PHOTTIX – Indra500 Battery Pack Mount – Now Available

Phottix Indra Battery Mount


Phottix have released a nicely machined alloy battery pack mount for clamping the Indra500 TTL strobe’s battery pack securely to light stands.


Phottix Indra Battery Mount


The Indra500’s metal cased battery pack is really beautifully designed, the only thing missing was any built-in mounting point (other than possibly the shoulder strap).

Phottix have addressed this with the new tailor made Indra Battery Pack Light Stand Mount, a high grade alloy bracket which supports the base of the Indra500 battery pack.

While a simple elastic Velcro strap holds the pack in place, and allows for fast removal from the bracket if needed.


Phottix Indra Battery Mount


A built-in alloy clamp opens to 30mm in order to fit most light stands, and the jaw is lined with slip resistant material.


Phottix Indra Battery Mount


With the battery pack secured to the base of the light stand it acts as extra ballast, while the stand is generally more easily re-positioned as one unit while on location.

Or just conveniently keep the pack off the floor (mounted on a roller stand etc) in the studio.






The Phottix Indra Battery Pack Light Stand Mounts are available now for $65 from the Phottix Store.

Phottix dealers will likely stock them in time as well –

AdoramaB&H PhottoAmazon, UK


Phottix – Website





  1. Greg 3 years ago

    Dang, you could buy an entire battery pack for some strobes at that price. 😀

  2. Tapio 3 years ago

    This would have come in handy for my AD360 battery pack. Except just last week I spend a visit to my local machine shop. 15 minutes and an old monopod quick release clamp later and I can quickly attach/detach my battery pack from my light stand.
    Still, this is one smart looking solution…

  3. Ricardo Gomez 3 years ago

    Really beautiful design. Maybe the best I’ve seen for a battery mount.

  4. Alexander 3 years ago

    In my view, this design is too excessively massive.
    We used a lot of metal and expensive milling only in order to secure the inverter.

    Much more effective would be to make a thread for attaching the clip directly on the inverter housing may once for the two clamps (top and bottom).

  5. JH Photo 3 years ago

    Dig it!, this is considerably better than that joke of a mount that paul buff provided with its battery pack.

  6. Keith 3 years ago

    So I bought this battery clamp even though it is expensive as i needed something that would just work. Well the second time I used it the wing nut that you spin tight to clamp it to the light stand, comes off in my hand. it is only glued on at the threads. The threads work opposite so you can not tighten it to work, bad design.

    • Bobby 3 years ago

      Not good. I was going to order one as I need something to support XPLOR600 while it is inside the bag.

    • Richard Jinman 3 months ago

      Yes! Had exactly the same issue. Tightened the thumbscrew – not overly tight – and something gave. Now the thumbscrew loosens as you try to tighten the mount … effectively useless and going back to seller.

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