INTERFIT BADGER UNLEASHED – 250Ws TTL & HSS Cordless Flash Announced

Interfit Badger Unleashed


Building on the original AC powered Honey Badger, Interfit Photographic have announced the Badger Unleashed HBU250, a 250Ws fully cordless Lithium-ion powered flash, now including TTL, HSS, and a 9 stop manual power range.

The original Honey Badger offered a well specced AC studio flash option at a very economical price, and the Badger Unleashed are set to do the same for cordless TTL HSS monolights, with a retail price of just $349.99, and $59.99 for extra batteries.

And once again you can have the new Badger in any color you like… just as long as that’s bright yellow!

The Interfit radio flash system currently supports TTL and HSS with Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems. And Remote Manual with other camera brands.

Interfit Badger Unleashed


As well as TTL and HSS to 1/8000s, the Badger Unleashed feature a 9 stop Manual power range (1Ws – 250Ws), in 0.1 stop increments, as well as adding a Multi (stroboscopic) mode.

Full power recycle time is a respectable 1.5 seconds, and the 14.8V 2900mAh Lithium-Ion battery offers up to 430 full power shots, with a 90 minute recharge time.

The Badger Unleashed offer a 15W daylight balanced LED modeling light, which can be set to either Proportional (to follow the flash power setting) or Full Power.

Again the Badger provides built-in Interfit 2.4GHz radio receivers, which can be fired and controlled by the existing Interfit S1 TTL Remotes, allowing control for 3 individual groups – A / B / C, or the Interfit S1 Manual Remotes providing up to 8 Groups.

This also makes the Badgers a nice compliment to the Interfit S1 TTL strobes, and builds on the Interfit 2.4GHz flash ecosystem.

Interfit Badger Unleashed




  • 250Ws
  • Fan Cooled (?)
  • S-Type Modifier Mount
  • 15W LED Modeling Light
  • 1250 Lumens / Daylight Balanced
  • Proportional or Full Power
  • Flash Modes – TTL / M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th (down to ? power)
  • FEC – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • Manual Power – 9 Stop Range – 2.0-10.0 (In 0.1 Stop Increments)
  • Interfit 2.4GHz Radio System Built-In
  • Canon / Nikon / Sony TTL Radio Slave Modes
  • Range – 100m+
  • 3 Groups – A / B / C
  • 15 Channels
  • Optic Slave Mode
  • 14.8V 2900mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • 430 Full Power Flashes
  • 1.5 Second Recycle Time at Full Power
  • IGBT Technology
  • Flash Duration – ?
  • Color Temperature – 5700k +/- 100k
  • Large LCD Display
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Bowens S-Type Mount
  • Frosted Glass Diffuser Dome
  • USB Port for Firmware Upgrades (??)
  • 3.5mm Sync Port
  • Size -12.7 x 12.7 x 17.8cm (5 x 5 x 7″)
  • Weight – 1.8kg (3.9lb)



The Badger Unleashed once again offers a standard S-Type modifier mount, with built in pop-up softbox mounting ring.


Interfit Badger Unleashed


The Lithium-ion battery pack slides neatly into the top of the flash.


Interfit Badger Unleashed


And the Interfit S1 TTL Remotes provides control for 3 individual Groups A / B / C, with a range of up to approx 100 meters.

Or the more economical S1 Manual Remote can be used with Remote Manual power control only, with up to 8 Groups.





Interfit Badger Unleashed





The Interfit Badger Unleashed are available for pre-order now for $349.99, and expected to ship by early November 2018 –

HBU250 Flash Head $349.99 – Adorama, B&H Photo, Interfit

HBU250B Batteries $59.99 – Adorama, B&H Photo, Interfit


The Badger Unleashed will also be on display at Photokina 2018, at the Interfit stand, Hall 2.1, Stand E036.


Interfit – Website


  1. John Wilson 3 years ago

    Quite impressive price/performance.

    Might be worth adding that the battery is 14.8V

  2. Alberto 3 years ago

    Seems this is going to give Flashpoint/Godox a run for their money. Let’s see if it is any good.

  3. John Wilson 3 years ago

    The +/100K colour stability claim is unqualified. I can’t imagine that can do that in TTL or HSS mode. Also I would expect they would have to current dump in manual mode.

    1.5 second recycle time with a 250Ws light with a 14.8V battery is quite an achievement.

    I can’t find any serious independent measurements of the mains version. I do hope there will be some of this light.

    This may slightly increase the odds of us seeing a AD200Pro 🙂

  4. Ron S 3 years ago

    Can’t help but notice the resemblance to Paul C Buff’s AlienBees and/or DigiBees… The honey (bee) theme, hexagonal honeycomb-shaped buttons, etc. That said, still waiting (not really) for a PCB self-contained battery powered unit. Guessing this will be a bit less costly than the Profoto B10… 🙂

    • Jay 3 years ago

      It may be inspired by the PCB units , but it has a lot more functionality and value for the money

    • Chip 3 years ago

      The original Honey Badger came out over a year ago – you just noticed? 😉

      Anyway, of course it’s modeled after the Bee, but the main differences a year ago were lower prices and the superior Bowens-mount. (Buff mounts leak light and aren’t as solid in connection compared to Bowens.)

      With their size and price these are less Einstein competitors than Bee Pluses, offering AC- and battery-pack options at competitive prices (with a more universal, more solid mount).

      • Ron S 3 years ago

        I just noticed because Interfit is not a brand I would normally care much about. Not to say they’re not good value for the dollar, etc., just for me, they’re an outlier in the strobe market.

        My point, I guess, was don’t any of these companies have any self respect and/or desire to create unique looking products, rather than outright ripoff designs from more established brands? I guess it’s a different way of thinking…

  5. Bob 3 years ago

    It’s totally an AlienBee clone. It saddens me that PCB still hasn’t put TTL or HSS in their flashes. What are they waiting for? They are in a perfect place in the market. People trust them more than Godox (because they are domestic), and they are way more affordable than Profoto/Eli/Bron.

    PCB, please innovate again. Seriously.

    • Ron S 3 years ago

      Yeah, not sure what’s happening with PCB. They do have great end user customer service, which apparently isn’t the case with Godox. While they are domestic, they do outsource their manufacturing overseas. Certainly for modifiers, and as I discovered when they replaced a couple Einstein units (at no charge well after warrantee coverage expired – good luck getting that from most other brands), those lights are made in China. Not sure if that was always the case or a later development. So, yes, domestic based, but not necessarily manufactured. Does that really matter? Probably not so much. What’s more important IMO is that they stand behind their products with great support. But given the recent encroachment by other more innovative offshore brands, without some sort of response, I wonder how much longer PCB can continue without some corner cutting…

    • Motti 3 years ago


      I had two Einsteins and three AB400, I kept one AB400 for photo booth but I think I will sell it too and use Godox AD200 for the job.

      I would have loved to see AB coming up with an all-in-one strobe with TTL and HSS but so far nothing. I never liked the AB mounts, Bowens mounts are much easier to work with and there are dozens of modifiers for them.

      In my opinion If they will not come out with one soon they will be late for the game.

  6. Jay 3 years ago

    Looks quite promising , I have the S1 and the original honey badger . They are super reliable units . In addition, Interfit service is pretty good . I use to use PCB , but they have fallen way behind . However , I still use their modifiers.

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