JINBEI – TR-611 & TR-612 HSS Triggers Spotted



Alexander from YN622.RU has spotted a new HSS transceiver set from Jinbei in one of their 2014 product catalogs.

The TR-611 for Canon and TR-612 for Nikon appear to likely provide a HSS function when used with respective TTL and HSS enabled speedlites.

Though likely of more interest for many Flashpoint RoveLight / Jinbei HD600 II, HSS portable studio light owners, is the possibility of the TR-611 / 612 providing a badly needed alternative transmitter unit for these otherwise great lights.


UPDATE – January 1st 2015 – Jinbei have contacted us to say the TR-611 and TR-612 will NOT be produced. 

The good news is that Jinbei cancelled the production because they are making major changes / upgrades to the trigger, and the new trigger should be available in the 1st half of 2015.


UPDATE – March 12 2015 – Jinbei have provided an image of an engineering sample of the coming TR-A6 transmitter, which at this time is expected to be available around mid year 2015.





If you look closely the TR-611 / 612 also provide UP and DOWN remote power adjustment buttons, as well as a remote modeling light button, which very much appear to correspond with the RoveLight / HD600 II (and current TRS transmitter). As well as providing the HSS signal needed for HSS use with these strobes.





What is also interesting about the TR-611 / 612 is that they now provide 3 groups: A / B / C.

The only problem here still is that the current RoveLight / HD600 II do not currently support any groups.

For those that may not be familiar with the RoveLight / HD600 II, the current 2.4GHz TRS radio transmitter used with these lights provides a basic method of remote power control via simple UP and DOWN power level buttons.

There is no group control on the strobes or TRS transmitter though. So this power adjustment works fine for just one strobe, though adjusting a number of strobes individually generally means using a number of transmitter units set to different channels (one transmitter for each light), and another just to fire all of the lights.


TRS Remote


The coming TR-611 / 612 provide 3 groups, though the problem still remains that the current RoveLight / HD600 II do not currently support any groups.

There is still some hope that these groups may actually be able to function with the RoveLight / HD600 II though. Because Jinbei actually appear to have fudged together a method of using channels as a type of group control on another of their transmitter units previously.

Setting a certain channel on a strobe would link to a certain group on the transmitter unit. This could provide an individual group control for the remote power adjustment, and the transmitter could then be set to fire all channels (so it can still fire all of the strobes).

The example below uses ID:3, which would be like Group C.




We don’t know if this Group / Channel interaction will actually be enabled in the coming TR-611 / 612 transmitter or not (as its hard to get any information from Jinbei at all).

Though Jinbei do have a LOT of current mains powered studio strobe models which also use the current TRS transmitter for remote power control, and do not have any group support either.

So it would greatly improve the usability of all of these strobes if Jinbei did provide a new transmitter which makes the most of channels as a group function for now, and hopefully they will do that.


Without any LCD screen indicating power levels, the TR-611 / 612 may not be the transmitter unit many RoveLight owners were hoping for (though any improvement on the TRS would certainly be welcomed).

We really don’t know if Jinbei may possibly still have another more sophisticated transmitter in the works as well though (as a Jinbei have at least asked about a suitable transmitter unit previously).

Sorry we do not have much information on a new TRS transmitter at this stage otherwise. A number of RoveLight owners have been eagerly after any information possible though, and the TR-611 / 612 certainly do appear to have a connection, as Jinbei do intend to have their own HSS enabled transmitter units for the RovelLight / HD600 II eventually.




The Jinbei TR-611 and TR-612 price and availability are currently unknown (they were listed in a 2014 Jinbei catalog).


Jinbei – Website.


  1. Jacques 6 years ago

    No passthrough hotshoe on the transmitter for an on-camera flash = fail for event use.
    Why do so many trigger makers make this mistake. Just because you’ve got an off-camera flash doesn’t mean you don’t need on-camera as well.

    (heavy sigh)

    • robert 6 years ago

      EXACTLY! people dont understand that wedding photogs use the on camera flash as the main flash and OCF as the fill to bring the light levels up and to light anything behind. complete fail.

      I looked at it and a second later said- no thank you

  2. FredFroehn 6 years ago

    This also was my first thought when I saw these but hoped for a clever tilting mechanism…nope

  3. Alexander Loff 6 years ago

    JINBEI many years produce studio flash.
    Оver a year ago, they launched the first Chinese speedlite with an open lamp MF-100.
    This year they released MF-200.
    Very soon there should be release a manual flash JINBEi CALER 580RF with built-in transceiver
    Perhaps he will be able to synchronize and control the power of Studio flashes too

    But it also requires confirmation.

    Very long time, JINBEI produce a simple trigger TR-C/TR-N with the pass-through to hot shoe
    Has anyone tried to check its compatibility with TRS?

  4. Earle 6 years ago

    If these allow one to trigger HSS mode of the RoveLight with its built-in radio then (for me) it’s a worthwhile upgrade/switch from the existing Jinbei trigger. If I’d need to buy two and use one as a receiver and one as a trigger — then not so much.

    Perhaps group settings can be accomplished later with an add-on device, such as the Pocketwizard AC3 zone controller.

  5. David N 6 years ago

    I have a Rovelight and I currently use the TRS with a YN-622N. I hope that these will have even better range, as the TRS just doesn’t have enough range to be useful in a lot of situations.

  6. Ivan Singer 6 years ago

    I’ve been waiting for an inexpensive wireless unit with an option to cycle groups “round robin” like the PW Flex TT5. It couldn’t be that hard to program, but it would allow me to have different lighting setups triggered for the same composition by holding down the shutter button. I also shoot indoor sports where my strobes with longer than instant recycle times could then catch up with the camera.

  7. Alexander Loff 6 years ago

    JINBEI TR-611 and TR-612 already available!
    Price 49.99 (includes shipping with tracking from Shanghai)

    JINBEI TR-611(for Canon): http://thephotogadget.com/products/jinbei-tr-611-hss-trigger-canon
    JINBEI TR-612 (for Nikon): http://thephotogadget.com/products/jinbei-tr-612-hss-trigger-nikon

  8. Earle 6 years ago

    Good timing. My RoveLight trigger went bust (thought it was the battery but when I changed it, I still got nothing. I just bought the Jinbeai triggers, will report back after I’ve received and tried them…

  9. David N 6 years ago

    I ordered one also.

  10. Author
    Flash Havoc 6 years ago

    Guys sorry but unfortunately the TR-611 and TR-612 are definitely NOT being produced.

    The ThePhotoGadget may have received some incorrect information on availability, as there were only ever a few samples made.

    The good news is that Jinbei cancelled the production because they are making major changes / upgrades to the trigger, and the new version should be available in the 1st half of 2015.

  11. David N 6 years ago

    So, answer me this then – why did they take payment and send me a tracking number for it already?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi David,

      That’s a very good question 🙂

      Someone is making a mistake, either Jinbei or ThePhotoGadget. I guess we will find out soon which it is.

  12. David N 6 years ago

    I sent an email to TPG to see what is going on. I’ll let you know what they say. I’m actually ok either way – if there is a better one coming out later, I’ll get it as well. I like my rovelight – just want a better trigger system.

  13. Earle 6 years ago

    I too got a tracking number. I’ll be curious to see what (if anything) comes.

  14. David N 6 years ago

    I got a response from TPG already. They respond very quickly (that’s excellent service).
    She does have them in stock, and is checking with Jinbei as to if she can actually sent them out. She will talk to them on Jan 3rd. If they don’t want them sent out, she will issue a refund.

    I’m just going to wait and see how it plays out. I would like to get this one now, and if they have a new and improved model in a few months, I’ll get that one also, and have this one as a spare.

  15. Alexander Loff 6 years ago

    As far as I know , all new products to sell for export not immediately.
    Usually the first pilot series are sold on the domestic market of China. And if not detected problems, the new product begins to sell outside of China.

    The same thing is happening with TR-611/612.
    Now Triggers received on the domestic market and most likely will soon begin export sales.
    It is common practice of JINBEI company.

    • David N 6 years ago

      I got the same message. TPG is refunding payments right now, and hopefully the triggers will be available in the near future.

  16. Lars 6 years ago

    I`m still waiting for a decent receiver/ trigger system with HSS support for the new Sony shoe (A7 series cameras). It there anything available or do we still have to use the one`s for the older Sony/ Minolta shoe with adapters?

  17. Earle 6 years ago

    Lars, did Phottix come out with a new shoe version of the Odin? I know they redid the Mitros flash shoe. If any of the three that do make TTL triggers (Pocket Wizard, Yongnuo and Phottix) is going to be first, I’d say it’s Phottix, since I believe that’s the only manufacturer who does a TTL trigger for the old shoe.

  18. Charles fara 6 years ago

    Hi Elvis,
    Can the Jinbei JB-RC trigger be used with the Rovelight? Someone mentioned the possibilty of this on another forum.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Charlie,

      As far as I understand that transmitter is not compatible with the RoveLight or HD600 II.

      I’m not sure if anyone had reported trying this though. If you do see something please let us know.

      I’ll try and get an update on the new Jinbei transmitter after the New Year Holidays. Hopefully they shouldn’t be too far off now.

  19. charles farrah 6 years ago

    Thanks Elvis!

  20. Richard 6 years ago

    Would really love for this to work HSS on the Rovelight… I am waiting patiently on an update from you


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Richard,

      I’ve sent Jinbei another email. It generally takes them at least a week to respond though.

      I’ll get back to you if I can get any update on this.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Ok I received a reply from Jinbei (quite quickly) and they have provided an image of an engineering sample of the new TR-A6 transmitter, which is expected to be available around mid year at this stage.

      Looking at the TR-A6 image I would say there is a fair chance this transmitter may be based on the same platform as the YouPro Pro6, and now Shanny SN-E3-RT TTL triggers (mainly for their HSS capability).

  21. keano 6 years ago

    This is good news since I ordered a Rovelight. 3 months till half way through the year. Hopefully they stick to it.

  22. Keano 6 years ago

    thid would b

  23. Alaa Bayer 5 years ago

    is there is any news about the new trigger TR-A6 ?? I can’t wait to have it.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Alaa Bayer,

      Are you after these for the Jinbei HD600 II / Rovelight or similar? Because its very unlikely the TR-A6 or their current variation will be compatible with the HD600 / HD 600 II / Rovelight now.

      This is because Jinbei have release another version of the HD600, called the HD600 V, and they have a new radio module which are not compatible with the previous lights, though will be compatible with the TR-A6 style transmitter to come.

      Jinbei are still working on a variation of the TR-A6 transmitter, though I’m still not sure when exactly they will be available.

      • Alaa Bayer 5 years ago

        Yes i have Jinbei HD 600V, i love the flash but i hate the trigger i searched a lot for alternative triggeres compatible with it but no luck.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Ok thanks. They are still working on the transmitter. I don’t want to keep pestering when they will be available as they will just get annoyed. Hopefully it can’t be too long now though.

          • Ivan Singer 4 years ago

            I just received my Jinbei TR-A6N from China via eBay and just to confirm, it does NOT work with the Adorama Flashpoint Rovelights (HD600II equivalent). The LED screen lights up the led lamp blinks when the Nikon fires but no signal is received by the Rovelight on any channel. There does not appear to be a “compatibility mode” either so it appears that it is only forward compatible with the V models of the HD- and MSN- series.

            • Ivan Singer 4 years ago

              Modifying this last reply, I just reread the user manual and found a secondary menu (called “second-class navigation”) that refers to a TR-A6/TRS-V mode setting that appears if you press the lower left button longer. However, the on TRS-V mode menu will then become very basic giving you modeling light control, channel control and blind (no visible settings) power control. There appears to be a front- and rear-curtain sync setting by pressing the lower right button, but I haven’t seen it actually toggle the Rovelight into or out of the HSS mode. In other words, the multi- and HSS modes are still only accessible from the individual rear panel controls.

  24. Marcus 5 years ago

    I’ve purchased the rove light a few months ago and looking to get another one. Has there been any new updates on a replacement transmitter to controller two lights. I know its in the works to mid year release. Any updates?

  25. Alibarber 5 years ago

    Any news on the new trigger for the jinbei 600v??

    • Jeff Servaas 5 years ago

      The HSS trigger for the HD600V has been released, it’s called the TR-A6C (for canon) and TR-A6N (for Nikon)

  26. Mick 4 years ago

    Hi there. I’m just waiting on delivery of a TR-A6 to use with hd600v. I’ve the chance to buy 2 more had 600v’s & just wanted to check if the workaround for using the channels does actually work?? For example, can I remotely control power settings on all 3 independently? Many thanks. Mick.

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