GODOX – XT16 – 2.4GHz Transmitter & Receivers Released

Godox XT16


Godox have released 2.4GHz versions of their previous (433MHz) FT-16 radio trigger set, in the new XT16 transmitter, and clip on XTR16, and XTR16s receivers.

The remote manual XT16 transmitters and receivers are basically the same on the outside as the previous FT-16 units, only the internals have been updated to Godox’s new 2.4GHz X radio system.

Most significantly though, the new XTR16 and XTR16s receivers now bridge the gap between the popular remote manual flash units like the AD360 bare bulb flashes, and V850 speedlites, and Godox’s latest X series TTL trigger system (and radio enabled master flash units).


Godox XT16


X series transmitter units like the X1-C and X1-N will now fire and control remote manual power levels of AD360 and V850 flash units (with corresponding XTR16 and XTR16s clipped to the side of the flashes).

Radio enabled master flash units like the Godox TT685C / TT685N should also provide similar control when used as the transmitter unit on camera.

Godox XT16


Godox have provided samples of the XTR16 and XTR16s receivers, and via the X1-C transmitter I am able to control the remote manual power levels of AD360 and V850 strobes, while also using the new AD600B in TTL mode (or remote manual mode) at the same time.

And all providing HSS if desired. (HSS mode must be switched on manually on the AD360 and V850 etc).

All 5 groups (A / B / C / D / E) of the X1-C and X1-N transmitter units work, and correspond with the groups set on the XTR16 and XTR16s receiver group dials.

Groups can also be turned on and off individually from the X1-C transmitter.

(Please note though – mixing TTL and Remote Manual groups, and turning groups on and off individually, requires 2012 onward camera bodies when using the X1-C transmitter for Canon).


Godox XT16


The XTR16 receivers are also compatible with Godox’s large range of AC mains powered studio lights like the QT600, GT, GS, DE, etc.

Though with the AC powered studio lights remote manual power control is not likely to be possible through the X1-C and X1-N transmitter units (due to the different power scale used). A separate XT16 transmitter could be used as a hand held remote for power control though.


Godox XT16





The Godox XTR16 and XTR16s receivers are available now from around $20 –

XTR-16 Receiver – AdoramaAmazon, UK, B&H PhotoEbay

XTR-16s Receiver – AdoramaAmazon, UKEbay

XT-16 Transmitter – Amazon, UK, B&H PhotoEbay


Godox – Website


  1. Randall 5 years ago

    If I wanted to fire a couple of Godox flash units off camera and also fire one Olympus flash on camera, which trigger/flash combo would I need to buy? Just to be clear, I’m looking for TTL pass through for the on camera flash, and remote firing of off camera units.

    As an alternative, for example, can I buy three TT600’s and use one of them to fire the other two, all in manual mode. I would like to eliminate the need for additonal triggers and receivers. The yongnuo 560 IV flashes do what I’m talking about however, I would like a more dependable flash system.


  2. Ulysses 5 years ago

    Hey there, Randall. Maybe Thomas will chime in on this one, as I know he has the X1-N transmitter, as well as shoots with an Olympus E-M1 for a lot of work. I don’t know if that transmitter has the pass-through on the hot shoe or not. I’m guessing you want to mount a lightweight Olympus flash into the hot shoe, while still retaining the ability to control your off-camera 2.4 Ghz flashes?

    Otherwise, using the TT600 flash in the Olympus hot shoe should work for manually controlling your off-camera TT600 flashes. Might feel a bit off-balance, but I think it should work. Wouldn’t feel much different than mounting a YongNuo flash onto the E-M1.

    • Randall 5 years ago

      You are correct Ulysses. We’ve had this similar conversation on other sites. I’m still trying to find the best solution for an Olympus setup. I really know very little about the Godox brand other than it seems to be well made gear.

      I really don’t mind the larger flash units on top of the gripped E-M1. I have tried, of course, the Yongnuo’s and the Lumo Pro units. I was basically happy with the YN 560 IV units until one went full power on me…lost confidence after that. The lumo Pro’s are rock solid but I have to use external triggers.

      Anyway, you’ve answered one of my questions for sure. It sounds like I can do the same thing that YN does, with the Godox TT600. I can live with on camera manual flash. But if there is a way to have on cam TTL and still fire the other TT600’s, I’ll take it.

      Wow, what a rambling mess I’ve written! Did a 5 hour bridal show today…mind is mush 🙂

  3. brothersimon 5 years ago

    I just received information from GODOX that they have a backorder for the Nikon Version of the XTR-16s.
    They asked me NOT to receive the package when it arrives. So, bad news for Nikon users. As always 🙁

  4. Mike 5 years ago

    Sorry but that makes no sense, the XTR-16s is not nikon or canon specific

    • Brother_simon 5 years ago

      if you are using this product for Canon, please ignore this message. if you are using this for Nikon, please read the following message:

      dear friend, are you going to use this on the Canon camera and Canon flahes or the Nikon camera and flashes? We are asking because the factory notified us today that this XTR-16S for Nikon has defects but for Canon it works fine. so the factory is recalling this XTR-16S for Nikon. So if you are using this for Nikon, please don’t pick up the package so that it will return to us, and we will refund to you. Thank you and please let us know.

    • brothersimon 5 years ago

      (By the way: That was the message I got from my Ebay Seller.
      @ Mike: I agree with you. It does not make sense to me either.
      I don’t know, maybe the problem is that the XTRs don’t respond to the X1N Trigger. And they decided that it’s not the trigger’s problem but the receivers. Who knows?)

  5. mike 5 years ago

    as my xtr16 and xtr16s are on the way and I am a nikon user I will soon be able to test if there are issues.


  6. Andy 5 years ago

    I’ve just sent my X1-N back to amazon for a full refund.

    I’ll wait until Godox sort out the dreadful and impossible PC firmware upgrades. I tried but as a mac user and human being I got nowhere.

    I’ve been stung before by purchasing an outdated Cells II that didn’t work with my D810.

    I look forward to hearing the good news that all the issues have been resolved. In the mean time I’m keeping the money in my pocket.

    I think this forum is going to be fun when all the new units arrive in peoples post boxes!

  7. Mike 5 years ago

    Now that I know how to install an unsigned driver in win 10 I have firmware upgraded 2 X1N-T & 3 X1N-R as well as an AD3600II-N, have a couple of V860s to go – not difficult when you know how.

    X1N-T working well with AD600 & AD360II-N and once the XTR16 gear arrives it should really open up things.

    RTFM and most issues go away.


  8. andy 5 years ago

    That’s great, but it all sounds Dutch to a mac user.

  9. Hector 5 years ago

    Just got the xtr16, test it with ad360 and x1n on a Nikon d750.
    I can trigger the flash, but can’t change power on flash with the x1n. Is it firmware or is the unit xtr16 not working properly???

    • Brother_simon 5 years ago

      @Hector: That’s probably why godox back ordered the xtr-16s (see post above).
      That is a too bad.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Hector.

      Though darn it I just tried the XTR-16s sample I have with the X1T-N transmitter and that is not working with remote power levels either.

      Its got me stumped now as I thought I had tested this before. I think I must have been using the second Canon transmitter on the Nikon camera.

      This is obviously why they must have been recalled though. Unfortunately I think you are going to have to send them back. If Godox could have fixed this with a firmware update to the X1T-N etc transmitters I’m sure they would have done it they way instead already.

      UPDATE – Upgrading to V12 allows now allows remote manual power control with the X1-N transmtter and XTR-16 / XTR-16s receivers. Though this only works at shutter speeds below the cameras X-sync.

      • Hector G 5 years ago

        hello Flash Havoc
        Thanks for the update,,, i got them on ebay, to how do i return it? already email godox asking for steps to make it work.

        Godox products have lots of problems.
        the X1N : the hot shoe slips from the camera, already drop several times and batteries pop out.
        the battery terminals have bad contacts,,,, need to play with the placement of the batteries to get power.

        Godox has the opportunity to have a great system with a low price compare to the other brands and it keeps messing it up with not doing good quality control or testing.

        Very disappointing


  10. Brother_simon 5 years ago

    Hey Mike. How do you do the firmware upgrade in win 10?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Brother_simon,

      The instructions for upgrading firmware with operating systems later than Windows 7 is posted here.

  11. Nikolay 5 years ago

    As far as I understand I will be able to control the new TT600 flash with this XT16 transmitter using the built-in receiver of the flash? What I can not udnerstand is if the HSS will be avaiable through the new XT16 transmitter?

    • Andy 5 years ago

      No, the XT16 transmitter is single pin only, so you would need the X1 for HSS

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Nikolay,

      No you need an XTR-16s receiver clipped to the side of the flash if you want to use the XT-16 transmitter.

      And also no, the XT-16 transmitter alone can not provide the pre-sync signal required for HSS. The main option would be to stack the XT-16 transmitter on top of the X1T-C / N transmitter mounted on the camera.

      The X1T-C / N transmitters alone will do both your points above though.

  12. Dan 5 years ago

    I just received an XTR16 from China for my AD360 and they sent it alone in a plain white box with no directions. I can get it to fire but I am unable to control the power settings with an X-1 N. I have tried setting the XTR16 on A, B, and C but they don’t seem to correspond to the X1N. I figured out having all the dip switches down is channel 1 but I have no idea what the others are? I have searched all over and cannot seem to find the manual online either.

    • Dan 5 years ago

      Nevermind. I just found this on the thread for the X-1 about the XTR16.

      “Dear friend,

      Good afternoon.
      Sorry to say, we just got news from the Godox, the New XTR-16 exist some technical problem. Now, all the XTR-16 need send back to factory to test. So we advice refund you and cancel the order.
      And once the Godox solve this technical problem, we will notice you so that you can order it again, is that OK?

      Look forward to your reply. Sorry for all the trouble that caused.
      Best regards”

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Hi Dan,

        Yes unfortunately they well need to go back.

        Unless you may know a Canon Godox user that would like to take them off your hands.

        UPDATE – Upgrading to V12 allows now allows remote manual power control with the X1-N transmtter and XTR-16 / XTR-16s receivers. Though this only works at shutter speeds blow the cameras X-sync.

        • Dan 5 years ago

          Assuming this receiver will never work for me since I use Nikon. I would let a Canon user have it for the shipping cost. I don’t know anyone personally however. Thanks!

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 5 years ago

            Hi Dan,

            That’s kind of you, though if you upgrade to firnware V12 on the X1-N transmitter this now allows remote manual power control with the X1-N transmtter and XTR-16 / XTR-16s receivers.

            Though this currently only works at shutter speeds below the cameras X-sync. I don’t know if Godox may be able to resolve that issue through firmware later though as well. At the time of writing this Godox are away until the 15th for Chinese New Year.

            • Dan 5 years ago


              I will hang on to it until we hear if it can be fixed with a firmware update. I have an old WIndows 7 machine to update the X1-N when it becomes necessary. It’s pointless for me to update currently so I’ll just continue to use the FTR-16 receivers.

  13. andrew 5 years ago

    i got my XTR receivers for the witstro and ving , but i cann’t test them until my X1-C arrives .
    stay tuned guys !!!

  14. Michael B 5 years ago

    I can’t find this specific info anywhere, but I already have an X1-C, and an AD 360II. I also have a couple TTL Li-Ion Rebranded Godox Flash (Flash Point Zoom LiON). Do we know if these new receivers will allow the remote flashes to function in TTL mode as well as make manual adjustments from the X1 TX? (since the AD360II operates without a receiver attached). That would be a nice bonus! I can’t believe the first flash they released with the X1 system isn’t Li-Ion. These flashes make me never want to deal with another AA battery again…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Michael B,

      Unfortunately you can’t add TTL function to the remote manual flashes in any way, if that is what you’re asking.

      You can use the AD360II in TTL mode, and flashes like the V850 and AD360 (with XTR-16s / XTR-16 receivers attached) in remote manual mode, all at the same time from the X1-C transmitter though.

      (That is provided you have a 2012 onwards camera, which will allow the X1-C to provide group modes, where TTL and Manual groups can be used at the same time).

      The XTR-16 / XTR-16s receivers can not add TTL function to any flashes though. They are basically just 2.4GHz version of the FT-16 triggers, with the same functionality. Though using the X1-C/N transmitters basically adds the Cells II HSS functionality into the one transmitter.

  15. Andy 5 years ago

    I have a couple of questions. First off though, I have to say Godox are really coming good with some of their products, but it can be confusing if you have some of their older stuff which is being replaced or streamlined.

    So currently I have a V850 and FTR-16s, and an AD360 and FTR-16, and use an FT-16 and Cells II to trigger them.
    I want to get an X1-C to use as my only transmitter.
    So I think I may keep the AD360 and get an XTR-16 for this. But sell my FT-16, FTR-16 and FTR-16s, Cells II (God… this is confusing!) and the V850 (and wait to get a couple of V850 II’s).
    I’m pretty sure that all I’ll need Tx/Rx wise is the X1-C on camera, internal receivers in the V850 II’s and the XTR-16 on the AD360, to remotely control power and do HSS, correct?

    Also, I’ve been looking at getting a couple of QT 600’s. So can I use the X1-C on camera, and a couple of XTR-16’s to control power remotely on these? or will an XT-16 be needed to adjust on the 5.0 – 10.0 scale?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Andy,

      You have that all correct 🙂

      Regarding the QT-600’s yes you would need the XT-16 transmitter to adjust the 5.0 – 10.0 power scale at this stage.

      I think you should be able to fire the QT-600 (with XTR-16 receivers attached) via the X1-C transmitter on the camera, and use the XT-16 transmitter in hand to control the QT-600’s power levels.

      That’s just so that you could mix the other lights at the same time. The XT-16 transmitter could be mounted on top of the X1-C transmitter on camera for convenience.

      I’m not sure if Godox are intending to add the second power scale to the X1-C as yet. I’m sure they will need to be combined in the one unit at some stage though.

  16. Andy 5 years ago

    So I received a new X1-N and even managed to update the firmware!
    The sad news was I also received the ftr16 and ftr16s and they don’t work with Nikon.
    I’ve contacted the eBay seller for a refund.
    Whoever sent out products that don’t work should be fired.
    Goodox are becoming a bit of a joke.

  17. Ulysses 5 years ago

    Andy, I think you mean the new 2.4 Ghz XTR16 and XTR16S. 🙂

    Sorry to hear those have been giving you problems, but it seems to be the case that Godox has some work to do with Nikon compatibility.

    That said, here are some thoughts from Anthony Scott (Shom Photography), who often tests gear for CheetahStand and Godox. His words might provide some perspective in tempering our expectations and add to what Elvis has already been saying about early release gear:

    “The Chinese test market version has already been released, but the US Sellers will not get them till after Chinese new year in March.

    “I know… What is a Chinese test market version? The item is released into the market and tested in the area. The feedback and returns are then used to make the item better. What happens is the Chinese sellers put them up on eBay for people to buy, knowing they are test market versions. Then someone buys them in the US and finds out it doesn’t work like it should and has to pay a large return shipping cost back the seller. Some people can’t wait to get the fully finished version because they want to be the first to say “look at what I got.””

  18. Andy 5 years ago

    Really?…….look what I’ve got!
    We’re taking about a Chinese flash trigger not a BMW.
    I been following flash havoc for a couple of years and have never heard about crap test products.
    I wish flash havoc had warned me.

    • Alberto 5 years ago

      Andy, for someone that followed flash havoc for years. You should have known better. I didn’t need to hear about any “test market”. But I know by following flash havoc and lighting rumors…as well as talking to Adorama CS. That the first gen of any product direct from china will be faulty some how.

      When you buy a China made product you make a gamble. I learned that lesson a few times myself. Now I wait for a US supplier like adorama or BH photo to make the commitment to a product first. That way I know they have done everything possible to make sure their customers are going to get a working product. Even with that…some products come out bad. But the chances are better.

      I think flash havoc does a good job in reporting and reviewing new products. Even explain possible solutions when a problem does arise. If you just recently join the flash havoc family I would have understand. But as you said, you been following the site for years now. You should have known better. No warning necessary.

      • Andy 5 years ago

        Thanks for the ‘told you so’ advice Alberto.

        I’m based in the UK and our only supplier is calumet and they aren’t as up to date a supplier as Adorama in the US. I actually ordered a cells-II-N from Adorama last year and guess what….a faulty unit also.

        It’s almost impossible to get info on Godox products without Flash havoc and for that I am thankful to the flash havoc team. I thought that as they seem to have Godox’s ear, a warning about early purchase of ‘test products’ at the beginning of this thread would be useful.

        Hopefully by bringing this up on the thread I will save someone else the time and effort.

        Kind regards,


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Hi Andy,

          I would add a warning to the post, but the dealers were alerted about this and already stopped selling them before the message got to me.

          And the problem is the same goes the opposite way, they may well have access to new stock before I know anything about it as well.

          As noted above sometimes I have a lot of difficulty getting good answers from Godox etc as well.

          You might want to try updating the transmitter to V12 as well though as there is mention in the changelog of compatibility with the XTR-16/s. I will try this in the morning as well.

          • Andy 5 years ago

            OK no worries.

            Many thanks,


            • Author
              Flash Havoc 5 years ago

              Andy I updated the X1-N transmitter to V12 firmware and the XTR-16 and XTR-16s are now firing and providing remote manual power control.

              There is still an issue renaming though, I can’t use HSS with this set up as the XTR-16 / XTR16s will not fire the flash at all once the camera goes over x-sync speed.

              I’ve tried everything I can think of though I can’t get HSS to work. It works with a Nikon flash attached to an X1-N receiver, so I don’t think I have the camera settings wrong.

              HSS sync also works using the Canon X1-C transmitter and exactly the same flashes set up with XTR-16 / XTR16s, so this appears to just be an issue with the X1-N transmitter still.

              I think Godox are away now for 2 weeks, so I don’t know if we are going to find out definitively if firmware will correct the HSS issue.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Thanks Alberto.

        Though its not true that every product released from China is a beta test version, so I can’t really go around saying that either. Because I really don’t know if they have issues until myself or others try them.

        As you say though its generally just common sense to be a little wary of first releases, and take precautions.

        I did have the X1-N transmitter and XTR-16 receivers here, and I thought I checked them, but somehow I screwed up as well. so I apologize for that.

        Regarding the XTR-16 receivers though, I couldn’t get an answer from anyone whether they actually even changed remote power levels on the V850 and AD360 etc. The user manual actually appears to say they don’t.

        So I’m still not sure if this was a complete mistake by Godox, or they just managed to start adding that remote manual capability with the X1 transmitters very recently.

        • Alberto 5 years ago

          I am part of a wistro flash group on Facebook. A few members have tested them and said it worked. But I believe it was the canon only so far. None of the Nikon users have gotten them yet that I know of.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 5 years ago

            Thanks, yes they definitely work with Canon.

            I think I must have been accidentally using the second Canon X1-C transmitter on my Nikon camera instead of the Nikon transmitter. So they work that way too if that’s of any help to anyone.

            Need to update the X1-N to V12 though now to see what that is all about.

        • Ulysses 5 years ago

          >>its generally just common sense to be a little wary of first releases, and take precautions.<<

          Yes. And that's the actual takeaway message from Anthony Scott (Shom), as well. I don't have any issue per se with buying Chinese products. But I'm also not surprised that the wisest course of action is to wait to purchase from a reputable dealer in your local market rather than buy early after release.

          The system still holds a lot of promise for those who can wait another month or so.

  19. Ulysses 5 years ago

    I know how frustrating it is when you’ve spent a lot of time (if not money) trying to figure out your best options, only to have them fall through like this. Going forward, it looks like the best option is to wait another month or so, and then revisit your trigger & receiver options. I expect they’ll work a lot better by then.

  20. HectorG 5 years ago

    Just want to update, my X1N with the new update V12 works Beautiful,, Amazing
    have 5 groups, A,B,C,D,E,F,,, and now communicates Power level and triggers the Ad360 with XTR16.

    Great Job Godox.

    No they have to work on the hot shoe, trigger slides off camera


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks for that HectorG.

      I upgraded the X1-N transmitter to V12 as well, and I now have remote power control with the XTR-16 and XTR16s receivers as well.

      The only problem is that HSS does not appear to work. As soon as I set the camera shutter speed over X-sync the receivers simply won’t fire the flashes.

      HSS sync works like this using the Canon X1-C transmitter, so it should work with the X1-N transmitter as well.

      Could you please try using a higher shutter speed to see if your flashes will fire? Thanks.

  21. Andy 5 years ago

    Yep same here. The HSS won’t work on Nikon which was the whole point of the exercise.

    My eBay seller in china has agreed to send my replacement units free of charge once the issue has been resolved. All communication has been logged through eBay so I am hopeful.

  22. Trevor 5 years ago

    Following updating the firmware of my X1N T last night to the latest version the FT16R 2.4ghz in USB and PIN versions which were firing the flash OK have now stopped working. They will change power and the receive indicator lights up on the LCD of my AR400, AD360 and Ving 860N but not fire with the camera. They will fire with the test button on top of the X1N T

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Trevor,

      I assume you mean the XTR-16 receivers (not FT16R)?

      What you are describing though is what I am seeing, though only when the camera is set to a shutter speed over x-sync. Below X-sync the receivers fire ok. Could you be seeing the same results?

      • Trevor 5 years ago

        Hi. I have a D810 and I have tried them at shutter speeds from 1/60th to 1/250th and there is no difference. I see the little light on the receiver flash and the icon on the flash LCD indicates a signal has been received but the flash is not triggered. I contacted the ebay UK seller in China and they have offered to replace them free of charge once stock becomes available.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Ok thanks Trevor.

          I only have a D7000 here to test, and its working fine below X-sync (1/250th) with that.

          Unless its a camera setting somewhere making the difference. Maybe we will find out more from other peoples results.

  23. Trevor 5 years ago

    I have tried changing settings from hss 1/250th to 1/250th in camera and that made no difference. I do have a long shutter speed set in the next menu option which I am going to try and reduce to see if that helps. In anycase Godox have acknowledged an issue but the factory is closed for Chinese New Year so it will be a while before replacements are sent.

  24. Trevor 5 years ago

    The Godox factory re-opens on the 14th of February btw.

  25. Trevor 5 years ago

    I have changed ‘Flash Shutter Speed’ from 30 sec to 4 Sec and it will now fire at 1/200th. There does not seem to be any logical reason for this but at least they are usable till I get replacements.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks Trevor. I’m not that familiar with Nikon so I’ll have to look up “Flash Shutter Speed” to see what that actually does.

  26. Mike 5 years ago

    Just got my XTR16 RXs and can report the same issue, flash will not fire at X-sync or faster

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Ok thanks Mike.

  27. Trevor 5 years ago

    The Flash Shutter Speed setting limits the slowest shutter speed the flash will work at. I usually just have it at 30 seconds. I think by default it could be as fast as 1/60th giving a range of flash sync between 60th and 250th.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Ok thanks for that Trevor.

  28. Mike 5 years ago

    OK well I finally got my AD360 working at 1/8000 via the XTR16 but I needed to add an X1R onto the hotshoe of the AD360 but at least I now have remote power control and HSS – obviously it should not be that way but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks Mike, that is a clever solution!

      The pass through hotshoe on the X1-N transmitter should provide the pre-sync signal as well, so for people that don’t have an X1R-N receiver, I think you could possibly use another set of radio triggers like the RF-603 II etc to still fire the flash with pre-sync as well.

  29. Mike 5 years ago

    Is there anything definitive from Godox that the XTR16 has issues with Nikon as my supplier is arguing that they should not receive HSS


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      I guess you could explain to the dealer that the receivers are providing HSS with the Canon X1-C transmitter.

      And also we know there is an issue still when using the Nikon X1-N transmitter, because that won’t fire the flashes at all now at x-sync speed or above.

      So regardless of HSS issues the flash will not fire at X-sync either. So there is clearly an issue remaining.

      My guess though is that Godox will likely sort this out through firmware again now. So personally I would let the seller know of this situation and that it may be resolved with firmware when Godox get back. If not then you still want the opportunity to send the receivers back once we know, provided they are happy with that.

      • Mike 5 years ago

        Seller is now aware and I will be chasing them post Chinese holiday s they have agreed to contact Godox and replace if required. Just wish you could go back a firmware version to see what the differences are.

        I tried the X1R on some TT860s that I have and there are issues with HSS cancelling and exposure at X-Sync speed so the X1T-N still has a number of bugs to be ironed out.

        Hoping that we will also get a firmware update for the AD360II that will also give us the A-E channels as this is becoming a neat system.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Another person has said their dealer spoke with Godox and they where working on adding D and E slave groups to the AD360II and TT685. I haven’t confirmed that at all with Godox though.

          Regarding the firmware someone may have a copy of V11 or earlier still. If I had have know there would be these issues and so many updates I would have tried to download and keep them all myself.

          I might look into getting a paid Dropbox account and archive them.

  30. Trevor 5 years ago

    Godox have recalled the receivers so I guess that is acknowledgment. My supplier in China immediately offered to replace the 3 I bought because they had been notified by Godox that there was a problem. The receiver just receives the signal and as far as I know with Nikon and my own experience using my D810 with various Godox units, as long as the camera transmits the early fire signal and the flash is in hss mode then the XTR16 should work. Prior to the Cells II and X1T I did this by piggy backing an FT16 on top of a Youngnuo 622N. Before the update to the X1 T my XTR16’s were working fine in hss mode but would not control power. Following the firmware update to the X1 T I now have groups A to E but the flash will only fire if the shutter speed is slower than 1/250th and faster than 4s.

    • Mike 5 years ago

      Trevor if you had HSS firing before the firmware update then it sounds like a firmware issue i.e. they have fixed one thing and put a bug in something else or maybe that they just can not configure the firmware because of limitations in the receiver – Who would be an early adopter 🙂 ?


  31. Trevor 5 years ago

    Mike, I think I have to agree – who would be an early adopter 🙂 As the signal is still being sent and received as demonstrated by the LED coming on OK and the LCD display on the flash displaying that a signal has been received I am guessing it maybe a hardware limitation regarding the way HSS signals are sent for Nikon. I know for example that a friend with a Canon could switch my AR400 to HSS mode and use it without the need to add a Yongnuo 622 as I do with my D810.

    I know that the eTTL and iTTL systems operate differently and the 622 was sending the early fire signal to engage the HSS. My thoughts are that perhaps the Firmware update that allows groups A-E to be selected and power levels to be changed means that there is insufficient bandwidth to carry the HSS fire signal (or in a way that can actually trigger the flash). A total guess and I’m sure someone who knows more will shoot me down. However the amount of data that needs to be sent to a Nikon speedlight is more than to a Canon.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      I’m guessing this is just another oversight, or they know about it but ran out of time to try and resolve the issue completely anyway.

      I’d say they were just rushing around trying to get too many things done before the New Year break. They obviously didn’t get the new firmware update program ready either.

      Personally I would explain the situation with the seller before sending anything back now. And see if they are happy for you to keep the receivers unit you find out whether further X1-N firmware can resolve the issue completely or not.

  32. Aaron 5 years ago

    Just curious, if you have the old AD-360 w/o TTL, is there any real advantage to replacing my FT-16 Tx & Rx’s?
    I have the V860’s with eTTL.

    • andrew 5 years ago

      the big deal comes when you wanna mix old witstro (ad360/ad180/ving 850/ving860 )with new witstro (ad600/ad360II/tt600/tt685) and you will have all in one transmiter to control the power and HSS , when everything will gone work fine .

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Aaron,

      If you have a 2012 onwards camera you can use the GR Group mode with the X1-C transmitter which allows you to mix TTL and remote manual groups, as well as turn groups on and off easily.

      If you’re doing HSS at all the X1-C also saves having to use 2 transmitter units (FT-16 and CellsII-C).

      HSS would also switch on and off automatically with the V860c attached to X1-C receivers (as well as providing TTL when needed obviously).

      The X1-C also has a focus assist light if that is of interest.

      Even without a 2012 onwards camera I managed to find a way to make GR Group mode work with remote manual, and even HSS. That at least allows groups to be turned off and on easily from the transmitter as needed.

  33. Mike 5 years ago

    Looking back through what I have downloaded and I have firmware 6, 11 & 12 for Nikon and none of them trigger HSS flash


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      I can trigger HSS fine when using an X1-N receiver attached to an SB-700 or V860N.

      Currently on V12, though I don’t remember there being an issue with previous firmware either.

      Didn’t you say above (here) that you even had the XTR-16 working with HSS by adding an X1-N receiver to the AD360?

  34. andrew 5 years ago

    i just received my x1c-t and i could test these receivers .
    everything working great using ving850 and witstro 360 . no issues so far .
    my x1c firmware is v8 . i think i will update just for the rear curtain sync


  35. Jim 5 years ago

    My X1C works great but slides off the hot shoe on my camera if I bump it. Anyone else having this issue?

  36. andrew 5 years ago

    the message from my seller .
    Thanks for your message,
    yes, there is something wrong with the signal when it works with X1 trigger,
    but not all receviers have these problems.
    You can test it first,
    and if you have any problems, we can resend you free new receivers after we come back from our new year holiday.
    How about this?
    we advise you test it first.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Andrew,

      I don’t know if there are any updated receivers released yet. They seller may be referring to the fact that they work fine with the Canon X1-C transmitter.

      Or even that they are working with the X1-N provided they have V12 firmware, though only below the cameras X-sync shutter speed.

  37. David 5 years ago

    Sorry if this has been talked about else where – but any word on when Godox is going to bring the XTR equipment back? I just got my x1-c transmitter/receiver in and would love to use it!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi David,

      We don’t really now because Godox have been away for the last 2 weeks due to the Chinese New Year break, and won’t be back until Monday.

      I doubt this will take long though, and they will likely have stock out again pretty quickly.

    • Haim Solomon 5 years ago

      According to my Seller, will be available, Next month

  38. andrew 5 years ago

    according to my seller , they will have the new XTR receivers next week , once they have stock they will ship to me the new ones .

    • Htnoam 5 years ago

      I have 2 godox v860 (Nikon)
      Will the X1 be able to control them?

      • andrew 5 years ago

        yes , if you purchase these XTR receivers .

        • Htnoam 5 years ago

          Oh great. According to what I see here, the xtr is still not available. Any updates on that? What do you think?

  39. PeterA 5 years ago

    The X1N Transmitter/receiver combo will also give you iTTL with the V860N. You’ll need to adjust EV a few stops, and update the firmware all around (V12 for X1s, v## for V860). See firmware update thread. Good Luck! 🙂

  40. Mike 5 years ago

    I have just been informed that the dealer I purchased from will be receiving the new XTR16 & XTR16s on Monday and they will then be sending replacements to me so I am sure we will see these becoming re-available in a matter of days


  41. Trevor 5 years ago

    Same here. Had an email from my supplier saying Monday too.

  42. andrew 5 years ago

    same here dudes , hopefully they improved the performace

  43. Htnoam 5 years ago

    That’s great news.
    Just to be on the safe side.
    If I have the v860 together with the xtr-16s attached and X1-n on the camera,
    Will I be able to control the flash strength remotely? (That is, change the flash power from 1/1 to 1/64 1/128 etc?

  44. JZ 5 years ago

    Alright I read this article and ad-360II but I just need to confirm.
    Granted everything works at it should.

    I shoot Nikon. The X1T replaces the FT-16 and Cells II for manual power settings and HSS/TTL

    1.The X1T can adjust power to the ad360II while it is in manual mode. B. If I want to adjust power while it is in TTL mode I need to do it in camera for flash compensation -1 or +1 correct?

    2.If I want to use the ad360 with the X1T I do not have to get the X1R I would just need XTR16? and adjust power in the X1T?

    3.If I wanted to I could ALSO get XT16 to adjust power to ad360 and ad360II? B.If not required would getting one anyways be an advantage?

    4. I’m aware the Nikon needs fixing but in the meantime I could just use the FT16 on top of the X1T correct?

    • andrew 5 years ago

      hi again ,
      1. you can fully control the AD360 II with the X1C-T including Exposure compensation .
      2.Right , you will need the XTR16 in order to control the ad360 (old version) and you will be able to control the power from X1-T
      3.If you get the XT16 you lose HSS , it doesn’t make sense when you have the X1-T on the market and the new production of XTR-16 on the way.
      4. and yes , you can use the ft16 on top of the x1


  45. Thomas Geist 5 years ago

    Has anybody seen the XT16 (the TRANSMITTERS!) on sale yet? I can only find receivers on ebay, no transmitters.

    Thank you!

    • Dan 5 years ago

      You would be better off using the X1 transmitter.

      • Ulysses 5 years ago

        Dan, that would be true in *most* situations, especially if shooting Canon, Nikon, or Sony. However, if shooting another brand, it could be desirable (and inexpensive) to use the XT16 transmitter, as well.

      • Thomas Geist 5 years ago

        Dan & Mike:
        I want XT16 for three reasons. First, it’s cheaper. Second, it’s simpler. Third, to inject a Canon Yongnuo system into the Godox ecosystem – using a X1 is just more complicated when things move fast. And the center pin-only XT16 is foolproof.

        (We sometimes use mixed camera systems at events – Canon and Nikon – where the Canon side uses Yongnuo YN-E3-RT. An YN-E3-RX with currently a FT16 on top is used to inject it into the Godox system.)

        • andrew 5 years ago

          but you lose HSS , x1 is not that difficult to control

          • Thomas Geist 5 years ago

            Andy, I have several X1N so I can use them whenever I need to.

            And I almost never use/need HSS. Especially not at events where there’s barely any ambient light.

            I am actually surprised how many people here claim that HSS is important to them. I must be the exception here.

            • nixland 5 years ago

              Some use hss frequently. Shallow dof at mid day is one of the trend these days. But although the photographers use hss occasionally, they still can do that with X1.

            • Ulysses 5 years ago

              Very much agree with your observations. It may feel “old school,” but there’s a lot to be said for the venerable features of the FT16 and XT16. It may be lacking in support of HSS, but f you don’t need or use HSS it’s very simple and speedy and universal. Plus if you need more than 3-5 groups, it’s got you covered.

              What’s important here is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We have access to both types of trigger, and there can be value in having one OR both triggers, as Thomas wants. As an event shooter myself, I’ll be likely to purchase both, as well.

  46. Mike 5 years ago

    Given the small price difference and the usability and the fact that the X1 has a centre pin mode then the X1 wins, add in the shape menas it stops banging in to your head


    • Ulysses 5 years ago

      Mike, I have questions about that. For example, the “center pin mode” you refer to seems not to be what one might intuitively expect. In other words, some photographers are reporting that even in that mode, there is still communication happening through the other smaller pins. If so, this could interfere with remotely controlling power levels on the light if the X1 is mounted to a non-Canikon camera.

      This is something that perhaps Thomas might be able to verify one way or the other.

      Either way, I can see situations where it still might be preferable to have a simple trigger like the XT16. Even though the specs say both the XT16 and the X1 have a range of 100 meters, some have said the X1 range might be shorter. Another thing I wish could be tested.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        The single firing pin mode currently does not disable the TTL contacts. As far as we are aware that mode just keeps the transmitter from going to sleep (because a single firing pin camera can not wake the transmitter up otherwise).

        I have to cover the TTL contacts on my 7D cameras hotshoe to keep the trigger in GR group mode. Though I can use the Canon transmitter on a Nikon camera, or Sony A7 fine without covering the TTL contacts. It was the Fuji cameras that had issues with the YongNuo triggers before YN provided an option to disable the TTL contacts.

        The XT-16 transmitter otherwise can provide 16 groups, where the X1 has 5 at most. The X1 allows you to turn groups On and Off easily though, which I think is a big advantage. Also a global power adjustment.

        I haven’t really tested and compared the range or latency of the X1 yet, though that’s something I definitely want to do.

        I’m not sure exactly when the XT-16 transmitters will be available, though I don’t imagine they would be far off.

  47. Jim 5 years ago

    I’ve found the range of the X1 is improved based on my very limited usage. The old triggers often wouldn’t work 10′ away if somebody was standing in between the transmitter and receiver. I haven’t run into any problems like this… yet…

  48. Peter 5 years ago

    AFAIK the X1 only supports 5 groups doesn’t it, compared to 16 on the XT-16?

    I’m also not sure how it handles studio strobe power range.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      Yes its 5 groups V’s 16.

      The X1 currently only provide the 1/3rd power scale. Where the XT-16 transmitters provide 2 more power scales compatible with the Godox studio lights.

      I’m trying to find out from Godox how the X1 are going to work with the studio strobes, considering Godox have the QT600 AC studio strobe with radio receiver built inside coming soon.

      Hopefully the QT600 will have a 1/3rd power scale option available, so they can be easily combined with the battery powered strobes while using the same transmitter. Though you would hope the X1 transmitter would have the option of 1/10th adjustments as well for when just using the AC strobes.

      Ultimately a transmitter which allowed you to select the power scale individually by group would be the ideal option.

  49. kolin 5 years ago


    just received the following response from my seller:

    hello ,my friend ,
    the XTR-16 is test ok ,
    now it is available ,
    if you want ,you can make an order again .
    best regards .

    Can someone confirm is it true?

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