LED LIGHT CUBE – Making Progress

IC12 have posted another update for the coming LED Light Cube. The main alloy cast case now has a very refined smooth finnish, and many of the other compenents have been finalised.

The battery specs have also been revealed – as a custom designed Lithium-Ion Polymer battery of 11.1v 2800mAh. Which IC12 say will have the capacity to match the output duration’s and flash cycles that were spec’ed in the original Indigogo crowd funding campaign.

With some components going into production mid February, its fair to assume campaign backers will still have a bit of a wait ahead of them before the Cubes are actually available. The Light Cube looks to be making impressive progress though.

Full details of the latest update are posted here.


LED Light Cube


LED Light Cube


LED Light Cube


LED Light Cube


One of the very impressive features of the LED Light Cube is the ability to manually select and adjust flash duration (from 1/8,000 secs to 30 secs) in the flash mode.

The LED Light Cube can also act as a constant light source for video or modelling light while using the flash mode at the same time. And Recycle times are instant, so the cube can fire as fast as your cameras frames per second will allow.

LED Light Cube


More details and specs on the LED Light Cube can be seen here.

Wesbite – ledlightcube.com

  1. Pontiaku 5 years ago

    I’m confused as to why they went from a round lens to a horizontal lens.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Pontiaku,

      I think they narrowed the opening to concentrate the light into a smaller area, basically to boost the light output, but over a smaller area (or spread of light).

      You can just see in some of the cases in the background in the images above, the LED mounting area itself looks to be a long narrow shape. So I assume they have followed that shape with the reflector and lense.

      Why they offset the opening to one side I really don’t know, possibly to move it as far from the LED as possible to reduce heat damage to the lense.

      The lense looks like a big magnifying glass, also trying to concentrate the light further.

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