GODOX – X1-C – TTL Triggers for Canon – Now Available




Godox have released details on their soon to be available X1-C, TTL and HSS enabled 2.4GHz radio trigger system for Canon DSLRs.

The X1-C will be Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available, and they will be released alongside the new TT685C Speedlite, with compatible radio transceiver built inside.


UPDATE – Godox have added a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen. To Enter this mode hold down the CH Channel button for 5 seconds

There are more details on this Page Mode at the bottom of the post under the Custom Functions list.




The X1-C are separate transmitter and receiver units, with X1-C receivers being compatible with MK II style Canon compatible speedlites like the 580EX II and 600EX-RT etc.

As well as Canon ETTL compatible flashes like Godox’s own V860C.




As well as the traditional Canon A:B C ratio style interface, the X1-C provide a full GR Group style interface allowing up to 5 Groups to be individually set to either TTL, Manual, or Off.

So most importantly TTL and Manual Groups can be conveniently mixed together as needed.

PLEASE NOTE – GR Group mode requires camera models from 2012 onward.




The X1-C provide TTL, HSS (High Speed Sync) and most of the features comparable popular TTL triggers provide, even a HSS Pre-sync Timing Adjustment.

Godox have even considered small (though important) details like PC Sync Input and Output, something most radio triggers constantly miss.

UPDATE – Second Curtain Sync has been added to the X1-C transmitter from firmware version V09 onward. (Set Custom  Function 04 to 01 to engage).




  • Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio System
  • Range – 100m +
  • Flash Modes – ETTL / M / OFF
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom
  • GR Group Mode – A / B / C / D / E  (5 Groups)
  • Ratio Group Mode – A / B / C
  • 32 Channels
  • Large LCD Display with Back Light
  • HSS Delay Setting – 0~19.9ms, (100us Increments)
  • Modeling flash
  • Auto Memory Function
  • AF Assist light (With an On/Off Switch)
  • Wireless Shutter Release
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • Transmitter PC Sync Port – Input & Output
  • Receiver 2.5mm Sync and Shutter Release Port – Output


The X1-C transmitter features a large clear LCD panel interface, and fast adjustment control wheel.

Godox have even provided a simple switch on the side of the transmitter allowing the Focus Assist Light to be switched on and off when needed.




X1-C receivers provide a simple Channel and Group selection interface.




The X1-C receivers 2.5mm Sync Port output can be used for wired and wireless shutter release, as well as firing studio strobes.





The X1-C will be Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available, and they will be released alongside the new TT685C Speedlite, with compatible TTL radio transceiver built inside.The TT685C Speedlites provide both Radio Master and Slave modes.

V860C Speedlites can be fired and controlled off camera while being attached to X1 receivers. And even current Manual Godox Witstro (with X1-C receiver attached) can now be fired off camera with no extra transmitter units attached to the camera.

The Godox PB960 external high voltage battery packs providing a very fast recycle option with the TT685C Speedlites, on or off camera.










C.Fn-00 – Synchronization Delay Setting – [ 00 = OFF ] [ 1-100 US delay setting ]

C.Fn-01 – Single Contact Mode – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ] (stops transmitter going to sleep)

C.Fn-02 – Zoom Setting – [ – –  = No changes ] [ AU = Changes with lens ] [ 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105… ]

C.Fn-03 – PC Sync Socket – [ In = PC Sync connect with Camera ] [ ou = PC Sync connects with Flash ]

C.Fn-04 – Rear Curtain Sync – [ – –  = OFF ] [ 1 = ON ] (camera shutter must be between 30s – 1/30s)

C.Fn-05 – Enable 1/256 Power Level – [ 1/128 = OFF ] [ 1/128- = ON ]  (1/256 is displayed as 1/128-)

C.Fn-06 – Switch between 3 and 5 groups in GR Group Mode – [ 03 = 3 groups ] [ 05 = 5 groups ]

C.Fn-07 – Turn remote flash beep Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-08 – Updates slave strobes settings before each shot, Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-09 – APP Mode – Triggers the flash only – Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]



A function to remotely turn the modelling light On and Off on strobes like the AD600B has also been added to the X1 transmitters.

Double pressing the Channel button will turn the modelling light ON or OFF.




After some persuasion, and the help or Adorama / Flashpoint, Godox have implemented a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen.

To engage the Page Mode interface hold the Channel button for 5 seconds, or until the groups show again on the LCD screen (after the custom functions disappear).

A flashing Group letter now indicates the current Group selected.

– Single press the Group button – To scroll down groups.
– Double press the Group button – To scroll up groups.
– Turn the Dial – To adjust the Group setting.
– Press the Channel button – To lock in the setting (will also lock in automatically after 2 seconds)


(Unfortunately this is still not quite as we suggested, which would be using the dial to quickly select groups. Though at least the groups are not constantly scrolling around on the LCD screen now).

Godox have also implemented Custom Function C.Fn-06, which allows the display of just 3 groups when you’re currently not using all 5.

This makes it faster to scroll through (by continually pressing the Group button) just 3 groups all displayed on the one page, to select the group you’re after.





The Godox X1-C TTL triggers for Canon are available now from around $80 a set of Tx & Rx –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK.



Godox – Website


  1. Manny 3 years ago

    X1-C Receiver (V14) is not compatible with 600 EXRT.
    On Dec 2015 I got theAD 360II-C and 1st version of Godox X1C – T and X1C- R ,but I wasn’t able to use with my 600 EX RT because there wasn’t communication between remote control and canon flash.So I use Yongnuo 622C to control Godox AD 360II- C and my canon flash 600EX RT.
    Last week I update Godox x1C-T & R to V14. The good new: I can used my 600Ex RT on top of X1C-T( ttl mode, HS syc, and group A). The bad new: X1C receiver is not compatible with canon 600Ex RT. The flash fires but giving full power, so I get over exposed images.

  2. the flasher 3 years ago

    Hi all,

    I originally posted thinking the X1c would not lock onto the Cameras Hot shoe properly because the front part of the foot was too long and prevented the locking pin from engaging the hole in the Cameras hot shoe.

    I have since used a “Dremmel” type tool to grind down the foot on the X1C but it still doesn’t lock in place.

    On second inspection I think there is a secondary problem with the foot of the X1C in that the locking pin does not extend far enough from the foot to engage to the hole in the Camera’s Hot shoe and lock it into place.

    I have compared the X1C foot with the foot of a Pixel X800c which does lock securely, and the difference in length of the locking pin protruding from the foot is only a couple of millimetres but this could be just enough distance to produce a secure fitting.

    More info to follow as soon as I have time…..

    • Kevin 3 years ago

      That is correct, the pin doesn’t drop down far enough. Here’s what I wrote in a previous comment about it and how to fix the issue:

      “The other issue I had though was I needed to file down the plastic thumb screw that tightens down the transmitter. It was too thick and wouldn’t allow the pin to fall down into the hole on the camera hotshoe. Once I filed it down thinner then the transmitter got locked onto the camera.”

    • Randell John 3 years ago

      I’ve just bought two X1C’s and the transmitters lock onto the hot-shoe of both my Canon 5D Mk II and III without any problems.
      The looking pins seem as long as those on the foot of my Canon 580 EX II Speedlites.
      I’m wondering if you guys have older versions of the X1C.

      • the flasher 3 years ago

        Hi Kevin & Randell John,

        Thanks for the replies.

        Yes I bought an “early” X1C and TT685 from Ebay as soon as they came out.

        So it seems Godox have improved the hot shoe design since then.

      • zed 3 years ago

        Bought an AD360II-C and two TT685-C last week from Ebay sellers in Europe – all of them still have the hot shoe issue. The sellers said that “the item is the newest version from the godox company”, but obviously all of them were old stock. Now the sellers want to send me replacement hot shoes from China. Hope that helps.
        Would be interesting when Godox exactly came out with new and revised items. So you could say to your seller that you want items not before that special date.

  3. Apostolos 3 years ago

    It might be a dumb question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Can this transmitter/receiver combo add TTL metering to the AD-360, the old one the non-TTL version?

  4. Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

    Just in case you haven’t noticed: Gr mode has been added to the TT685C and V860C-II !
    Just download and update to the latest firmware. This will allow the flash to control 5 different groups, as well as mixing ETTL and Manual, and turning groups on and off.
    You will also be able to select 1 of 5 groups in wireless slave mode.

    From what I hear, this update will be available for the AD360-II as well, pretty soon.


  5. Mimasaka 3 years ago

    Hello I have quastion about Transmitter X1N-T V15. Not Enable 1/256 Power Level after update X1T-N (15ver.) on Godox AD600BM . Why?

  6. nixland 3 years ago

    Any news update about Group mode compatibility with pre 2012 Canon camera?

  7. Steve1 3 years ago

    Hi I’m looking for some help!

    I have the Godox x1 and it seems to be working fine except for 2 things.
    It keeps turning itself off after a few seconds being idle and I need to wake it up by pressing the GR button.
    Also there doesn’t seem to be any focus assist beam even though I have it turned on in the custom settings.

    Can anyone shed some light on these issues? Otherwise I love it!!

    • VasilisK 3 years ago

      Hi, I think for the first problem will be something you should with functinos byr pressing for 3-4 seconds the CH button. I have a question if you can help me also. Have you tried to use the transmitter with the flash near to it?? does it work?? thanks

      • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

        VasilisK, the latest firmware adds an option to work at close distances. Update your X1.
        Read the instructions (use google translate) to learn how to enable close distance mode.

        • VasilisK 3 years ago

          Hi Shlomi Cohen and thanks for the answer, H iave updated the firmware from the day i ve seen that don t work well. Now I was looking for instructions on the internet for how to enable close disance mode but I don t see anything ! Do you know in wich function is this ?? thanks

          • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

            VasilisK, how don’t you understand? It’s written in plain Chinese! 😉 😉 😉

            1. Make sure you have V15 on the trigger:
            Turn the X1 off. Hold the Mode button, and turn it back on, while still holding the mode button. The Version number should be there.
            If it’s not 15, then you need to upgrade.

            2. If you have version 15 (or later) and you want to enable close distance mode:
            Turn the X1 off. Hold the TEST button and turn it back on, while still holding the TEST button. The red light next to the button should blink a few times and then the trigger will turn in.

            Let me know how it went.

            • VasilisK 3 years ago

              Ok I ve found the x1 c V15 but was only in the chinee site and not in the english site…… what can I say ! It s so dificult to find it !! now I hve v13 on V8600iic and V15 on X1tc and made this you ve said whi the test button and blinked 2-3 times. maybe it s a little closer but still in some specific distances the laf and most times does not work :/

              • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

                Maybe your x1 has a problem. I’ve tried to put the x1 as close as possible to the tt685 and it still fired, even without the new firmware.

                Maybe your unit is too sensitive or something…

                • VasilisK 3 years ago

                  Yes I think it has a problem and tryied to contact godox so many times but they never answer !!! maybe the worst after sales ! thanks for helping me my friend !

                  • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

                    No problem 🙂 try to contact the seller, I think Godox don’t really suppprt private customers, unfortunately.

  8. Tom R. Mehlum 3 years ago

    Hi Steve1,
    Have you updated the firmware on your X1? I had some of the same issues with a very early firmware.
    How to update your firmware is posted several times earlier here.

  9. D 3 years ago

    These triggers are notorious… the battery terminals on three of mine are loose so I have to put a piece of aluminum foil so the battery has constant connection to the terminals so it works. Ugh

  10. Steve1 3 years ago

    I have to come clean here!!

    I realised what the problem was… wait for it…

    I had a nikon version on my canon! In fairness, I ordered a canon version but was shipped the wrong one!
    Have since had it replaced it and it’s fantastic!!

    I’ll be honest, this Godox gear really gives the Profoto B1’s (which I also have) a serious run for their money!

    Would highly recommend!

  11. Sentaur 3 years ago

    I just picked up the AD360II-C ..and one of these triggers. In radio mode I can manually control the power, but in TTL mode… it blasts the scene with so much power. I dont have light meter but the scene is SEVERLY over-exposed. Anyone else have such issue?

  12. Ron 3 years ago

    You can run into this problem for two reasons. First one would be that the camera is not supported completely. But more than likely your problem is the flash needs to have a upgrade on the firmware.
    Go to http://www.godox.com/downloads
    I believe this is the address. I had the same problem with my 6D until I upgraded mine. It worked fine with a SL1 but not the 6D.

  13. Ron 3 years ago

    Sorry that was not the complete address for firmware upgrades….

    • Sentaur 3 years ago

      Thanks very much for replying Ron. I should have given further info, the camera I have is the Canon 7D.

      I have found the solution without updating firmware (that app I downloaded was throwing ‘Unable to open archive file’ error).

      The solution was given by another contributor here – holding the ‘Test’ button when switching the X1C on. Thats done the trick.

      Thanks Ron and Shlomi.

  14. Josh HAll 3 years ago


    I’m having problems with one of my X1 T C units.

    The test button works but it will not fire the flash when I take a photo. It also doesn’t communicate with the camera properly, so under “external speedlight control” I don’t have custom functions available etc. I have 2 units, one it working properly. Both units have V13 firmware. I updated the non-working unit to v15 with the same problems, so I rolled it back to v13 since I have one unit working great with that firmware.

    Camera is a canon 6D. This unit was working fine in the past and just seemed to stop working. I have filed the mounting foot on both units and the locking pin seats properly. Bad unit? Or is there an option I’m not selecting? I can hold down “CH” on the non-working unit and get into those custom functions. I’ve tried different modes, but they all behave the same: test button fires the flash, but taking a photo does nothing. Thanks.

    • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

      Sounds like the hotshoe might be misaligned with the camera.

  15. Dejan Nikolic 3 years ago

    i will bought ad600 with X1C triger, question is:
    can i flash my old ad360 manual with new triger X1C???

  16. Neil 3 years ago

    I have recently upgraded the T&R to v14 and then v15 but have returned the T back to v11 as this version still functions with the EOS M3. It appears that the newer releases have stopped the M3 from allowing to fire the trigger… I would like to try V13 if someone has that link again.

    I have left the R on v15 as they are firing ok.

    • Niels Gram 3 years ago

      @Neil: Are you sure that you have your X1R-C’s running v1.5 ? When I update my receiver to v1.5 it stops working. Update to v1.4 is fine. If you do run v1.5 I would very much like to receive the rar-file (or just the Firmware.hex file from archive – is extracted when you run the update program).

  17. Julia 3 years ago

    I have a Godox x1c transceiver and a couple x1c receiver’s. I’m shooting with the transceiver in the 5DM2 hot shoe and the receivers on a Canon 580EXII and Canon 600 EX RT and if I press the test button on the transceiver or receiver, the speedlite’s fire (as a test to be sure they’re communicating.) However when I try changing the power, both speedlite’s remain on ETTL, even when the trigger is set to manual. In ETTL, the speedlite’s are just putting out full power, like a standard trigger. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I’ve read about camera’s before 2012 having an issue, but I don’t fully understand what that issue is? As best I can understand, you are not able to mix TTL and Manual. Does anyone know if there are firmware upgrade plans to work with canon 5DM2 and 7D? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Niels Gram 3 years ago

    @Julia: You need the v1.5 firmware for the receivers – oddly the ability to control the flashes in manual mode was just added to the receiver about 3 weeks ago. And don’t update with the current v1.5 release on the Godox download page – it will brick your receiver because it contains firmware for the wrong hardware – probably for the transmitter.
    … in other words: If you didn’t get your X1R-C with firmware v1.5 (and it doesn’t seem you did) you are stuck with ETTL mode only for now !

    • Kevin 3 years ago

      @Niels: Could it be that Godox just got the names mixed up? So the transmitter rar is actually for the receiver and the receiver rar is for the transmitter?

  19. Julia Brown 3 years ago

    @Niels Gram I did upgrade the firmware to 15 and they fire and communicate fine. I’m unable to use the GP mode where I can mix TTL with M mode and I suspect it’s due to the fact I’m shooting with a Canon 5DM2. I did download the V15 from the Godox website. Where else should I have downloaded it from? I thought they would be the authority if you’re downloading firmware. My speedlites only fire in ETTL mode, but don’t function properly when I change the power of the speedlites from the transmitter, all the images look the same, as though I never adjusted the flash.

    I’d really appreciate knowing where I should download updates? Would you please link me. Also, I am thinking about rolling back to V14, Do you know where I can find a reliable link to V14?

  20. Julia 3 years ago

    Does anyone have a copy or link to V14 for the Godox X1C (CANON) that they could share with me?

  21. Julia 3 years ago

    @niels I do have V15, if you provide an email address for me, I will send you the rar file

  22. Purshottam 3 years ago

    Just got the AD360ii and the X1C trigger. So far so good. It works quite well actually. My question is if I put a flash (in my case Canon 600rt)on top of the X1C, then is this a pass through? When I turn off the X1 the flash on top of the trigger does not fire. Is this normal? It fires when trigger is on. I am using 5DM2 as my camera and the trigger came with V15 firmware. Thank you in advance.

    • Niels Gram 3 years ago

      It is perfectly normal that you need to turn on the transmitter for the pass-through to work. It’s not a passive wire pass-through in the transmitter. The output to the pass-through hot shoe is actually generated by the transmitter.

  23. Regent 3 years ago

    Has anyone problem with second curtain sync? i have problem with second curtain sync, cannot be enabled when try off camera flash using godox x1 trigger.
    FYI godox x1 firmware v15
    godox v860 ii firmware v13

  24. Niels Gram 3 years ago

    Update on my X1R-C firmware update problems:
    I did try to download the (correct) firmware from Godox more than once and via links on both the Chinese and English download pages. The were identical and produced the same Firmware.hex file. I didn’t save the rar archive (which is what you download), but I did save the the installed directory under Windows (or rather Wine which is a Windows emulator). This firmware file bricked the receiver.
    I then got the v14 firmware (in an rar archive) from Kevin (thanks once again) and it flashed just fine in the receiver. An odd thing about the supposed v15 receiver firmware I downloaded from Godox was that it actually identified it self as transmitter firmware. The size of the supposed v15 receiver firmware was significantly larger than the v14 firmware which probably isn’t a good sign. Also the start of the firmware looked dramatically different which probably isn’t a good sign.
    Yesterday I downloaded the v15 transmitter firmware as per Kevin’s suggestion above but that didn’t work either (it was even bigger than the non-functional v15 receiver firmware). I then re-downloaded the v15 receiver firmware from the Godox download page and unpacked and ran the setup program. This time the Firmware.hex file size was identical to the v14 fimware file size. And I was able to flash it in the receiver which is now operational and identifies it self as v15. I have now checked the readme.txt installed by the first version of the v15 receiver firmware upgrade program and … surprise, this is what I saw:

    V11: Bug fixed, can not set the AD360 output level via XTR16 or XTR16S.
    V10: In M or Multi mode, User can set the output level down to 1/256.
    . ..

    So the firmware was indeed transmitter firmware but an old version. I haven’t downloaded Godox firmware previously (I’ve had no interest in the X1T-C) so I’m very sure that I got the bad firmware when I tried to download the receiver v15 firmware a few days ago. Also the rar archive was named as receiver firmware as was the extracted setup program. Maybe it’s a bug in the CMS behind the scenes of the Godox web page. Maybe it was a manual mistake that was corrected when I emailed Godox about my problem.

    Anyway, I finally managed to flash my X1R-C to version 1.5 hoping that that would give me X1R-C – XT32 compatibility. It didn’t. The flash is still forced to ETTL mode by the receiver and fired at full power when I press the test button on the XT32. So Godox is incompatible with Godox…

    I’m hoping that Godox will come up with a better v1.6 firmware for the receiver.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Niels,

      I managed to spend the day running through the various issues with V13, V14, and V15 firmware, and Canon 7D and 6D, and the only issue I have outstanding in V15 is the lack of being able to switch flashes OFF via the XTR-16/s receivers.

      Also another issue I did notice with the 6D is that FEC set on the X1-C is going up and down 2 stops instead of one. Its correct if changed via the camera FEC though. Same issue using the AD600B etc though.

      Back to the XT32 and X1R-C receiver. This is working fine for me with V15 in the X1R-C.

      You need to set the flash to manual mode on the flash though, if its in TTL the X1-C will not change it to manual mode remotely.

      That’s using a Canon 600EX-RT on the receiver, and V16 firmware in the XT32 (V17 hasn’t been posted for download).

      So can you confirm you still have the issue, and with which flash?

      I see what Godox have done with V15 also. Now you can set the flash to manual mode and it will stay there even if the X1T-C transmitter is set to TTL.

      That’s only for non-GR mode though, so pre 2012 camera users can at least mix manual and TTL groups, by setting the manual groups directly on the flash. No remote power control with those flashes directly set to manual then though.

      • Niels Gram 3 years ago

        Thanks for looking in to this Elv 🙂
        Unfortunately I see the operation of the X1R-C very different when using it with the XT32. If I try to set the flash (both 580II and 600EX-RT) in M mode on the flash the X1R-C will switch it back to ETTL within 10th of a second. It doesn’t matter if the XT32 is turned on or off or if it’s mounted on a camera or not (7D for testing something close to what you report on). And if I press test on the XT32 the flash will not fire for long periods of time. Sometime it does sometime it doesn’t. Sometime the “STATUS” LED on the X1R-C lights up sometimes it doesn’t. Same thing if I try to trigger the flash using the 7D shutter release button.
        Is summery I unfortunately have to say that I view the X1R-C (F/W 1.5) and XT32C (F/W 1.7) combination as total crap 🙁

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 3 years ago

          Ok thanks Niels.

          I’ve asked Godox if they have the V17 firmware for the XT32 I can try.

          I’m not sure if we already discussed this, though you are turning the X1R-C receiver off before you set the flash to manual mode? You can’t do it with the receiver turned on.

          I learnt recently with the Nikon units, the switch on order does matter for everything to work. It has to be the flash on first then the receiver.

      • Jacob 3 years ago

        I can confirm the frustrating inability to switch speedlights off via the external XTR16s receivers on my end as well. Quite strange as it works fine with the X1S and XT32 transmitters, but not the X1C. Updated firmware on all Tx and speedlights this morning. Works great on all the built-in Rx 2.4GHz speedlights, just not the external clip-on receivers and the X1C transmitter.

  25. Julia 3 years ago

    Does anyone know with certainty, if there are plans to release firmware for the X1C that will actually work with the Canon 5DM2 in GP mode, where one can shoot in both manual and TTL (camera’s that came out 2012 or before?)

  26. Julia Brown 3 years ago

    Does anyone have a Canon 5DM3 and if so, are you able to get the X1C transmitter in GP mode allowing you to adjust your flashes wirelessly in either manual, ETTL or a combination of the two ETTL and M? I am using the Canon 600 EX-RT. Please let me know what flash you use with your 5DM3 if you reply (that’s important!)

    • Niels Gram 3 years ago

      What you are experiencing with your 5DII is that GP mode is not compatible with pre-2012 cameras. This is a restriction coming from Canon. The 5DIII is from 2012 and should allow GP mode with mixed M and ETTL flashes. If your flashes are all 600 EX-RT then get a YN-E3-RT. It is just as good as the original Canon transmitter and allow GP mode for pre-2012 cameras and has a work-around for a (design-) bug in the recycling reporting of the 600 EX-RT so they will work better for continuous shooting (especially when used with external power).

      • Julia Brown 3 years ago

        @Niels, I just saw your post, and thank you for the model of the transmitter, I will look at that. Mostly using my Canon 600 EX-RT. Now I’m trying to find someone with a 5DM3 that can confirm if the Godox X1C’s will work in GP mode.

        • Niels Gram 3 years ago

          You should actually be able to get GP mode to work with our 5DII if you tape the four TTL contacts in the hot shoe. If the trigger is only connected to the camera using the firing pin the transmitter will stay in GP mode. But I think you will loose HSS if you do this.

          • Julia Brown 3 years ago

            Have you tried this, do you have a visual or link you can send me? Thank you!

          • Julia Brown 3 years ago

            I see what you mean now, no link or visual necessary. I’ll try it soon.

          • Julia Brown 3 years ago

            You were correct. Covering the four TTL contacts kept it in GP mode, but no control, it blew out the image at 1/128 when it shouldn’t have and HSS fires, but is messed up. I was hopeful for a moment there. Thanks so much for trying to help me! It looks like it’s time to upgrade one of my camera bodies.

        • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

          Julia, yes, the X1T-C works in GR mode with the 5D3.

          • Julia Brown 3 years ago

            Shlomi, thank you for that confirmation!

          • Julia Brown 3 years ago

            Shlomi, since you confirmed that the X1C works with the 5DM3, are you able to use HSS? Also what version on the X1C T&R are you using? Thank you!

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 3 years ago

              Hi Julia,

              GR mode and HSS works with the 5DIII, the problem is Godox are still just getting the whole system together and making a lot of firmware changes at the moment. They fix one thing and not realise they have caused another issue somewhere else.

              And this cycle may go on for while until they get everything ironed out.

              As others mentioned, if you’re not trying to use these for Godox strobes, then you would be better off sticking with the Canon RT transmitter units for the moment.

              The Canon ST-E3-RT will not allow GR groupe mode with your 5DII either though. But the YongNuo version will ! Thats the YN-E3-RT.

              And if you have older Canon speedlites like the 580EX II, then you can mount those on YNE3-RX receivers, and use them like Canon RT flashes.

              The original Canon ST-E3-RT are the best option, though the YN-E3-RT are usually good enough that you should be able to get by fine with the 5DII. Both are much easier to manage than PocketWizards.

              If you’re intending to use strobes like the Godox AD600 etc as well soon, then that’s a different story, it would be worth perusing the Godox triggers then, and likely upgrading to a 2012 onward camera body.

              • Julia Brown 3 years ago

                Thank you so much for this information. I appreciate it and the links!

                • Julia Brown 3 years ago

                  I’m confused about one thing… Would you mind clarifying for me. You said “But the YongNuo version will ! Thats the YN-E3-RT.”

                  Then further down you said that the original Canon ST-E3-RT (and by original I took that to mean an authentic Canon product) are the best option. I’m unclear how the original Canon ST-E3-RT would be an option for me at all if I cannot use GP mode when the Youngnuo will work in GP mode and on the 5DM2?

                  I currently use a Canon 600 EX-RT speedlite and the 580 EX. I’m considering purchasing Yongnuo Speedlite Wireless Transmitter YN-E3-RT for Canon and a Yongnuo YNE3-RX Receiver for my 580 EXII, which would only be to allow me to get away from my Pocket Wizards and put off upgrading my camera for while longer. These should both be fully functional with my 5DM2 with both speedlites off camera–right? Thank you for helping me through this–much appreciated!

                  • Julia Brown 3 years ago

                    I meant 580 EXII

                    • Niels Gram 3 years ago

                      @Elv: I am a bit curious about in which ways you consider the Canon ST-E2-RT better than the YN-E3-RT. Yes, the build is a little better (mainly real environment seals). The control wheel is a lot tighter on the Canon. Too tight IMHO. The Youngnuo is more loose – a bit too loose. But other than that ? My YN-E3-RT has worked just fine for me.
                      @Julia: The original Canon isn’t an option for you as it doesn’t allow group mode on your pre-2012 camera. You should have no problems with the YN-E3-RT and YN-E3-RX and the 5DII. I’m using them with my Canon flashes and my 1D mark IV without problems.

                  • Author
                    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

                    Julia –

                    No worries, the main thing I was referring to with the Canon transmitter being better is that they have slightly better range, or more to the point they tend to stay in link with the slave units a bit better than the YongNuo transmitter.

                    In the most part the YongNuo transmitter still generally work quite well though. And as you mention there is no competition if you need the GR mode with a pre 2012 camera. The YongNuo transmitter also has an AF assist light. It may not be brilliant, though better than the ST-E3-RT which doesn’t have any AF light.

                    It sounds like you have been through a number of trigger sets already though, so I was just trying to make it clear the YN-E3-RT is not a complete match for the ST-E3-RT in terms of quality etc. So if you were getting the 5DIII anyway, then you may want to consider the options. With the 5DII though the YN-E3-RT is the obvious option if you need the GR mode.

                    Yes the YNE3-RX will work fine with the 580EX II.

                    Neils –

                    As mentioned above, I was mainly referring to the radio reliability, and also to the build quality to some degree.

                    I did tone of testing due to the Shanny RT gear as well, and even though the YongNuo gear appeared as good and sometimes better at first, over time it became pretty clear the Canon gear has an advantage as far as range, misfires and staying in link etc.

                    If you’re not pushing the range limits though (or experiencing interference etc) this may be something you never notice or have any issue with. Others have described the same thing though, but again they are likely nearing the limits.

  27. Tom R. Mehlum 3 years ago

    Hi Julia,

    I have the same setup as you.
    X1C-T does NOT communicate directly with Canon 600 EX-RT! You need to use the Godox receiver as well (X1C-R). Which is a sad solution of course, since 600 EX-RT is ment to be used without any other receivers on it.

    My setup is with my Canon 5D mark III is
    1. Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT and Canon 600 EX-RTs
    2. Godox X1C-T used with Godox AD-360 with XTR16 receivers to make the work with the X1C-T

    • Julia Brown 3 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for replying! Actually I’m working with a 5DM2 and before I upgrade to the M3, I wanted to know if I’ll experience the same issues I’m having with my M2 and the Godox X1C triggers. I have two Godox receivers X1C’s for my flashes. I have pocket wizards and other triggers, but the reason I bought the Godox X1C’s due to the LCD on the transmitter–as I can see it so much better than I can see the small dials on the Pocket Wizard AC3.

      • Brian T 3 years ago

        Hi Julia,

        I’ve been following your comments because I was interested in mixing the 580 EXII with these triggers as well. I was wondering, did you ever get an answer on being able to control the 580EXII power manually through the X1C receiver? I saw that you mention the 1.5 firmware communicates with 580 EXII, but was wondering if that meant power control too.

        • Julia Brown 3 years ago

          Hi Brian,

          I am able to fire my 580 EXII speedlite, but without any control M and intermittent TTL. I spoke with Canon this morning (of course Canon doesn’t support any of this,) but he told me the only flash radio compatible are the 600 EX-RT and the 600 EX-RT II, not 580 EXII and earlier releases, but the STE3 is an option.

  28. Tom R. Mehlum 3 years ago

    Hi again Julia,

    I never bought the X1C-R as I didn’t want an unnecessary receiver on my 600 EX-RT speedlights.
    First I thought the Godox X1C-T was directly compatible with the Canon 600 EX-RT, but I found out they where not at first try. So I checked it up, and found that they aren’t and I had to use the X1C-R on my Canon 600 EX-RT to use the X1C-T on my camera.

    My first idea was to have one transmitter for both my Godox AD-360 and Canon 600 EX-RT. That is of course still possible with the X1C-T, just have to buy the X1C-R for my Canon speedlights. But I don’t need it. When I use my AD-360’s I never have to ad my Canon speedlights to the rig.

    So I ended up with two sets of lights for different use:
    1. Canon set for small and easy rigs (easy to bring along)
    2. Godox where I can and need to bring more equipment and more powerful lights.

    • Julia Brown 3 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      You are so kind to respond, thank you. I did understand your issue with having to use a receiver X1C-R on your 600 EX-RT which is a bummer.

      Here’s what I really want to know. You have a 5DM3 right? Are you able to press and hold the GP button your X1C-T and get it to go into the GP mode where say for example you were wanting to use your 600 EX-RT in TTL or Manual, are you able to do this with the 5DM3? If I can’t use the flash in manual mode, I don’t need these X1C’s.

      My issue is that I have a 5DM2 and it is not compatible X1C, due to the fact the 5DM2 was pre-2012. I’m at the point where I need to decide if I keep the X1C-T & R and update to the 5DM3 (If I can control my speedlite manually from the X1C-T) or continue to use my pocket wizard TT5 & TT1 and AC3, (and the dials on the AC3 are hard for me to see, which is why I switched the X1C’s.) I don’t want to upgrade to the 5DM3 and find out I cannot use the X1C’s in manual mode as the 5DM3 was released in March of 2012.

      I sure hope that made sense and hopefully you can let me know.

  29. I can not seem to get this (X1c) to go into 5 group mode. I set it to 5 in the custom functions. I am using it on a 5DMKIII. It is firmware V-15. Any ideas?

  30. Apostolos 3 years ago

    Will the X1-C transmitter work on the Adorama TTL version of the 600 light, the XLPLOR 600?

    • Craig 3 years ago

      The X1-C works perfectly with the manual version of the Adorama Xplor 600. I haven’t personally tried it with the TTL version, but it should work.

  31. Jakob 3 years ago

    Can you use the Godox AD600B controlled by X1T-C with the Yongnuo 600ex-rt’s and either control them via the X1T-C or attach the YN-E3-RT on top of the X1T-C to use both transmitters together and control everything as TTL? I am shooting 5D3 if that makes a difference. Or would I have to purchase the x1T-r receivers to do this and if so are the YN600ex-rt’s able to receive TTL information from the X1T-C controller so it all works in unison?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Jakob,

      Unfortunately the simple answer would be no.

      You can’t mount 2 TTL transmitters together. Though you could possibly set the YN-E3-RT to single firing pin mode, and then at least get remote manual power control with the YN600EX-RT.

      If you had original Canon 600EX-RT flashes, then sure you could mount those on X1R-C receivers and have full features/control via the X1T-C transmitter.

      But YongNuo flashes are a different story now. I haven’t tried the YN600EX-RT recently, though other YongNuo flashes like the YN685 etc have run into compatibility issues with the X1R-C. I could try the YN600EX-RT if you like, though even if they do appear to work now, chances are they may well have issues with later X1C firmware. So its risky at best trying to mix them unfortunately.

  32. Jakob 3 years ago

    I have just seen these:


    And they say they work with the YN600ex-rt’s, so could I use the YN600’s in TTL mode with the X1T-C and be using the AD600B in TTL mode at the same time? This is the only thing that is holding me back from buying the AD600 at the moment…

    Oh and if the answer is yes I can, then does anyone want to buy a Jinbei HD600V barely used 😀

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Jacob,

      I’ll update the firmware on my YN600EX-RT’s tomorrow and give the a try with the X1R-C.

      If they do work (like a Canon 600EX-RT), then yes, you could use the AD600B alongside with full TTL etc.

      I’m telling you though, Godox are doing a lot of firmware updates with the X1-C, and they are having a hard enough time keeping all their own gear compatible after each release.

      I doubt providing compatibility with YongNuo flashes would be of any concern at all to Godox at this stage. I don’t think you will find Godox themselves stating YongNuo compatibility anywhere.

  33. Jakob 3 years ago

    Thank you very much, that would be amazing! At the end of the day if it all works now then I would just not upgrade the firmwire so they weren’t affected…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Jacob,

      I updated the YN600EX-RT’s to the latest V1.8.8 firmware, and the X1-C transmitter and receiver are on V15.

      And TTL and HSS do actually appear to work pretty well.

      Though remote manual doesn’t work unfortunately, unless you like 1/4 power. As the YN600EX-RT keeps reverting back to the 1/4 power setting. As you change the power levels on the X1T-C transmitter they do start to change on the flash as well, but after a second or 2 it reverts back to 1/4 power.

      So as expected there are already some quirks. If you look deeper you may well come across more. And personally I wouldn’t want to be relying on not updating firmware at this stage either. Not while Godox are making a lot of refinements at the moment.

      It would be a lot safer to put your money towards Godox TT685C or V860II-C flashes than buying receivers for the YN600EX-RT. If you’re in the US they’re from $120 from Adorama, when X1R-C receivers would be from $40 anyway.

      I know it makes it difficult if you want to use RT transmitters or master flashes at times as well. The only thing I could suggest there is to look at possibly second hand Canon 600EX-RT (now that the MK II are out), or 430EXIII-RT.

      Godox need to eventually produce a higher spec on-camera master flash, and then people could feel confident to move away from the RT system all together.

  34. Simicel 3 years ago

    Does anybody know what upgrades de v.17 firmware brings? Cannot find anywhere any info.

  35. I just received an X1-C with V16 firmware. Are there any details as to the changes. The one I noticed was the display shows “256” in the custom functions rather than “128-“.

    • Shlomi Cohen 3 years ago

      The latest version is V17. You can download the firmware and look at the PDF file inside to see the changes:

    • Kevin 3 years ago

      Showing “256” instead of “128-” must be for new hardware. I got my X1-C some time ago and it’s running V17 firmware and still shows “128-“.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 3 years ago

        Yes Godox have updated the LCD display, its mentioned in the V17 firmware update. The Sony version was also updated earlier.

        Adrian, can you tell me does your LCD now show a line under the Group letter?

        And if so, if you go into Page Mode (Hold the CH button for 5 seconds), is there a line under each group letter (as in top, middle, and bottom of the screen)? Thanks!.

  36. There is a line under the Group letter in the default mode where the letter scroll. There is no line in the special mode (what I would think of as page mode) where you hold the ch button for 5 seconds. I could be mixed up on what these modes are named though.

    From a quick look at the new LCD version, the other differences I see are that the letters (digits) are a tiny bit smaller. The backlight is initiated more ways than the older hardware. There is a symbol for rear curtain sync in on the newer LCD.

    The only other difference I can visually see to the unit is that the GR button has been changed to GR/OK.

    I updated all to V17 today. It is nice to have that option.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Ok thanks for that Adrian.

      What did you mean by the backlight is initiated in more was though?

      (I’ve been trying to get Godox to provide an option to keep the LCD back light on while the transmitters awake).

  37. It appears I was incorrect, It seemed like the backlight came on more while playing with the new transmitter earlier, however, I can not reproduce that now. Side by side, turning the dial and pressing the buttons seems to now yield the same results, regarding the backlight. The time it takes the backlight to cut off is virtually the same as well.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Ok thanks Adrian.

  38. Nick 3 years ago

    I’ve got an X1T-C on my 5D3. 600EX-RT mounted on the X1R-C. They are on the latest firmware…17 and 15 respectively.

    I am trying ETTL mode. The flash triggers but I am unable to dial in FEC via X1T-C or from the camera for that matter. It’s just the same power…not full power…looks like regular power.

    In M mode, I can control the power fine.

    Any ideas?

  39. Steve W 3 years ago

    If you have the X1T-C setup for a AD600II-C and you have it in pass through mode can you place an ST-E3-RT on top and get it to trigger 600EX-RT so you can combine the two systems?

  40. Jakob 3 years ago

    Well at least you can control them manually, that’s a start! Not quite as handy as you’d like though. I’d like the ttl for weddings.

  41. Author
    Flash Havoc 3 years ago

    UPDATE –

    Firmware V18 is available for the X1T-C transmitter.

    1. To support the common effects of camera and transmitter’s FEC function. And FEB can be set on the camera.


    Firmware V16 is available for the X1R-C receiver.

    1. To compatible with XT32 series transmitter (which cannot be transmitted through Mode), power on the receiver to M mode. When the camera flash changes its mode, the receiver shall be changed to the same mode until receiving the setting value of the new mode through RF.

    2. In Multi mode, press the Test button will achieve stroboscopic flash until loosing your hand or reaching the default flash times.

    Though it appears the XT32 can now change the power levels of flashes mounted on X1R-C receivers, a new bug has been added where the flash won’t actually fire now.

  42. Apostolos 3 years ago

    I bought the Adorama version of this. While waiting for the strobes to arrive, I bought the Godox version of the transmitter, the X1T-C. And Adorama sent me their version, the R2T-C. I upgraded both to the latest firmware, v18. On the Godox, the X1T-C I see five groups, on the Adorama version the R2T-C only three. Any idea why? Also, how do you access the custom functions?

  43. Wholeyu 3 years ago

    Anybody tried the godox x1 receiver to a yongnou or triopo speedlites? I’d like to know before i buy these triggers. I’m using a triopo tr982ii.

  44. Michael 2 years ago

    Yesterday I received the CL-360XN with the Sony X1 transmitter from Cheetahstand to replace my manual Flashpoint 360. Two issues on which I beg your help if I may …

    The first is surely a settings conflict, the flash fires but I’m getting a totally dark exposure. Though as far as I can tell everything is set to TTL on both flash and transmitter I’m not seeing a pre-flash, so my initial guess would be that it’s dumping its load when it should be sending out the pre-flash … ? (The Sony a7II is set to fill-flash, not wireless.)

    The second issue is the close-distance problem. I have current firmware on both units (CL-360XN has v.2.5, X1T-S has v.14), but I can’t get to the close distance option by holding the TEST button down while turning on the transmitter until after the two Status flashes as explained.

    I work almost exclusively with macro, so in requiring the diffuser to be positioned right down at the end of the lens barrel the flash body, mounted at the end of a Zacuto arm, ends up right next to the transmitter. If I can’t resolve this, sadly it would be a complete deal-breaker as far as the TTL Godox 360 is concerned.

    One very curious thing though, I had recently ordered the Godox TT685S from Amazon (returned it for a different reason). AFAIK it uses the same transmitter but I did not experience the close distance problem with it. :/


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      If you look at the update log which comes with the latest X1T-S firmware download, you can see there is a close-range mode option added (from V13 onward).

      To enable close-range mode – “press the TEST button, powering the transmitter on and holding down until the STATUS indicator lamp blinks for two times.”

      • Michael 2 years ago

        Thank you for your reply! As mentioned in my original post, even though I have v.14 firmware installed I’m unable to access the close distance option by following the instructions just as you’ve posted above.

        Cheetahstand tech help has merely suggested that I try reinstalling the v.14 firmware.

        I did come up with a work-around however. By essentially building a Faraday Cage around the flash (wrapped the main body with some of that foil covered bubble-wrap packing insulation) I was able to attenuate the signal enough that the flash will fire even with the X1T-S in direct contact with it.

        That problem with the flash not syncing with the camera has been solved by setting ALL of the channels to TTL.


        • Michael 2 years ago

          In case anybody sees this in the future having the same problem with accessing the close distance mode which I did, Rob from Cheetah was kind enough to help me get it straightened out. My mistake, I had been expecting an option screen to appear after turning on the X1T while holding the Test button — no, just doing that will itself turn on the close distance mode!

          It seems that the procedure must be repeated each time the transmitter is turned on, otherwise it defaults back to long distance mode.

          Thanks Rob, the close distance mode works beautifully! 🙂


  45. OSCAR QUIROGA 2 years ago

    Hi, I need to know if the transmitter and receiver x1 for canon is compatible with the 580EX II and 600EX-rt in manual, HSS and TTL functions…

  46. Daniel 2 years ago


    I was using this trigger with my Fuji X-T1 to operate Godox flashes. I just got the Fuji X-T2 and the trigger is not longer firing, I am not sure what could be the problem as the Yongnuo C triggers are still working on the X-T2. Any suggestions?

    • Leonardo 2 years ago

      I was worried I had bought a failing set, because I tried with my X-T2, and it wouldn’t fire. After some tries I had the idea to mount X1T on my X-T1, and it fired without any issue, so it’s like something in the new flash protocol introduced by Fuji for supporting incoming X-500 own flash that interferes with sihggnal transmission. I have read about similar issues but with hot shoe flashguns of I-don’t-remember-which-brand-and-model not firing “fixed” by masking all the pins but the central one on the trigger, maybe this should resolve it (I haven’t tried yet)

      • Leonardo 2 years ago

        I nave tester X1T-C Wight Fuji X-T1, because X-T2 is not working (annoying, very annoying…), and I nave found that with Eneloops 1900/2000mah battery drains very quickly, I mean in less than half an hour, with a 20-or-some pics taken with flash, no signal of life came from transmitter, as if some power loss or short-circuit occurs. I am thinking of stopping using this with Fuji, because I don’t want to fry My body. Is there any risk of damage for my Fuji?

  47. CL 2 years ago

    Has anyone had any problems getting your AF Beam Assist to work on your X1T-C/Flashpoint trigger on top of your Canon 5D4?

    I haved tried v14, v15 and v18. Works great on my 5D3.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 2 years ago

      Hi CL,

      Yes, the AF beam is not working on v17 either.

      I think you will have to give Godox some time to update/rectify this.

      • CL 2 years ago

        Thank you! I was beating my head against the wall!!!

      • CL 2 years ago

        I sent them an email and they asked me to send them a picture. It went to their marketing and support departments. Fingers crossed.

  48. Don 2 years ago

    I have the receivers for these… and they are freaking terrible. Because they have no AUTO OFF. And the only way the auto off works is if the Transmitter auto off activates it will auto off the Receivers; however this only works 1/5 of the time… everytime I use the receivers my batteries die because I forget to turn them off. Bad for on the go use.

  49. Cory 2 years ago

    I can’t get AF beam to work on 5D3 at all.

  50. Marco 2 years ago

    I recently bought 2 godox flashes Ving 860II-c and a x1t-c trigger. I’m absolutely amazed for the quality to price they offer so I decided to sell my original Canon speedlight 600-rt and the yongnuo trigger yn-e3-rt and swap complitly to the godox system. I have no regret for that change but when I decided to change I imagined that it woud be possible to switch from ttl to manual mode and to have the equivalent ttl setting (flash power) stored as initial value in the manual mode, just as in the Profoto system with the air remote. That specific mode would be a great way to improve the entire picture taking process and to save time, in the way you can begin working by a good starting point and just fine adjust by the stop increase/decrease you fill is needed. I think the profoto system in this specific way is amazing and still not overcome, by setting this procedure and by alternating between TTL and MAN mode so you can test your way to the perfect light. I think that it would be not so difficult by a firmware update to implement that specific function, either in the triggr or in the strobe and I think that godox in this way would gain a lot of potencial indecided customers considering to swap in the godox system from profoto. So in this moment I’m waitig to see if it will be any chance before I decide to implement my system buying the a new godox AD600 and a AD360IIC to complete my strobe system.

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