NISSIN MG80 PRO TTL Commander Speedlight – Announced



Nissin have announced the innovative new flagship TTL hotshoe flash in the MG80 Pro, with 2.4GHz NAS Commander and Slave modes built-in.

Refined from the original burst rate machine that was the Nissin MG8000 Extreme, the MG80 Pro once again feature a Quartz flash tube, with heat resistant and vented head, offering a stated 1000 continuous full power shots without any heat protection slowdown!

And Nissin have continued their long held theme of using non proprietary batteries, with the MG80 Pro’s patented system now allowing the use of standard AA sized 14500 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, as well as regular NiMH.

With the Li-ion cells providing respectable 1.5 second recycle times, and 3.8 seconds with NiHM.

The GN60 (83Ws) MG80 Pro also feature an 8W LED modelling light, and Nissin’s unique head design providing a removable Fresnel lens, which exposes the flash tube for more of a semi bare bulb studio light style effect.

The MG80 Pro will be available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, and Panasonic versions.




With NAS (Nissan Air System) radio Commander and slave modes built-in, the MG80 Pro’s interface conveniently directly reflects the existing Air 10S Commander unit.

With 8 flash Groups available at any on time, 4 Advanced (mixed TTL and M) and 4 Basic (all TTL or all M) Groups.

Which now integrates nicely with Nissin’s larger MG10 flashes, and Air 10s Commanders.






  • Power – 83Ws
  • GN 60m @200mm (ISO 100)
  • GN 20m – Zoom Cover Removed
  • 8 Watt LED Modelling Light
  • Flash Modes – TTL / M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
  • FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)
  • Manual Flash – 1/256 – 1/1 Output (1/3rd Increments)
  • Head Zoom – 24mm – 200mm
  • NAS 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Radio Receiver Modes
  • Range – 100m +
  • Groups – 8 (4 Advanced – Mixed TTL & M) (4 Basic – TTL or M)
  • 8 Channels
  • Power – 4 x 145000 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
  • Or 4 x AA NiHM Rechargeable Batteries
  • Approx 280 Full Power Flashes With Li-on (650mAh)
  • Approx 320 Full Power Flashes With NiHM (2450mAh)
  • 1.5 Sec Recycle With Li-ion Batteries
  • 3.8 Sec With NiHM Batteries
  • Head Tilt 90 / -7 Degrees,
  • Head Swivel 180 Degrees Left & Right
  • Vented Head, Quartz flash tube
  • Flash Duration – ?
  • Color Temperature- ?
  • AF Assist Light
  • Color LCD Display
  • 3.5mm Sync Port
  • Micro SD Card Slot For Firmware Upgrades
  • Dimensions – 73W x 137H x 120D (mm)
  • Weight – 520g (Without Batteries)




The MG80 Pro provide a nice large secure locking button on the flash head Tilt / Swivel, and the head swivels a full 180 degrees left and right.

The head raises to 90 degrees upright, though not tilting directly backward as some other speedlights are recently featuring.

Nissin have also chosen to stick with the conventional locking ring on the flash foot, and have even highlighted that with a nice bright anodized alloy ring.




Moving with the trend toward onboard Lithium-ion battery power, while also keeping with their theme of non proprietary batteries, Nissin have implemented their patented new “Wide Variety Battery System”.

This allows the MG80 Pro to use both AA sized 14500 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, as well as regular AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

With the 650mAh Li-ion cells providing respectable 1.5 second recycle times, and 3.8 seconds with 2400mAh NiHM.

So you have similar recycle times to other dedicated Li-ion powered speedlites, while using widely available non proprietary batteries. Though trading off the capacity advantage, and simplicity of a single larger battery.




The MG10 unfortunately do not provide any External High Voltage Battery Port though, which would have potentially provided the sub 1 second recycle times which made the original MG8000 Extreme such a machine.








The Nissin MG80 Pro are scheduled to be available in late May 2019, and will be available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, and Panasonic versions.

Pricing should be available shortly.


Nissin – Website


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  1. JL Williams 2 years ago

    The flash tube is still buried in a fixed reflector, so “semi bare bulb” is really just a marketing fiction, innit?

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