NEW Pixel Flash Coming

Pixel HK have started promoting an upcoming new speedlite at their industry trade show stands.

The Pixel Flash Light would be their first flash unit, and the graphics certainly show a very impressive looking design, with very large LCD and easy to access control dial.

Pixel Flash Light

An LED on the side of the flash unit is similar to Canon’s radio link light is a big hint towards the new Pixel flash having radio based transceivers built in like the Canon 600EX-RT.

Pixel have confirmed a radio enabled flash is what they would ultimately hope to produce, but were also quick to point out they are not sure of this is technically feasible yet, and do not want to build expectations that this function will be included.

But we know radio based flash units will be one of the main priorities for all the major manufactures now, since the release of the Canon 600EX-RT. So its very likely this function is really a high priority, and they would likely keep developing the flash until built in radio based TTL is enabled.


Pixel Flash Light


Looking at the Pixel Flash below, side by side with the current flasgship Canon 600EX-RT on the left, and Nikon SB-910 on the right, its easy to see the Pixel design has a taken a little inspiration from both.

The first thing you likely notice is the large size of the LCD screen. I’m not sure if I have scaled the Pixel flash size up correctly to match the others here, but if anything that would only mean the screen would be even larger in comparison.

Canon Pixel Nikon

Likely of more significance though is the extra large thumb-wheel size compared to the others. I can’t speak so much for Nikon, but its always been frustrating how fiddly the Canon flash interface is. And that’s considerably more important now that its used as as serious radio master interface.

With the Pixel flash design they have clearly made a conscious effort to try and improve on that usability.


Features –

  1. Large Size LCD Display for easy viewing and setting flash functions.
  2. Support Multi Flash, the First from China to support Multi-mode Manual Flash.
  3. Power Flash Head Zoom Function.
  4. Sound prompts.
  5. External High Voltage Battery Port
  6. Standard traditional PC Sync Port
  7. Fast Recycle Time
  8. Power Saving Modes, can be turned on and off.
  9. Can automatically save your current operating settings.
  10. Improved Panel Button design, sensitive operation, better hand-feel.
  11. Metal Flash Foot.
  12. Support Wireless Flash System
  13. Support TTL High Speed Sync Flash
  14. Guide No. 58.


Its highly likely any radio based flash unit would also be compatible with Pixel’s King Pro and King TTL flash triggers.


There is no detail on price and expected release date as yet, but its likely a number of built-in radio based flashes will start to emerge on the second half of 2013.

EDIT – Pixel have now added the Flashgun to their website product menu bar, so its likely coming relatively soon now. The Flashgun product page currently remains blank though.


  1. Michal Schabowski 7 years ago

    any news about this flash?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Michal,

      Sorry no news yet. I would expect at least in the first half of 2014 though. Thanks.

  2. Craig 6 years ago

    Looks like the flash (named “Mago”) is up on their page now, but it uses an optical wireless system, not radio.

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