HINK Spacefish has Landed !

After many months of hype, tease, and torment, UK based Hink have finally revealed the most crazy revolutionary hotshoe flash design seen in the last 40 years.

UPDATE – a crowdfunding campaign has started on the Spacefish website £99 for the first 500 sold.


Hink Spacefish


The new Spacefish is a fully manual hotshoe flash with around the power of a regular top end speedlight. But also with LED modeling lights in the head, and a built in lithium battery which is equivalent to more than 8 AA batteries.

Oh and if you may not have noticed… a big bendy neck !

Then there is a USB port in the base which allows add ons as stated below (though there was even mention of a TTL module previoulsy as well) –

Our Mod F.A.S. USB system allows users to add modular products (available shortly after launch) including, Wireless triggers, blue-tooth adapters, extra battery packs and loads more. Situated on the base of the flashgun it is controlled by Micro USB® so a lot of people will already have spare cables.


Hink Spacefish

Another feature is the convenient built in gel filter holder –

Hink Spacefish Gel Holder


And the modular USB port base –

Spacefish USB


This is the first product hink.® have ever made and we’re pretty proud of it.

We hope you like it too.

The spacefish® has a huge range of features making up its revolutionary new design.

First and foremost is its flexible neck. Never before done in the Flashgun industry we are paving the way for a new era of photography. Being able to control light has long been scaring young and inexperienced photographers from using flashguns creatively.

The neck give endless manoeuvrability and possibility when shooting creatively. Flashguns have not been re-designed for 40+ years and we think it’s time things were shaken up a little bit.

The design of the Spacefish® flashgun is inspired by the surface modelling techniques used on  modern cars giving it excellent structure and a robust feel accompanied by gorgeous shapes and ergonomic grip.

With power rivalling that of ‘High End’ flashguns of the market we have packed a bucket load into a small space. With a battery more than twice the capacity of 4 AA’s the Spacefish® will work all day long.

We have incorporated a LED modelling light into the head of the flashgun. We have seen other flashguns on the market add a modelling light. However the modelling light tends to sit in the base. By adding it to the head you get a true representation of the fall of light on your subject.

Our Mod F.A.S. USB system allows users to add modular products (available shortly after launch) including, Wireless triggers, blue-tooth adapters, extra battery packs and loads more. Situated on the base of the flashgun it is controlled by Micro USB® so a lot of people will already have spare cables.

Filters on flashguns have always been an issue. Sticking them on with tape – blu tac – Velcro and even chewing gum! Now with the Spacefish system you can add filters with ease.


All the technical details are yet to be released (supposedly in the next few days). Though I think its fair to assume this is very much like a regular speedlight inside, but basically with an external battery pack built in. So recycle times and number of pops etc could possibly be as good as a regular speedlight used with an external battery pack .

So is the Spacefish genius or madness?


UPDATE – Specs –

•Remote Functionality – Yes

•Guide Number  – GN 62, feet at ISO 100 at the 35mm setting.

•Flash Exposure Control – Manual Controls – Hink creative lighting Modes

•Lens Coverage – 12mm – 180mm (without filter)


•Test Firing

•Monitor Pre-flashes

•Built in Modeling Light (LED High power)

•Minimum Recycling Time •0.8sec. (approx.)

•Power ON/OFF – Press the power button for approx. 0.3 sec. to turn the Spacefish on or off.

•Required Power Source – Built in 3000mah 3.7v Li-Po Battery

•Charging – Micro USB charging cable and USB plug supplied with unit when purchased.

•Optional Power Supply – Via Mod-FAS Micro connection.

•Flash-ready Indicator – Test Button illuminates – ready to flash.

•Custom Setting

•AF-Assist Illumination

•Auxiliary ready-light

•Wireless Flash Modes – Wireless Radio via Mod-FAS (available 2014)

•S1 mode

•S2 mode(ignores red-eye reduction flash)

•Supplied Accessories ◦SpaceDock cold shoe (SDC-001) ◦Diffuser filter

*Supplied accessories may differ depending on country or area.


Update – the Spacefish pre-order starts tomorrow through a crowdfunding campaign, £99 for the first 500, then around £180 mark rrp.

Website – Hink Spacefish


  1. bmht 7 years ago

    WHat happens with light modifiers and softboxes?
    Any kind of specific mount?

  2. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    Hi bmht –

    Yes the Spacefish leaves a lot of practical questions.

    Short of a series of their own funky lampshades (no doubt they are dreaming up as we speak), its going to have some issues fitting onto many of the existing speedlight brackets.

    • Adam Gasson 7 years ago

      If that’s the case it means photographers having to change their entire system over – or running two systems side by side. Hopefully they’ll develop adapters to fit existing light modifiers. The advantage of the bendy head is that you can position the light source correctly in modifiers, something speedlites struggle with.

  3. Dimitris 7 years ago

    Great! Now I can feel more awkward holding my flash off camera. I just hope the flexible mount is flimsy so I need to shake my arm to point it to the right place.

  4. Steve 7 years ago

    This looks like a great tool for product photography, just what I have been looking for for ages. The bendy arm is a thing I have been faffing about cobbling together for ages and now this comes along!
    It looks a brilliant bit of kit lads,well done and I hope you sell shitloads.
    And its British made
    I think I’m going to order one.

  5. Steve 7 years ago

    Where can you order them from, the main site link above is a bit barren of contact options.????

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      They will be be starting a crowdfunding campaign shortly.

    • Chris 7 years ago

      Hi guys,

      After a bit of a wait and a year of development – Spacefish is finally up for sale via our Kickstarter Campaign! – http://kck.st/QxBkPa

      This is the only time we will be selling this direct – after KS it will be only through distribution!

      Hink Pro

  6. Paul 7 years ago

    Hopefully it’ll take off like a space-ship and not nose-dive like a fish into the deepest ocean!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Actually an underwater flash was the first thing it reminded me of with the flexy neck.

      I’m just hoping no one pokes their eye out with it !

  7. Eport 7 years ago

    The problem with charging through microUSB is that it will take much longer than a dedicated charger.

  8. Adam Gasson 7 years ago

    I’m not quite sure where the ‘revolutionary’ aspect of the Spacefish is. A modular capability is, in theory, very helpful but aside from that it’s a speedlite with a bendy head. I can’t remember a time when I’ve failed to get a shot because my light wasn’t bendy.
    The built in power source is, I think, more of a backwards step than evolution. What’s wrong with using standard batteries? For long shoots it means having to take one of the modular battery add ons – an added cost that other speedlites won’t incur. If you want an extra battery and to use the flash off camera then you’ll have to buy two modules as far as I can see.
    Also the minimum recycling time is 0.8s which isn’t particularly fast. It also raises the question of the recycling time at full power.

    • Chris Clark 7 years ago

      Hi Adam,
      The battery used in the spacefish is roughly 3.2 times the capacity of 4 AA’s leaving you to shoot happily all day on just the one charge! Hope this helps

  9. James 7 years ago

    Okay guys. Nevermind the practical aesthetics of the twisty cord and the head. Yes we could use some innovation and play in the speedlite shape department. But do have one good look at the bottom part of the Spacefish and tell me what familiar shape you see there. Anything comes to mind? How about we have a little poll. What’s the shape on your mind?

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