Nissin MG8000 Extreme – Machine Gun Flash – Now Available

The Nissin MG8000 Extreme hotshoe flash capable of 1000 shots in a row without overheating, is now available in Canon and Nikon versions.

The MG8000 is the latest flagship speedlite from Japanese manufacturer Nissin Digital, and features an impressive new vented flash head, and quartz flash tube similar to those found in studio flash units. Combined with an external battery pack, this creates a pretty special hotshoe flash capable of sub 1 second full power flashes, for about as long as you care to shoot.

Nissin MG8000 Extreme

Apart from the elaborate new flash head, the rest of the MG8000 appears to be, in specification and physical body, the same as the previous flagship Di866 MkII units. Which is not a bad thing as the Di866 II have been tried and proven now as a well priced alternatives to the top end Canon/Nikon units.

Nissin MG8000 Extreme - Back

Hotshoe flashes are brilliant for being lightweight, compact and convenient, but they have few limitations compared to the larger studio strobes, the main issues being –

  • Power
  • Recycle Time
  • Overheating

Power is always limited in such a light and compact unit, but speedlites are incredibly efficient, with their fresnel zoom lens focusing the light only in the area of the frame it needs to be. Recycle time can easily be overcome now with high voltage battery packs, but that still leaves overheating as the main limitation as to how fast, or how many times you can shoot before resting the flash.

Nissin have overcome this with a pretty significant advancement, using a more durable quartz flash tube and newly designed vented flash head. This basically allows you to shoot as much as you like at full power, or in HSS, and that’s even with very quick sub 1 second recycle times achievable when using the Nissin battery back (Canon and third party packs can be used too).

Nissin MG8000 Flash Head


Due to the venting in the flash head there is no place for a built in catch-light card or flip down wide angle diffuser, so Nissin supply a Stofen style wide angle diffuser cap with the MG8000.

The vents also mean you would have to give more consideration to mounting modifiers like small softboxes, grids and gels etc on the flash head.

Nisin MG8000 Diffuser

Price –

Off course this added capability doesn’t come for free unfortunately –

The MG8000 is listed on Amazon for $629
While the Di866 II at is just $299

So the “Extreme” does come at a considerable cost. But I would be very surprised if that price doesn’t drop after a short while, as even the Canon and Quantum alternatives have done recently with price reductions and rebates etc.

The MG8000 can also run off regular HV external battery packs from Canon/Nikon, and third parties. 8 cell AA Pixel Packs are as low as $45 – $55. Where the smallest Quantum Turbo SC pack is $466, and sealed inside the Turbo SC are just the same regular 8 AA Nimh cells.


Nissin Power Pack PS-300 –

As well using the 4 regular AA batteries placed inside the flash, the MG8000 can also run off standard high voltage power packs which allow improved recycle times and many more flash pops without changing batteries. Nissin’s own PS-300 power pack or any HV pack suitable for Canon or Nikon speedlights can be used.

Canon/Nikon CP-E4 / SD-9,  8 cell AA packs, or inexpensive third party options like the Pixel pack, will bring the full power recycle time down to as low as 1.2 seconds, or around 1.5 seconds can be expected for continuous shooting.


Nissin Pro Pack 300


The Nissin Power Pack PS-300 – $420 – will bring those recycle times down to as low as 0.7 seconds. The PS-300 can also run 2 flashes at around the recycle rate of the 8 cell AA packs above.

The great thing about the Nissin Pro Pack is that it contains a regular 7.2 volt Nimh battery pack very commonly used in model electric radio controlled cars. So they are relatively inexpensive to replace and widely available. You can also purchase extras and have a few charged up ready swap into the PS-300 as needed.

Nissin Pro Pack




The Nissin MG8000 is now avialable from $629 on Amazon.


Nissin – Website



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