HYBRID LED Video Light & Strobe – CONCEPT




Eventually LED technology will no doubt replace traditional flash tubes, allowing both short flash duration for still photography, and continuous light for video use, all from the same lights.

Though lighting manufacturers have been saying for some time now, that technology is still some time away yet. Particularly when it comes to replicating the high output levels and quality of light currently available with traditional strobes.

So in the mean time one alternative I have been suggesting is simply to allow the LED video light to also act as pass through remote extension head for a separate strobe.

This way both the LED video light and strobe can at least be used with the same modifiers at the same time. Even using the same lighting set up without needing to change over lights from video to stills.

Manufacturers are constantly developing new and higher quality COB LED lights, so wouldn’t it be a nice and very convenient addition to be able to simply plug in an external flash tube and strobe unit when needed?!



Ideally the flash tube would actually be encased in a glass housing like the current Godox plug in bulb design for easily handling.

Though likely open in the front face for increased cooling.




A range of smaller strobes could also be connected and used.

Even the small EVOLV / AD200 could now provide a serious modelling light.




And with systems like Godox / Flashpoint, or Jinbei / Orlit etc, all the lights could then be conveniently controlled through the same radio system, transmitter units, and smart device APPs.





And in the case of the Godox / Flashpoint system for example, all of the lights could then run of the common 600 PRO battery mount, simplifying back up gear requirements, and battery management with a multi dock charger.



This may not be the ultimate end of the line solution, though it would provide a lot of convenience and practicality with the equipment and technology available now.

And for the many owners of the current strobes at least, this would surely make the selection of LED lights to add to their kit an easy choice!


UPDATE – A number of people have been expressing interest in an all in one unit.

Though the main limitation there is going to be the physical size and weight of combining a a powerful COB LED, with a strobe and capacitors, and battery pack.

A lot of battery powered LED lights run a separate battery pack anyway, so in practical terms I’m not sure its that much different than attaching an external flash unit rather than the separate battery.




I have an idea for a modular system though that may be able to work as all in one unit, as well as split when needed.

And also combine the above pass through remote head for people who would prefer to use their current strobes as detailed above.


  1. Paul 3 years ago

    when are you going to get hired by Godox !?

    • Fritz 3 years ago

      Slightly off topic, but still in the neighborhood of common sense….. the godox.com website is showing an “Account Suspended” notice from their hosting provider since at least yesterday afternoon.

      • qliq 3 years ago

        what’s up with that?!!?

      • Author
        FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

        The Godox website had been down for a number of days now.

        Apparently some people were getting a malware warning from the front page, so they likely have some bugs in there to sort out.

      • Fritz 3 years ago

        Godox.com live again.

  2. qliq 3 years ago

    leave it alone until the technology shines forth with your dream solution. otherwise, the transformation is not worth the bother: lugging around both types of gear and replacing a tube on the main body.
    no question it will happen, but I’d rather wait for the real thing.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      I have to disagree.

      Its really a small and relatively inexpensive change to the LED light itself, which opens up large opportunities for the people that need the functionality. If you don’t use the remote strobe option then its really no loss to you. The capability is there if you need it though.

      People have to lug around both lights anyway, this just removes the hassle of changing lighting set ups completely.

      You could easily use a lightweight strobe like the EVOLV / AD200 instead / as well. The LED unit provides a killer modelling light already.

      There is a serious market for COB LED lights, and he crossover with strobes is yet uncharted territory. Though its the growth area of the future no doubt.

      • qliq 3 years ago

        I believe there may be a plug-in solution that obviates the need for two ‘bodies’. if the flashtube module would be interchangeable with an LED module, the ONE DEVICE FITS ALL could be realized.
        I still am cold to the solution you propose.
        Too much for too little, when existing LED models, like good old CLAR’s from Adorama (and other LED gear), can do the trick in a sleek way.

        • Author
          FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

          I still don’t think you’re understanding the advantage here.

          You could film a short interview for example, and then shoot some quick portraits at the end with exactly the same lighting set up.

          There’s nothing sleek about having to change over all your lights and modifiers every time to go from LED to strobes.

          There’s no point building them into one unit, because the LED light is already big and heavy enough on its own. You wouldn’t even want to add the weight of a 200Ws strobe like the EVOLV into one unit.

          [ UPDATE / EDIT – I posted a modular concept here, in this way you could then separate the strobe module and battery to allow for a lighter LED head unit when booming etc. Which I think would be a practical compromise, allowing an all in one cordless unit when needed. ]

          A lot of LED lights still have their batteries separate to the light. So in the case of the Godox or Jinbei cordless LED lights you’re just attaching another strobe to the light stand rather than a battery pack. Even the EVOLV would do the job thee fine a lot of the time.

          As I said this is a relatively small change to the LED light, and would provides a huge leg up to Godox and Flashpoint etc into the more professional LED market. And a nice practical advantage or option for all users.

          I don’t think CLAR have any COB style LED lights yet. Though if they did it would certainly set them out from the crowd if they had the ability to plug in the Godox / Flaspoint strobes as I detailed. That is until Godox do it themselves, because they would provide a more seamless system with integrated radio control of all the lights.

  3. Mark Kitaoka 3 years ago

    An intriguing and innovative idea. My mentor has switched from years of strobe use to constant lights so he will be interested in your concept.

  4. GRUBERND 3 years ago

    nice idea, but too cumbersome for my liking – and changing/adding the flash bulb inside a modifier with a burning hot LED head next to your fingers is a very bad idea. source: changing flashbulbs or halogen modeling lights in studio setups. (pro tip: bring your horse riding leather gloves)

    i’d rather see a solid concept with:
    1) battery+controls (only ONE base with power supply)
    2) cable (removable at both ends)
    3) interchangeable heads
    3a) LED: massive cooling
    3b) Flash: capacitors
    4) tripod mount via something like the Godox flash bracket
    5) light modifier

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Hi GRUBERND,

      The I have updated the images of the flash tube to include a glass casing like the current Godox / Flashpoint 400 and 600 bulbs. You should be able to leave the bulb in place while using the LED.

      Regarding your concept, the thing is if you remove the battery from LED light like the Godox SLB-60, that basically is the remote head. The COB LED head is a big unit because of the cooling required.

      I have an ideal that may be able to pull all this together, though I still think making use of your current strobes is going to make the most sense for a lot of people.

  5. Paul 3 years ago

    I think converting an LED to a flash requires a lot more than simply plugging in a flash tube and some circuitry. The heart of a flash is its capacitors, which comprise a lot of the bulk and weight. It’s a lot easier to add an LED to a flash than the other way around. Again, I’m not an electrical engineer, so it would be great to have someone weigh in on this who is.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Hi Paul,

      I’m not sure if you may be replying to qliq’s comment above.

      If you’re referring to my concept though, its not just plugging a flash tube into an LED light.

      The flash tube is just acting as a remote extension head, to a separate external strobe. Theres nothing much inside extension heads like the Godox ADH-600B, or even inside the 1200Ws head.

      The PRO extension heads may have a fan inside, but the COB LED light is basically one big fan unit anyway.

  6. Ganesh Naravian 3 years ago

    I also waiting affordable powerful portable & quality led light solutions. Tried lot of. COB led is looking promising. But high output continue running make it hot. It may be affect the flash tube. Godox new Pro version witstro already changed their flash tube design & added extra diffusion glass. But powerful hybrid solution get problem with this diffusion glass. In my opinion they increase flash tube diagram more and remove diffusion glass so COB led keep more distance. Even its light spreading advantage (like elinchrom tubes) because of large diameter.

  7. Richard Brown 3 years ago

    Paul Buff Digibee has 400 watt equivalent LED model light, I use these on location so this concept is for sure attractive

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