Phottix Mitros+ Now Available – B&H Photo – Adorama – Amazon

Phottix products are now available from B&H Photo and the new flagship Mitros+ flash is now in stock!

Amazon and Adorama also have the Mitros+ for Canon available now as well.

Phottix Mitros+ Odin


The Mitros+ combines both Phottix Odin and Phottix Strato II radio transceivers inside, for full wireless control of flashes off camera, in ETTL and manual.

A big advantage of the Mitros+ over the Canon radio flash system is that you can still combine your older flash units like the Canon 580EX II by attaching those to an Odin receiver. And pre 20102 camera bodys still have full group control as well.

Also, unlike the Canon system, the Mitros + and Odin provide reliable receiver options to fire manual studio strobes etc as well (and from just $50 for the Strato II receivers).


A range of Phottix products including the Mitros, Mitros+, and Odin for Canon, Nikon and Sony, are also now available from B&H Photo for the first time.

Phottix have really set themselves apart as the premium Chinese manufacturer. The Odin has proven itself as one of the most stable and reliable TTL triggers available, and you only have to hold a Mitros+ to feel the difference in quality. They also come with a full 2 year factory warranty.

Phottix Mitros + Overview
Phottix Odin Review
Mitros + vs 600EX-RT

Mitros + for Canon avialable now – B&H PhotoAmazonAdorama – Phottix

Mitros + for Nikon coming.

  1. Mike 7 years ago

    If not for the pricing I would scream “Watch out Yongnuo. Time to deliver is now.” But at this price level I could almost reach for Canon. I think I might wait it out for the new YN things instead and hope they deliver alternative to the new Mitros offerings soon and keep their staple signature feature, its pricing, sanely designed for the people.

    • Wil C. Fry 7 years ago

      That’s what I was thinking too. At that price, I’d just buy Canon.

  2. tomK 7 years ago

    Anyone know about repair service in the U.S. ?

  3. Robert Mariani 7 years ago

    US Distributor and repair center for Mitros+ /

  4. Ricardo Gomez 7 years ago

    Can’t wait to get a couple of Mitros+ units. Amazing deal considering the quality, dependability and performance. Nothing but praise for these folks.

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