LED LIGHT CUBE – Back On Track

In recent updates ID12, developers of the successfully crowd funded LED Light Cube, have released rendered images of the new and much more appealing front face and lens design for the coming Light Cube.

The new circular lens not only resembles the original symmetrical designs a lot more, but also now incorporates a bayonet style fitting which will allow barn doors and modifiers to be attached directly to the cube, instead of having to mount the cube onto a separate bracket.

I’m sure the difficulties and delays with the previous lens design have not been much fun for ID12 (or backers waiting for their cubes), though at least out of adversity has come a far more appealing and practical design –


LED Light Cube


LED Light Cube


For those that may not be familiar with the LED Light Cube’s progress, the previous lens design had developed into a letterbox style slot at the base of the cube.

I’m not sure how this design came about, though it was eventually found that the indirect path from the light source to the lens was loosing considerable amounts of light, and the lens itself causing discoloration around the fringes.


LED Light Cube


So a more conventional circular fresnel lens is now in development. And as a new face plate was then needed to match the new lens design, a side benefit of that has been the opportunity for IC12 to add a bayonet style connection for barn doors and modifiers at the same time.

The included mount is not an existing adapter type already in the market. Designs are in progress for adapter rings to interface to common brands, so that you can then interface to existing brand modifiers. Barn doors which mount directly should also be available when the cubes are ready.


LED Light Cube


For those not familiar, the LED Light Cubes aspire to be pretty special lights. Acting as both constant LED video or modelling lights, and at the same time as flash units with instant recycle time, even at full power.

And not only that, the Light Cube’s flash duration’s are completely adjustable from as fast as 1/8,000th, to as long as 30 seconds.

The LED Light Cubes are now months overdue for current backers, though IC12 hope to offer revised timelines soon.

More details can be seen in the original LED Light Cube Announcement

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  1. Paul Buff 5 years ago

    From the test results I have seen, it would take about 32 of these to match the power of one speedlight in actual people shots at typical 1/200 second shutter speeds.

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