Phottix Flash Teaser – Game Changer?

Phottix posted a teaser image earlier on their blog confirming rumours of a coming Phottix flash unit. That was almost a month ago so there must be something pretty close on the way now.

The post is titled “game changer” suggesting there’s something a bit sneaky new to this flash unit.

Its pictured mounted on an Odin TTL receiver, so the one thing pretty safe to assume is that its going to be TTL capable.

Other than that I’ve tried some serious CSI work on the image in Photoshop but it’s not giving anything more away. The dome on the front looks a little unusual, so that could possibly be a hint to something?

Phottix have recently delivered some well designed quality products in the Odin and Strato radio triggers, so it will be very interesting to see what they have in store for a Phottix flash unit.

Buying a third party flash that’s still alive to see its first birthday has become a bit of a crap shoot in recent times. If Phottix can lift the reliability on offer, that alone would be a very welcome change in the game.

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  1. NICK 9 years ago

    if the radio receiver was built, that really would be something to talk about. As a wedding photorapher with mutiple radio flashes, that would make it one less thing to worry about.

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