LUME CUBE – Miniature LED Light Cube

Lume Cube


If the full size LED Light Cube may have been a little rich for you’re liking, the cube guys been at it again, this time with a miniature version, providing flash and video lighting for iPhone, Android, and GoPro etc.

The Lume Cube is just 1.5″ square and produces a powerful 1500 Lumens, and they are available for pre-order now on KickStarter from around $59.



For flash use the Lume Cube has a built in optic slave. Or up to 5 Lume Cubes can be synced to an iPhone or Android smartphone using a simple Bluetooth-powered app.

The app allows you to adjust the brightness, and even flash duration! (just like the big Cube) .


Lume Cube


Lume Cube Features –


  • Take It Anywhere: 1.5” Cube Encased in Water Resistant Silicone Shell
  • Take Command: Fully Adjustable Flash Duration & Brightness via Smartphone App
  • Sync It Up: Bluetooth Sync w/ iPhone and Android Smartphones
  • Master Two Modes: External Flash for Photos or Constant Light for Video
  • Light An Entire Scene: Sync up to 5 Lume Cubes Individually via Smartphone App
  • Adjust Brightness: Dimmable Between 0–1,500 lumens
  • Mount to Most Surfaces: Powerful Magnet & Innovative Suction Cup
  • Direct Your Focus: Tripod Designed by JOBY® Points Light Where It’s Needed
  • Lock It Down: ¼ 20 Mount Attaches to Tripods & Action Cam Accessories
  • Sync A Slave Flash: Optical Sensor Easily Detects & Triggers w/ Outside Flashes
  • Color Temperature: 5600 K
  • Shoot Continuously: No Recycle Time Between Flashes
  • Power Through: ~2-Hour Battery Life @ 50% power & 1-Hour Charge Time w/ USB Charger
  • Light Entire Scenes: Available in Single Unit, 2-Pack or 6-Pack in a Variety of Colors
  • Enhance Your GoPro®: Proprietary Mount & Waterproof Case Designed for GoPro® Hero Cameras


The Lume Cubes have a standard 1/4″ mounting point, and even a built in suction cup mount.

And Joby have also come on board with their super compact micro tripod stand available.


Lume Cube


The Lume Cubes are also available in a number of colors for the water resistant silicon rubber cases.




With optic slave mode, flash and video capability, the Lume Cube would have to be one very handy little light to always have on hand!

These may be great little modelling / focus assist (or even video light) to strap onto your speedlite as well, on or off camera.




The Lume Cubes and accessories are available for pre-order now on KickStarter from $59.

With estimated delivery is around March 2015.



Lume Cube – Website

Lume Cube – Kickstarter Campaign

LED Light Cube – Overview



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  1. Gadget Girl 4 years ago

    What a cool little light… brilliant idea

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