Phottix Mitros + Built in Radio Arrives!

Phottix have announced the new Mitros + flash unit coming on October 3rd. Full details are to come later this week, but its quite obvious the “+” will add a built in 2.4GHz radio function to the current TTL capable Mitros flash. Likely similar in function to the Canon 600EX-RT flash units, and compatible with the Phottix Odin TTL triggers.

Phottix have just pipped YongNuo to the post with this announcement, as YongNuo are also expected to release their own “flagshship trigger product” later this month, which is also likely to be a 600EX-RT style flash unit with built in 2.4GHz radio (that’s only our speculation at this stage, but looking increasingly likely now).


Phottix Mitros +


So this announcement by Phottix is very timely, as people will be able to weigh up the options now, and consider carefully before starting to buy into a system they will basically be locked into (as any cross compatibility of radio systems between brands will be very unlikely).

There’s no question YongNuo will be cheaper, but the Phottix Odin have proven to be one of the most reliable and trouble free TTL triggers available at any price. And the Mitros flash is quite a step above in build quality and reliability as well. So the Mitros + will definitely offer a more professional option, which should still be quite a saving on the Canon units.

Not only lower price though, the Mitros + should provide important functions the Canon system lacks, like separate receivers for extra flash units and studio strobes, second curtain sync off camera, Over Drive Sync, and full function with older camera bodies unlike the Canon system. Of course Nikon does not even have their own radio based flash system available yet, so this will be a major advantage to Nikon owners.

The Mitros is currently available for Canon and Nikon versions (so its likely the Mitros + will be available in those version as well).

Just to be clear though, its very unlikely that the Mitros + (or any coming YongNuo flash) will be directly compatible with the Canon 600EX-RT radio system.

Radio built directly into the flash units provides a huge practical advantage, eliminating extra separate radio receivers and added battery management. But possibly more importantly the elimination of troublesome pass through hotshoes when mounting a flash on the camera as well.

Time to get the “Hotshoe Flashes with Built In Radio Triggers” guide started!

[ EDIT – Mitros + now officially announced ]


  1. Amir 7 years ago

    About time. I just got rid of my Odins in favor of 600EX-RTs but if Mitros+ offers that functionality again and is capable of firing both Odins and Stratos I may pick them up.

  2. Mark Romine 7 years ago

    Great news for Nikon shooters!

  3. Armin 7 years ago

    Great news for all I’d say. However I would have prefered a real release from Yongnuo (not just a “comes soon”).

    • MRomine 7 years ago

      Thanks for the link! See anything on pricing yet?

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