HENSEL Nova D & DL – WiFi Remote Control Added



German strobe lighting manufacturer Hensel have announced that all Nova D and DL generators will now ship with built-in WiFi transmitter and receiver at no extra cost, allowing full remote control via smartphones and tablets.

Older Nova D and DL generators can also be updated by Hensel on request.

All Hensel Expert D compact flash units have also been equipped with WiFi since September 2016, and all upcoming Hensel flash units will now be equipped with WiFi from the start.

The Hensel WiFi Remote App is available for both iOS and Android devices.




Unlike most other strobe manufacturers Hensel have taken a slightly more sophisticated approach to their smartphone and tablet interaction, actually building WiFi transmitters and receivers directly into their strobes and generators.

This means that no extra external device is needed to bridge the communication between smartphone / tablet and WiFi enabled Hensel Strobes.

Though a Hensel Strobe Wizard Plus transmitter (or other radio triggers, or sync cord) are still used to actually fire the strobes in sync with the camera.

Building in both WiFi transmitter and receiver allows for bi-directional communication, and providing remote control of all the strobes functions. The strobe puts out its own WiFi signal, allowing other Hensel strobes and iOS and Android devices to join it, even when there are no other WiFi signals available.

Range is up to around 50 meters / 164 feet.




The Hensel Remote App has been intentionally designed with a clean and simple interface, allowing the user to easily control individual units, as well as create and edit groups of up to 12 devices.

Besides the flash power (which can be displayed either in relative f-stops or Ws), the modeling light, sync mode, and the ready signal can also be remotely controlled. Flash durations are also displayed.

Most significantly users can also create, edit, and save lighting setups with an associated image from the shoot to quickly recall settings for future use.







WiFi capability is currently shipped with all Hensel Nova D and DL generators, and Expert D compact flash units at no extra cost.

And all upcoming Hensel flash units will also be equipped with WiFi support.

The Hensel WiFi Remote App is available for free download for both iOS and Android.


Hensel – USA Website

Hensel – EU Website



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