NEW – YongNuo RF-603 II – Coming Next Week

YongNuo will release a new MK II version of the very popular RF-603 manual flash trigger and shutter release next week.

The new RF-603 II will have higher sync speed, locking rings, and improved flash/shutter control.

Also importantly, the new RF-603 will work with other non Canon/Nikon and single firing pin cameras, so they are likely going to be the best transmitter option for the the YN-560 III flash (with compatible receiver built in) until the new YN-560 TX transmitter arrives in a couple of months (also compatible with the new RF-603 II).

( Image is the current RF-603 )


As mentioned the inexpensive RF-603 have very likely been the most popular flash trigger made to date, following on from the original RF-602 (which were the first really good inexpensive flash trigger option).

But in increasing the RF-603’s capability as a combined flash and shutter release (transceiver unit), the RF-603 took a number of steps backwards, incorporating and retaining some very blatant design flaws and limitations. Lack of locking ring, low sync speed, and camera compatibility, are certainly some of the major issue which have reportedly been updated now, but there still quite a few other questions remaining –

Updated –

  • Sync Speed
  • Locking Ring (with pass through hotshoe)
  • Compatibility with non Canon/Nikon cameras

Questions Remaining –

  • Is the Pass Through Hotshoe full TTL ?
  • Is the safe trigger voltage still a low 12volts ?
  • Is the On/Off switch still inaccessible with a flash mounted ?
  • Does the Test fire button work when off the camera hotshoe (for light meter use etc) ?
  • Is there Sync-In from the camera PC sync port ?
  • Is the PC sync port upgraded to more reliable 3.5mm miniphone socket ?
  • Are the groups still tiny dip switches instead of a simple switch ?
  • Is the locking ring finally a decent size (like on the YN flashes) ?


Most of these issues were well and truly resolved quite a while ago in higher priced trigger options like the Phottix Strato II, but also in even lower priced options like the Commlite T320. Admittedly these are traditional transmitter and receiver options, compared to the RF-603 transceivers, which do have an advantage in shutter release function and back up transmitters.

But YongNuo have still really been lagging behind with the RF-603 design, so it will be very interesting to see how far they have really improved now that there is a much more competent design team on the case.

In any case the RF-603 II are very likely going to be the best current transmitter option available for the very popular YN-560 III flash units (with compatible receiver built in) until the new YN-560 TX transmitter arrive with remote power control (reportedly still at least a couple of months away). The RF-603 II work as both transmitter and receiver, so purchasing one now for the YN-560 III would simply mean you have a spare transmitter unit, and receiver for firing other flashes without a receiver built in.


Prices will likely settle around the $25 for single, to $35 pairs, as the current RF-603 units generally are.

The YN-560 III flash units are available now Amazon fulfilled from $77.

  1. Mike 7 years ago

    Sync-in please. Please. Let’s hear it for sync-in.

  2. robert 7 years ago

    ~Is the Pass Through Hotshoe full TTL ?~
    ~Locking Ring (with pass through hotshoe)~

    these are my only concerns. all the rest is small stuff. just bought 2 sets and come to realize it doesnt have ttl pass through which must be the dumbest thing ive ever heard..lets not mention the geniuses who thought to mount a 15 buck slave in a hot shoe which needs to hold a $200+ flash with no locking wheel for security measures.

    is there no work around to having the 603 work without it mounted in the camera hot shoe? no ittl communication between the flash/body with it mounted there and no locking wheel. and my flash fell out once. luckily I caught it. and im not taking a chance as it will happen again. when I connected a pc cable to the 2.5mm or the front pc it would not fire when connected to the flash pc or camera pc. it wont fire the off camera flash.

    what were those [EDITED] thinking. all in all a complete waste of money. its simple function of firing off camera flash is done ok but killing my communication between the camera and hot shoe flash negates its function. I would rather use wein slaves and have others fire my off camera flashes but still have full capabilities between the camera and hot shoe flash.

    im in awe how these things arent thought out. I dont need it to transmit ittl/ttl. all it needs to do is activate the off camera flash. nothing more. but it does more harm than good. [EDITED] product. the least it could do is let me fire them via pc/2.5mm cable

    and I wont mention the bounce card that keeps coming out of its slot exactly when im under stress to get the shot. if they dont fix the locking wheel, and pass through ittl/ttl hot shoe, I will return every yongnuo product I have and will go phoittix. so [EDITED].

  3. Mike 7 years ago

    There are at least three parts to your comment that should be moderated. It’s really unpleasant having to read you call people “morons” and lash out with acronyms such as “POS”. I suggest Flash Havoc should either edit out the offending bits, let us vote down the offending comment, or better yet commit the entire thing to trashcan. If it were me, I would Robert know by email that I care deeply about visitor to my website and should he feel communicative enough to produce a calmer version of his comments without the expletives and insults, that I would be delighted to consider passing the comment on to other visitors.

    • Loveboy 7 years ago


      Frustration with a product is understandable, but this is no place for such outbursts.

      Send it to Yongnuo if you must rant. Who knows, they may even help you out if you contact them respectfully.

  4. Mike 7 years ago

    Hey. The week has gone by. Have they decide to postpone the release to magnanimously add a last minute sync input for all of us multi-system enthusiasts?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      Yep its next month already. I haven’t heard anything yet.

      I’d like to think they were beavering away at some awesome new updates, but reality is more likely they are just really busy.

      • Michael 7 years ago

        My working configuration includes Canon 600RT in the hot shoe of the 5D MkIII and two remote YN560III to light up the wedding reception hall, triggered by iShoot radio triggers. My iShoot trigger, while very cheap, tends to misfire once in a while, and the hanging sync cord from it to the camera is not a pretty sight either’ getting in the way constantly.

        Came by your site somehow, and read your excellent reviews – probably the best on the net – and decided to go with Phottix Strato II triggers. The rumor about 603-II kept me from doing it, but my guess is it won’t have a TTL pass through hot shoe, so back to Strato II… What a waste of the built in radio of the YN560III… 🙁

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Thanks Michael,

          Hopefully we should find out the details on the 603 II soon. But even if they do have TTL pass through, its really the YN-560 TX that needs that, so that you have remote power control as well.

          The Strato II have very good build quality with regards to the pass through hotshoe, I don’t know if YongNuo will be up to the same standard with the 603 II.

          • Jacques 7 years ago

            I’m an event photog, and although next-gen 568s with HV ports, combined with 622 slaves, would do nicely for my Canon pro kit, there are two issues with this. One, I don’t really need remote TTL and would rather not pay for it. And two, I’m starting to shoot with Panasonic m43 cameras alongside my Canons, so my remotes need to work with Panasonic as well. This rules out 622s and makes a 560 III/TX kit more attractive. But only if the 560 TX is available with a pass-through hotshoe for Canon and Panasonic. I’d gladly buy a separate TX for each.

            I’ve got Metzes and Stratos now that I can use with both platforms, but I’d switch to a YN560 III/TX kit for remote output control and access to 8-AA battery packs if Yongnuo would give us the pass-through hotshoe and a Panasonic version of the smaller YN500EX flash for on-camera TTL.

  5. Casey 7 years ago

    Still no word!?!? I’m about to pick up some 603s, but if the IIs are coming out soon, I”ll wait. I see no other mention anywhere on the interwebs about it either, except for on Lighting Rumors.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Casey,

      Latest word today – “the factory has began to assemble RF-603 II, should be available very soon”


      • Casey 7 years ago

        Yay! Thanks for your reply! I’ll hold out a little longer.

  6. Staffan 7 years ago

    Any news about rf-603 II yet? It would be great if they could release it now…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Staffan,

      The latest I’ve heard is November…. or December!

      There is obviously some delay, and its no point troubling them for release times now as the previous ones have been well exceeded already. So we just have to wait and see now.

      • Staffan 7 years ago

        I agree!

        Please post as soon as you hear anythong about it.

    • Casey 7 years ago

      Yeah, I NEED…like literally…need to purchase some wireless soon. Maybe I’ll just go Radio Poppers…or even go all out and get PWs.

  7. karl 7 years ago

    Do you have news about their new transmitters?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Karl,

      Sorry no, they are obviously running behind at the moment, and not making any comment on when they may be available now.

  8. Patrick Fan 7 years ago

    This item is on sales in china market now. All the unanswered questions can find the answer now by following this link, but you may need the google translate to see it (If you do not read Chinese )


  9. James 7 years ago

    Check it out. It’s now available on Yongnuo’s own eBay store.

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