GODOX – X1-C – TTL Triggers for Canon – Now Available




Godox have released details on their soon to be available X1-C, TTL and HSS enabled 2.4GHz radio trigger system for Canon DSLRs.

The X1-C will be Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available, and they will be released alongside the new TT685C Speedlite, with compatible radio transceiver built inside.


UPDATE – Godox have added a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen. To Enter this mode hold down the CH Channel button for 5 seconds

There are more details on this Page Mode at the bottom of the post under the Custom Functions list.




The X1-C are separate transmitter and receiver units, with X1-C receivers being compatible with MK II style Canon compatible speedlites like the 580EX II and 600EX-RT etc.

As well as Canon ETTL compatible flashes like Godox’s own V860C.




As well as the traditional Canon A:B C ratio style interface, the X1-C provide a full GR Group style interface allowing up to 5 Groups to be individually set to either TTL, Manual, or Off.

So most importantly TTL and Manual Groups can be conveniently mixed together as needed.

PLEASE NOTE – GR Group mode requires camera models from 2012 onward.




The X1-C provide TTL, HSS (High Speed Sync) and most of the features comparable popular TTL triggers provide, even a HSS Pre-sync Timing Adjustment.

Godox have even considered small (though important) details like PC Sync Input and Output, something most radio triggers constantly miss.

UPDATE – Second Curtain Sync has been added to the X1-C transmitter from firmware version V09 onward. (Set Custom  Function 04 to 01 to engage).




  • Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio System
  • Range – 100m +
  • Flash Modes – ETTL / M / OFF
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom
  • GR Group Mode – A / B / C / D / E  (5 Groups)
  • Ratio Group Mode – A / B / C
  • 32 Channels
  • Large LCD Display with Back Light
  • HSS Delay Setting – 0~19.9ms, (100us Increments)
  • Modeling flash
  • Auto Memory Function
  • AF Assist light (With an On/Off Switch)
  • Wireless Shutter Release
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • Transmitter PC Sync Port – Input & Output
  • Receiver 2.5mm Sync and Shutter Release Port – Output


The X1-C transmitter features a large clear LCD panel interface, and fast adjustment control wheel.

Godox have even provided a simple switch on the side of the transmitter allowing the Focus Assist Light to be switched on and off when needed.




X1-C receivers provide a simple Channel and Group selection interface.




The X1-C receivers 2.5mm Sync Port output can be used for wired and wireless shutter release, as well as firing studio strobes.





The X1-C will be Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available, and they will be released alongside the new TT685C Speedlite, with compatible TTL radio transceiver built inside.The TT685C Speedlites provide both Radio Master and Slave modes.

V860C Speedlites can be fired and controlled off camera while being attached to X1 receivers. And even current Manual Godox Witstro (with X1-C receiver attached) can now be fired off camera with no extra transmitter units attached to the camera.

The Godox PB960 external high voltage battery packs providing a very fast recycle option with the TT685C Speedlites, on or off camera.










C.Fn-00 – Synchronization Delay Setting – [ 00 = OFF ] [ 1-100 US delay setting ]

C.Fn-01 – Single Contact Mode – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ] (stops transmitter going to sleep)

C.Fn-02 – Zoom Setting – [ – –  = No changes ] [ AU = Changes with lens ] [ 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105… ]

C.Fn-03 – PC Sync Socket – [ In = PC Sync connect with Camera ] [ ou = PC Sync connects with Flash ]

C.Fn-04 – Rear Curtain Sync – [ – –  = OFF ] [ 1 = ON ] (camera shutter must be between 30s – 1/30s)

C.Fn-05 – Enable 1/256 Power Level – [ 1/128 = OFF ] [ 1/128- = ON ]  (1/256 is displayed as 1/128-)

C.Fn-06 – Switch between 3 and 5 groups in GR Group Mode – [ 03 = 3 groups ] [ 05 = 5 groups ]

C.Fn-07 – Turn remote flash beep Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-08 – Updates slave strobes settings before each shot, Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-09 – APP Mode – Triggers the flash only – Off / On – [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]



A function to remotely turn the modelling light On and Off on strobes like the AD600B has also been added to the X1 transmitters.

Double pressing the Channel button will turn the modelling light ON or OFF.




After some persuasion, and the help of Adorama / Flashpoint, Godox have implemented a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen.

To engage the Page Mode interface hold the Channel button for 5 seconds, or until the groups show again on the LCD screen (after the custom functions disappear).

A flashing Group letter now indicates the current Group selected.

– Single press the Group button – To scroll down groups.
– Double press the Group button – To scroll up groups.
– Turn the Dial – To adjust the Group setting.
– Press the Channel button – To lock in the setting (will also lock in automatically after 2 seconds)


(Unfortunately this is still not quite as we suggested, which would be using the dial to quickly select groups. Though at least the groups are not constantly scrolling around on the LCD screen now).

Godox have also implemented Custom Function C.Fn-06, which allows the display of just 3 groups when you’re currently not using all 5.

This makes it faster to scroll through (by continually pressing the Group button) just 3 groups all displayed on the one page, to select the group you’re after.





The Godox X1-C TTL triggers for Canon are available now from around $80 a set of Tx & Rx –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK.



Godox – Website


  1. Flipbizkit 5 years ago

    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a Godox c1c transmitter and receiver. It has the most recent firmware so i assume the ones i got is the currnt production. No sliding hot shoe. However i have an issue with its hss (high-speed sync). This is the combination:
    I have an outdated 450d (yeah, but still shoots fine)
    I use it with triopo tr-982ii (hss,ettl etc)
    The default firmware of the reciever was ver16. Due to this, i wasnt able to use the M mode. What i did to solve the problem was update it with ver17 and it fires the M mode. Also, worth noting that gr mode doesnt work with 450d.
    Now heres my problem:
    I cant make HSS work even though the TR-982ii has built in hss. I’ve tried setting the flash on hss but no luck, goes back to non-hss.
    Now my question is this, is it a flash issue or x1 issue that doesnt allow me to use hss?


  2. DIMITRIS 5 years ago

    I have Godox X1T and X1R and i wont to use with old metz ttl flash or yungnuo but it looks its incompatible. Flash change setting but sometimes right ones and sometimes wrong so it unusable. its exist any way to just use receiver just to fire flash and not change the settings manual way?

  3. DIMITRIS 4 years ago

    I try to use godox x1r to triger a big bowens studio flash. I have all the proper cable but it not work even with test button. I wont just manual fire the flash. Before i use pocket wizard for this work. Its any way to triger studio flash?

  4. nixland 4 years ago

    Any news about X1c firmware update for setting off Group with XTR16/s ?

    • nixland 4 years ago

      Where is Elv ??

  5. Richard 4 years ago

    Hey, can you confirm whether or not the X1T-C transmitter can double as a receiver? Can I use one X1-C to trigger another one without using the separate X1-R receiver?


  6. Jules 4 years ago


    I got a problem if anyone can help please.

    Camera is 5D3 (with X1T) and ex430ii (with X1R). The flash itself will only operate in TTL mode regardless of any setting on the X1T. I can’t get the ex430ii to stay in manual mode. Both are on firmware v15. Any ideas what’s wrong??

    It all works fine with my pair of TT600 and in TTL on the Canon flash. But cannot get the Canon flash to operate in manual mode. 🙁

    • Marian 4 years ago

      Hi Jules,
      I also have the ex430 (1st version) and face the same issue in M mode. It just powers to 1/1 no matter the settings on the transmitter. Have you found a solution for this? I am running v.19 and tomorrow I’ll update to the latest 22, but still have some doubts it would fix it.
      A kind of workaround is to use the E-TTL option and then both the internal camera settings and the ones on the transmitter. So for example if you set -3 in the camera and -3 in the transmitter, then you’ll get a total of -6 from the camera (very little amount of light). Basically, in this way you can get stops from -6 to +6 where +6 equals the 1/1 Manual mode, i.e. full power.
      I hope this helps a bit. If you have found another solution, please share.

  7. nixland 4 years ago

    Any news about X1T Canon firmware update for setting off Group with XTR16/s ?

  8. nixland 4 years ago

    Have emailed Godox several times but got no reply. Super bad CS.

  9. Bryan 4 years ago

    Does the X1 trigger work with the new Ving 850?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Bryan,

      Yes, if you mean the V850II.

      The original V850 would require clip on 2.4GHz XTR16s receiver to be compatible with the X1 transmitter.

  10. theo 4 years ago

    i have an issue with my canon flash ex 430II and godox tt600 , when i place on the hotshoe the canon flash in X1c doesn’t work pass thru am i doing something wrong ?
    example: i set the TT600 and the X1 same group & channel when i change value to TT600 Thru the X1 the canon flash in the hot shoe it turns from TTL to manual…

    if anyone can help.

  11. Wolf Dieter 4 years ago

    Did anybody successfully fire a flash with the Godox X1T-C and the Canon eos M3? My Godox TT685 & the X1R ignores manual and TTL mode.

    • Jesse Patterson 4 years ago

      Not me. The M3 has always had issues with third party flashes and triggers. I hope Godox comes out with a firmware update for both the M3 & M5 since I also use speedlites with those cameras.

  12. Sebastian Corzo Alvarez 4 years ago

    Hi, i have the old FT 16s receiver for my v850 and v860C if i buy only the X1 transmitter (or transceiver whatever you call it) i could control my flashes like the ft16 transmitter? for the HSS for me doesnt matter because i have CELLS II for HSS. I only want that X1 godox for the AF Light dont need TTL or HSS i just want control the flashes (power controls on – off and these things) Hope you can solve my doubt

  13. Jon 4 years ago

    Can two X1 transmitters be used simultaneously to fire one AD600?

    • bob 4 years ago

      There obviously needs to be enough time to recharge but I have run a workshop with 3 or 4 using simultaneously which was a mix of Canon and Nikon

  14. Mark 4 years ago

    Has a firmware update fixed the issue of the X1 not being able to turn off groups with the XTR-16 receivers? I can’t move to Godox until that is fixed.

  15. Andy 4 years ago

    I have question on C.Fn01 of Transmitter X1C-T
    C.Fn-01 – Single Contact Mode – [ – – = OFF ] [ on = ON ] (stops transmitter going to sleep)

    I am sure I understand how this is used. Here is my case
    I have Panasonic GX85 which obviously not using TTL in this case. So, When I set custom function Fn01 to “On”, I can fire the flash with X1C-T on top on Panasonic GX85. However, when I set C.Fn01 to “–” mean Off, I am still able to fire the flash no problem.

    So, I have no idea what the point of this function is. Of course, I’m happy that I can use X1C-T with both Canon and Panasonic cameras. I Just want to understand how it works ( I have latest firmware installed in X1C-T)


    • Don 4 years ago

      The single contact will always fire the flash, but the other contacts are off (used to transmit and receive the Canon camera data).

      • Wolf Dieter 4 years ago

        – The single contact will always fire the flash, …
        No, it does not. My EOS M3 does not fire a flash.
        – … but the other contacts are off (used to transmit and receive the Canon camera data).
        No, they are not. Otherwise my camera would not display the flash menue (EOS 7D).

        I see no difference in in C.Fn-01 (Firmware V19). Perhaps mine is defect?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Andy,

      Yes, I don’t know why the C.Fn-01 does not actually disable the TTL contacts, as you would expect it should.

      As noted, all that function appears to be currently useful for is stopping the transmitter from going to sleep.

      I was going to bring this up in regards to developing the new transmitter.

  16. olyshooter 4 years ago

    Do you know if Gogox have a plans to release X1 transmitter for Olympus/Micro Four Thirds?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi olyshooter,

      Yes Godox do have plans to provide Olympus/Panasonic and Fuji TTL support this year.

      Though I wouldn’t take that as a guarantee it will definitly happen this year.

  17. Peter 4 years ago

    It is possible to manually control an ADII360C with an X1-N Transmitter?

  18. nixland 4 years ago

    Any news about Canon pre-2012 firmware update release date?
    I desperately need that.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi nixland,

      I really don’t know if Godox have any intention to implement pre-2012 Group mode or not. I’ve never heard them say this is something they intend to do.

      I don’t know how difficult it is to implement with their system either, so its not something you can really pressure them to do.

  19. Miha 4 years ago

    Does anyone here have a problem with Godox trigger in TTL mode?

    Aside from being super unintuitive, mine always missed TTL by … large margin. I have tried couple 600RT`s and then same with YN622 triggers and they are all spot on. Then i tested it with godox X1T and X1R with same 600RT flashes and image was overblown. Even putting -3EV wasnt helping much.

    Anyone had similar experiences?

  20. Walid 4 years ago

    Hi all

    I am trying to set up lighting session, I use Godox AD600, Godox V860 II, I want to trigger both speed light and the strobe, I miserably failed to do it.

    Can someone please let me know how can I use both flash and strobe at the same time by triggering them with X1N triger

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Walid,

      That shouldn’t really be a problem, as long as you have the flashes and transmitter set to the same channel and groups as needed.

      Where you able to get either of the flashes alone working with the transmitter to start with?

  21. Julia 4 years ago

    Are the godox x1c transmitter and receiver compatible with canon 5D Mark IV? I’m using a Canon speedlites 600 EX-RT, 580 EXII.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Julia,

      Yes the X1 triggers are compatible with the 5D Mark IV. You need at least V18 firmware in the X1T-C transmitter for the AF assist light to work though.

      I’m not that familiar in general if the X1 receivers have any quirks at this stage. Maybe some regular users can help chime in on that. A lot of people just go straight for the TT685 flashes etc now for the convenience rather than buying separate receivers.

      • Julia 4 years ago

        Thank you. One more question, I have changed the unit (X1CT) to show just 3 groups, is it possible to set it so the A channel remains in the selected position even after powering the unit off? In otherwords, where I don’t have to always scroll to the A channel to get it to the middle working selection? Or, have the unit always be set A B C without bouncing around? Thank you!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Yes you can use the “Page Mode” interface option which stops the groups from scrolling. It still takes some getting used to though –

          “To engage the Page Mode interface hold the Channel button for 5 seconds, or until the groups show again on the LCD screen (after the custom functions disappear).

          A flashing Group letter now indicates the current Group selected.

          – Single press the Group button – To scroll down groups.
          – Double press the Group button – To scroll up groups.
          – Turn the Dial – To adjust the Group setting.
          – Press the Channel button – To lock in the setting (will also lock in automatically after 2 seconds)”

          Its still not ideal, though Godox decided to work on a new transmitter rather than refining the X1 interface further.

          • Julia 4 years ago

            Thank you for those directions. I will give it a go tomorrow. Are they coming out with a new triggers for Canon soon? I just bought these, do you think they’ll be significantly different and will they be compatible with previous x1ct and r’s.

            Thanks a bunch!

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 4 years ago

              No worries, the new X2 transmitter will likely be available late in the year. They will have a large LCD screen and a lot more user friendly interface.

              They should be compatible with the current flashes and receivers.

  22. Theo 4 years ago

    I have the x1 for canon.

    when use ti with canon 580 ex ii , i noticed that only fire the flash , when the head of the unit is in “normal” position

    if tilt it for bounce or whatever then it doesnt fire .

    Anyone with that issue? any suggestions ?

  23. Steve 4 years ago

    Hi, does anyone have a copy of the V15 X1t-C software please? Just updated to V19 and now it’s not triggering my remote flashes.

    Abort! Abort! bug out!



  24. Strick 4 years ago

    anyone have problem with the x1n-r triggering studio strobes like bowens??

  25. Jeroen 4 years ago

    Hi, I’ve just bought the AD360(original, not v2), a X1 and XTR-16. Everything works fine up till 1/250. Hss is always out of sync. I have hss enabled on the flash and my 70D also shows the hss icon.

    I’ve researched a lot before I bought and this setup should work with hss, saw a working example on YouTube(with a A7RII though). This makes me think I’m missing a setting on my 70D. Any help?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jeroen,

      I just gave it a run on the 6D, 7D, and 5D IV, and they are all working fine with HSS.

      Do you have the X1T transmitter on the latest firmware (V19)?.

      Also are you sure the flash is firing in HSS pulses? You should be able to hear the difference in the flash pop sound when you turn HSS on and off and test fire the flash.

      • mmmfotografie 4 years ago

        On the 360 you have to switch it manually to HSS and it will stay in that mode till you switch it off again. Also the XT16 can not communicate back if it is HSS mode so any indication is generated by the transmitter.

      • Jeroen 4 years ago

        Thnx for your reply! I’ve updated the X1T to v19, but no improvement. Everything is fine up to 1/250, but any higher and the flash is not syncing with the camera. I have the AD360 in HSS mode. I think it’s in HSS mode, when the flash fires it’s a softer “pop” sound.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Ok thanks, it sounds like you may have a faulty receiver unit then unfortunately. I think this was an issue with the very early XTR-16, though that was quite some time ago now.

          I’m not sure what else it could be otherwise. I don’t think anyone has mentioned issues with the 70D in particular.

          • Jeroen 4 years ago

            Got a new XTR unit, same problem 🙁

    • Joost 4 years ago

      Hey Jeroen, I’m in contact with Godox at the moment to see if this is 70D related – hope to get a overnight reply so we’ll get back in touch asap through your dealer

      • Jeroen 4 years ago

        Have you heard anything Joost? New XTR is giving me the same problem. Looking in using the Custom Function now to set a delay. Testing on a couple of Canon bodies tomorrow.

        • Joost 4 years ago

          Let me know about the tests with other body’s Jeroen, if it does not work out please send me a video that I can forward to Godox directly! please contact me via Disnet.nl

          • Jeroen 4 years ago

            Thnx Joost! HSS is also not working correctly on a 7D and 5DMk3… I’ve sent you a video at info at disnet

  26. Jesse Patterson 4 years ago

    Hi Flash! I just received Firmware V20 for the X1T-C from a user on CanonRumors. Even though my 5D4 still does not trigger the autofocus beam, there seems to be a new custom function (C.Fn-08). This update seems to allow the X1T-C to work with the M5 however, I’ll test it on my M6 when it gets delivered.

    Here’s the link to the blog article: http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=32555.msg663335#msg663335

    Here’s the link to Firmware V20: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew04ew1yy9xtqho/X1T-C_V20.fri?dl=0

    • Wolf Dieter 4 years ago

      Works with my EOS M3 – thank you!

      • Jesse Patterson 4 years ago

        Awesome! I’ll let everyone know if it works with the M6 as well.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Thanks for that Jesse,

      Though V20 is still not on the Godox website, and I see in that Canon Rumours thread that it lost control with the 6D camera. So it sounds like it still needs some refinement before release.

      Anyone updating might want to grab a copy of the V19 from the Godox website first in case you need to revert back.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        Update – I tried the V20 and it appears to be working fine with my 6D and the in camera menu.

        With the 5D IV though, the camera menu keeps dropping out. Its still usable, but there appears to be a considerable bug there at least.

        • Jesse Patterson 4 years ago

          V20 works fine on my 6D as well however, I’ve had issues with the 5D4 dropping out even on V19. Fortunately, I change my settings on the transmitter or that would be a problem. So your 5D4 works perfectly with V19 (aside from the autofocus assist beam)?

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 4 years ago

            Sorry, not you’re right. I don’t use the camera flash menu much either, and I can’t get the flash menu to display at all currently with the 5D IV and V19.

  27. Michael Quack 4 years ago

    I can acknowledge that it works with both the M3 and M5 with the AD200.
    Including TTL, HSS and remote manual.

    • Michael Quack 4 years ago

      Oh, and for the record: Works with the 5D MkIV as well.

  28. Jesse Patterson 4 years ago

    So, with firmware V20, I just found out the X1T-C works with the M6!!! I can control the menu from the camera as well as on the trigger if I wanted, no problems!!! The XT32C also works with the M6 like it did with the M3 however, I cannot control the XT32C in the camera like I can with the X1T-C. This is beautiful!

  29. Sahitha W 4 years ago


    I’m planning to buy Godox X1C along with AD 600 TTL, I have two Canon 600EXRT Flashes too. My question is can I use my ST E3 RT over X1C to control all the flashes together??

  30. Paco 4 years ago

    Is possible use only the transmiter and link to the Canon 600ex-rt directly???

  31. Mazza1967 4 years ago

    Update on The Godox V20 firmware , I have the new update ( i posted on canon rumours ) I had the original betta V20 from Godox which I shared with a few users on that site The newly released Godox website V20 version is still not working correctly with my M5 in camera from my limited testing , It does appear to work with setting on the trigger , The in camera menu does not show /save the changes made on the menu in camera , they do however alter on the Trigger so , basically if you look at the trigger when you make changes in camera it does alter them even though in camera it does not change anything other than group A , I can only get it to operate in Manual from in Camera and group and TTL have to be set on the trigger cant access in camera , The update V20 works fine with my 6d all works . I have e-mailed godox and I am awaiting a response , I will be resetting my M5 just to ensure there are no conflicting settings , Godox initial e-mail reply suggests it should all be operating. I would be interested in hearing from anyone using with the M5 x1c trigger and that has a understanding of what should be visible in camera from Canon when working properly 🙂

  32. gc 4 years ago

    i used godox x1c with a canon eos M5 and 430exII flash. it seems the camera, the tx, rx and flash seem to detect each other. but for some reason, the flash simply does not pop or fire when i take a shot. anyone experienced and solved this? thanks.

    • Mazza1967 4 years ago

      the x1c will not work at all before firmware v20 with the m5 not compatible at all

  33. Mazza1967 4 years ago

    Okay so I have now received 12-07-17 the v20.1 rar directly from Godox , works with the M5 100% and with 6D perfect for me 🙂

  34. jh 4 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    i recently bought godox X1c TTl Transmitter and receiver but it dont seems to fire of my speedlte when i trigger from my camera.

    everything is working fine. for example setting the speedlite from the transmitter and firing off from the test button.

    the version of the transmitter is V.19 and receiver V.17

    im using a canon M5 and canon ex580II speedlite.

    anyone encounter this issue? help please.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jh,

      If you see the comments from Mazza1967 just above, you need to updated the transmitter to V20 for the M5 to work at all.

      He also mentions he has a copy of V20.1 directly from Godox, which improves M5 compatibility further again.

      • jh 4 years ago


        I tried to update the firmware but the transmitter cannot connect to the computer. I have installed the application and it just can’t connect.

        should my computer auto detect the transmitter or are there anything I have to do to get it connected.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Yes the computer should automatically detect the transmitter. The transmitter needs to be switched off before you connect it.

          When people have issues its generally due to the USB cord used, so its worth trying some other cords if you have more there to try. Sometimes using a different computer has worked as well, though that should be a last resort needed.

          • jh 4 years ago


            I finally got it working after 2 computer and 4 cables (new and old) and found out its the cable issue.

            Thanks for your reply and advice.

  35. Rob Nisters 4 years ago

    I have a Godox X1T-C and a few X1R-C’s (FW v14), a few Yonguo YN600-RT flashes, an a few Canon 580EX II flashes. I also have the Godox AD600B flash, so my Yonguo YN-E3-RT/YNE3-RX are of no use, because they won’t fire the Godox AD600B, which was to be expected.
    What I didn’t expect, was that the Godox T1R won’t play nice with my Yonguo flashes.
    The Godox triggers work fine with my Canon 580EX II flashes, but will misfire about 15 times before firing my Yonguo flashes.
    When I press the test button on the Godox X1R, the Younguo always fires great.
    When I press the testbutton on the Godox X1T, the red light on the X1R lights up, but usually will not fire the flash.
    And after a while, the LCD display on the Yonguo flash acts “funny”, displaying bar-code style stripes or a blank screen, with the “link” light on the Yonguo on, even after turning the power off. It can be solved by opening the battery compartiment.
    Is there any hardware/firmware combination that will allow me to use the Godox AD600 in combination with the Yonguo YN600EX-RT and Canon 580EX II flashes?

    • Miha 3 years ago

      I had this exact same thing with YN600EX-RTII, minus screen going bonkers. It will work nice, then just stop working if i set it to TTL. Have to fiddle with it quite a lot to make it fire again. Only safe bet is to use it in M mode. That way it will work more realibly. Not sure if it will stop flashing like it would in TTL, so far so good.

  36. Mazza 4 years ago

    If your updating your godox trigger on windows you need to turn of driver signature recognition look up on google and follow the steps as windows will block it as an unknown device it’s very easy to do and is only temporary until you re-start your machine , if anyone needs v20.1 it not on godox yet I’m happy to e-mail if address is posted , id rather not post my e-mail on here for the world to bombard ! Nb for the m5 v20.1 is the only version that works properly the other versions all have major bugs that will cause issues when you shoot in the real world ! Nb I’ve only tested with my M5 and 6d so I can’t say what will happen with other models keep copies of original firmwear as a back up

  37. Mazza 4 years ago

    Rob have your tried mounting the young up trigger on top of the godox (.on the hot shoe ) as a shoot through ? This may allow you to use both , I Have used the youngnuo 622c with godox cells transmitter on the hot shoe mount to allow me to fire godox and youngnuo together , but power had to be done on the triggers for each , I gave up and bought all godox as I like less receivers with built in and the power adjustment in camera

  38. THEODORE 4 years ago

    is the x1c work pass – thru or not?
    so far i didn’t make it work as pass thru combined with other remotes flashes like TT600
    any suggestions?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Theodore,

      Sorry for the slow reply here. Yes the X1T-C transmitter should act as a type of pass-thru.

      The TT600 is only a manual singe firing pin flash though, so it will only fire on top of the X1T-C, there is no TTL or remote control.

      I think you need to have group A enabled on the transmitter though, as the flash on camera is always group A in the Canon system.

      • THEODORE 3 years ago

        So if i put my TT685 on the X1T c and all the TT600 Flashes in group A it works right?…the Setting in the X1T c Has to be TTL or manual? Also What settings have to choose in TT685 to work as a pass – thru?
        thank you!

  39. Leekaste 3 years ago

    Many posts are based upon the fact that the GR Group mode requires camera models from 2012 onward.
    I need a remote flash and would love to get the GODOX X1-C + TT685c bundle, and I do not have anymore flash for now.
    BUT, I own a 600D, a 2011 born model, and the camera notice says it has a multiple flash groupe fonction, with splitted or not parameters, exactly like the X1-C does.
    So, is my 600D luckily compatible with GR group mode ?
    or should I forget about GODOX and go for the YONGNUO YN622Tx+YN685c Bundle instead ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Leekaste,

      The X1T-C does not allow GR Group mode with pre-2012 cameras, though the Xpro-C transmitter does (and is a much nicer transmitter overall).

      The only restriction with the Xpro-C and pre-2012 cameras is that only group A, B, & C can be set to TTL, D & E are manual only. That still allows you to mix TTL and manual groups easily though.

  40. Mark 3 years ago

    I have Canon 5D Mark III with 2-X1t-C. I’d like to fire a QFlash X2 thru the PC Sync while wirelessly controlling/firing a AD600 & 3-TT600 units, All in manual mode. The wireless Godox units all fire but the QFlash plugged into the PC sync wont fire at all. As a matter of fact, even when using the sync terminal alone it still doesn’t fire! I have set the custom control 3 to (on) and I’ve tried setting the single pin option on and nothing seems to fire thru the PC sync, Test button doesn’t fire either?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      You need to set custom function 3 to OUT (ou), I assume that is what you meant to say?

      I don’t have a QFlash, though I just gave this a go with an old AD360 and it appears to work fine. The X1T-C transmitter firmware is the current V23.

      The transmitter PC sync port is terribly unreliable though (its not even screw lock, which ensures one of the connections) so it stopped firing a number of times. I had to press on the end of the cord where its connected to the transmitter to make it fire.

      So maybe your issue is just a bad connection as well?

      • David Rose 3 years ago

        Will the Godox X1-C allow the XPro to fire a Yongnuo Ex-600RT flash as well as a Canon 580 II flash?

  41. David Rose 3 years ago

    Will the Godox X1t-C allow the XPro to fire in either remote manual power or TTL a Yongnuo Ex-600RT flash, as well as a Canon 580 II flash? I am wondering if this Godox trigger will allow for a ‘migration’ of my system from YongNuo of my 7 Speedlites (Canon & Yongnuo) to a true Godox-based flash system over time.


  42. Tom L 3 years ago

    Hi, I can’t get the trigger’s AF assist beam to work when mounted on M3. X1T-c firmware is updated to v24, and the Focus Assist Light switch is at ‘on’ position. I’ve tried to turn off AF Assist and Red Eye Reduction in M3, thinking that it might help in letting the trigger to take over the AF Assist task, but no luck.

    Can anyone confirm that AF assist works when use with M3? Similarly, I also have Godox’s TT350c flash, and AF assist on it also doesn’t work with M3.

    • the flasher 3 years ago

      AF Assist Light was designed for Phase Detect Af in DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras use Contrast Detect AF which don’t seem to benefit from the AF Assist light hence it does not work on these type of cameras

  43. Stjepan 3 years ago

    I have few questions:
    1. Can anyone confirm with certainty that this trigger works properly with Canon 5D mark IV? Especially I want to know does speed sync work?
    2. is there different between Godox X1C and Godox X1t-c or they are the same?
    3. Can I use one transceiver only as trigger (placed on body of Canon 5DIV) and remotely trigger other paired with Canon 580EX II with second transceiver?

  44. mo joe 3 years ago

    hi this is my setup X1TC transmitter on the hot shoe of Canon 5d mk 2.
    GR A CH 1 is my canon ex600 on the X1 receiver manual mode set through transmitter
    GR B CH 1 is my Alienbee 1600 connected via syn cable manual mode set through transmitter
    when i release my shutter flashes fire BUT my transmitter display shows all are on ttl mode (yes ex 600 flsh to falls back to ttl frm manual) also i can setup the turn off(–) function a group from the transmitter. But release the shutter all falls back to ttl and all flashes fire BUT by using the test button on the transmitter all works fine
    frustrated please help
    joe m

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi mo joe,

      I was just using the X1T-C transmitter with current firmware on my 7D the other day, and it was having lots of problems. Even when I’m changing manual power levels on the group in the center of the screen, the group displayed above gets the + 1/3 etc added instead of the group I’m adjusting. Old firmware works fine, and the Xpro works fine.

      So although I don’t see your issue, my guess is the current X1T-C firmware is having issues with pre 2012 cameras.

      • John Wilson 3 years ago

        The 5D MK II isn’t pre 2012 (released in December 2012)

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 3 years ago

          The 5D MarK II was released in 2008. The Mark III was 2012.

          The 5D II doesn’t allow Gr group mode control, as with my 7D. I would think GR mode is working ok with the X1T-C otherwise a lot more people would have been complaining by now.

          • John Wilson 3 years ago

            My apologies!

            I should have known that. I bought and still have a MK II. Bought it to video my nephew’s wedding. Time flies!

      • mi joe 3 years ago

        Tks Flash Havoc for ur input. I will try this setup with 5d mk 3 or 6d to c hk the compatibility

  45. PD 3 years ago

    I am planning to buy the X1n trigger for nikon camera and X1n receiver to use with nikon speedlight SB 800. Could you please advise
    if X1 trigger and receiver works with Nikon Speedlight SB800 in TTL mode and HSS

  46. Jose 3 years ago

    Hi Sir.

    I have a technical question. I couldn’t find the answer in the manual, web, etc…
    It is related with the combination of
    Transmitter: Godox X1T-C
    4 Flashes Godox V860C (first version)
    4 receivers: Godox XTR16S

    Firmwares are in the latest version according to your web.
    Everything works perfect, expect one thing: Flashes don’t switch off from the transmitter. Even if I set the group to “—“ the flashes still fire at last power setting used. This is very useless.
    Before purchasing this new transmitter, I was using the old combination of FT16 (433 MHz) and FT16-S and if was possible to switch off the flashes from the transmitter. I upgraded to this version and now this doesn’t work.

    Am I doing something wrong? Can this be corrected in anyway?

    Waiting your answer with expectation.
    Many thanks in advance and kind regards.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Jose,

      Unfortunately this has been a common bug at different times with firmware updates etc.

      I just gave it a try with the X1T-C and found that only group A will turn off directly by itself.

      To turn any of the other groups off, I had to turn off all of the groups first to make this work. Then turn the groups back on that I wanted on.

      So that is a slow work around, though it appears to work.

      The Xpro-C transmitter appears to be working correctly though. (And also has a much better user interface).

  47. rodney 3 years ago

    I have the Godox X1 T C. In ttl mode, the trigger won’t change the fec on my flashpoint 600 or my ad200

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 years ago

      Hi Rodney,

      The FEC setting does not display on the strobes, though it should still effect the TTL exposure in the image.

      The FEC only displays on the flash if you adjust the FEC setting directly on the flash. And that is separate FEC adjustment for each individual light, where the transmitter FEC will adjust all lights set to the same group.

  48. marc 3 years ago

    I have recently bought your Godox X1 C (Canon) Transmitter and receiver set but I am having a big problem getting it to work properly.

    Equipment used : Canon 5D MKII, Godox X1 (C) set for Canon, and the Godox SK 400 Light head

    Set-up 1 : Transmitter is on the camera and everything is synced, shutter & lighting head are synced and you get a well lit image.

    Set-up 2 : (This is the set-up I need to use for a Photo Booth.)
    The receiver is on the camera with the Remote Cable (C1, C3) going from the X1 receiver into the shutter release port on the camera. I use the transmitter to shoot the image from a distance of 5 meters.The shutter and light head are not synced with the light head and shutter going off at different times so that resulting image is Black.

    Can anyone please help me???

    Thank you in advance.


    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Hi Marc,

      If using Godox triggers for the shutter release as well as flash, you currently need 2 separate sets of triggers, and have them set to different channels.

      Or use the Godox radio system for the flash use as normal (your Set-up 1), and a dedicated wireless shutter release for the remote shutter release.

  49. Chetan Sondagar 3 years ago

    I just bought FlashPoint R2 Transmitter and Godox X1R both for Canon. I have Canon 7D and Speedlite 430EX. When I use the flash off camera mounted on X1R, the transmitter fires the flash. However, the reciever is not setting the power level? How do I get the X1R to adjust the flash power?

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Hi Chetan,

      If you have an original mark one 430EX that is likely the problem, as remote power control was not possible with mark one flashes and most TTL radio triggers. Some like the Phottix Odin can do this though they are generally the exception.

      If possible you may be better to return the receivers and just get a TT685 flash instead. Keep the 430EX for on-camera use.

  50. noataspammer 2 years ago

    Hi question is there a way to make it compatible with old canon pre-2012 model (like 7d 5d2 or t2i etc)? people says by taping some pin, but i wonder which pin to tape. thank you.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi there,

      The transmitter is still compatible with pre-2012 cameras, you just can’t access the GR group mode, where TTL and Manual groups can be mixed.

      You can tape over the 4 TTL contacts (they are the ones at the side, not the one in the center of the shoe), but there will be no TTL, HSS, or AF Assist light available then.

      I wouldn’t use tape on the actual contacts though either, just a piece of plastic or thin cardboard, as its important to keep the contacts really clean when you want to use them again.

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