GODOX – X1-C – TTL Triggers for Canon – Now Available




Godox have released details on their soon to be available X1-C, TTL and HSS enabled 2.4GHz radio trigger system for Canon DSLRs.

The X1-C will be Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available, and they will be released alongside the new TT685C Speedlite, with compatible radio transceiver built inside.


UPDATE – Godox have added a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen. To Enter this mode hold down the CH Channel button for 5 seconds

There are more details on this Page Mode at the bottom of the post under the Custom Functions list.




The X1-C are separate transmitter and receiver units, with X1-C receivers being compatible with MK II style Canon compatible speedlites like the 580EX II and 600EX-RT etc.

As well as Canon ETTL compatible flashes like Godox’s own V860C.




As well as the traditional Canon A:B C ratio style interface, the X1-C provide a full GR Group style interface allowing up to 5 Groups to be individually set to either TTL, Manual, or Off.

So most importantly TTL and Manual Groups can be conveniently mixed together as needed.

PLEASE NOTE – GR Group mode requires camera models from 2012 onward.




The X1-C provide TTL, HSS (High Speed Sync) and most of the features comparable popular TTL triggers provide, even a HSS Pre-sync Timing Adjustment.

Godox have even considered small (though important) details like PC Sync Input and Output, something most radio triggers constantly miss.

UPDATE – Second Curtain Sync has been added to the X1-C transmitter from firmware version V09 onward. (Set Custom  Function 04 to 01 to engage).




  • Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio System
  • Range – 100m +
  • Flash Modes – ETTL / M / OFF
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom
  • GR Group Mode – A / B / C / D / E  (5 Groups)
  • Ratio Group Mode – A / B / C
  • 32 Channels
  • Large LCD Display with Back Light
  • HSS Delay Setting – 0~19.9ms, (100us Increments)
  • Modeling flash
  • Auto Memory Function
  • AF Assist light (With an On/Off Switch)
  • Wireless Shutter Release
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • Transmitter PC Sync Port – Input & Output
  • Receiver 2.5mm Sync and Shutter Release Port – Output


The X1-C transmitter features a large clear LCD panel interface, and fast adjustment control wheel.

Godox have even provided a simple switch on the side of the transmitter allowing the Focus Assist Light to be switched on and off when needed.




X1-C receivers provide a simple Channel and Group selection interface.




The X1-C receivers 2.5mm Sync Port output can be used for wired and wireless shutter release, as well as firing studio strobes.





The X1-C will be Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available, and they will be released alongside the new TT685C Speedlite, with compatible TTL radio transceiver built inside.The TT685C Speedlites provide both Radio Master and Slave modes.

V860C Speedlites can be fired and controlled off camera while being attached to X1 receivers. And even current Manual Godox Witstro (with X1-C receiver attached) can now be fired off camera with no extra transmitter units attached to the camera.

The Godox PB960 external high voltage battery packs providing a very fast recycle option with the TT685C Speedlites, on or off camera.










C.Fn-00 – Synchronization Delay Setting – [ 00 = OFF ] [ 1-100 US delay setting ]

C.Fn-01 – Single Contact Mode – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ] (stops transmitter going to sleep)

C.Fn-02 – Zoom Setting – [ – –  = No changes ] [ AU = Changes with lens ] [ 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105… ]

C.Fn-03 – PC Sync Socket – [ In = PC Sync connect with Camera ] [ ou = PC Sync connects with Flash ]

C.Fn-04 – Rear Curtain Sync – [ – –  = OFF ] [ 1 = ON ] (camera shutter must be between 30s – 1/30s)

C.Fn-05 – Enable 1/256 Power Level – [ 1/128 = OFF ] [ 1/128- = ON ]  (1/256 is displayed as 1/128-)

C.Fn-06 – Switch between 3 and 5 groups in GR Group Mode – [ 03 = 3 groups ] [ 05 = 5 groups ]

C.Fn-07 – Turn remote flash beep Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-08 – Updates slave strobes settings before each shot, Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-09 – APP Mode – Triggers the flash only – Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]



A function to remotely turn the modelling light On and Off on strobes like the AD600B has also been added to the X1 transmitters.

Double pressing the Channel button will turn the modelling light ON or OFF.




After some persuasion, and the help or Adorama / Flashpoint, Godox have implemented a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen.

To engage the Page Mode interface hold the Channel button for 5 seconds, or until the groups show again on the LCD screen (after the custom functions disappear).

A flashing Group letter now indicates the current Group selected.

– Single press the Group button – To scroll down groups.
– Double press the Group button – To scroll up groups.
– Turn the Dial – To adjust the Group setting.
– Press the Channel button – To lock in the setting (will also lock in automatically after 2 seconds)


(Unfortunately this is still not quite as we suggested, which would be using the dial to quickly select groups. Though at least the groups are not constantly scrolling around on the LCD screen now).

Godox have also implemented Custom Function C.Fn-06, which allows the display of just 3 groups when you’re currently not using all 5.

This makes it faster to scroll through (by continually pressing the Group button) just 3 groups all displayed on the one page, to select the group you’re after.





The Godox X1-C TTL triggers for Canon are available now from around $80 a set of Tx & Rx –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK.



Godox – Website


  1. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    I am awake again but did hear any alarm. Going to read the information now.

  2. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    After quick read there is nothing new here that would that would make me replace my old Pocket Wizards when using my Godox Witstro flashes.

    Let hope Godox will go that extra step to bridge the bandwidth gap between the X1 and Witstro.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      All Godox will need now is a 2.4GHz FTR-16 receiver to clip to the Witstro, and you can say good by to having multiple FT-16 and Cells II, or YN-622C / Control TL transmitters etc.

      Remote power control and HSS Pre Sync Signal could all be done through the one X1-C transmitter or TT685C flash.

      So hopefully Godox will move quickly on something like that as well, rather than just new flashes with the new transceivers built in.

  3. nixland 4 years ago

    I wonder why the second curtain sync is missing.

  4. Jacques 4 years ago

    CaNikon only? Snore.

  5. photo-fotograf.com 4 years ago

    is it compatibile TTL with Wistro AD 360?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi photo-fotograf.com,

      No the current AD360 are remote manual strobes only. Its very unlikely they will ever provide TTL capability even as radio slave flashes.

  6. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    If Godox is making a FT16 receiver that is compatible with the X1 then they have also to look into making TTL possible with the Witstro.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      I think we had that discussion already in the TT685C comments.

      Godox have always had the intention of updating the remote manual clip on radio system to a new system (possibly 2.4GHz) if needed, (though I don’t know at this stage if they are intending to follow through with that now, hopefully so).

      EDIT – Godox have confirmed they have 2.4GHz FTR-16 and FTR-16s receivers in development.

      They have never expressed any interest or intention to convert current remote manual strobes into TTL slaves. As discussed previously that would require some very unconventional TTL enabled clip on receiver units that could somehow process the TTL details, and convert them to a remote manual signal the manual flashes could understand.

      With enough time and money anything is likely possible, though I think its highly unlikely any of the current remote manual flashes will ever have TTL compatibility or capability added.

      Creating a remote manual 2.4GHz receiver in place of the current 433MHz FTR-16 receivers should not be a big issue. Though again I don’t know if Godox actually intend to do this still. Hopefully they do though as it would obviously mean a lot to their already established user base.

  7. David 4 years ago

    I’ve checked this site daily waiting for this (and an RT version of the 850c) – happy to see it finally coming!

  8. Ales Tomis 4 years ago

    I still dont get it. Why Godox dont make ONE transmitter for Godox studio flashes, Wistro and their new TT685 flashes. We do have now 3 different transmitters. If I want use HSS on Wistro and also changing output level, I need 2 different transmitters. This is sick. And their stupid volume scale on studio flashes from 5 – 10, Wistro has more pleasant common scale 1/128 – 1/1. A receivers for Wistro and studio flashes are crap. Many times they just dont work, especialy on my V850. Easy to loose. Why they just dont integrate this receivers to flashes??? It would be 5€ more expensive,but much reliable.
    I went to Godox system because I saw some future, but now I am sick and tired. I am really thinking to go to Profoto and their B system.
    Sorry for of topic, but I needed to get it out.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Ales,

      Godox created the clip on radio system because they knew their initial radio system was quite rushed and not very advanced. Being an external clip on system now allows previous flash units to possibly be updated to be compatible with the new 2.4GHz system.

      As the TT685C flash shows its very likely new flash units will now have the 2.4GHz radio built inside. Providing the external receiver port as well at least still allows both new and old radio system options.

      Its standard for studio lights to use the 1/10th stop fine adjustment scale, so Godox are not doing anything unusual there. Though I agree it would certainly help if the transmitter could somehow control all the flash units together with the 1/3rd stop scale.

    • Mark 4 years ago

      I have both the Wistro and V850/860 series of flashes and their associated triggers and I am much happier with them than my Yongnuo 603 II’s.
      First, they use the flash power instead of aaa’s or some other battery.
      Second, they are very small yet trigger more reliably over distance than the well-regarded Yongnuos.
      Third, I can adjust power form my camera with zero trouble.
      In the end, I feel that Godox will be the one to beat in the market for solid, powerful flashes.

  9. Tapio 4 years ago

    Godox haven’t messed up just yet, but they are very close to it.
    First, this transmitter is a copy of the 622 and the 622 TX. Both systems I use but hate because of the menu you have to use in order to make adjustments (it’s very slow, requiring multiple presses of the same button; really fun in darkness).
    The FT16 system is much faster to use and so far has been completely reliable. My only gripe with the FT16 is that you can’t quickly switch off a single flash (like I can with my Phottix Stratto). Godox should not ditch the 433mhz system. Instead, they should have integrated it in this new commander unit.
    The lack of second curtain sync is a huge mistake. It means I can’t even consider this system, as the 622 offers this functionality already. The only advantage this system provides (in theory because the 2,4 Ghz FT16s is still a rumor/prototype) is that I would need to carry 2 less AA batteries for the receiver 622.
    To stand a chance, the X1 needs to have second curtain sync and be backward compatible with existing FT16s units.
    There may a bottleneck in the 433 mhz system in that it can’t provide TTL, HSS or second curtain sync, though the last two should, in theory be possible, as the system does nothing except manage the sync timing.
    It’s a crying shame, because this system could have been beautiful.

    • Mark 4 years ago

      Your comment illustrates my position on TTL OCF. With any experience a maul shooter can arrive at a proper exposure much more quickly than someone using TTL unless they have the surprising good fortune to get the exposure right the first time. Even then the exposure changes given even the slightest changes in the subject position.
      Every demo (and real life experience) I have seen shows that TTL flash (especially OCF) requires a lot of fiddling. Learn the craft and you won’t have to buy the fiction of automation.

  10. Rembart 4 years ago

    I wonder Godox X-1 can control power and use HSS with Witstro. Also if X-1 is compatible enough to control power of their studio storbes (Like Godox F-16 flash trigger) it can be really convenient.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Rembart,

      Please see my comment below regarding 2.4GHz FTR-16 and FTR-16s receivers.

      If Godox come through with X1 compatible receivers then the existing flash units should all work in together nicely.

      HSS should not be an issue as the current flashes only need to receive the early fire signal for the H-mode to work.

      I’m doubt very much there will be any TTL with the existing remote manual flashes though.

  11. Tom 4 years ago

    Why are all the controls on the right hand side?

    Is one supposed to hold the camera with the left hand while operating the transmitter with the right hand?

    Does not make sense to me.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      I think this is a mistake as well, though I think its likely already too late now to do much about it.

      When Pixel released the first modelling images of the King Pro transmitter they had a dial on the right side as well. I explained to them it needs to be on the left otherwise you are going to cover the LCD screen with you’re hand while making adjustments. They ended up scrapping the dial though anyway.

      You can’t get left handed cameras, so I really don’t know what Godox would be thinking.

  12. Jason 4 years ago

    Any chance Sony is going to get a trigger for HSS and ETTL?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      Godox have not expressed any intention to develop Sony compatible gear previously, so its not likely unfortunately, not in the near future anyway.

    • Tony 4 years ago

      Hi Jason

      Try Phottix, they have had them for ages and i use them works very well.

  13. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 years ago

    Ok, don’t take this as gospel, as there is sometimes some miscommunication with technical details from Godox, though as far as I understand Godox already have 2.4GHz versions of the FTR-16 and FTR-16S developed.

    At this point they still need to update them to be compatible with the X1 transmitter, though that is their intention.

    Again I wouldn’t bank on anything until its actually available, though hopefully this helps people understand how this is all likely to fit together in the future.

    No indication of when the new receivers may be available though.

  14. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    I often holds my camera with my lefthand under the lens and the body resting on my wrist to change settings. For the FT-16 and Pocket Wizards I normally use my lefthand.

    If the buttons were on top it could be controlled by either left or right handed person. However the hotshoe is blocking this.

    On lefthanded cameras, that could be done by after market grip/battery holder. A lot could be done for lefthanded persons but then people are very adaptive to external influences.

  15. Niels Gram 4 years ago

    What we need isn’t an other incompatible-with-everyting-else radio trigger ! I wish that the major players in the trigger marked sat down and standardised on a common radio trigger protocol so that we as customers could mix and match lights and triggers based on what we need and not on who made it… I would have loved to control my Canon and Yongnuo flashes with build-in radio triggers with a Odin II transmitter without having to buy Odin receivers and probably when the time is right add a battery powered studiolight -probably an Indra. Standardisation has been a good thing in the computer industry and I believe it would be so in the lighting industry…

    • Bill 4 years ago

      ‘Standardisation has been a good thing in the computer industry and I believe it would be so in the lighting industry……..’

      Well said Niels!

  16. Mikhail 4 years ago

    All I hope for is a remote that will let me change the flash to HSS from the trigger instead of having to manually change it on the flash itself… Give me that and I’m golden! 🙂

  17. Tapio 4 years ago

    Here’s a thought. Why not power this type of commander unit with a single 18650 cell?

  18. Mika 4 years ago

    And where is Sony version?

  19. mmmfotografie 4 years ago

    You have to recharge the18650 battery and you need a special charger for it. Maybe the Lion AA batteries will become cheaper and so more accepted soon by more people.

    On Sony, Flashhavoc wrote about that above.

    • Tapio 4 years ago

      Availability is not really the issue, as this type of battery is more common than one would think (I know I did) and there are many dirt cheap chargers out there like the ones you get with an 18650 powered flashlight (most CREE equipped flashlights, for that matter). Those chargers are cheap and horrible, but get the job done. A single 18650 cell can do the job of a pair of AA NimH and then some.
      Oh, well… Maybe someday.

  20. Marcello 4 years ago

    Looks as if Yongnuo dumped it’s clients… 2 years with no universal trigger is a marketing deception as I consider it.

    YN 560 flash series is a crippled system that never came to be… The available triggers are so convoluted that some have no af assist light, others do but won’t work with YN 560, the other system is compatible with YN560 but no ttl feature. This company is so messed up, I am so upset!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Marcello,

      As much as I criticize some of YongNuo’s choices, they have really delivered a lot more than they originally intended to.

      The YN560 system was just meant to be a simple inexpensive remote manual system, and as far as that goes they have provided a great product.

      Its only now that are trying to accommodate peoples wishes to combine the systems that things get complicated and messy. Though its hard to critizise them for at least trying to make the systems more compatible.

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      The YN560 system is manual, optical, radio, no A/F assist system.

      The YN622 system is manual, TTL, mixed, radio, A/F assist system.

      How could one controller/trigger work for all that and NOT be totally confusing?

      IMO, A/F assist and TTL shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as YN560…anything.

  21. Johan 4 years ago

    Anyone know if this is out for sale somewhere alongside the speed lights? I have been searching everywhere but find nothing.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Johan,

      No they are still not available just yet. Hopefully not long away though.

  22. daemorhedron 3 years ago

    I agree, you’d think a lot of this would be truly standardized by now. Unless I’m missing something, these will definitely be replacing my YN622 sets if for no other reason than pass through on the TX! Hope they (and some reviews) are out soon as promised.

  23. Jacques 3 years ago

    I’m puzzled that there’s no mention of v850 support, despite reported compatibility with the Witstros via a new receiver. Is Godox not going to make a receiver for the v850?
    And, why no Pan/Oly version? They could own that entire market if they’d deliver this trigger and a scaled-down v860 for MFT.

  24. Motti 3 years ago

    ALl I am looking for is a trigger that has a PC sync when having my V860 on my Nikon D750. It drrives me insane that I have to result to cumbersome and complicated settings when all it takes a PC sync hole on the flash and trigger.

    Great device but again, this is for Canon only :-(.

  25. Tiago 3 years ago

    Is this a better alternative than the Pixel King PRO?
    Best wishes from Brazil.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Tiago,

      Sorry we don’t really know the answer to that yet as the X1 are still not quite available yet.

      Godox are new to TTL triggers as well though, so its quite possible they may need to be refined over time to some degree as well.

      Unit they are actually available though we can’t be sure.

      • Tiago 3 years ago

        I’ll have to get more time with the Pixel . Thanks for listening.

  26. Nathaniel Downes 3 years ago

    I noticed these for sale on ebay. Has anyone ordered/received/played with a set yet?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Thanks Nathaniel,

      I’ve just ordered an X1 set, and the TT685C flash. They will likely take a couple of weeks to arrive though.

  27. Brendan Tonkin 3 years ago

    I want to use this to replace my 622c – I love my V860C. The only problem is missing the AF assist beam.
    Any idea yet what this means? – “AF Assist light (Manual Open ?)”

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Brendan,

      I would say that is for the new AD360II-C and similar flashes. The current remote manual AD360 / V850 and FT-16 transmitter allow you to turn the AF light on the of-camera flash on and off remotely from the transmitter. I’m assuming this is what Godox have carried over to the X1 transmitters as well now with flashes like the AD360II-C (and possibly the new TT685C).

      I don’t know if the V860C would have that feature with the X1 though. As they do not do that with the FT-16 transmitter.

      I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to with the missing AF beam regarding the V860C and/or YN-622C though?

      • Brendan Tonkin 3 years ago

        Hi Flash,
        Perhaps not many people use it much, but I’m referring to the AF assist light on the yn-622 referenced here: http://flashhavoc.com/yn-622-af-assist-light/

        Extremely common to a lot of flashes, but not to a lot of triggers unfortunately. I rely on the beam extensively in poorly lit event spaces and shoot off camera often.

  28. Dan 3 years ago

    I can’t wait for the Nikon version. I am ready to ditch the YN622N. This looks promising to control all Godox flashes in the near future with the option of mounting my Jenbei HD 600V trigger on top.

  29. Motti 3 years ago

    Yes Dan, me too. I would love to have a trigger that sits on my camera and has a hot shoe to put my on-camera flash on top of it. No more cables!!

    What would be even better is a V860N with a built in trigger that can trigger Godox receivers.

    But even just an X1 for nikon would be great.

  30. Nathaniel Downes 3 years ago


    It seems that the X1-C does indeed have an AF Assist Beam (I know exactly what you’re talking about). I need this too. Currently I have to throw a huge flash on my camera even when I have no intention to actually fire it. I disable the flash from firing and enable the AF beam so i can shoot in dimly lit situations and low contrast subjects just so the camera will focus. Even the “best” body/lens combos cannot auto focus if they can’t see the subject.

    So, from what I can tell, the x1-C does indeed have the AF Beam. This photo shows it pretty clearly (photo credit: stolen from a Ebay seller – sorry)…


    However, in my research, I have also read that the button the photo refers to is for turning on and off the backlit display.

    But… if it is indeed for the AF, then “manual open” could refer to the ability to turn it on and off manually. That for me would be perfect since when I drop the speedlight on to my body, I always have to go through multiple custom function menus to disable the flash head and enable the AF beam. A simple button on the side would be great.

    Oh… and this thing triggers flashes too!!! 🙂

  31. Matt 3 years ago

    The amazon link is coming up with :

    Your search “godox x1-c” did not match any products.

    Hopefully they’ll be getting some in soon??

    • Nathaniel Y. Downes 3 years ago

      Check ebay. There are quite a few sellers selling them (US and China warehouses).

  32. Kyle 3 years ago

    I got the X1 today with the new flash. I was excited for the ability to turn off flashes remotely, but it looks like this is only available if group mode is enabled. Although when using group mode the X1 randomly puts the flash into HSS mode so it will not fire unless my shutter is over 1/200. Is there a firmware update for this or is my unit deffective?

  33. Nathaniel Downes 3 years ago

    Any news Kyle? I just found a seller with stock in the USA and was just about to pull the trigger on a purchase of one transmitter and three receivers… But suddenly I am feeling skeptical.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      I have some similar issues as well. I’m using a Canon 600EX-RT mounted on an X1 receiver at the moment though.

      The Group mode only works with post 2012 cameras, of which I only have he 6D at them moment. And the transmitter is not working correctly with the 6D.

      Its not setting the flash to HSS automatically as Kyle mentions, though if I use shutter speeds below x-sync the flash fires out of sync when the transmitter group is set to TTL, and the flash doesn’t fire at all when the transmitter group is set to manual.

      As Kyle mentions it appears to work fine at higher shutter speeds with HSS mode though (both TTL and Manual).

      Kyle yes you do need the Group mode do turn flash groups on and off individually.

      The transmitter appears to work fine with the 7D and previous cameras, though there is no Group mode available with those.

      So firmware should be able to fix those issues.

      Another thing I noticed though is that the locking pin on my X1-C transmitter hotshoe is not retracting when I wind the locking ring up.

      Luckily I noticed this before mounting the transmitter on the camera hotshoe, otherwise it would likely still be stuck on the camera now. Hopefully that is just my transmitter being faulty, though it may be something worth people checking just in case.

      • Kenneth 3 years ago

        Hallo, any new on the X1-c transmitter and the Canon 6D. Do they now work or?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      I should add, Godox have included some good features to the X1-C, like a single firing pin camera mode, and a global power or FEC adjustment for all flash groups (retaining the same ratios).

      To make a group active for adjustment though, you have to scroll it to the center of the LCD display. That’s something thats really going to take some getting used to.

    • Kyle 3 years ago

      I just received my second TT685c and X1. I have no issues on the 5DmkIII other than what I mentioned, that the group mode only works in high speed sync. I haven’t fully read the manual, but I’m not sure why I would ever need group mode, other than the ability to selectively turn off different groups. Using the X1 in normal mode is really nice. I can quickly adjust the power of groups A, B, C, which is enough for me. One nice feature i didn’t expect is that you tap the GR button to adjust the output of one group, but if you hold the GR button for 1.5 seconds you adjust the output off all the groups by the same amount. So if A is at 1/16th and B is at 1/32nd, I can quickly add a stop of output to both setting A to 1/8th and B to 1/16th. Also, the auto high speed sync is pretty brilliant. I have noticed the power output is a least a stop less when using HSS, which is to be expected.
      I was really hoping that the X1’s hot shoe would pass through even when the X1 was off, because it would be nice to be able to quickly power off the slave strobes if I needed to. I mainly use these to light wedding receptions and I like to have 1 or 2 flashes as a back lights, while still having a a flash on my camera, which is why the x1 looked like the perfect solution. If that firmware update comes through I won’t care as much about the hot shoe not passing through when off because I can use the X1 to turn off the flashes instead of just turning off the X1 itself. For now I will stick with the 433MHz transmitter and receiver setup. I velcro the FT-16 transmitter to the side of my 580ex and use a PC sync cord to connect it to my camera. That way if I quickly want to turn off my slave flashes I can turn off the transmitter and keep shooting with the on camera speedlight, or I can selectively turn off each channel because when the flashes are in manual slave mode, below 128th power is OFF. By having a flash on the camera I still have the focus assist beam even without the X1. The flexibly of the 433MHz FT-16 system has been fantastic for me. I put gaff tape over the channel switches through to prevent them from being changed accidentally. I won’t sell my X1’s yet because the moment the firmware update comes through I’ll switch over to the X1’s and use them in group mode. Hopefully the update will also add the OFF setting when not in group mode.

      On a side note:
      I love having both the AD360 and the TT685 because for weddings and portrait sessions sometimes I have I shoot well into dusk and the AD360 becomes too powerful. Now when this happens I just swap the AD360 with the TT685 by placing it in the same speedlight-to-bowens mount adapter and in about 90 seconds I can keep shooting with the same softbox and never miss a beat. Because of how well these flashes work together and the simplicity of the 433MHz system I am pretty committed to the Godox system. If only they would add a 600watt battery powered monoblock I would sell my Rovelight and have everything on the same transmitter system.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Thanks Kyle,

        The Group mode also allows you to mix Manual and TTL Groups, which is something you can’t do in the regular mode. That may not be something you personally need though.

        Regarding the monoblock, there is very likely something in the works. How long it will take to be available though I’m not sure.

      • Prince 3 years ago

        Hi Kyle
        can you please do a video about X1-C and put the link here to help everyone if that is ok with you Thanks

      • bogorad 3 years ago

        Does focus assist work in conjunction with TTL or by itself?

  34. nixland 3 years ago

    Can it control Yongnuo flash? If it does, what type of YN flash?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Nixland,

      The X1-C transmitter would only control YongNuo flashes if they were mounted on X1 receivers. I haven’t checked any yet, I’ll have to run through a few to see if they do work ok.

      • nixland 3 years ago

        Elv, have you tested on YN flash? I have 600RT and 568EXII. Thanks.

  35. Hector 3 years ago

    Will the x1canon or Nikon on top of the camera with a flash on top let a flash on top shoot in manual or ttl???? Can’t wait to test the Nikon version

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Hector,

      Yes the pass through hotshoe will allow manual and TTL with the flash mounted on top. I have the Canon X1-C, though haven’t had a chance to test this in any great detail yet.

  36. Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

    I got my TT685C and X1 trigger and receiver today,
    I must say I was pretty disappointed to learn that while the X1 trigger supports GR mode, the flash does not. This means the internal flash trigger could only be assigned to one of 3 groups, and not 5, like the x1 receiver.
    This is a shame, because the main reason I bought this combo is because of the 5 groups support. Only now I find out that you can only achieve that if you put the flash on an x1 receiver, which completely defeats the purpose of having an internal trigger…
    So what’s the point?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Thanks Shlomi,

      Yes, I don’t have the TT685C or AD360II-C yet, though the lack of Group mode looks to be one of the biggest weal points of the flash master control.

      I hadn’t really considered the slave options yet, though with that at least you can have 3 groups of TT685C, and any extra on X1 receivers.

      Godox should at least be able to provide 5 slave groups for remote manual use at least. Maybe we can try to get them to at least update that.

      • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

        I’ve emailed them regarding the groups on slave mode, but haven’t got a reply yet.
        I do wholeheartedly hope that they could resolve this by firmware update, but it might be that GR implementation requires more complicated changes, because it involves the chip that implements the Canon protocol. The changes from the old optical wireless protocol to the new GR mode might be too different and might involve hardware changes, but that really depends on Godox and how generic they have built their flash, and what level of control they have with their firmware update process.
        I guess times will tell, but in any case it does not seem like it would be a matter of days, but at least months, if at all we will get an answer regarding this problem.

        • Matt 3 years ago

          Shlomi, Did you get any response from godox in regards to this issue?

  37. Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

    Not at all, Matt, not even an email back.
    I am thinking of calling them.

  38. Matt 3 years ago


    Do you have any idea what these are over at Adorama?

    I initially thought they may be flashpoint’s version of this new x1 trigger but on the description on Adorama they’re notated as transceivers, not a transmitter and receiver setup. I can’t find any images. I’m interested because I want to know if they have a hotshoe and a sync connection.

    I can’t find any other info on them online. I’m very interested since I’m currently deciding on my next move for my lighting(with a focus on lighting wedding receptions with as little ‘pieces’ as possible)

    Any info would be great. Even if it’s a link to some info.

  39. Yuki 3 years ago

    I have question about X1-C, I have 7D. I want to use this radio slave motor drice mode. 7D can take 8 frame photo at 1second. If I will use this radio slave manual flash mode(1/64 power), Can I use 8fps? or nor?
    If you have X1-c and 7D, please test and answer my question.
    If X1-c can use 8fps on manual mode, I want to buy this!!
    Best regards.


  40. Hector 3 years ago

    Been looking for reviews or videos on this triggers and can find any, also by the comments the triggers seem to have issues and no support from Godox or firmware link, ??? Want to buy the Nikon version but need to see they work and are supported, are there any videos out there???

  41. Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

    I’ve already started working on my own video review but it will take some more time until I finish as I’m fully evaluating all of the pros and cons of this flash + trigger combo. I will try and push it out sooner for you guys.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Thanks Shlomi,

      There are some firmware updates available for the X1 for Canon and Nikon here –


      (Obviously you will need Google translate of similar to read the page).

      The Canon update apparently fixes the Group mode issue. I’m not sure about the Nikon versions.

      Also be aware the firmware are different there for the X1 transmitter and receivers. Don’t update the receivers with the transmitter firmware etc or they won’t work anymore.

      • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

        I’ve been waiting for this, this definitely makes the trigger a lot more usable to me.

        The upgrade process was a little klunky, having to underatand google-translated Chinese, but eventually I got it to work and it’s working great now.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 3 years ago

          Great thanks Shlomi!

        • Mike Mahoney 3 years ago

          Shlomi, do you have a link to the firmware update procedure? I’ve downloaded the firmware updates for the X1C-T and X1C-R, but don’t know how to install them.

          • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

            No Mike, I didn’t find any information online besides the instruction in Chinese that I had to google translate.
            All I can say is that it was a nightmare to install and update.
            I had a problem with the installation of the drivers, I had to boot to windows into some kind of mode that allows third-party drivers to be installed. After I got that working it all went pretty smooth from there. Notice you have to have the triggers off when you connect them to the computer. The trigger will not show anything on the screen when you connect it, but the computer will recognize it and when you run the software it should be able to connect.
            Also notice, that if you are upgrading the flash firmware you have to reinstall the drivers and not use the drivers from the triggers.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 3 years ago

            The X1-C update procedure is similar to the V860 and other Godox upgradeable gear (which provide upgrade instructions in English).

            And you generally need to use a Windows 7 or XP system to make it work. (That’s stated in the instructions). I haven’t had any issues previously using an old Windows 7 PC.

            No luck with Windows 8 or later though. If there is a way to make those work is would be great if anyone could explain exactly what needs to be done to make those work.

            • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

              I have successfully upgraded the driver with Windows 10, here is what you need to do:

              1. Do NOT connect the flash/trigger to the computer at this point. If you have already connected the device to the computer prior to the installation, you might have problems as the computer registers the device as unknown, and after that it gets pretty hard to make the computer disregard that.

              2. Check the software version on the device and make sure you’re not already running the version you are updating to. If you’re running the latest version, there should be no reason to upgrade.
              On X1-T:
              Turn device OFF. Hold the MODE button pressed, and turn the device ON. The firmware version will be displayed.
              On X1-R:
              Turn device OFF. Hold the GR button pressed, and turn the device ON. The firmware version will be displayed.
              On TT685C:
              Press the C.fn button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.

              3. Disable Driver Signature Verification using this guide: http://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/

              4. Once the computer has restarted, run the installation and choose to install the drivers (even if you have installed them before). Make sure the installation has completed successfully. If there is an error with installing the drivers, try to correct the problem before continuing.

              5. Let the installation install Java 7. I have not tested the software with later versions of Java, even though later versions were available.

              6. Turn the device OFF and connect it to the PC using a USB cable. The display of the device will not show anything, but your PC should make a sound that a new device has been connected to it successfully, you might not find any new devices under the “Device Manager” in Windows, this is normal.

              7. Run the firmware update software, make sure it is connected to the device and start the process.

              8. After the process has finished, the display on the device might be on. Disregard that and unplug the device from the PC.

              9. Check the firmware version on the device and make sure that it has updated.

              10. Restart your PC to return to the normal driver signing verification mode in Windows.

              Note: If you ever update the firmware for a different device (Transmitter/receiver/flash/whatever), repeat this entire process, including reinstalling the drivers. The drivers that are included with the firmware update software for flash triggers seem to not be working well with the flash, even though they show up under the same name.

              Hope this helps.
              If this has indeed helped you, don’t be shy and give me a shout out. 🙂
              Shlomi Cohen.

              You’re welcome to publish and share these instructions if needed.

              • Prince 3 years ago

                Thanks Shlomi for all the info but i am on a MAC so am i out of luck?

                • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

                  I don’t know, all I wrote is just from my experience, and I’m a windows user.

                  • Prince 3 years ago

                    Your website looks very nice Tuda raba Adoni Shalom

                • Ronnie 3 years ago

                  perfect Shlomi- this worked! on windows 10 running on bootcamp on a mac! thanks a million!!!

              • Author
                Flash Havoc 3 years ago

                Thanks for taking the time to detail this Shlomi.

                I’ll give this a try on Windows 8.

              • Ron 3 years ago

                Any chance that you or anyone else could do a YouTube video on upgrading flash and transmitter. I have had no success in updating Flash and X1 transmitter . Thanks!

              • brothersimon 3 years ago

                Thank you so much!
                One more addition: I had to rename the folder and remove the Chinese signs to make it work.

  42. Motti 3 years ago

    Silly question but would the X1N (for Nikon) will work with the receivers I have now from Godox? Don’t know the number but they come with the TF-16s.

    Thank you

    • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

      Hi Motti,

      The X1 is not compatible with other triggers from Godox unfortunately…

      • Motti 3 years ago

        Very disappointing. I would say even stupid. There is no reason not to match old receivers to new triggers. I would have bought it if that was the case. I don’t need the TTL but I do need the extra hotshoe on the X1.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 3 years ago

          Guys, Godox are going to release an X1 compatible clip on receiver for the current manual lights (AD360 etc), hopefully next month. UPDATE – Now available.

          The old receivers are 433MHz, while the new X1 system is 2.4GHz, so there is no way to match them without creating new receivers.

          That is the whole reason Godox when with clip on receivers to start with, so they could keep the previous manual lights compatible when they moved to a more advanced trigger system.

          • Jacques Cornell 3 years ago

            What would make this my long-awaited solution is if I can put this on my Micro Four Thirds cameras, mount an MFT TTL flash on the pass-thru hotshoe, and get full TTL from the on-camera and be able to adjust my V850/AD360 off-camera. Any idea if the X1 pass-thru will support MFT TTL on-camera?

          • Andrew Horsley 3 years ago

            Any news on these 2.4GHZ usb plugs for the original AD360? Will this happen? The HSS doesn’t work currently with the CellsII on a Canon 7D Mark 2 – DAMN!!!

  43. Prince 3 years ago

    Thanks Slomi for posting this info i will have to update now

  44. Motti 3 years ago

    well, that is good news however, that means buying a completely new set. Not sure if it worth it for me now but we will see.

    I hate to admit it but by the time you add up all the expenses of changing, upgrading and modifying to suit your needs, it is becoming more and more logical to invest in a well bred brand that might cost fairly more but will be able to serve you for years.

    If companies like Godox are not quick to see it, it will be their lose.

    • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

      Buying from a quality brand is always a good idea, but I don’t agree with you regarding the price.
      Recently I’ve bought this flash for $78 from the 11.11 sales of Aliexpress. You could buy a whole system of flashes for the price of just one Canon flash.
      And if they ever break or fail, just buy a new one and you are still going to pay less then making your entire set out of Canon flashes.
      The sale is still available if you download the Aliexpress mobile app and purchase it from there.
      If you purchase from the normal website the price would be $85.
      Here the link:

      (from AliExpress Android)

  45. Motti 3 years ago

    No dispute, the flashes are much cheaper and work really well, I have 2 V850 and 1 V860.

    The radios work very well also. My issue is with the upgrades they do that are not back-compatible. Too bad. If you know you are going to make 2.4GH why sell system that are less.

    Anyway, let see when the clip-ons are out.

  46. Apostolos 3 years ago

    Hey Schlomi:

    Have you received your TT685C yet? That seller you suggested takes a while to ship (obviously he doesn’t have stock, but he orders from a wholesaler or the factory after he gets the order) and he’s not very highly rated.

    • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

      Hi Apostolos,

      The flashes I ordered from that seller have been shipped, but usually shipments from China to my country take over a month to be delivered, so I still have a long time to wait.
      Yes, that seller is not highly rated at all, but I think the sale price is worth it. I guess time will tell.

      A while ago I ordered this flash for $110 from eBay, and I have just ordered 3 units from this seller. This has saved me about $96. I think that’s a pretty good catch.

  47. nixland 3 years ago

    Any news about second curtain sync and 2.4ghz ft16s ?

    Without both feature I am not interested to get this X1

    • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

      There is no second curtain sync for the Canon version, whatsoever.

      If you put a Yongnuo 622c on your camera and connect it to an x1 transmitter by pc sync, you could achieve SCS. It works, but it’s a bit cumbersome.

  48. Bob 3 years ago

    I have a Godox 860 C My question is will the X1 C trigger set bring the 860 C out of power saver mode when the flash is used as a off camera remote ? Also any idea of battery life for the receiver ?
    My cameras are used for animal camera trapping & are set out for sometimes a week . I have added external power to some of my other triggers .

  49. Hector 3 years ago

    Do you know if godox will provide an English page for firmware? It will make sense for all buyers and Godox to provide that info, and not have to translate

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Hector,

      Godox’s English website is very neglected, so I’m not sure they will provide an English download page too soon. If you use the Google chrome browser though you can translate the page with the click of a button (I’m not sure about Internet Explorer).

      Most of the firmware files come with English instructions though, and X1 updates likely will in future as well. The X1 instructions are very similar to the V860 etc updates which provide English instructions already.

  50. Hector 3 years ago

    You guys are awesome !!!!! Waiting now for my X1N triggers to arrive from China,, can,t wait to use them, Will wait for the godox a360 manual 2.4 receiver! To come out.

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