JINBEI TR-Q7 – TTL HSS Transmitter Announced



Ahead of Photokina 2018 Jinbei have release some details on the upcoming and innovative new TR-Q7 transmitter unit, compatible with the Jinbei and Orlit 2.4GHz TTL and HSS enabled flash systems.

In a bold move Jinbei have enabled the one TR-Q7 transmitter to work with Canon, Nikon, and Fuji, cameras, with full TTL and HSS capability. Simply select your camera brand from the transmitter menu.

Sony Cameras will also be compatible with the multi platform transmitter, though require an additional hotshoe adapter.

The TR-Q7 interface displays 3 Groups at a time, though now provides control for 6 Groups – A / B / C / D / E / F .

For added run time the TR-Q7 are powered by a Lithium-ion battery. And there is a new fast access main control wheel, and individual side Group buttons.

Once again the the TR-Q7 provides built-in Bluetooth capability for smarphone APP control of the flash system.

Interestingly Jinbei have reverted back to a traditional screw lock hotshoe foot, rather than the previous button style quick release system.

The TR-Q7 even feature a tilting base,  allowing an upright positioning of the transmitter when needed, for easy viewing with the camera mounted on a tripod etc.




Jinbei have also released a teaser image of an upcoming HD-2 speedlight.

All we can see is that the HD-2 feature a large LCD display interface, and includes a similar main control wheel to the TR-Q7 transmitter.

Though its highly likely we can expect Lithium-ion power, and very possibly a circular flash head (and magnetic modifiers etc).


Jinbei HD-2




The TR-Q7 transmitter will be displayed at the Jinbei stand at Photokina 2018 – Hall 4.2 C-031G.

And quite possibly the HD-2 speedlight as well. Stay tuned for more details on price and availability.


Jinbei – Website


  1. John Wilson 2 years ago

    My one gripe with the Godox XPro is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth. They really missed a trick there.

  2. Alex Valtchev 2 years ago

    Well, too little too late… The Godox X-Pro is by far the easiest and most well-organized trigger. I only wish they used OLED color screen to make it easy to read on a sunny day and make important features in color, or mute them etc… customizable like a home screen on a smartphone. That

  3. Rene Hoppenbrouwers 10 months ago

    Best ,
    I have extensively tested the TR-Q7 trigger, in the store and at my home.
    i have a canon eos r, he does some functions there, but not as it should be.
    i have the jinbei lamps hd 610, they have also been updated, but they still remain defective. however, they discovered that another is possible to make them work. if you set the trigger on Fuij for a canon eos r camera, weird. and you put the hd 610 on tl all, true, and everything works, but that will not be the intention, I think, so it is a software problem
    in short, 1 he does not recognize the trigger on the pc, and secondly you have to set it to fuij if you use a canon eos r, I hope for a quick update of software, friendly gr rene hoppebrouwers

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