NICEFOTO – Q4 & Q6 – HSS Wireless Strobes Announced

Having just celebrated their 8th anniversary, based in Shenzhen China are now really stepping up their game with new product development.

NiceFoto were one of the first with Lithium-Ion powered, all in one wireless strobes. And they have recently moved to a new factory with double the size and production capacity, and a lot of new products are now on the way.

The first of which will be the new Q4C and Q6C, HSS enabled, Lithium-Ion powered wireless strobe units. Move over Jetsons! –

NiceFoto Q6C


The new Q4C and Q6C are 400WS and 600WS units, with Bowen’s mount, and built in (removable) Lithium-Ion batteries. Capable of up to 680 or 500 full power flashes respectively. And a 5W LED modelling light is also included.

The Q4 and Q6 have a HSS (High Speed Sync) capability with Canon and Nikon compatible transmitter units. The 2.4GHz radio receiver is already neatly built into the flash unit.

The Canon versions HS-316C transmitter units are already available with the recently released HSS enabled HS-600C model N-Flash. And a Nikon compatible transmitter will soon follow. The transmitter allows for Second Curtain Sync as well.


NiceFoto HS-316C


As far as we understand the current HSS enabled HS-600C N-Flash are using the Long Duration method of achieving higher sync speeds. Though its not completely clear yet whether the new Q4 and Q6 will function in the same the same way.

The 2.4GHz transmitter, and built in radio receiver, have 3 selectable groups. So lights can be switched on and off remotely from the transmitter unit on the camera hotshoe, though there is no remote manual power control function available with the Q4 and Q6.


Specs available so far –

NiceFoto Q6C


Price and Availability –


The NiceFoto Q4 and Q6 should be available fairly soon.

Price is not yet specified, though the current HSS enabled HS-600C sell from around a very reasonable $460.

Mark Shapiro based in Australia has also been one of the main dealers for the N-Flash over the last few years. He has the current HS-600C available for $685, locally or shipped to the USA etc. Contact Mark at

NiceFoto – Website


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