JINBEI HD 600 / ROVELIGHT RL-600 – Last Batch of Batteries Produced


Australian Jinbei distributor PROtog.com.au are reporting Jinbei are producing one last batch of batteries for the popular HD 600 series of lights, which also includes the original Flashpoint Rovelight RL-600/B.

And PROtog are now taking pre-orders for delivery in September 2019.

People in other countries would be best to contact their local dealer to enquire about placing an order.

Adorama appear to currently have the RL-600 battery listed as discontinued, though they could likely take orders if there is interest (contact brands@adorama.com).



Although still great flashes today, the HD 600 / RL-600 lights have for some time been superseded by the  JINBEI HD 610 / ORLIT RT 610 series of lights which use a different battery format.

And unlike the current models, there are unfortunately no AC power adapters available for the original HD 600 series lights, so once the batteries are no longer available the flash will eventually have to be retired.




To order HD 600 batteries please check with your local Jinbei dealer or distributor.

Flashpoint customers please contact Adorama –  brands@adorama.com


PROtog – Website


  1. Earle 2 years ago

    Mixed thoughts. Kudos for still making the batteries (for now at least) but I count my own purchase of the Rovelight as the most disappointing gear choice I ever made. Wonky trigger system, short lived (at least for me) batteries.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      I’m surprised to hear about your batteries Earle, because I was going to say these are the longest lasting Lithium-ion batteries I have owned.

      Yes the radio system was terrible (and flash interface not great either). I had a looong debate with Jinbei at one stage about updating the radio system, which they could have easily have done if they really wanted to. But they were determined to phase out this flash, and in hindsight considering that they probably did people a favor encouraging them to move on.

      • Earle 2 years ago

        My experience poisoned the well on all Jinbei products for me. I actually bought a used battery from Adorama just to make the thing sellable.

  2. David 1 year ago

    I also had to do the same thing. I had to purchase a new battery so that I could sell my Rovelight. I liked it but it was too big and bulky and I had to use the Aputure triggers to have any real distance with it.

  3. Bob 12 months ago

    It was really dumb of them not to include a way to power these from mains. What did you guys replace these with?

  4. Bob 12 months ago

    By the way, I found this Neewer battery has the same specs as the battery for the HD600. What are the chances we could use these and rig up a cable to go between?


  5. Luis 8 months ago

    Alguien sabe donde puedo comprar una batería.

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