LIGHT IT UP – Techniques For Dramatic Off Camera Flash – Ebook Now Available

Light It Up


Belgian freelance photographer, trainer, and long time Flash Havoc follower, Piet Van den Eynde has put together a comprehensive ebook discussing lighting techniques using a lot of the portable lighting gear commonly featured on the site.

LIGHT IT UP – Techniques for Off Camera Flash, is a 185 page PDF ebook guide, running through from basic lighting principles, to simple single off camera flash techniques, and right through to more advanced case studies.



LIGHT IT UP features numerous lighting diagrams and behind the scene shots, tips on gear selection from small to large lights and modifiers, and even some Photoshop techniques to help you make the most out of your lights.



Simple high impact one light setups –


To more advanced techniques and lighting accessories –



As well as some post processing tips and techniques –








LIGHT IT UP – Techniques for Off Camera Flash, 185 page PDF ebook is available now from $24.95.

And you can Save 10% at the checkout using the code – light10


Piet Van den Eynde – Website


  1. Mark Kitaoka 2 years ago

    A welcomed change from just gear. Education in lighting is a lifelong endeavor.

    • Michael H 2 years ago


      Funny you should say that, as I read the sample pages for this book, I keep on thinking of your work!


      Michael H

  2. Joost 2 years ago

    Piet vd Eynde rules

  3. Vincent Van der Beken 2 years ago

    I follow Piet already a long time and when the book was released did I bought it in an instance. The guy is just marvellous with light and has the ability to explain this to others in writing but als verbally.
    I have a workshop next month and can’t wait 🙂

  4. Nick 2 years ago

    +1 I should have never passed this up the first time. The 185pgs are 4-5 columns landscape w/ illustrations — it’s packed, so you’re getting more than you may realize. If you frequent this site — this book’s for you. It nails the technical, the artistic, the gadgetry, the uber gadgetry, the accessories, and common sense of lighting. …and it’s organized in that manner.

  5. Geoff 5 months ago

    Available for $34.95, not $24.95.

    That is a big price hike for an ebook.

    Or any book for that matter.

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