GODOX WITSTRO – LED Modeling Light – Now Available

Witstro LED Modeling Light


A new 2 in 1 external LED modeling light and diffuser dome are now available for the Godox Witsto AD180 and AD360 bare bulb flash units.

The 6 Watt LED modeling light simply plugs into the charging port of the Godox PB960 battery back as the power supply. And a stepless power adjustment then provides full control of the lights intensity.

The unit can also double as a diffuser dome (similar to the original AD-S17 dome) even when the modeling light is not in use.


Witstro LED Modeling Light



  • LED Quantity: 6pcs
  • Power Output: 6Watts
  • Color Temperature: 4500K
  • Stepless Power Control
  • Cable Length: 2M
  • Power Source: Godox PB960 Power Pack
  • Includes Removable Diffuser Dome


The 6 LED light array is mounted on a flat reflector with standard mount.


Witstro LED Modeling Light


The LED modeling lights power cord plugs in via a standard mini-phone connection. So that the cord can be conveniently removed when the unit is only being used as a diffuser dome.


Witstro LED Modeling Light


And being a stand alone unit, the LED modeling light could potentially even be used with regular speedlites as well (when they are being powered by the PB960 battery pack).


Witstro LED Modeling Light


With a modeling light option now available, the excellent Godox Witstro flashes should be even more versatile.

And the great $399.95 deal (with extras) on the Adorama StreakLight version of the AD360 is still running HERE. (Though I don’t know how much longer for).




The 2 in 1 LED Modeling Light and Diffuser Dome are available now from GodoxStudio on Ebay for $42.99 with shipping.


PLEASE NOTE – These 2 in 1 modelling lights are not produced by Godox themselves.


Godox – Witstro Review.



  1. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    I should say I’m not sure if these are actually made by Godox themselves, though I will soon find out.

    UPDATE – I checked with Godox and these are NOT made by Godox.

    Its likely a good thing though that these lights are now popular enough now that other third parties are starting to make helpful accessories like this.

    • Paul H. 6 years ago

      “… these lights are now popular enough now that other third parties are starting to make helpful accessories like this.”

      Yes, I’m hoping for some better modifiers too. Like a highly efficient reflector for distance shooting would be great. Also, some CTO and CTB gels that fit on/over the bulb itself (for use in boxes, dishes, etc.) like a sleeve or dome since I’m afraid to tape my gel to the bulb.

      In fact, now that so many have the AD180/360 lights, it would be really cool if you started an ongoing thread of ideas/wishlist for new modifiers and accessories. Maybe the ideas would translate to better products sooner rather than later?

  2. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    Looks familiar to me. 😉

    I used stronger led’s, and instead of 6Watt I have 30Watts. Because of the higher power-drain by my led’s I opted to make my set to be turned on/off the LED radio controlled, remotely.

    • Joel 6 years ago

      Links to your kit? Is it for sale?

  3. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    You can start here with reading: http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?p=17212023 and I have made later several posts the development. I have now added protection against overheating and I am looking for the right parts for making the light able to be dimmed.

    The light is very very bright so only use it with a diffuser otherwise it would be to blinding.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      I can see a Kickstarter project here 🙂

      The application could be for many portable lights and speedlites etc as well.

  4. Jz 6 years ago

    modeling light would be nice but i actually just got the yn-622n for af assist beam. This looks nice but it wont work if you want to use another modifier.

    • pwp 6 years ago

      AF assist. That’s all I use my pair of YN-622C’s for. Indispensable.
      A model light for my AD360’s? Hmmm, maybe useful for some shooters but not here.

  5. Marcus Y 6 years ago

    mmmfotografie – how much does that setup cost to build?

  6. Jacques 6 years ago

    I’d love to know how quickly this drains the battery. Very, very interested in getting one of these.

  7. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    UPDATE – I checked with Godox and these are NOT made by Godox.

    Its likely a good thing though that these lights are now popular enough now that other third parties are starting to make helpful accessories like this.

  8. Ian Cheung 6 years ago

    Wonderful development. One reason I’ve been holding off on the 360 is lack of modelling light.

    I wonder how this would work with the S-type bracket and a beauty dish and also how 6W translates to brightness in practical terms.

  9. nixland 6 years ago

    But I can’t use it if I use Godox modifier that attached to the bulb head, such as Godox mini beauty dish or mini octabox 🙂

  10. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    A well informed source stated that the LED beads are 3Watt each so max power would be 18Watt which makes it a lot more usable.

  11. mike 6 years ago

    Really need to know if they can be used in conjunction with the Bowens adapter, if they can great, if not they are of no use to me

  12. mmmfotografie.nl 6 years ago

    Hi Mike, yes it can be used in combination with the Bowens adapter as long that the bit of the Bowens reflector that connects to the speedring is not to narrow. The Godox flat reflector with the LEDs has to close/inserted (in)to the flash it self so the flashbulb is be able to emit light also to the sides.

    Pictures that show more on: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5.w4002-6049257441.61.skiMXl&id=42651470367

  13. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    I have to correct my previous calculation of the power that is generated by the LEDs. The LED driver, black box with the dial, has a current output of 700mA and with the max. voltage of 12.6 Volt, that would be almost 9Watts.

    This is half than the max. output the combined LEDs, are rated for. The reason is probably to limit the heat that is being produced by the LEDs, so it can be turned on for long periods of time.

  14. Marcus Y 6 years ago

    Elvis – are you going to do a review on this unit?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Marcus,

      I have ordered one. I’ll try and do a quick review, or post some feedback here.

  15. Peter A 6 years ago

    I’m thinking this will be nice for indoor portraits with the AD360s. 6 Watts is bright enough to see highlighted sections & edges. Nice to have it with close color (even a bit warm).

    So… how long will a battery last?

  16. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    Battery 4500mAH and light 700mA that makes it more than 6 hours.

  17. Peter A 6 years ago

    Thanks! That is more than enough to do a day with a few batteries! 🙂

  18. Al 6 years ago

    I would like to see Godox make a TTL version of the AD-180 & AD-360. With most of the major brands like Profoto & Phottix going TTL with their studio battery powered flash system. I would make sense that Godox would follow suite.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Al,

      Godox unofficially announced TTL version of the Witstro back near the start of 2014. They were expected late 2014 or early 2015.

      So they could arrive any time, though its possible they may be a way of yet still as well, as Godox appear to be behind with new gear at this stage.

  19. Oscar 6 years ago

    I just wish i could figure out how to use the high speed sync together with my Canon 6D. Got myself a “Cells II” but it didn’t do the trick.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Oscar,

      Unfortunately I don’t think the Cells IIc are compatible with the 6D for HSS. Strangely there have only been a few reports or complaints about this though.

      I don’t have the later version Cells IIc to test this, though I’ll see if I can find out from Godox if any are compatible with the 6D as yet.

      • Oscar 6 years ago

        I would be very thankful!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Oscar,

          Lindy from Godox is saying that the latest model Cells II-C are compatible with the Canon 6D for HSS.

          She said the latest model have Cells II-C printed on the trigger itself, instead of just Cells II. I’m a little unsure about this, though can you tell me if you have Cells II-C printed on your triggers? Thanks.

          • Oscar 6 years ago

            Aha! Good news! I don’t have the Cells II-C trigger but will go ahead and make the purchase straight away. Will come back to give you my results…

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 6 years ago

              Ok thanks Oscar.

              I’m still a little unsure what is going on here. Though I’m going to order a Cells II-C now as well and see what happens with the 6D.

    • Mario Poje 6 years ago


      You can make AD360 work in HSS with 6D using Yongnuo 622c triggers.
      The only trick is to use PC sync cable, HSS does not work via hotshoe connector.

      I have this setup myself.

  20. Mark Kitaoka 6 years ago

    It appears that the power plug may interfere with using the 1/4 socket on the side of the 360. If anyone has purchased the modeling light, can you tell us if the plug clears the side mount socket? Thank you!

  21. mmmfotografie 6 years ago

    I use the a screw in there to rest led cable on. And if you use the standard curled powercable for the flash you can twirl the led cable inside that. Scott demonstrates that in his YouTube video.

    And you can always use the other side of the flash to lead your led cable along. 😉

  22. Photone 6 years ago

    The idea is fantastic. It takes the product to a professional level and makes it more usable as a portable strobe (steps further than a speedlight). However, single use (only with the light dom) restricts the purpose too much. I wish there would be a solution to place the modeling light into another modifier such as a reflector or a softbox. This would give the idea a versatile and cutting edge usability.

    Second question is how much energy does it drain from the battery and how powerful it is as being a useful modeling light? Especially while using in a softbox?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Photone,

      I did pick up one of these and they can be quite handy. The LED light ring itself can be easily removed from the metal ring and placed in a softbox with just a little gaffa tape or similar.

      They use very little battery power at all. I’ll have to do a comparison test on the power to get an idea of a comparable tungsten globe. Though they are fairly limited inside a softbox. Still handy for close product shots though, or focusing portraits compared to no light at all.

      You could even pit the LED light ring to the front of a softbox diffuser if it was just an indication light position needed (or more light for focusing etc).

      I think the main setback is lack of remote control via the FT-16 transmitter.

      • Gav 4 years ago

        Hi, any idea where I can get one of these today? I’ve seen the Cheetahstand version, but they seem to only deliver to USA. The same goes for the one I can find on ebay. This modelling light seems like a slick solution for the AD360. Thanks

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Hi Gav,

          The GodoxStudio listing I linked to ships worldwide? (That’s where I got mine from).

          Just out of interest, some other people have also just used inexpensive macro ring lights (removing the front diffuse cover for a bit more light). Its hard to know which would be the best to go with though.

  23. PeterA 5 years ago

    I just ordered one! There has been so little talk of it that I was a little worried it may have some hidden faults. If the LED lights can be removed and the reflector size adjusted to go into my brackets (Adorama Glow) there shouldn’t be a problem I can’t fix with some epoxy. 🙂

  24. Vladimir Schekoldin 4 years ago

    Godox ad-360II has Color temperature ranges within 5600±200K but this one has 4500K

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