Lightscoop Deluxe – Bounce & Direct Your Optic Wireless Signal

USA manufacturer Lightscoop have a new Deluxe tilt and swivel version of the original lightscoop. This is designed to improve on-board flash results by bouncing the light, more like an added Speedlight with tilt swivel head. And there’s no question it would do that quite well, provided you have appropriate surfaces to bounce off.

But for those of use who like using off camera Optic Wireless flash systems, like those from Canon, and Nikon’s AWL/CLS, or even just basic optic slaves, the Lightscoop would be ideal to block the on-board flash from reaching the subject, while directing, or bouncing, the light signal to the slave flashes instead.

Lightscoop Deluxe

The important new feature of the Lightscoop Deluxe is the swivel mechanism which allows you to direct the light to the side, this means even outside where there is no ceiling to bounce off, you may still be able to divert the light signal directly to a slave flash positioned to the side of the subject.

Lightscoop Deluxe Swivel

People have already been doing this for a long time simply with a piece of cardboard or similar, though the mirror surface of the Lightscoop would be a lot more efficient at redirecting more light (therefore stronger signal) and the tilt and swivel hinge much more convenient than constantly trying to wrangle a piece of cardboard into the right position. David Hobby of even has a crack at this (a little unsuccessfully at times) with a credit card or similar and some gaffa tape in the recent Digital Rev cheap camera challenge (starts at 3:50 seconds in) –

As seen above, with the S2 optic slave mode now found on many manual flash units (like the popular YN-560) its possible to use off camera flash directly with just about any camera that has a built in flash, even if they only have a TTL flash mode. As long as you can direct the on-board light signal to the slave flash, you should be in business.

The Lightscoop Delux also packs nice and flat –

Lightscoop Deluxe

For the serious on-board flash user there are even optional tinted warming and colour correction mirrors available –

Lightscoop Deluxe

The Lightscoop Delux retails around $35, that would be money well spent though if you use Optic Wireless or Optic Slaves often, or off course on-board flash. A piece of white card placed over the mirror and this could likely even be strapped to the head of a Speedlite and used like the very popular “Demb Flip It” as a Speedlite bounce diffuser as well. The swivel hinge function being the valuable part there again.



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  1. David Hartman 8 years ago

    The Lightscoop Deluxe looks kind of flaky but it should work fine indoors with Nikon’s CLS/AWL. For years I’ve used a Nikon SB-15 bounced off a high ceiling at 1/10 power for simple optical triggering. The price however is enough to get started with economy radio triggers. I’ve moved on with Phottix’s Strato II Multi(s).


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