ORLIT ROVER RT TTL – 300Ws Portable Strobe Now Available


ORLIT have released the Rover RT TTL, 300Ws, on and off camera, TTL and HSS enabled, Lithium-ion powered portable flash.

And they are available now from Adorama from $449.95.

The Rover RT are ORLIT’s version of the Jinbei Mars-3. And feature direct compatibility with Canon’s own 2.4GHz RT radio system, as well as the ORLIT / Jinbei 2.4GHz RF radio system for Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems.




The Rover RT feature fast 0.3 – 1.3 second recycle times, and 20 frame per second capability at lower power levels.

As well as a fast flash duration mode, 1/1~1/256 power levels, and 300 full power pops per battery charge.

The Rover’s lightweight fan cooled flash head provides a 10 Watt LED modelling light, and built in S-type modifier mount.






  • 300Ws (Guide N0. 58M – ISO 100)
  • 10W LED Modelling Light (3200K), Manual & Proportional
  • Fan Cooled Pack and Head
  • S-Type Modifier Mount
  • Built in (removable) 14.8V / 2500mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • 300 Full Power Pops Per Battery Charge
  • 0.03 – 1.3 Seconds Recycle Time
  • Flash Modes – TTL / M
  • HSS to 1/8000th (Down to 1/32 Power)?
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • Manual Flash – 1/256 – 1/1 Output (1/10th Increments, 9 Stop Range)
  • Flash Duration Freeze Mode (t0.5) – 1/800s – 1/19000s
  • Flash Duration Normal Mode  (t0.5) – 1/800s – 1/8000s
  • Canon RT compatible 2.4GHz Radio Receiver Built-in
  • Range – Depending On Transmitter
  • Groups – A / B / C / D / E / F
  • 16 Channels
  • Orlit / Jinbei 2.4GHz Radio Receiver Built-in
  • Canon, Nikon, & Sony, TTL Radio Receiver Modes
  • Range – 300m + with TR-Q6 Transmitter
  • Groups – A / B / C / D / E / F
  • 16 Channels
  • Optic Slave Mode
  • Color Temp – Normal Mode – 5500°K ± 150°K
  • Colour Temp Freeze Mdoe – 5500°K ± 800°K
  • Large Color Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Custom Functions
  • Auto Memory Function
  • Sound Prompt
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Auto Power Off (After 60 Minutes)
  • Mini USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • 3.5mm Sync Port
  • Dimensions – Head -105W x145H (mm)
  • Dimensions – Pack – 165L x 67W x195H (mm)
  • Weight Head with Cable – 658 grams
  • Weight Pack – 1920 grams
  • Cable Length: 6ft / 1.8m




The ORLIT Rover’s 14.8V 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery provides around 300 full power pops per charge.

And includes a built in charge level indicator.




The Rovers pack and head system provides a very lightweight remote flash head unit.

The flash can be used conveniently off camera, or even with the head mounted above your camera on a flash bracket, for fast and powerful on-camera TTL flash.




Compatible transmitter units for the ORLIT system, when used in RT radio mode, include all of Canon’s own RT enabled master units. Like the 600EX-RT II, and 430EX III-RT Speedlites, and ST-E3-RT transmitter.


ORLIT also offer their own TR-Q6 transmitter for Canon, Nikon, and Sony. With the Canon version also providing Canon RT compatibility.

The TR-Q6 provide 3 flash groups – A / B / C, and allow TTL and Remote Manual Groups to be mixed together, and turned off individually as needed.

The LED modelling lights can be remotely switched ON and OFF (while Manual or Proportional modes can still be set on the strobes).




The TR-Q6 transmitter also provides smartphone APP remote control to the ORLIT and Jinbei flash systems.

The Orlit APP for iOS is available now (also Jinbei APP for iOS), and the Android APPs should also be available soon.

The Rover RT are part of a fast expanding ORLIT radio flash system, including cordless strobes, AC powered strobes, and speedlites.






The ORLIT Rover RT TTL 300Ws strobes are available now from $449.95 –

Adorama, Amazon


Jinbei Mars-3 – EbayAmazonUK,


ORLIT – Website

ORLIT – Firmware Downloads


  1. Jay 3 years ago

    Seems like a nice little kit . Will have to try it out .

  2. Ron 3 years ago

    I officially got one in my hands, after waiting a year when it was first announce.

    • Earle 3 years ago

      Cool. Hope it works well for you

    • Jay 3 years ago

      Have you had a chance to put the kit through its paces? If so, what do you think so far?

      • Ron 3 years ago

        So far, I have only one test photoshoot with it. Most I can say, it gets the job done at bright outdoor high noon sun. No issues from what I’m aware of. But I need more test data. I’ll give it another go at it tomorrow.

  3. JORGE 3 years ago


    • JJ 3 years ago

      Really how so, i didn’t notice a difference. Is it bulkier or the mount different?

  4. alberto 3 years ago

    cannot wait for reviews. this maybe replacing my ad200s.

  5. Mark 3 years ago

    Would be nice if the battery had 4000mAh. Battery seems a bit small-ish.

    • Ron 3 years ago

      I’m going to agree with you on this one. 2500 mAh (I think that’s what the battery said) is small. Yet I manage to get one shoot done and used up half of it’s battery.

      • jay 3 years ago

        Have you measured its output with a meter? Just curious and thank you.

  6. Frank 3 years ago

    The Jinbei version Mars 3 Pro version is announced as 250Ws
    Is the Orlit 300Ws ?
    The Orlit is hard to order in Europe.
    Any reviews yet ?
    I would like to know how these units compare to a 60Gn Speedlight with softbox or umbrella.

  7. Jared 3 years ago

    I’m really interested in this, but wonder if it will have the glass protector for the flashtube like the Jinbei version does.

  8. Jared 3 years ago

    I just got mine in yesterday! Loving everything about it, except when I use my Canon 5D Mk4.
    For some reason the ORLIT system doesn’t play well with the Canon 5D Mk4.

    I can trigger everything (eight ORLIT 600C Speedlites, ORLIT RoveLight RT-610 and this new ORLIT Rover RT) just fine with my Canon 5D Mk3 using both Canon and Canon-compatible transmitters. But when I put the same transmitter on the Canon 5D Mk4, it won’t trigger at all; this includes Canon’s own ST-E3-RT transmitter.

    The only transmitter that works consistently for me is the ORLIT TR-Q6. I can “sometimes” get the ORLIT TR-611C transceiver to work, but it flakes out on me after a bit.

    Even the ORLIT 600C Speedlites don’t always trigger when I use them on-camera on the 5D Mk3. They’re perfect on the 5D Mk4. Hopefully ORLIT is working on a firmware update to solve this, because other than the Canon 5D Mk4 compatibility issues, I’m really happy with all my ORLIT gear.

    OK, only one other thing…

    At least this is built in such a way that they could manufacture a larger battery and it would still fit fine, it would just be a little taller overall, and that’s OK with me. Batteries for this unit are on backorder at Adorama, and I’m considering looking elsewhere to get a couple spares.

  9. MOBOLAJI POPOOLA 3 years ago

    I have been using my two Canon EOS 5d MARK IV with the ORLIT system and they work flawlessly. I have not purchased the ORLIT ROVER RT TTL – 300Ws Portable Strobe yet though, but I intend to. For now I am using my Canon ST-E3-RT transmitter to control my Canon speedlites and the ORLIT 610.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 3 years ago

      Thanks MOBOLAJI.

      Let us know how you go with the ROVER RT.

      • MOBOLAJI POPOOLA 3 years ago

        I got two ROVER RT on Friday and used one as a background light for a shoot last Sunday, I had a Flashpoint 7″ reflector, a 40 degree grid, a yellow gel and barn door all on it. My main light was the ORLIT 610 and fill light was a second ORLIT 610.

        Shooting with a Canon 5D Mark IV. all the lights was seamless and performed as advertised. I had all the lights on Manual and was very happy with the result. For the first time, I did not use my Canon ST-E3-RT but instead, I used the ORLIT TR-Q6. Apart from being feeble to touch when you press the controls, it worked as advertised. I even linked it to my iPad Pro and control the lights from it.

        I chose the ROVER RT because of the recycle time which is a lot faster than my Canon 600EX-RTII. With the Jinbei L-20 Camera Bracket Holder, I can actually use it on camera in situations where I need very fast recycle time like weddings. I know it is slightly a bigger rig, but the recycle time with the addition of any Bowen mount modifier will make this a very versatile tool.

        NOTE: The new ORLIT RoveLight RT 400 TTL HSS seem to be coming with smaller compact Bowen mount accessories that would work perfectly with the ROVER RT. These uses the magnetic modifiers too just like the PROFOTO A1.

  10. Jorge Pastrana 2 years ago

    I just bought this light but I didn’t buy the orlit rt trigger, lucky for me it works with the yongnuo rt trigger

  11. Chris 2 years ago

    I want to buy one of these for “off label use” to power a small laser YAG flash tube which requires over 450 volts, anyone know what the min max the voltage output is for the tube they use?

  12. Motti Bembaron 1 year ago

    Looked everywhere and it does not say how many full power shots the battery can handle. Anyone?

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