INTERFIT – Professional Modifiers Released

INTERFIT Modifiers


Interfit Photographic have released a large new professional modifier line, with an emphasis on quality at an affordable price.

The new line includes a range of Heat-Resistant Sotboxes, and Parabolic Softboxes, all of which come with Egg-crate Grids supplied.

As well as Parabolic Umbrellas, and a new line of Traditional Umbrellas.

All Softboxes, and Parabolic Softboxes, provide UV coated inner and outer diffusers. Which eliminates magenta color casts, and helps prolong their life.




INTERFIT Softboxes


Interfit Heat Resistant softboxes are made from thick heat resistant polymer material, rated to 1000 Watts. Allowing virtually and strobe or continuous light source to be used.

Inner diffusers are attach with Velcro (instead of studs or clips) for quick installation. Softbox inner surface is a silver pebbled finish.

The Heat Resistant softboxes are available in 13 sizes, from 24″ square ($129.95) to 84″ octo ($369.95).

(Speed rings are sold separately, from $29.95).




INTERFIT Parabolic Softboxes


Interfit Parabolic Softboxes provide more of a broad focused beam of light. And include an egg-crate grid to further control the spread of light.

Lightweight fabric provides a highly reflective inner surface. And the removable inner diffuser panel has a 2 stop center section to help eliminate any hotspots.

The 16 sided softbox uses a traditional speedring and rod system which needs to be assembled. A Bowens S-Type Speedring is included.

48”, 60”, and 72” sizes are available, priced from $249.99.




INTERFIT Parabolic Umbrellas


Available in Silver, White, and Translucent, Interfit Parabolic Umbrellas again provide a broad focused beam of light.

Fiberglass rods are used for their light weight and durability.

Optional shower cap style front diffusers are available, creating more of a softbox effect.

Sizes are 41”, 51”, and 65”, priced from $39.99 to $119.99.




INTERFIT Umbrellas


Interfit Traditional Umbrellas provide a wide throw of light, and are available in Silver, White, Translucent, and a Translucent/Silver combo.

Sizes are 36”, 43”, 60”, priced from $9.95 to $39.95.

Compact Tri-fold Umbrellas are also available in Silver, White, and Translucent.

As well as Umbrella Softboxes with front diffuser sewn in.





The new line of Interfit Professional Modifiers are available now directly from Interfit.

And are on their way to dealers – Adorama and B&H Photo etc.


Interfit – Website.



  1. Trevor Rowell 3 years ago

    The deep Octa’s look like the Selens ones who’s own brand versions of these start for under $100 in the UK

  2. Andy 3 years ago

    The umbrellas are exactly the same as Profoto.

    Made in the same factory with different logo branding. Identical as I have both.

    I spoke to Interfit and they confirmed this.

    £30 for a interfit medium deep white compared to £150 for the same umbrella with profoto branding.

  3. Joe Peschi 3 years ago

    The deep octas are from the same factory as the Selens one is…it’s the exact same model, just for double the price.

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