GODOX – X1-N – TTL Triggers for Nikon – Now Available



Godox have released the Nikon X1-N, TTL and HSS enabled 2.4GHz radio trigger system for Nikon DSLRs.

The X1-N are Godox’s first TTL enabled radio triggers available for Nikon, and they have been released alongside the new TT685N Speedlite, with compatible radio transceiver built inside.

The X1-N transmitter can also be used to trigger and control Godox’s new AD600 TTL strobes, as well as the AD360 II Bare bulb flashes.

Its even now possible to control legacy remote manual Godox strobes via the X1-N transmitter, when using new XTR-16 receivers.


Godox X1-N


The X1-N triggers are comprised of separate transmitter and receiver units, with X1-N receivers being compatible with Nikon DSLR compatible speedlites like the Nikon SB-910, SB-900, SB700 etc.

As well as Nikon iTTL compatible flashes like Godox’s own V860N.




The X1-N provide a full group style interface allowing up to 5 groups to be individually set to either TTL, Manual, or Off.

And importantly TTL and Manual Groups can be conveniently mixed together as needed.




The X1-N provide TTL, HSS (High Speed Sync) and most of the features comparable popular TTL triggers provide, even a HSS Pre-sync Timing Adjustment.

Godox have even considered small (though important) details like PC Sync Input and Output, something most radio triggers constantly miss.

At the time of writing this the X1-N unfortunately do not provide Second Curtain Sync. Though that may change in time as the Canon version X1-C have now been updated through firmware to provide Second Curtain Sync.




  • Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio System
  • Range – 100m +
  • Flash Modes – iTTL / M / OFF
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom (Auto / Manual) (Global for All Groups Only)
  • Group Mode – 5 Groups A / B / C / D / E   (D & E Are Remote Manual Only)
  • 32 Channels
  • Large LCD Display with Back Light
  • HSS Delay Setting – 0~19.9ms, (100us Increments)
  • Modeling flash
  • Auto Memory Function
  • AF Assist light (With an On/Off Switch)
  • Wireless Shutter Release
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • Transmitter PC Sync Port – Input & Output
  • Receiver 2.5mm Sync and Shutter Release Port – Output


Godox X1-N


The X1-N transmitter features a large clear LCD panel interface, and fast adjustment control wheel.

Godox have even provided a simple switch on the side of the transmitter allowing the Focus Assist Light to be switched on and off when needed.




X1-N receivers provide a simple Channel and Group selection interface.




The X1-N receivers 2.5mm Sync Port output can be used for wired and wireless shutter release, as well as firing studio strobes.

(Canon version X1-C shown below).






 Model  X1N
 Type  For Nikon
 Compatible with  Nikon cameras (i-TTL autoflash)
 Support all cameras that have PC sync socket
 Build-in Remote System  2.4 G wireless transmission
 Modulation Method  MSK
 Power Supply  2*AA batteries
 Exposure Control
 Manual Flash  Support
 TTL Auto Flash  i-TTL
 TTL Control
 High Speed Sync (HSS)  Support
 Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)  Support, ±3 stops 1/3 stop increments
 Flash Exposure Lock (FEL)  Support
 Focus Assist  Manual open
 Rear Curtain Sync  No
 Modeling Flash  Support, fired with cameras depth of field preview button
 Wireless Flash
 Wireless Function  in TTL mode, Ratio off
 in M mode, Flash Ratio(A B C)
 Support GR (grouping flash)
 Controlled Slave Groups  in the GR grouping mode, 5 (A/B/C/D/E)
 in the Ratio grouping mode, 3(A/B/C)
 Transmitter Distance  >100 meters
 Channel  32 channels
 Synchronization Delay Set  Support (0-10ms, set in unit of 100us )
 Wireless Shutter Release  Receiver can control cameras shooting through 2.5mm shutter release interface
 Zoom Setting  The focal length can be adjusted through the transmitter
 Display Panel  Wide LCD panel, backlight on/off
 Output Interface  Transmitter: use a PC port to input and output;
 Receiver: use a 2.5mm sync cable to output
 Firmware Upgrade  Use the Micro USB port to upgrade
 Memory Function  Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart
 Transmitter Size/ Weight  72x75x52(mm)/100g





C.Fn-00 – Synchronization Delay Setting –  [ 00 = OFF ] [ 1-100 US delay setting ]

C.Fn-01 – Single Contact Mode –  [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ] (stops transmitter going to sleep)

C.Fn-02 – Zoom Setting –  [ AU = Changes with lens ] [ 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 80, 105… ]

C.Fn-03 – PC Sync Socket –  [ In = PC Sync connect with Camera ] [ ou = PC Sync connects with Flash ]

C.Fn-04 – Multi Flash OFF/ON –  [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-05 – Enable 1/256 Power Level –  [ 1/128 = OFF ] [ 1/128- = ON ]  (1/256 is displayed as 1/128-)

C.Fn-06 – AF Assist Light OFF/ON –  [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]

C.Fn-07 – Switch between 3 and 5 groups in GR Group Mode –  [ 03 = 3 groups ] [ 05 = 5 groups ]

C.Fn-08 – Turn remote flash beep Off / On –  [ – –  = OFF ] [ on = ON ]



A function to remotely turn the modelling light On and Off on strobes like the AD600B has also been added to the X1 transmitters.

Double pressing the Channel button will turn the modelling light ON or OFF.




After some persuasion and the help from Adorama / Flashpoint, Godox have implemented a static Page Mode interface option, which stops the groups from moving around on the transmitters LCD screen.

To engage the Page Mode interface hold the Channel button for 5 seconds, or until the groups show again on the LCD screen (after the custom functions disappear).

A flashing Group letter now indicates the current Group selected.

– Single press the Group button – To scroll down groups.
– Double press the Group button – To scroll up groups.
– Turn the Dial – To adjust the Group setting.
– Press the Channel button – To lock in the setting (will also lock in automatically after 2 seconds)


(Unfortunately this is still not quite as we suggested, which would be using the dial to quickly select groups. Though at least the groups are not constantly scrolling around on the LCD screen now).

Godox have also implemented Custom Function C.Fn-07, which allows the display of just 3 groups when you’re currently not using all 5.

This makes it faster to scroll through (by continually pressing the Group button) just 3 groups all displayed on the one page, to select the group you’re after.





The Godox X1-N TTL triggers for Nikon are available now from around $80 a set of Tx & Rx –

AdoramaEbay, Amazon, UK.


Canon Version – X1-C
Sony Version – X1-S


Godox – Website




  1. Aleem 10 months ago

    Is it possible to use the Phottix Odin II with the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS TTL having access to all the features is so is there any instructions? Any help please

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 10 months ago

      Hi Aleem,

      No there is no remote control possibly directly with the Odin II and XPLOR 600 HSS.

      You could possibly attach an Odin II receiver to the XPLOR via PC sync cord, just to fire the flash. And then use a Godox transmitter in hand to control the remote manual power levels. Definitely no TTL that way though.

      If not using other strobes etc with the Phottix system, then you would have more control just using the Godox transmitters like the X1T and XT32 mounted on the camera.

      • Tayyab 10 months ago

        Hello Admin,

        Does the system work with yongnuo 565ex TTL flash for nikon and yongnuo manual flash ? Has anyone successfully used a manual flash units via these triggers?

  2. Donny 10 months ago

    Hi Admin,

    I used Trigger Godox X1N on Nikon D180 with Nikon Speedlite SB910 used Receiver Godox X1N. Why i can not adjust Mode Manual Power Output (not TTL) on my Trigger Godox?

    I watch on Youtube about Godox X1N with Nikon D810.
    On Youtube it show how to adjust with Mode Manual Power Output but in fact i can not adjust. Thanks and Best Regards.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 10 months ago

      Hi Donny,

      Do you mean you can’t change any manual setting on the transmitter at all?

      With Nikon you need to set the flash to TTL mode, even for remote manual use. It won’t show any manual power level on the flash, though it the flash will fire at the manual power level set.

      • Dimitris Tsiapas 6 months ago

        If the transmitter (Godox X1N) is on manual and the receiver flash (Nikon SB910) on TTL will it still fire preflashes?

        In Nikon world the only setup I have seen with no preflashes in manual was with an X1n and V860II-N.
        In this setup the V860II-N was changing mode according to the receiver, M/TTL and vice versa.
        I have Yongnuo 622n-tx, 622n and the preflashes in manual are really annoying.

  3. Cornell 10 months ago


    Does the system work with legacy i-TTL flash units such as SB-800 and SB-600? Has anyone successfully used these flash units in i-TTL mode and/or manual mode wirelessly via these triggers?

  4. mealtrip 10 months ago

    Do we know what version of software the Adorama / Flashpoint rebrand (Flashpoint R2 i-TTL) of the X-1N (Nikon version) is shipping with?

    I have a really early model of the X-1N, I’m all MacOS and just don’t feel like messing around with the software update anymore.

    I’m not opposed to just buying a new trigger at Adorama if they’re at least shipping with v12 or above. (i.e. I really just want to be able to turn the dang modeling light on and off from the remote).

  5. AleemAli 10 months ago

    Hello guys I can’t find my edited raw files in LR any more how can I get it back without re-editing all of them again, is 170 files from a wedding show from this week end and I just have 700 more raws to scan through, PLEASE HELP.

  6. Berkay 10 months ago

    Merhaba yönetiçi nikon d7000 kullanıcısıyim godox x1 n tetikleyici ile godox tt685 n flash manual mode kullanabilirmiyim?

  7. Trung 9 months ago

    Any word on whether Godox is planning on fixing the AF assist beam problem?

    • Ulysses 9 months ago

      Trung, to which specific problem are you asking about with regard to the AF Assist beam? 🙂

      • Trung 9 months ago

        When using the X1T-N in combination with a Nikon SB-700/900/910 (I assume others as well), it doesn’t pass through the AF-assist to the flash, requiring you to use the X1T AF-assist, which is vastly inferior. I’d love to switch to using a V860II on-camera, but the AF-assist beam is just so lacking with it’s crosshatch grid, that often falls in between AF points.

        • Ulysses 9 months ago

          Ahh, yes. It’s true. Sometimes the AF Assist beam can be off-center especially depending upon the distance to the subject (and of course out beyond 10-12 feet no AF Assisf beam is of much use anyway). Hopefully Godox sees the need to improve this feature to bring it up to Canikon standards.

          In the meantime, I find that if I’m using the same flash frequently I can consistently adjust my aim to compensate for the deviation of the beam. It’s not perfect, but for now it works well.

  8. Sergiu 9 months ago

    Does anybody tried to put an yn 622 transceiver on x1t hot shoe and works?

  9. Adrian 9 months ago

    On the Trigger custom function menu, there is a setting for:

    Synchronization Delay Setting – [ 00 = OFF ] [ 1-100 US delay setting ]

    What is that used for, delay in flash firing???

    • bob 9 months ago

      Many names for it but all are a form of tail sync or peak sync i.e. adjusting when the flash fires in relation to when the curtains are open to allow higher shutter speed use with flash, nothing to do with HSS though


      • Adrian 9 months ago

        Thanks Bob.

  10. Daniyal Alam 8 months ago

    Could the X1T be used to fire the shutter with the cord attached like the X1R?

  11. Jester 8 months ago

    Is the X1 trigger and receiver compatible with Nikon d750 & Nice foto strobe ?

  12. Adrian 7 months ago

    I thought I could have a Canon set up, and a Nikon set up on the one flash, and when firing have the flash auto switch to N or C, plus also the Flash Power of each.

    I am sure I did get it to work previously but when testing yesterday, it would not change the power setting, although it recognised the N/C cameras.

    Now, I realise by pushing the ‘Test’ button on trigger it will then auto set the flash head to the setting on the camera I want, but when 2 shooter are working, different cameras/power settings (this is all in manual mode of course), I don’t want to have to press the test for it to recognise my camera and vice-versa, but want it to auto pick up immediately I fire, is this possible.


  13. Elo 7 months ago

    I can’t seem to get TTL and FEC to work with an X1T-N, X1R-N and a v860N reliably on my D700

    Every now and then, it seems to work for a short period (testing with a grey card) but as soon as I change FEC on the transmitter or camera it goes crazy and just over exposes everything by a good 3-4 stops.

    I’ve made sure that:
    – Fresh batteries on all devices
    – 1//250 FP setting on camera
    – The “close range” setting as mentioned in the Godox FAQ
    – Latest firmwares on all devices (2.3 on the v860n, 19 on the X1T and 16 on the X1R

    Everything else seems to work, ie manual control, zoom, f-stop all seem to get transmitted as expected but TTL just seems to not work.

    However with a Yongnuo 622N, TTL and the v860N seems to work flawlessly. Using plain CLS with the pop up flash also works flawlessly

    The only obvious point of difference I see is that the TTL preflash when using the Yongnuo is noticeably brighter. So I’m wondering if, somehow, the X1T/X1R is messing up this preflash as too low, and the camera is then overcompensating?

    I really want this to work 🙁 I bought the X1 units ages ago, and couldn’t really test them at the time. Has anybody else had any problems with this combination?

  14. Wint 7 months ago

    I did a lot of testing here with the Nikon SB-800 and I can say it doesn’t work TTL and manual. It only triggers the flash.

  15. Jim Setzer 6 months ago

    Anyone know why Godox added C.Fn-06 – AF Assist Light OFF/ON? Why is this needed when there’s a dedicated switch? If I had to guess it’s common code from a speedlight that has the same AF assist, but doesn’t have a physical switch.

    After updating to v19 my AF assist stopped working and I thought the AF assist LED was dead until I stumbled across this – disabled by default which is even stranger.

  16. Pedro Heshike 6 months ago

    Hi I just receive my Streaklight 360 TTL fro Nikon and it seen I can not make it work with my X1N transmitter I receive when I both the xplor600TTL for Nikon, the firmware version of the X1N is v15 …..anyone have any similar issues……the SL360N doesn’t even show that is connect to Nikon as the manual said…any help or advice will be appreciate it

  17. Pedro Heshike 6 months ago

    Please disregard my previous comment…instrcution were a little confusing and I have to look at one of the videos of Martin Cheung…didn’t know that the this has to be in slave to work

  18. Dimitar 6 months ago

    Hi,I have two Godox TT600S and XT1-S and recently I brought Nikon camera. I couldn’t find so far if I can use XT1-N to control my Speedlights. Don’t you know if I can?

    • Ulysses 6 months ago

      Yes, you can. Although your flash has a foot designed for the Sony hot shoe, if it is used in slave mode it will receive and obey control signals from any X1 transmitter i 🙂

  19. Simon Hanagarth 6 months ago

    Hi. Great write up, thank you. Will this work with the Shanny SN600SN? Any limitations? Many thanks. Simon

  20. Ram 6 months ago

    when a flash (yn685) is attached to the hot shoe on R2 transmitter the R2 turns off?

  21. Ali Ghanty 5 months ago

    Hello everyone!
    i have a real tough time with godox gear, i also have yongnou gear and didnt get any problems at all.
    I have 3 godox TT685N units, and 3 X1-N transmitters on 3 different bodies.

    Since i got them i thought they just miss fired but later realised that out of 3-5 shots, i got miss fired. Later on i saw the flashes not responding at all, even changing settings and batteries.

    so i checked the firmwares. two flashes were v15 and 1 v12. the transmitters also were not uptodate.
    i have updated everything. The problem is still here. At first after the update, the flashes did work at all in slave mode, i had reset them and 2 started to work, on and off.

    My question; does using 3 transmitters with same channel (obviously) and maybe different setting, on different camera bodies, make the transmitters/flash not to work properly? ( i dont have any problem with yongnou using 3 transmitters)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 months ago

      Hi Ali,

      Its not supposed to be an issue. With most of the other Godox 2.4GHz flashes you can even use different cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony) at the same time, and the flash auto senses which transmitter is being used. Hopefully the TT685 should be updated to do that eventually as well.

      Its possible there could be bug currently though causing your issue. Are they working OK if you just use the one body / transmitter?

      Also if you’re not aware there is a short range mode that needs to be selected if you have the flash within 30cm or so of the transmitter (otherwise that will cause misfires).

  22. Ivan 5 months ago


    I have a question:

    I use 2 cameras on me for social photography. Using off camera flash, for example V850-860… if change settings on the x1n on one camera, can make the other x1n just flash at the settings the flashes are on? In other words, do I have to change both x1n triggers to the desired power to have the same exposures, or can I do it all from one unit?
    I use Nikon, second photographers use Canon and I wish to be in control of the power from one “master unit”

    Thanks Ivan

  23. Eso 5 months ago

    Hi All

    I just received a set of Godox transreceivers, so it 1 transmitter X1T-n and two receivers.
    In general everything works fine except of AF-Assist.
    I have Nikon D90. Tried to change settings in all possible way, but
    AF-assistant seems to be dead. I have even updated it to latest firmware.

    I am really dissapointed and if there is no solution for this, it seams, that these receivers
    will need to be sold and probably switched to some of YongNuo ones.
    For now I cannot recommend Godox trigers to anybody.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 months ago

      Hi Eso,

      Do you know that custom function 06 in the X1T-N can turn the AF assist light OFF? If not you should check that first.

      There is also a switch on the side of the X1T-N which turns the AF light ON and OFF.

      If not either of those its likely a camera setting which disables the AF assist light. With Canon the issue is usually the cameras auto focus set to AI Servos (tracks a moving subject), I don’t know if Nikon is the same there or not.

      • Eso 5 months ago

        Of course I know, about custom settings, however, there was no way to make it work untill now, when I downgraded firmware to v15.

        I downgraded it to v15 and I can confirm, that everything works. AF assist is not so accurate as AF assist built in to Nikon flash, however it is better than nothing.

        Firmware v15 can be found here -> https://we.tl/bBoSt4OpYf


        Some more things from me. I tried several USB cords until PC said that Godox device is connected, so be careful about that and if you got an error, that device is not connected, it is more likely the USB cord issue.
        At least Java 7 must be installed, otherwise you will get serror, that java.xxx something cannot be loaded. Java 7 is included in firmware’s instalation file.
        And some file called Microsoft visual + something.. also needs to be installed on PC.

        Anyway, if you got some error, just ask Google about it and you should get an answer.

        Good luck to everybody.

  24. Luisa 4 months ago

    I have a camera nikon d700 and flash sb 910 sb 600 and sb 24 when using GODOX – X1 – N Triggers works with a burst of photos in Manual mode with the sb 24 but with the flash sb 910 and the sb 600 only one photo is exposed correctly, the rest of the photos are dark but the flash jumps, Then I let the flash completely load and took a second photo The flash jumps but the photo is dark. If I turn everything off and then on again, the first picture will be lit, but not the next with sb 910 and sb 600. Thought it was camera problem I tried it on another camera and it happens the same. Thank you
    1/125 f 5.6

  25. Chris 1 month ago

    Can I trigger an ex580ii canon flash on a x1r c reciever with a x1n trigger mounted on a Nikon camera and still have manual and ttl option?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 1 month ago

      Hi Chris,

      The last time I checked (which was a while back now) there was only remote manual power control, and I think some HSS function.

      I would assume it is Godox’s intention to eventually have full cross brand TTL compatibility when using the X1 receivers as well, though the receivers appear to be the lowest priority at them moment.

      And with Fuji and M4/3 coming now I wouldn’t be surprised to see more loose ends possibly appear in new firmware for these than added functionality in this area.

  26. mark 3 weeks ago

    Just ordered a couple neweer versions of the godox x1t-n and x1r-n transmitters for Nikon. I had high hopes for this system but so far I have had nothing but problems and will return unless I can get them resolved. I’m hoping some of you might know if any non-Godox flashes are compatible with this system. So far I’ve tried: Nikon SB800, Shanny Sn600n, and Yongnuo 565EX. In all cases, the auto zoom function doesn’t work despite being activated on the transmitter (it will zoom long after it’s supposed to a couple of times then just stop responding). Furthermore, there is a very noticeable shutter lag between depressing the shutter and when the camera actually takes the picture.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sync delay is set to off on transmitter as well and it’s running the latest firmware.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 weeks ago

      Hi Mark,

      Are you referring to a flash mounted on top of the transmitter hotshoe on camera?, or the flash mounted on the the X1R-N receiver?

      I tried an SB-700 and Auto Zoom, and correct sync are working on or off camera.

      (Also tried a YN568EX C (Canon) and the sync and TTL are surprising correct on and off camera, though the Auto Zoom is not working at all).

      So I don’t really know about YongNuo at this stage, though the Nikon flash should work. SB-800’s are a little different to the other Nikon flashes though, so it could possibly be a bug with that model as well.

  27. xrqp 2 weeks ago

    The owner manual says “Mount the X1TN transmitter on camera hotshoe and turn it on before
    turning on the camera.” I think I may need to stick a label on my X1TN so I don’t forget. Has anyone else had trouble remembering this?

    After doing above, it is not clear to me if there is anything special to know about putting a speedflash on the X1TN hotshoe. Would that speedflash then be controlled by the X1TN and would it have to be designated as Master?

  28. degeost 2 weeks ago

    Using the flash units I have, I found that the flash operation depended on the model of flash:

    SB910: when I put the SB910 in TTL mode on the X1TN, a group labeled M was added to the X1TN and I was able to control both TTL and manual settings for the SB910 through the X1TN. The SB910 did not become the “master” even though the group is labeled M.

    SB700: when the SB700 was placed on the X1TN, the screen on the SB700 indicated that the switch on the SB700 for TTL/M manual control must be moved to M (manual). The X1TN showed a M group with TTL, but TTL control of the SB700 didn’t seem to be possible. The SB700 would fire properly when the shutter button was pressed to take the image, but the flash power was whatever was set on the SB700 unit. Thus, the SB700 thus became a manual flash on the X1TN.

    SB600: Did not work properly on the X1TN when set to TTL or manual mode on the flash, so no control from X1TN possible.

    MetZ 44AF-1: Similar to SB910.

    Latest firmware in XT1N used. Tests used D750 and D610.

    Hope that helps.


    • Atreyu_bcn 2 days ago

      Hi degeost,

      I have the X1tn and a sb600, and when I put this combo on top of the camera is like it has some contact fail, it works sometimes, or just dont fire or in ttl fires at full power.
      Did you have a similar experience? I am wondering if its my xt1n unit defective or is just that is not compatible with the sb600.
      I couldn’t find a compatibility list for the x1tn.

      Flash Havoc do you have any info about the compatibility of the x1tn and the sb600?

      • degeost 1 day ago

        After my post above, I did more testing with the SB600 and the x1tn and found that about 1 in 10 times I could get the SB600 to work until I turned the SB600 off. Some times it took about 30 seconds, sometimes several minutes, but mostly the SB600 wouldn’t work on the x1tn. I tried with both of my x1tn units and with both a D610 and D750 camera. I also tried two different brands of TTL cables between the SB600 and the x1tn, but nothing made a difference. I concluded that there was some sort of timing issue among the SB600, x1tn and camera that prevented the proper connection among the three. My guess is that the SB600 isn’t responding fast enough to the x1tn for the x1tn to pass along to the camera. Since the newer model SB910 works properly, I believe this a reasonable guess.

  29. Victor Gonzales 6 days ago

    I had a question, I bought the non-ttl ad600 online just yesterday, and it is on its way to me now, but I just realized that the trigger is the x1c, and not the x1n. Will I still be able to trigger it with my nikon, and use hss or will I have to return it for the correct one?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 days ago

      Hi Victor,

      For HSS you will need the Nikon version X1T-N transmitter (or XT32-N).

      The X1T-C will fire the flash in sync with the Nikon camera, and allow remote manual power control, but no HSS or focus assist light etc.

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