PHOTTIX – Chinese New Year – 15% OFF Until the 7th

There has been a lot of interest in the new Phottix Mitros+ for Nikon, which is probably no surprise considering the Mitros+ are the first (and currently the only) built-in radio enabled TTL flash system available for Nikon.

And Phottix currently have 15% Off Sale until the 7th of February for Chinese New Year, which puts the Mitros+ at $382.50 plus shipping (use the code HORSE15 at checkout).

The Odin and Mitros have been one of the most simple, reliable, and hassle free systems available. And now (similar to the Canon RT radio flash system) there are no separate radio receivers required with the Mitros+, simplifying things even further. And unlike the Canon system, the Mitros+ will also fire separate manual receivers for studio lights etc as well.


Phottix Mitros+ Odin


Probably the biggest saving though are the separate Odin transmitter units (for Canon or Nikon) at just $140.25 after discount. Compared to $199 at B&H Photo and Adorama etc otherwise.

The Canon Odin and Mitros+ set would also be very reasonable $509.99 after discount as well.


Phottix ODIN


You can also save a few dollars on one of my latest and favorite creations – the Phottix Multi Boom 28″, at $102 after discount (normally $120 otherwise). And the compact 16″ version currently just $59.50.


Phottix Multi Boom 28"


The new strap on HS Speed Mount II, and fast collapsible Luna softbox / beauty dish are also a nice combination, and great value with the current discount as well.


Phottix Luna


The Phottix 15% Off Chinese New Year Sale is on until the 7th of February.

Use the code HORSE15 at the checkout page in the Phottix Store.

And Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Todd 7 years ago


    Good Stuff!! I love the multi-boom, I have the 16″ and now ready to get the 28″.

    As for the 15% off, not much to see here…..Phottix had the Odin/Mitros+ for Canon $499.99 a week ago, now its listed as $599, WOW. I see they raised their prices up for the 15% deal, not really a deal though. Just saying…..

    Thanks for everything you do here!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Todd,

      Thanks, I did notice that, but now I’m starting to realize the $499 price was likely an error, because the Phottix store prices are generally $50 more than the B&H price etc. So $599 makes sense.

      But good luck to anyone that snapped up a set at $499. They are still great value at $509.99 though.

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