Mitros + and Odin Concept

While we are on the subject of petitioning manufacturers, with a little bit of remodeling in photoshop, I’ve put together a bit of a concept for what I would ideally like to see in a future Mitros + / Odin II interface design.

Although the current Mitros and Mitros + look a little plain when it comes to interface and LCD design (at least compared to the quite elaborate Canon 600EX-RT), I do really like the way the Mitros is very simple and clear on the LCD. And the dial buttons (although fairly small) are quite fast and easy to navigate once you get used to them.

Provided Phottix have cut out scrolling through any extra items when adjusting groups (like channel selection etc, as the Odin require), the Mitros + interface should be at least as fast, if not faster than the current Odin –


Phottix MITROS +


But ideally what I would really like to see in a future Mitros +, or Odin II, is an interface something more along the lines below.

Most importantly dedicated group buttons allow instant access to any group, so there is no scrolling through groups required at all. And 5 remote groups would be ideal.

The main circular dial buttons are as large as practical, so they are really easy operate (on camera, or hidden inside a softbox etc).

With a little remodeling of the same image above we can end up with something like this with a nice large clear screen and very easy to access buttons –


Photix Mitros + Concept


Like the Canon system the same interface would then be duplicated on the Odin transmitter unit as well. So that you can seamlessly switch from one option to the other, with the same very familiar controls.

ODIN II Concept

And this time the Odin II would be much lower profile mounted on the camera (and definitely with an AF assist light, unlike the Canon ST-E3).

ODIN Concept


Speaking of seamless transition from flash to transmitter use. (Although not particularly pretty) this is another rough concept I put together in Photoshop a few years ago, for a combined flash and transmitter, but with quick release flash head!

ODIN II Concept

This way you wouldn’t even need to turn the unit off for a super quick transition to transmitter only, or back the other way to full flash unit again.

And the flash head could also be connected via a cord to the body for mounting higher above the camera on a very lightweight bracket. That way most of flash weight is still low on the camera hotshoe, and just the lighter flash head is mounted up high on the bracket.

Note – the same fast access group buttons, and super fast horizontal scroll dial this time.

I’d still love to own one of these now –



  1. Armin 7 years ago

    Good PS work. Yeah, dedicated group buttons and an adjusting wheel would be nice on any trigger device.

    Looking at Phottix Mitros + and Odin really hurts considering that Yongnuo isn’t able to release anything they promised (622TX, 560TX, Radio Flash, 603 II).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Armin,

      Thanks, the 622TX and 560TX are due next month so don’t hold your breath for those right now.

      The RF-603 II are overdue now (but lets hope they are possibly making good changes).

      The flash (or flagship trigger product) is due this month. We just have to wait and see, they may outdo my photoshop efforts for real 🙂

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