the current PB960, the AR400 also appears to have a new AR-B4500 battery pack as well. And hopefully this new pack will avoid the need for a 2 into one cable to achieve full recycle speed.


The AR400 includes a HSS (High Speed Sync) mode, which now goes down to 1/32, unlike the current Witrso which have a minimum 1/8th power in H-mode.




With a fairly serious set of LED’s tucked in there, the new AR400 may be a great combined still and video flash unit.

We know Godox have been very busy beavering away on new products this year, and this is the first hint of what may soon be on they way.

TTL versions of the Godox Witstro AD180 and AD360 are also expected to be unveiled at Photokina.




The Witstro AR400 Ring Flash Kit are available now from around $500 –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK.


  1. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    That is serious amount of LEDs and I think that they have split the power for each light source. A battery that can be attached directly to the device to power the LEDs ant a PB960 to power the flash.

  2. Stevey 6 years ago

    Let’s hope that they couple this with improvements to the battery and possibly the transmitters (TTL, HSS, etc).

    The current battery problems are really keeping me from taking the plunge with Godox (I can’t be sure I will be buying the newer batteries, plus it sounds like there is an inherent flaw with a lack of a balancer or something like that?).

    The apparent addition of modeling lights with this product is also a huge plus! Great site, BTW, I check it often.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Stevey,

      If you can get recent stock the batteries should be OK. EachShot has new batteries now (and they will replace any previous faulty ones).

      A balancing circuit sounds like the best method, though it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time too soon.

      A couple of people have reported receiving messages from their Ebay sellers warning of possible battery issues, and that they would replace any faulty batteries. So it seems like Godox are getting the message out now, and I assume covering sellers costs.

  3. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    There is just not enough space because of the generated heat by the flash. I am my self busy to make my own for the small octa but I have wait because the package with the LED drivers seemed to be grounded in Canada.

    Ordered today the remotes so I control the LEDs from behind of the camera.

  4. Michael 6 years ago

    Hope they don’t fail at wide angle compatibility for 77mm filter thread and 16/17mm focal length like so many others. I asked metz for a self contained ring flash and pointed out that they need to include this if they wanted PJ wedding shooters to be able to use it for fill flash on short distance. They thanked me for the suggestion – and two years later they introduced the 15. Of course with just 72mm filter thread compatibility. Okay, they don’t want any business.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Micheal,

      This appears to have a full camera mounting bracket base at the rear, so I don’t think there will be any attachment to the lense.

  5. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    I am looking at the flash on a big screen and there is no connector for the PB960 visible but there is a remark on the box that it is a “kit” so we will have to wait until someone can peek into the box what is really in there.

  6. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    Post is updated with the main specs. It looks like there is a new AR-B4500 battery pack available as well.

    So hopefully this avoids the need for 2 into 1 cords anymore for full recycle times with one flash connected.

    HSS mode also goes down to 1/32nd, compared to 1/8th with the current Witrso’s, so that should be a good advantage for close up portraits.

  7. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    Thanks for the up data but it still not explain the “kit” and the AR-B4500 goes in the bottom part. Acorging to me the kit part is maybe the difuser .

    The LED value of 440 LUX is likely for on led and has to be multiplied by the number of LEDs.

    Not likely that the speed charge option will be included so a small amount of money can be saved producing the flash.

  8. nixland 6 years ago

    Great news, but the design a bit dissapointed for me because I also use ringflash reflector dish and ringflash octabox on my ringflash (Golden Eagle brand, which the same design as Hensel ringflash).
    The HSS feature is quite interesting though.

  9. Stevo 6 years ago

    Would really like to see a TTL Godox 360 with a button to lock the TTL exposure as a manual exposure just like the Prophoto B1 does.

    That would be a product I would buy a few of.

  10. Andy Ale 6 years ago

    Here’s a back view which clarifies the battery questions. http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1299/9820/original.jpg

  11. Andy Ale 6 years ago

    Also, after extensive scouting found a place in Bulgaria that’s offering the unit in pre-order for 400 Euros plus VAT

  12. Alberto 6 years ago

    Any news from Photokina about the TTL version of the AD180 and AD360

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Alberto,

      I haven’t seen if Godox have any TTL Witsro to show at Photokina, though its looking very much like they are not ready to officially announce at this stage unfortunately.

      They were originally expecting early next year for these, and Photokina may have been a little over ambitious. I suspected even if they announced them now there would still be some time before they are actually available.

  13. Julius Lagula 6 years ago

    So has anyone bit the bullet and ordered one of these babies?

    I’ve been wanting a ring flash for so long and being in AU, the Alien Bees ring flash is just not practical for me to get.

    Would be interesting to see how this unit goes up against the ABR400

    • Alvin 6 years ago

      Have ordered it a week ago on ebay, Hongkong post will send it out to destination in a couple of days.I hope to get this new toy by Christmas. I like the possibility of using it as a ringflash, put it on an umbrella and even in softbox and also be able to adjust power level remotely.Unfortunately I am a beginner so it will take a while to learn how to use it properly.

  14. rob 6 years ago

    Ok. I got this product, so a few words. It is a typical Godox product – well built, well specced and super easy to use. As well as being a ring flash it can also be used as an additional Godox and is compatible with the FT16. It comes with an umbrella bracket as well as a screw hole for a light stand. The LED lights (3x power levels) can be used as a constant light. You can also use the LEDs as a modelling light which is very nice. And you can use the LEDs and flash together.

    I havent used it seriously, so these are some initial thoughts. I wish I could think of a way of using its HSS facility on an A7.

  15. Mick 6 years ago

    Street price here in HK is $3000HKD for the kit. The kit contains AR400, battery, brackets and diffuser. Only white diffuser. I can’t see any ports to plug the old PB960 which is a shame, and my local shop doesn’t have any spare batteries. This might be in my bag once the monthly pay cheque comes in 🙂

    There is a bit of weight. Using on camera with say a 5D and a decent lens plus triggers might be a great workout

  16. ShadowCatcher 6 years ago

    I bought one on eBay (http://ebay.to/1Cgrfvr) and the vendor never shipped.

    By some accident, I am going to HK end of March. Was thinking about getting one while there. Any suggestions?

    Thanks –

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi ShadowCatcher,

      I’m not familiar with the shops in HK, though from what I have heard I think most will sell them for around $400. So better than $500 – $550, but not a huge saving.

      At $282 I’m not surprised the Ebay vendor did not ship the light though, as they would likely have been making a loss.

  17. terry 8 months ago

    Not many videos or photoshoots (full length) with this on youtube or anything, so did this not really take off or what?

  18. Darren Knuttila 3 months ago

    it is great I have been using it steadily for 2 years, it is a terrible choice for video as the LED’s time out after 4 minutes and have to be turned back on,it has balance issues for sure,but the battery lasts all day and no it will not with a 77mm filter thread lens, it is for photography, not video and it will not HSS with the FT16,you will need a different transmitter for that.

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