NICEFOTO – TR400 & TR600 – Remote Manual & HSS Strobes Announced have announced the new TR400 and TR600, which will be the companies first portable wireless strobes with Remote Manual Power Control, and HSS (High Speed Sync).

NiceFoto were one of the first with Lithium-Ion powered, all in one wireless strobes, with the N-Flash range of lights. The N-Flash have the battery and radio receiver neatly built into the strobe, so there are completely free of cords and extremely fast to set up.

Nicefoto started off very strong with the innovative N-Flash, though refinement and further development has been a little slow since. They are stepping things up now though. And the one major feature missing from the N-Flash range, being remote manual power control, has now been addressed with the coming TR400 and TR600 strobes.

The TR units will also include the HSS function for Canon and Nikon seen in other recent models. The new TR strobes will also feature a sleek touch screen interface –




The business end of the interface though will be the new transmitter unit, with large clear power level display.



3 groups, 16 channels, and LED modelling light control. As well as pass through hotshoe on top.




Its hard to read the specs below, though we know these are roughly 400WS and 600WS Bowen’s mount units. If the battery remains the same 12v 6000mAh as the current 600WS units, you can expect up to 320 pops at full power, and 3 second recycle times.

The transmitter units will be available in Canon and Nikon compatible versions, allowing HSS and Second Curtain Sync with corresponding cameras.




Price and availability of the TR400 and TR600 are not yet available, though these are definitely looking to be a light to keep an eye out for now.

The current N-Flash range has been popular with wedding photographers, and even many real estate photographers due to the very fast set up and hand holding portability. Though the lack of remote manual power control with a good radio system has left them a little behind other options. The TR400 and TR600 are set to change that.

There are even rumours of some 800WS N-Flash coming eventually.

You can see current N-Flash available on Ebay. And Mark Shapiro based in Australia also deals with them sending overseas etc as well. Contact Mark at

NiceFoto – Website


  1. Jason 7 years ago

    I REALLY hope this light is a winner. It literally has everything on my wishlist:
    -On board lithium power.
    -Integrated radio receiver.
    -Remote manual power adjustment WITH control from the trigger and pass through!

    If it has a modeling LED…..I just might die.

    Pleeeeeeeeeease oh please be legit and reasonably priced.

    If this materializes as a sturdy product, it will absolutely be a game changer.

    • Mark van Dam 7 years ago

      Wow, I agree, these units sound very nice. I hope the battery and flash tubes are easy to replace on the go if necessary.

  2. YS 7 years ago

    These are nice, but they’re also all 3D renders. Don’t get too worked up till physical prototypes arrive.

  3. JAA 7 years ago

    I’m with Jason on this one! I do hope these materialize! I did reach out to NicePhoto and I received a prompt reply stating this new item is still in test and will be available 1-2 months later. I really hope this is the case! After hearing that I did get a tad excited. However after looking into what this company offers, I see last year in July they had specs on a radio transceiver (TTL-318) which looks really enticing but I don’t think this ever went to market and only the TTL-316 is available. So if anyone knows anything, please share!

  4. jon hernandez 7 years ago

    Just to let you know in kube studio shop we offer as well Nflash, right now we selling the 680A units and they work really well.

    we can deliver anywhere in europe and we offer a year warranty on the units.

  5. Stone Fan 7 years ago

    Thanks indeed for shaing your ideas about our new nflash and trigger, the new products is still developing,when it’s ready to launch market, will send new product report to you, thank you.

  6. Hussain 6 years ago

    That awkward moment when you think that the first image is the strobe itself and go “wow, this looks amazing!”.

  7. Adrian 6 years ago

    Make this (in the 600 ws option) compatible with the Canon 600ex-rt system and consider it end game for many other flash companies. I hope the YN Studio Strobe follows this lead.

  8. Ian Pack 6 years ago

    These lights do exist beyond the 3D renders shown –

    Despite their bulk, they are simple to use and quick to set-up. Power could be adjustable in ⅓ stop increments instead of full stops and would help if could be adjusted from the camera trigger. Haven’t tried the HSS function as I’m waiting for the iLux/Nice HSS trigger to become available.

    • Adam 6 years ago

      Ian, that’s a different model. Nicefoto makes a lot of similar ones, but the TR model isn’t the same as the C.

  9. jeff 6 years ago

    Anyone know or speculate if the HSS on this is likely to be a manual only variation on the long-flash duratrion hack method, or something that’s iTTL or ETTL compatible in a semi-automatic way?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jeff,

      A year or two ago you could pretty much bet they would just rely on a long duration sync method.

      But with flashes now like Godox’s Witstro which actually pulse the flash like a speedlite, and now even the Jinbei HD600 II / Rovelight which switches the flash from IGBT to voltage controlled in HSS mode, theres a good chance HSS strobes will now have more purposely designed HSS modes.

      The Jinbei HD600 II / Rovelight are still relying on long duration sync, but the HSS mode is purposely designed to provide the long durations, and this works well because there are no extra overheating limitations like other HSS modes create.

      Well have to wait and see though. I have a Phottix Indra coming which is ETTL / ITTL as well, so it will be interesting to see what method that actually uses for HSS.

  10. Sunny Doran 4 years ago

    Hello everyone! i’m very new here but i have very bad experiance with rq800c lighting. Is anyone else in trouble with that lighting?

  11. Sunny Doran 4 years ago

    Oh sorry forget to mention it is model Nicefoto RQ800C.

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