LED Light Cube – LED Flash & Constant Light

With just a few days remaining of the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, the LED Light Cube has raised over $90,000, well surpassing the original $60,000 Target.

This is great news for those who have already invested, as the extra funds will fast track the development of softbox/modifier mounts, which will greatly expand the practical use of this unique new light source.


LED Light Cube


If the new LED Light Cube lives up to expectations its promising to be one of the most interesting developments in portable lighting so far.

The Light cube uses a 150 watt LED light source for both flash and continuous light. So there are no traditional Xenon flash tube or capacitors required, meaning instant recycle times are possible at full power! So the Cube can keep up with the frame rates of the fastest DSLR’s.

And not only that, flash duration can be controlled and adjusted anywhere from motion freezing short speeds of 1/8000th, to longer light painting speeds of up to 30 seconds.

Then you have the continuous light feature which provides light for video, or modelling light for still photography. And they can both be used at the same time.

Power is via an on-board (and changeable) lithium battery, which provides up to 1000 full power flash pops! Or 1 hour of constant video light. So no external battery packs are required. All in a nice compact 100cm cube. And cubes can be neatly stacked together for larger light source or more power.



All sounding a little too good to be true? Well we know this concept is very possible. Though LED lights still throw up a lot of challenges, particularly in light color and temperature, as well a output. So IC12, the small team behind the LED Light Cube based in Melbourne Australia, will have some hard work ahead of them if the new Cube is to live up to expectations.

Flash light output is reportedly around the same as a full power hostshoe flash like a Canon 580EX II etc. But even if they were just half the power, instant recycle at that level is still quite incredible when compared to regular hotshoe flashes. And you have the added advantage of constant video or modelling light as well.


LED Light Cube


Key Product Features

    • 150 watt LED Light source (50,000+ hours run time)
    • Stackable for building versatile light banks
    • 5500k colour temperature
    • Master control – one unit controls those interlocked (master/slave)
    • Fully portable with internal battery
    • Size: 100mm (approx. 4 inches) x 100mm x 100mm
    • Weight: 0.750kg (approx. 1.65 lbs)
    • Flash / Strobe Mode
    • Constant Video Light Mode
    • 85+ CRI LED
    • Stable colour temperature between modes


Flash Mode Features

    • Trigger remotely via synch cable, wireless trigger or as a light sensitive slave
    • Stable colour temperature, even while power levels are adjusted
    • Adjustable flash speed – 1/8,000 secs to 30 secs
    • Adjustable shutterlag fine-tuning control
    • Modelling light feature
    • Continuous high speed flashing at full power
    • High capacity – over 1,000 flashes from a single battery charged to full power
    • 350 watt peak output (f16 @ 1 metre / 100 ISO)


Video Light Mode Features

  • Stable colour temperature, even while power levels are adjusted
  • 10 dimmable light settings
  • Noiseless – no internal fan, no added noise on film production
  • 5,000 lumens of light output / running time 1 hour
  • Flicker-free at high shutter speeds
  • Settable auto power off timer



LED Light Cube


The LED Light Cube looks to be a very exciting start to a lot of good things to come. They are available to pre-purchase from the Indiegogo crowd funding camping for just a few more hours.

The lowest priced priced early bird options of $350 per unit have sold out, but they can still be purchased from $420. Regular retail later appears to be $695 if I’m reading that correctly.

IC12 are saying the first batch are expected to be available late November, or early December.

Progress UPDATE – 21 Nov 2013

LED Light Cube

Progress UPDATE – 22 Dec 2013

LED Light Cube

Progress UPDATE – 30 Jan 2014

LED Light Cube

Progress UPDATE – 27th March 2014

LED Light Cube

Wesbite – ledlightcube.com

Indiegogo – campaign


  1. Strober 7 years ago

    Worthless try, so many mistakes they made:

    1) heavy Internal battery instead of power pack, (requires heavy duty light stands, not conventional in recharging multiple units)

    2) round fresnel lenses instead of square ones, (not very usable in softbox blocks)

    3) lying about 350ws output while there is only 150w LED module inside, (yes, LEDs can be run in overdrive current mode, but they’ll die in a few weeks or months at best)

    4) $420 is way too high price to stack this modules together as softboxes, ($15120 for a 60x60cm softbox?!!)

    5) lack of cooling fan (because LED degrade very quicky at high temperatures, won’t last long)

    • Loveboy 7 years ago

      I’m probably more disappointed by the lack of USB for firmware updates than anything, to be honest. Not willing to jump on as a early-adoption tester for those quite yet.

      Oh and no built in radio slave or remote power adjustments.

      It’s like they’ve built a LED flash for where the market was heading 5 years ago.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Actually I think they’ve built a flash for where the market is heading in the next 5 years! 🙂

        I’m sure all the radio and refinements will come fairly quickly. Much harder will be solid flash output. But instant recycle and controllable flash duration are pretty amazing advancements.

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