NEW – Phottix 90x90cm and 120cm Octo Easy-Up Softboxes – Now Available

Phottix have release new larger versions of the very popular Easy-Up Softboxes. The Easy-Up pop open quickly without the need for a speedring or rods etc, making them ideal for location work, mounting hotshoe flashes or portable studio lights.

Adding to the current popular 60x90cm and 80cm Octa, Phottix have released the new – Extra Large Octa Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox with Grid (120 cm / 43″),

Phottix Easy Up 120cm

and also the new square – Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox with Grid (90x90cm, 35×35″).

Phottix Easy Up 90x90cm

The new Easy-Up softboxes are shown above mounted on a full size boom arm. I’m excited about the 90 x 90cm version though as its a nice large size for locational work without being too unwieldy, and also fits nicely on the very compact and lightweight Phottix 16″ Multi Boom.

The Multi Boom is designed to conveniently mount one or more hotshoe flashes, and allow easy tilt movement of the Easy-Up style softboxes without the need for a larger heavy full size boom. Folded together these provide a nice compact location kit, which is fast to set up and very convenient to use.

Phottix Multi Boom 16"

Phottix Multi-Boom

The popular original 70 x 70cm (28″) Easy-Up softbox is shown mounted on the 16″ Multi Boom above. But the new 90 x 90cm offers considerably more size and diffuser surface are, making it a lot more versatile for lighting a larger are, or more than one person etc when needed.

The 90cm is not too big and unwieldy to use outside on location easily, and makes the most out of the 16″ Multi Boom, so its are really nice option to have.

Phottix Easy Up 70cm - 90cm


Price and Availability –

The 120cm Phottix Easy-Up Octo and the Phottix 90 x 90cm Easy-Up are available now from the Phottix Store for $95 and $85 respectively. Though they are not available in the USA.

The Phottix 16″ Multi Boom is $69.99 and available in the USA and Worldwide.

And for a few days until August the 31st you can save 10% at by using the back to school discount code BCK10 at checkout.


The Phottix 16″ Multi Boom are also available now for $69.99 from Adorama and Amazon with free shipping in the USA.


  1. Calvin 6 years ago

    Why are the Easy-Up boxes not available in the US? Does Westcott have a patent on this style of box?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Calvin,

      I’m not completely familiar with the situation, so don’t quote me on this. But as far as I understand Westcott did hold a patent, though that has long since expired (as they are actually a quite an old design).

      Westcott were still claiming trade mark or other rights though, and therefore Phottix agreed not to sell them in the USA. Likely more out of good will than legal obligation, hence why you see others still selling them.

  2. Chris 6 years ago

    I am quite interested with the largest 120cm version Octa. I notice that Phottix now offer a larger version of the multiboom, but strangely the recommended maximum softbox is still 90cm.

    If we can get the full 180 degree tilt with the 120cm, it will be really great.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      I designed the Multi Booms. You can get full tilt with the 28″ version no problem if you move the handle above the joining block.

      Keeping the handle below just provideds a little bit more access to it, and keeps the centre of gravity lower. Thanks.

      • Chris 6 years ago

        One can’t get a clearer answer than that! Thank you very much. I’m ordering mine now. 🙂

  3. Rodrigo 6 years ago

    How does thte Phottix compare to the cheapest one being sold at Ebay? they all look the same.

  4. Andy 6 years ago

    Does anyone know whether the Extra Large Octa Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox with Grid (120 cm / 43″) has fibre glass rods instead of metal rods?



  5. andy 4 years ago

    Godox brand are exactly the same umbrella boxes with fibre glass.
    1/3 of the price for same item.

  6. Tom 4 years ago


    I can’t find any info about how such umbrella style softboxes (Phottix or Westcott style) compare to traditional speedlight softboxes with double diffusers, such as lastolite ezybox style, in terms of the quality of light produced, also the potential loss of light, even light distribution, softness of light etc. Are there any differences apart from the mechanics? What are the pros and cons of one system over the other? Any input welcome:)

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