Lumopro Multi Mount 22″ Beauty Dish – & Double Flash Bracket

Lumopro have released an exceptionally well priced 22″ Beauty Dish and Double Flash Bracket at just $99.99 for the combined set.

The new Multi Mount Beauty Dish mates up with the recently released LP739 Double Flash Bracket for a dual speedlight mounting. As well as mounting to monolights via standard speedring inserts.

Lumopro Beauty Dish Front

Lumopro are calling the new dish revolutionary, though it is the same (or very similar to) dishes with the same mounting system which have been available on Ebay and Amazon etc for a couple of years now (around the same $79.95 price).

What is revolutionary though is the incredibly low price of just $99.95 when combined with Double Flash bracket. This makes a very economical dual speedlight 22″ beauty dish set up, that can also be used with softboxes when needed.

I should mention, although similar dishes are relatively common, they can still be hard to get sometimes from other sources, particularly in white, as many sellers still do not realise the white version is the main one most people are actually after. Also the Lumopro dish is compatible with 5 5/8″ diameter speedring inserts, where others may be made for different size inserts. So you may need to check that if wanting to combine another dish with the Lumopro bracket.


Lumopro Beauty Dish Back


The dish simply has 4 threaded studs with round thumb nuts on top, which are screwed down to hold the speedring insert (or flash bracket) in place. So there are no tools required to quickly swap speedring inserts or flash bracket insert on the dish. (step 3, 4, 5, & 6 below).

What may be a little annoying though is removing the bracket insert from the outer speedring, so that the bracket can then be attached to the beauty dish (step 1 & 2 bellow). This is a bit of a fiddly job which would require a screwdriver. But you would only need to do this if using the bracket on both the beauty dish and softboxes. If you did swap between those regularly, for the low price of a $49.99 double flash bracket, it would be worth simply buying another bracket so you could have one bracket dedicated for the softbox and another for the beauty dish .

Lumopro Beauty Dish


LP739 Double Flash Bracket

The LP739 Double Flash Bracket itself is a fairly simple design which mounts the two flashes laying sideways in the speedring.

Lumopro LP739 Bracket Back


For those that may not be aware I have also been making custom flash brackets for a number of years now, so its probably in bad taste to be critiquing others and I don’t really want to be doing that. But having made a number brackets with similar flash orientation, and mounting the same or similar dishes, there are a few thing I have found with this layout –

Shoe mount radio triggers are generally the biggest issue, sometimes they can physically restrict the position of the flashes in the speedring, but also its not ideal to lay the flash over mounted via a radio trigger at the flash foot for extended periods without support under the flash, as it puts stress on the radio trigger and flash foot. You can often work around these issues, but in general I find this mounting more suited to not using shoe mount radio triggers. The current Canon 600EX-RT etc with built in radio triggers (and remote control) would be ideal with this set up though for example.

Lumopro LP739 Bracket Front

Lumopro LP739 Bracket

Another possible issue with this layout  is when mounting just the one flash. When using a beauty dish it is quite important to centre the flash in the dish, though Lumopro appear to have this covered with enough travel in the bracket to allow for centring the single flash head –

Lumopro LP739 Bracket


The Double Flash Bracket folds relatively flat, and comes with its own handy case –


Lumopro LP739 Bracket Folded

Lumopro LP739 Bracket

Also available separately for the beauty dish is the 22″ honeycomb grid for $59.95 (the dish already comes with a diffusion sock) –

Lumopro Beauty Dish Grid

Price and Availability –

The Lumopr 22″ Multi Mount Beauty Dish and LP739 Double Flash Bracket are available in the USA from and in the EU from CameraTools

Multi Mount Beauty Dish and LP739 Double Flash Bracket – $99.99
Multi Mount Beauty Dish alone – $79.99
LP739 Double Flash Bracket alone – $49.99
22″ Honeycomb Grid – $59.99

Lumopro on Amazon

  1. Jason 8 years ago

    Been looking for that flash bracket since PDN NYC. had it for a lil while but can’t find it on their sight lately. This is good news.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      The bracket alone is listed here –

      As of the time of writing this the dish and bracket combination doesn’t appear to be listed yet.

      • Daniel 8 years ago

        The dish & bracket still isn’t listed as a kit on their website but you can order it over the phone. It’s $99 for them together. I just started shooting with mine today.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 8 years ago

          Ok great thanks Daniel.

          Would love to see some pics of the set up, or even pics using it. Thanks again.

  2. David 8 years ago

    What is the outside diameter of the bracket adapter that fits into the speeding?
    I’m wondering how it might fit into foldable modifiers I already own.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi David,

      As far as I understand it 5 5/8″ matching their regular speedring inserts.

  3. Terry 6 years ago

    Just ordered a set today. The lady on the phone was extremely nice, she messed around and got me a cheaper shipping price, and got the combo for 99 dollars. Give em a call!

  4. Vic 5 years ago

    I went to order this on MPEX and found that they now have a new version of the beauty dish that costs more, here are the new prices:

    Multi Mount Beauty Dish and LP739 Double Flash Bracket – $154.98
    Multi Mount Beauty Dish alone – $119.99
    Price of bracket and honeycomb grid alone stays same.

  5. Vince 5 years ago


    Do you know if this speed ring is compatible with Rapid Box XXL for bowens? Thinking on using 2 AD 360’s. Thanks!

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