GODOX XPRO & FLASHPOINT R2 PRO – Add 0.1 Stop Adjustments


New firmware adding fine 0.1 stop manual power level increments to the Godox Xpro and Flashpoint R2 PRO radio transmitters, is now available from the Godox Download page.

And new firmware is also available for AD600 PRO / XPLOR 600 PRO strobes, adding the 0.1 stop capability to the flash as well.

Mark II AC powered studio lights like the Godox QT II / Flashpoint Rapid, QSII, and SKII, are already enabled with 0.1 stop power level increments corresponding with the new transmitter option.




Once updated to firmware V1.3, the AD600 PRO / XPLOR 600 PRO now only provide the option of 0.1 stop increments when adjustments directly on the flash interface.

Though the flash will also follow the transmitter settings if the transmitter is set to 0.3 stop increments instead.



One thing to be aware of though, is that the transmitter resets all power levels back to 1/128th power, after changing the Menu setting back and forth from 0.3 to 0.1 increments, so all current power settings are lost in the process.

This means you would need to remember to make a note of the current power settings first if they are important.

Also an 0.3 or 0.1 menu option for the 600 PRO strobe may have been preferable to only having the option of 0.1 increments set directly on the strobe.

Otherwise this update provides a significant improvement for people wanting to do more intricate studio work, using the Godox and Flashpoint PRO strobes, or AC powered lights, all controlled remotely through the transmitter interface.




Firmware updates for the Godox Xpro / Flashpoint R2 PRO radio transmitters, and AD600 PRO / XPLOR 600 PRO strobes are available now free of charge from the Godox Download page.


Godox Flashpoint – Flash System Overview

Godox – Download Page

Flashpoint – Download Page


  1. Andy 2 years ago

    The firmware upgrade sounds great.

    Not if you use a Mac though.

    I hope Godox start supporting Mac users.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Mac shouldn’t be long now 🙂

  2. Ganesh Naravian 2 years ago

    It’s possible to work with ad200?

    • Marco 2 years ago

      No. Actually ad200 only support .3 steps.
      Same for tt350 (thr only models i own)

      • John Wilson 2 years ago

        Hi marco1

        The AD200 firmware has not yet been updated to support the Pentax trigger. The AD600Pro update adds Pentax and 0.1 step support. We don’t know yet if the Ad200 will get 0.1 step support.

        • John Wilson 2 years ago

          We do know now. V2.2 firmware has just been released which has PENTAX support but not 0.1 stop support.

  3. John Wilson 2 years ago

    I see that the new AD600 and AD600M firmware supports Pentax but does not give you 0.1 increments.

  4. Roman 2 years ago

    Since introducing of Nikon CLS, I was changing my speedlight power in 1-stop increments. Even 1/3 stops I see as unnecessary and too long especially in a fast-changing environment. That’s why I tend to shoot with my old SB-800 + radiopoppers instead of Godox.

    How could we submit 1/1 stop increment feature to godox? Would they listen us at atll?

  5. Patrick Murphy 2 years ago

    The XPro-S for Sony update also adds the capability to use the autofocus assist light on the XPro-S. This was not possible until the 1.1 update. To make this work, set the XPro-S “AF” menu to MILC, set the camera’s “AF Illuminator” menu to Auto, set the AF mode to AF-S (won’t work with AF-C), and turn on the hardware AF switch on the side of the XPro-S.

    As the Godox change log indicates, this works with the Sony A7III, A7RIII, A7RII, and A9 cameras.

  6. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    A very welcome addition to this system.

  7. mike 2 years ago

    Just had a conversation with the factory and expect to see the AD400PRO released with 0.1 stop capability and from others I have heard that this is a PRO feature, so not for speedlights and older flashes


    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      It will be interesting to see which way the AD200 goes.

      You would expect to see an AD200Pro at some point.

      • mike 2 years ago

        Not sure how easy the precision engineering scales down but already contemplating dumping my AD600s for AD600PROs (already have one so know how good they are) to realise all the benefits of the PRO system and if an AD200PRO were to be announced I would have the decision made easier


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