PANLIGHT – Remote Pan & Tilt for Speedlites



UK based Panlight have developed a great new remote control pan and tilt device designed specifically for speedlights and small mirrorless cameras.

Already successfully funded on Kickstarter within a few days, the PanLights are available for pre-order now from around $150 USD.




With a range of around 100 feet (or 30M) the Panlights are no doubt going to be very popular with wedding and event photographers who can not easily get around to adjusting flashes while an event is in progress.

With the Panlight adjustments can now be done effortlessly from the camera position, 360 degrees left and right, and almost 180 degrees up and down.



Features –


  • Range up to 100 feet / 30 meters
  • 4 Channels (control up to 4 lights from one remote)
  • 360 degrees pan left and right, and almost 180 degrees tilt


  • Takes 4 x AA batteries
  • Works with all known speedlights and 3rd party triggers
  • Can support mirrorless camera/lens combinations up to 2.2lbs
  • Fits onto standardized 3/8″ tripods and light stands
  • Small remote fits comfortably in your pocket, or attaches to your person
  • No issue with 3rd party triggers attaching to the bottom or side of your flash


  • Universal fit – works with all hot-shoe flashes
  • Powerful motors to hold a flash & grids
  • Accuracy – well controlled speed for precision control
  • Multiple devices – control up to four Panlights from one remote







The Panlight are available now for pre-order on Kickstarter from around $150 USD.

And they will ship directly from both the UK and USA.


Panlight – Website

Panlight – Kickstarter



Soloshot –

As a side-note, I wrote about another very interesting panning device called the Soloshot a couple of years ago, also a successful Kickstarter project.

Soloshot are designed to allow a video camera to automatically pan to follow the subject! Though this could have great potential to allow lights to follow a subject as well, particularly for sports photography, or anywhere the subject is moving around.

And the latest Soloshot2 Head now have pan and tilt motion, and panning is even twice as fast at 80° per second!

Soloshot do not have a remote control for manual adjustments like the Panlights do though unfortunately.

Soloshot – B&H Photo, Amazon

SoloShot2 – B&H Photo, Amazon



1 Comment
  1. Ray 4 years ago

    This comment is directed more towards PanLight creators.

    While it looks cool, there are some areas of concern.

    The built in cold shoe mount on top is limiting.
    I’d rather just have a hole or threaded hole that will allow me to mount my own cold shoe, quick release plate, etc.
    For someone with a Quantum T2+ or Godox AD360 etc, it would offer more security if we had the option of screwing the flash on directly rather than using coldshoe adapters.
    When you’re at a wedding where you need to pick up your lightstands (like 2, one in each hand) and move to a new location quickly, the light rocks back and forth as you’re walking and can lead to the flash falling off when it’s mounted to a cold shoe. I’d much prefer to have my flashes mounted directly without using a coldshoe.

    Another concern is how firm are the motors? If I’m running with a lightstand and this is mounted to it and a flash and pocketwizard, I can just imagine it flopping back and forth, not keeping it’s position.

    Also the motors look like the move too slow or is it just in the ad.
    There doesn’t look to be a memory option to remember positions or to jump to preset positions quickly.
    If I’m shooting the presenter and crowd reaction, there should be some memory positions on the remote to switch back and forth. It would be nice to have an iphone app to control the positions. Also the motors need to pan back/forth/up/down fast enough to get the shot or else this thing would be useless to me.

    There should also be an option for a power port to accept external power.
    I’m sick of dealing with AA’s. It’s why I shoot with Quantums.
    There should be an option to use a Turbo or a Godox battery, since if we are already using a Godox or Quantum battery.

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